1. CONSORT (NOUN):-associate

Synonyms:-concomitant, companion

Antonyms:-enemy, foe

Example Sentence:-She chose to consort with the enemy.


  1. DROLL (ADJECTIVE):-amusing

Synonyms:-eccentric, whimsical

Antonyms:- serious, tragic

Example Sentence:-James is a fine droll artist.


  1. SCROUNGE (VERB):-beg

Synonyms:-hunt, wheedle

Antonyms:-give, offer

Example Sentence:-Anika had managed to scrounge one burger for her appetite.


  1. FELICITATION (NOUN):-admiration

Synonyms:-applause, adulation

Antonyms:-criticism, disregard

Example Sentence:-It is my honour to extend the felicitation of the Vice-President.



Synonyms:-aimless, chaotic

Antonyms:-organised, systematic

Example Sentence:-A few people were left, bullying around in a desultory fashion.


  1. QUEST (NOUN):-search

Synonyms:-chase, hunt

Antonyms:-retreat, withdraw

Example Sentence:-The quest for a reliable successor has intensified.


  1. WARY (ADJECTIVE):-careful

Synonyms:-attentive, vigilant

Antonyms:-careless, incautious

Example Sentence:-Monkeys which have been mistreated often remain wary of strangers.


  1. DECIMATE (VERB):-destroy

Synonyms:-annihilate, exterminate

Antonyms:-build, create

Example Sentence:-The inhabitants of the country had been decimated.


  1. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE):-intellectual

Synonyms:-philosophical, serious

Antonyms:-superficial, unimportant

Example Sentence:-He is a profound philosopher.


  1. MINUSCULE (ADJECTIVE):- very small

Synonyms:-insignificant, tiny

Antonyms:- big, huge

Example Sentence:-It is a minuscule fragment of DNA.