26 November: Constitution Day


1. India won the post of Vice President of International Electrotechnical Commission ( IC) for 2023-25 term

India 2023-25 for tenure International Electrotechnical Commission ( IC) Vice President and Strategic management board Has won the presidency of ( SMB )। International Electrotechnical Commission ( IC) Meeting Recently San Francisco, America In which all the members of IC voted। India got more than 90 percent of the votes in this। Various technical committees of India’s representative in IC and Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS) were elected। The BIS represented the International Organization for Standardization ( ISvo ) and IC’s policy and administrative institutions। IC is an international standard establishment that sets international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies। Standardization Management Bort is the highest administrative body of IC, responsible for technical policy topics। Mr. Vimal Mahendru Huay will be the Vice President of IC, representing India।

2. ISRO successfully launched PSLV C-54 with isolated satellite Ocean Sat and eight nano satellites

Sriharikota K Satish Dhawan Space Center Satellite launch vehicle from C-54 Was left in space। In its payload EOS-06 ( OceanSAT-3 ) and Eight nano satellites Includes 8 Nano Satellites Anand from Pixel, BhutanSat, two Thybolt from Pole Space and 4 Astrocast from Spaceflight USAIs included। Bhutan’s satellite BhutanSat-IMS2B has been developed jointly by India and Bhutan। OceanSat-3 has four important payloads, namely Ocean Color Monitor (OCM-3), Sea Surface Temperature Monitor ( SSTM), Ku-band scatterometer ( SCAT-3) and France’s pay-load argos। With the help of Argos, the number and functionality of weather-informed Indo-France satellites will be increased which is already in orbit of space under the Paris Agreement। Anand Nano satellite has adopted a technique for conducting commercial experiments with the help of micro satellite in the lower orbit of the earth। Thibold satellite,The pole modulator clubsat, which runs from the zero decimal five UQST taxology, will operate, which will also provide satellite rapid development platform for the amateur scientific community and will provide storage and Forwarding will begin to be facilitated। This will also allow you to send and receive messages to your satellite with the help of uplink equipment। The vehicle also has a communication pay-load।

3. Varsha Bharati is hosting the 59th ABU General Assembly-2022

Public Service Broadcaster of India- Diffusion weight 59th Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union – ABU General Assembly-2022 Is hosting। This from 25 to 30 November New Delhi Is being held in। This year its subject is-Serving the people: the role of media in times of crisis। The event is taking place during the “Mrit Festival of Independence” held on the occasion of the completion of the 75th year of India’s independence। ABU is a non-profit professional association of broadcasting organizations in Asia and the Pacific।

4. Director of the Paralympic Committee of India, Dipa Malik, a free-time friend and satyrog ( TB ) became the national envoy of the free India campaign

Padma Shri and Khel Ratna Arjun Award Awarded to India First female paralympic medalist And of India Paralympic committee Chairman of, Dr. ( HC) Deepa Malik Ne Kshyrog ( TB ) Free India Campaign National Envoy of and Free friend It has pledged to support this campaign। This Prime Minister is an initiative under the Decay Free India campaign। He said that the treatment of TB is a long process and patients should not be disappointed। He has not given up despite various health problems for the last 23 years।

5. Sátech Company Sai Route Aeros Pace in Hyderabad will develop the first integrated facility of rocket design, construction and testing

Telangana K Hyderabad in Saptech Company moss root First integrated facility of Aeros Pace rocket design, construction and testing Will develop। The Minister of Information Technology, the STARTup who developed the first such facility in the country. Tarak Rama Rao has given the support of the entire collaboration। The Vikram S rocket has been successfully launched from the Sai Root Aeros Pace। The startup, which began with Hyderabad’s T-Hub, launched the country’s first private rocket earlier this month।

6. Number of refugees from the Cookie-Chin community increased in Mizoram

Bangladeshi security forces and Cookie-Chin National Army Ongoing conflict between ( Kuki-Chin National Army – KNA) Cookie-Chin Community Indian state of the number of refugees of ( Kuki-Chin Community ) Mizoram Has increased in। Cookie-Chin National Army ( KNA) Cookie-Chin National Front is the armed branch of ( KNF) a separatist group called in southern Bangladesh Chittagong Hill Tracts To create a separate state in in 2008 was established। KNF claims that Bavam, Pungkhua, Lushai, Khumi, Mro and Khyang ethnic groups All members of the big cookie-chin race are part of it। Bawam Party Also known as this group has close ties with rebel groups in northeast India and Myanmar।

7. Europe announces the name of the world’s first disabled astronauts

European Space Agency Ne 23 November to physical disability First as a major step towards allowing people with work and living in space “ParastronautAnnounced the name of ”। The European Space Agency of 22 countries said it had previously as part of a new generation of 17 recruits selected for astronaut training British Paralympic runner John McFall Selected। EAS received 257 applications for the role of disabled astronauts named “ Parastronaut ”। McFall’s right leg was cut at the age of 19 due to a motorcycle accident, he won the 100-meter bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games।

8. HC prohibits beautification of dry lake

Uttarakhand High Court Ne Nainital Located Dry Lake K Prohibition on construction works related to beautification and regeneration Applied। The rain-fed drytal lake also recharges the nannizhil। The bench of Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice RC Khulbe has set a letter as a public interest petition, the next date for hearing in the case is 20 December। It was formerly known as Khudatal। It was named Sukhatal because all the water in this lake was dumped in the extreme area of Lake Nainital।

9. Lt. Governor inaugurates ‘ Sonjal-2022’ in Kashmir

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha On 23 November Kashmir University Annual Youth Festival in ‘Sonjal-2022′ Inaugurated। Sonzal ’ annual festival is a great opportunity for young artists to showcase their talents and provide them with the necessary platform to realize the dream of ‘ a India superior India ’ is। Sonzal means rainbow, which symbolizes hope, inspiration and good luck।

10. India is the most milk producing country in the world: Sanjeev Kumar Balayan

Ken Driya Animal Husbandry, Member and Dairy State Minister Doctor Sanjeev Kumar Balayan Has made special contribution to the artificial insemination system to farmers, cooperative institutions and technicians who have made special contribution to the Dug Dh Utdan National Gopal Rat Na Puraskar Assumed with। Bengaluru in National Dug Dhy Day In the ceremony held on the occasion of Mr. Balayan said that India Most milk producing country in the world is। In global Dug Dhum Utter 32 percent of India is। He said that two hundred 22 cooperatives and one crore more than 70 lakh farmers are connected with the Dug Dhar Pukh business in the country।

11. Gold Award to E-Gramswaraj and Audit Online of Panchayati Raj Ministry under National Award for E-Governance

National Award for E-Governance Under “Excellence in government process re-engineering for digital transformation” in category Panchayati Raj Ministry E-Manchayat Mission Mode Project ( e-Gramsvraj and Audit Online ) received the Gold Award। The outstanding and exemplary work of the e-governance team has been respected and recognized through this award, which has been supported by the NIC-MOPR team। Union Minister of State Dr. Jitendra Singh presented this prestigious national award to Mr. Alok Prem Nagar, Joint Secretary, Panchayati Raj Ministry at the 25th National Conference on E-Governance in Jammu।

12. Air Fest 2022 of Indian Air Force was organized in Air Force Nagar, Nagpur

Indian Air Force Annual show of, Air Fest 2022 Started on 19 November 2022 Air Force Nagar, Nagpur Maintenance started at the command headquarters। Air Fest organized ‘Amrit Festival of IndependenceBeing done as a part of ’। The Air Fest aims to showcase various aspects of the Indian Air Force and inspire the youth of Nagpur to choose the Indian Air Force for an exciting career।

13. Unemployment rate down to 7.2 percent in July-September

Urban areas in 15 years and older For individuals of Unemployment Rate July-September 2022 in Decreased on yearly basis to 7.2 percentCome on। This information has been found from the data released by the National Statistics Office ( NSO )। The unemployment rate was 9.8 percent in the same period a year earlier। The unemployment rate is defined as the percentage of unemployed persons among the labor force। The unemployment rate was high in the country in July – September 2021 due to the impact of sanctions related to the Kovid-19 epidemic। The survey found that the unemployment rate in women ( 15 years of age and older in urban areas ) decreased to 9.4 percent in July – September 2022। It was 11.6 percent in the same period a year earlier। This figure was 9.5 percent during April – June 2022। At the same time, the unemployment rate of men in urban areas declined to 6.6 percent in July-September 2022, compared to 9.3 percent a year earlier। It was 7.1 percent in April-June 2022।

14. India’s current account deficit in FY 23, expected to be 3-3.2% of GDP

Chief Economic Advisor Dr. V. Anant Nageshwaran According to strong domestic economic activity and increased oil imports FY 23 Of india for Current account deficit, expected to be 3-3.2 percent of GDP ( GDP ) is। India’s current account deficit is recorded at 1.2 percent of GDP in 2021-22 as against a surplus of 0.9 percent in the year 2020-21। The Reserve Bank of India expects the current account deficit to increase marginally in the first half ( April – September 2022 ), but will decrease in the second half ( October 2022 – March 2023 )। Overall, the current account deficit for FY 23 is expected to be less than 3 percent of GDP।

15. KVG Bank received award for unattractive pension scheme nomination

Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank ( KVGB) Ne Atal Pension Scheme ( APY) For significant enrollment under Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority ( PFRDA) Has received the National Award from। So far, the bank has nominated 3,34,687 ( cumulative ) accounts under APY। During 2022–23, the bank nominated 69,132 accounts against a target of 50,320।

16. Airtel Payment Bank Launches Face Based eKYC

Airtel Payment Bank To facilitate its customers Face authentication based eKYC service Has started। Under this service, customers will not need a document to open an account in Airtel Payment Bank। After the introduction of the new service, the time taken to open the account will be much shorter than before। Earlier, customers needed a base card and a registered mobile number for OTP to open an account। But now bank accounts can be opened using face authentication।

17. Ronaldo became the first player in the world to score in five World Cups

Portugal Star striker and captain Cristiano Ronaldo Has created history। that World’s first player to score in five editions of FIFA World Cup Have become। This is a record that Leonel Messi, Maradona and PeléLike even the giants could not achieve। Ronaldo has also scored goals in the 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 FIFA World Cup before this। Ronaldo had his 18th match in the FIFA World Cup and scored the eighth goal of all World Cups। Ronaldo has become the youngest and oldest goal scorer in the FIFA World Cup for his country। That is, he has become the youngest goal scorer in the FIFA World Cup for Portugal and now the oldest goal scorer after scoring goals against Ghana। He is the third player in the world to do so। Ivisa Olich of Croatia and Michael Laudrup of Denmark have previously done so।

18. 26 November: Constitution Day

every year 26 November to Constitution day Is celebrated। It is also known as Constitution Day or National Law Day ( National Law Day )। This day is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution। Constitution of india November 26, 1949 Was adopted, it 26 January 1950 Came into effect and so India on 26 January Republic day Celebrates। Constitution day in 2015 was announced। this Dr. 125th Jubilee of Ambedkar Was done to mark। announcement PM Modi When they did Mumbai in Statue of Equality Had laid the foundation stone। Dr. drafting the Indian Constitution. Constitution Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the Ambedkar। them Parent of Indian Constitution Is also called।

19. 26 November: National Milk Day

National milk day ( National Milk Day) every year 26 November Is celebrated। To celebrate National Milk Day, College of Dairy Science and Technology (CODST) and Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University ( GADVASU) “ on 25 and 26 November 2021Milk Adulteration Testing CampOrganizing ”। This day the father of India’s white revolution Dr. Varghese Kurian (Dr. Verghese Kurien ) is celebrated to honor। It symbolizes his birth anniversary। In 2014, all the dairy heads of India along with the Dairy Association of India, Dr. Varghese Kurian (Dr. It was resolved to celebrate National Milk Day on 26 November to pay tribute to Verghese Kurien)। November 26 is Doctor Kurian’s birthday।

20. 14th anniversary of 26/11 mum bai terrorist attacks

President Draupadi Murmu Has said that 26 November 2011 to Mum Bai terrorist attack I am remembering those who lost their lives in the country। On the anniversary of the Mu attack, he said that he is paying a national tribute to the security personnel who sacrificed the best while performing Shaurya during his duty in this attack। More than 160 people were traumatized and 300 people were injured in the Mumbai terror attack।

21. Well-known film actor Vikram Gokhale died

Well known film actor Vikram Gokhale Died in Pune। He was 77 years old। Marathi He last starred in the TV serial Tujesh Me Song Gat Ahe and Marathi Film Godavari। Gokhale has spent his time in television, theater and cinema in a film career of over 50 years। They have more than a hundred Marathi and Hindi films And acted in plays। He also worked in 25 television serials। His serial drama Barister Vikram It was quite popular in which he acted for eight consecutive years।

22. Jorba, the first member of the K9 Dog Squad, died

Ass discussed K9 Dog Squad First member of Jorba Has passed away। He breathed his last at the age of eight। At the same time, one of the leading biodiversity conservation organizations in India, Aranyak Mourned the demise of his first k9 unit member Jorba। The organization cremated Jorba with all due respect। Aranyak, one of India’s leading biodiversity conservation organizations in 2011 One named Jorba Belgium MalinsThe country’s first dog squad was set up to investigate wildlife crimes with the dog। Kaziranga National Park in various rhino conservation areas in Jorba Assam, Pobitora was actively engaged in anti-poaching operations for more than eight years, including Wildlife Sanctuary and Orang National Park। During this period, Jorba Dog assisted wildlife officials to locate more than 60 predators in the state