CLAIRVOYANT (ADJECTIVE):- intuitive, psychi

Synonyms:- visionary, propheti

Antonyms:- real, moderat

Example Sentence:-You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to see how this is going to turn out.



  1. CLIQUE (NOUN):- group of friends

Synonyms:- cabal, coterie

Antonyms:- individual, personal

Example Sentence:-The organisation is run by a small clique of wealthy families.


  1. COALESCE (VERB):- blend, come together

Synonyms:- consolidate, integrate

Antonyms:- divide, disjoin

Example Sentence:-It is important for party members to coalesce to form a strong party.



  1. APLOMB (NOUN):- assurance

Synonyms:- composure, equanimity

Antonyms:- doubt, uncertainty

Example Sentence:-He took the news with undeterred aplomb.


  1. APOCALYPTIC (ADJECTIVE):- outstanding in revelation, prophecy

Synonyms:- fateful, ominous

Antonyms:- short- sighted

Example Sentence:-Insurance policies helps against apocalyptic outcomes.


  1. SURREPTITIOUS (ADJECTIVE):- sneaky, secret

Synonyms:- clandestine, private

Antonyms:- public, open

Example Sentence:-The pet has his surreptitious ways of stealing things behind my back.


  1. PROTAGONIST (NOUN):- the leader of or the person who argues most in favor of a cause

Synonyms:– Champion, Leader

Antonyms:- Opponent, Adversary

Example Sentence:-Mahatma Gandhi was the protagonist of the Indian Freedom Struggle.



Synonyms:- foolish, idiotic

Antonyms:- keen, sensible

EXample Sentence:-He is a fatuous boy.


  1. SYCOPHANT (NOUN) :- a person who seeks favour from flattery and servile attention

Synonyms:- Bootlicker, Brownnoser

Antonyms:- Boss, Authoritative

Example Sentence:-The boss knew that most of his team members were sycophants.


  1. ARRAIGN (VERB):- accuse

Synonyms:-incriminate, indict

Antonyms:- exculpate, exonerate

Example Sentence:-He arraigned me of no reason.