1. COP 27, starting in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt


1. COP 27, starting in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

United Nations Climate Change Treaty Countries included in 27th Conference – COP 27Egypt K Sharm-al-Sheikh Started in। This conference will last till the 18th of this month। This conference will proceed with the action taken on the decisions taken in COP-26। Decisions were taken to deal with climate emergencies at the last conference। COP-27 conference mainly Three regions Carbon gas emission reductionTo help various countries in preparing to tackle climate change and ensure technical cooperation And Providing finance to developing countries for activities related to climate changeWill stay focused on। The COP-27 conference will reiterate the resolve of solidarity of various countries in implementing the Earth and Paris Agreement। Bhupendra Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, is representing the Indian delegation। The outgoing chairman of the COP, Alok Sharma, has said that world leaders need to deal with the problem of rising temperature of the earth।

2. India scores 100 percent of the cheapest manufacturing cost

American media company US News and World Report recently Best Countries 2022 Ranking Issued। The Best Countries 2022 ranking evaluated 85 countries in 73 characteristics, classified into 10 sub-categories, including Adventure, agility, entrepreneurship, open to business, social purpose and quality of life Is included। 85 countries were selected based on 4 benchmarks:

  1. Top 100 countries with high GDP
  2. High FDI inflows
  3. International tourism arrivals between 2016 and 2020
  4. Top 150 countries in United Nations Human Development Index between 2015 and 2019

The report is a joint effort of the US News and World Report, the BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania। This ranking is based on a survey of experts, business leaders and global citizens। The 2022 survey took into account the ongoing war in Ukraine, fear of inflation and economic decline, following the COVID-19 epidemic, female leadership and global leadership। The highest weightage “ quality of life parameter of 14.52 percent is given to ”, including good job, financially stable, family friendly, income parity, There are sub-categories such as politically stable and secure public education। India ranked 31st in 85 countries Stayed। Under the open-to-business sub-category, India scores 100 percent of cheapest manufacturing costs did। In the overall ranking, Switzerland Top Performer Is after Germany, Canada, USA and Sweden Is the location of। The US topped several sub-categories such as power and agility rankings। Among the worst performers in the ranking are Belarus ( 85th rank ), Uzbekistan ( 8th rank ) and Iran ( 83rd rank ) ।

3. Ministry of Education will celebrate Tribal Pride Day on 15 November in educational institutions across the country

Ministry of Education across the country Schools and Higher Educational Institutions in 15 November to Tribal pride day Will celebrate। God called in tribal communities on this day Birsa shaved Is the birth anniversary of। Last year, the central government announced to celebrate this day as Tribal Pride Day in the memory of tribal freedom fighters। Birsa was a shaved freedom fighter, social reformer and tribal community leader। He had voiced against the exploitation of the British colonial government and led the movement। Freedom fighter Birsa Munda encouraged tribal communities to understand their cultural values and be bound in unity। Birsa Munda collected tribal communities Ulgulan movement started।

4. NASA drew a picture of black spots on the surface of the Sun

recently NASA Ne Sun On the surface of dark spots A picture of which is drawn Eyes and smile Looks like। These spots ‘Coronal hole‘ That which ultraviolet lightCan be seen in but usually cannot be seen with normal eyes। These are areas on the surface of the Sun from which strong solar wind spreads into space। The magnetic field in these areas is open to the interplatory space, Whereby the solar material is converted into a solar storm with intense current and speed called a geomagnetic storm। They have lower temperatures and appear much darker than their surroundings, as they have lower solar content। Coronal holes can last for a few weeks to months। Coronal holes are not a unique phenomenon, it appears in the Sun’s solar cycle of about 11 years। Coronal holes can be longer during solar minimum ( solar minimum ), a period when some type of activity on the Sun is significantly reduced।

5. Cordy Gold Nanoparticles received international patent

recently University of Bodoland including Four Indian Institutions Scientists Cordy Gold Nanoparticles (Cor-AuNPs ) developed ki, which Fast and accurate drug delivery in human body Can make। These nanoparticles Germany from International patent have received। These have been obtained from the synthesis of extracts of Cordyceps militaris and Gold Salt। Cordyceps militaris is a valuable parasitic fungus developed in the laboratory of the Technology Incubation Center of the Department of Biotechnology at the University of Bodoland ( TIC)। Wild cordyceps mushrooms are found in the eastern Himalayan region। Gold salts are gold ionic chemical compounds commonly used in medicine।

6. ISRO’s Risat-2 re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a potential impact point

Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) by in 2009 Launched Risat-2 ( RISAT-2 ) Satellite to potential impact point Uncontrollably re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere after 13 and a half years did। ISRO said that the satellite weighing only 300 kg on 30 October Indian Ocean near Jakarta Re-entered after being uncontrolled in the Earth’s atmosphere at a potential impact point in। RISAT-2 India’s first “I in the sky” is the satellite through which Intrusion and counter-terrorism operations The country’s borders are monitored as part of। The main sensor of Risat-2 ( is considered a ‘espionage’ satellite ) Israel Aerospace Industries one of X-band synthetic-aperture radar Was। Risat-1 satellite Growing indigenously C-band Due to delay in the year 2008 Mumbai terror attacks After Risat-2 was developed more quickly। This reconnaissance satellite, India’s first dedicated, has the ability to work day and night as well as monitor in all seasons। It was also used to track ships considered military threats at sea। To risat-2 April 20, 2009 to PSLV-C12 The launch was launched by the vehicle।

7. Tokhu Imong festival held in Nagaland

Amur Falcon Four-day first to include other species of birds Documentation (Documentation) PracticeTokhu Imong Bird Count ( TTEBC) Nagaland Is being held in। For this festival in Nagaland Vokha district Believers in Naga communityThe time after harvesting the Lothas has been set। In the Vokha district, considered ideal for religion, culture and entertainment, ‘Tokhu Imong’ is widely celebrated with pomp। Celebrated from 7 November every year, this festival lasts for 9 days। ‘Tokhu’ means going from house to house collecting tokens and gifts in the form of natural resources and food and ‘Imong’ means stopping at the selected place at that time। The important attractions of this festival are community songs, dances, feasts, fun etc। Through this festival, people here live the stories of their ancestors composed decades ago। During the festival, blessings are wished from the gods of the heavens and the earth by offering an offering।

8. Active volcano Mauna Loa may explode in the near future

world’s largest active volcano Mauna Loa May explode in the near future। Mauna Loa is one of the five volcanoes that come together Hawaiian Islands Let’s make। It is the southernmost island of the Hawaiian Islands। It is not the highest ( is the highest Mauna ) but is the largest and forms about half of the island land। It is located just north of the Kilauea volcano, currently exploding in its crater। Killaua is famous for its 2018 eruption that destroyed 700 homes and its lava spread to fields and seas। Mauna Loa last exploded 38 years ago।

9. CM Manohar Lal Launched E-Gift Portal and CM Dash Board

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Ne CM dashboard and CM Gift Portal Launched। From CM Dashboard Portal Actual review of all departments Will be able to do। Information on high level decisions on all the main schemes will be available on this। Officers will not have to be present during the review। Which officer and department worked in due time, how many defaulters, which work was delayed, all these will be seen online by the Chief Minister। Information on the functioning and plans of all departments will be available to the Chief Minister at all major and small levels। The methodology will be tracked on this and reports will be easy to analyze। Old and new data can be compared। This dashboard is developed in-house with state-of-the-art business intelligence software। Through the gift portal All the valuable offerings received by the Chief Minister in a transparent manner, online auction Will be done।

10. Subharakant Panda elected new president of FICKI

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( Fikki ) Ne Suburbant panda Appointed as its next president। Panda, managing director of Indian Metals and Faro Alloys Limited ( IMFA), is currently serving as senior vice president of FICKI।

11. Niva Bupa partnered with IDFC First Bank Partner for BankAssurance

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited Ne Health-insurance solutions to bank customers to provide IDFC First Bank Has announced a partnership with। The bank’s advanced digital capability will provide the best services to customers with the best health insurance solutions in the Niva Bupa category। This partnership will empower both institutions to better serve customers and help them live healthier lives।

12. Switzerland records longest passenger train

Switzerland Ne world’s longest passenger train Has created a record of। In this train 100 bins Who were Alps Has gone into the hills। Of this train Length about two km is। Rattian Railway (RhB) Announced that it had made Switzerland’s famous railway system 175th anniversaryBut the world record of the world’s longest passenger train has been broken। This train is 1,910 meters। The train is built by connecting 25 different multi-unit trains or 100 coaches। The train will pass through Alvenue and Landwasser via the Albula / Bernina route included in the UNESCO World Heritage। The Indian Railways ran India’s longest freight train on 15 August on the occasion of the Amrit Festival of Independence। According to the railway, this freight train, named Super Vasuki, was 3.5 kilometers long। This freight train had a total weight of 27 thousand tons। A total of 295 coaches were installed in this freight train।

13. MEIL contracts Greenfield oil refinery project in Mongolia

Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Limited ( MEIL ) Said that he Mongolia’s first greenfield oil refinery project Has obtained the contract of। The company said that a portion of the oil refinery would be built under this contract for $ 79 million। The project is part of the Development Partnership Administration initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MEA) Government of India। It will be made using the loan assistance given by the Government of India।

14. CM Dhami launched Lakhapati Didi Mele

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami Said that the state government has decided that the year in 2025 When our state has been considered the silver jubilee year of its establishment, we will Work to make one lakh of women of the state will do। This effort will certainly play an important role in accelerating the economic development of women। Chief Minister Survey of India Ground, Elephant held in Lakhapati Didi Fair Program I participated as a chief। This program to commemorate the State Establishment Day Rustic Development Department Held on behalf of। ‘ to women earning more than one lakh rupees a year through the Chief Minister’s self-help groupLakhapati DidiHonored as ’।

15. Prasanna Seshadri of Mumbai won India’s first silver in World Puzzle Championship

Prasanna Seshadri Ne World Puzzle Championship ( WPC ) After 11 years of trying in India First silver medal Has won। This year of WPC Gold medal Japan K Ken endo Has won। The World Puzzle Championship is an annual international puzzle competition run by the World Puzzle Federation। All puzzles in the competition are pure-rational problems based on simple principles, which are made playable regardless of language or culture। The World Puzzle Federation is a consortium of legal bodies interested in riddles। Only one organization in each country can belong to WPF।

16. Inauguration of Rising Sun Water Fest-2022 at Umiam Lake in Meghalaya

Raising Sun Water Fest-2022 Organizing the opening ceremony Meghalaya K Umium Lake ( Man-made reservoir ) in pristine and panoramic surroundings। Members of the Garo tribal community ‘The Rising Sun Water Fest-2022‘ On the occasion of Wangla dance We do। To wangla Festival of Hundred Drums Also known as and playing folklore on drums and Primitive flute made of buffalo horns Is celebrated with a variety of dances to the tune of। This festival Sun godIs celebrated in honor of and it marks the end of the harvest season। The celebration also marks the end of a long period spent by the people of the Garo tribe working hard in the plains before the start of winter। This festival for the Garo tribe in Meghalaya is a way to preserve and encourage their cultural identity and they showcase their tradition in these types of celebrations।

17. Amartya Sen Birthday

Amartya Sen Birth of 03 November 1933 in Kolkata Happened in। He was educated at Shanti Niketan of Kolkata, ‘ Presidency College ’ and Trinety College, Cambridge। In addition, he has also done teaching at Jadavpur University, Delhi School of Economics and Oxford University। They one Great economist and philosopher Huh। Significantly Second five year plan Amartya Sen has been an important contribution। Amartya Sen Mahalanovice Introduced a scientific model consisting of four departments to overcome the bi-departmental A. M.Raj-sen modelKnown as ’। He modeled this Professor K.N. ruleWas prepared together with। While he stressed the need for prosperity on the one hand, he spoke of prioritizing unemployment eradication। According to Sen, in a country like India, knowledge and technology should be given appropriate institutional incentives and production factors to eradicate poverty। Sen also shed proper light on the changing trend and causes of famine। Amartya Sen, awarded Bharat Ratna in the year 1999, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in the year 1998।

18. Shakuntala Devi Birthday

Shakuntala Devi Birth of November 4, 1929 to Bangaluru, Karnataka Happened in। them “human computer” Known as। Since childhood, she was rich in amazing talent and used to calculate the biggest accounts in a moment। Looking at his talent Year 1982 His name in ‘Guinness Book of World RecordsRecorded in ’। At the age of 6, he had the opportunity to demonstrate his calculating ability at an event held at the University of Mysore। Year 1977 Shakuntala 23rd square root of 201 digit number without any paper and pen help Was fired and their answer UNIVAC 1101 Computer To see in US Bureau of Standards Had to prepare a special program। Shakuntala Devi was also an intellectual writer and the title of the book written by him “The World of Homo ( 1977 )Is ”। In the year 1969 University of the Philippines them “Women of the YearWas awarded the status of ”। them Ramanujan Mathematics Knowledgeable Award was also given। Due to heart problems On April 21, 2013 He died।

19. Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das Birthday

Chittaranjan Das Birth of November 5, 1870 to Kolkata Happened in। Chittaranjan Das from Pthar ‘Countryman‘ Was called। They Great nationalist and famous methodologist Were। Chittaranjan Das except advocacy Gandhiji K Non-cooperation movement I participated in an increased and got into politics completely। Indian National Congress He visited the entire country, propagating the principles of। Chittaranjan Das In the year 1922The Chairman of the Indian National Congress was appointed but he thought it appropriate to stay away from the enhanced Dharasabhas under the Indian Government Legislation। Chittaranjan Das, who belongs to the affluent family, dedicated his entire wealth to the national interest। Attempted to overcome Hindu-Muslim differences by giving them more space in jobs for the benefit of the citizens of Calcutta। Chittaranjan Das fell ill while devoted to Indian society, more diligent and struggling with the difficulties of prison life and died on 16 June 1925।