The High Court upheld the demonetisation policy of the Center; Said – decision making not flawed


1. The High Court upheld the demonetisation policy of the Center; Said – decision making not flawed

Great Ne In the year 2016 Justified the decision of demonetisation of five hundred and thousand rupees ( 4:1 majority by ) is। The constitution bench of five judges rejected 58 petitions challenging the Kendhar government’s demonetisation decision। Nyayamurthi S. a. Nazir The chairperson said that this decision is about the economic policies of the government, so it cannot be changed। Nayyamurthy B. giving the verdict on the basis of majority.R. Gawai said that the decision of the Kendra government is correct, as there was a consultation between the government and the Reserve Bank before this। Nyayamurthi S. Abul Nazir, B.R. Gawai, A.s. Bopna, V.P. Ram Subrahmanyam and B.V. The constitution of the five judges of Nagarat was hearing several petitions challenging the Bench of Kendra। Nayyamurthy NagaratDisagreeed the verdict। The government had told the court in the affidavit that the purpose of demonetisation was to ban the providing of funds for fake notes, black money, tax evasion and terrorist activities।

2. “Legacy” – India’s hand-woven 75 sarees’ Utva – Second phase of Sari Festival begins

Inheritance” – India’s hand woven 75 sarees festival – Sari Festival Of Second Phase 3 to 17 January 2023 till Hathkargha Haat, Janpath, New Delhi Will be held in। Organizing this festival Ministry of Textilesis doing। Its time is from 11 am to 8 pm। In the second phase of this movement, 90 participants from different parts of the country are tie and die, chicken embroidered sarees, hand block sarees, penchant printed sarees, ajarakh, Famous handcrafted varieties like Kantha and Fulkari are increasing the charm of the event। These will be in addition to special handloom sarees of Jamdani, Ikat, Pochampalli, Banaras Brocade, Tussar Silk ( Champa ), Balochari, Bhagalpuri Silk, Tangail, Chanderi, Lalitpuri, Patola, Patni etc. , Tanchoi, Many other types of handloom saris will also be available such as grille, quota doria, cutwork, maheshwari, bhujodi, Shantipuri, Bomkai and Garad choral, Khandua and Arni silk saris। “Legacy” – The first phase of the India-hand woven 75 sare festival began on 16 December 2022 and concluded on 30 December 2022।

3. ‘ Smart ’ Program for Ayurveda Professionals to promote R&D in Ayurveda in the country

National Commission for Indian Medical System ( NCISM ) and Central Ayurvedic Science Research Council ( CCCRAS ), Which are the two major institutions under the Ministry of Ayush of the Government of India for regulating medical education and conducting scientific research respectively Ayurveda Colleges and Hospitals With the aim of promoting scientific research in priority health research areas through ‘Smart ( Scope for Mainstreaming Ayurveda Research in Teaching Professionals )’ has started the program।

4. UPI transaction reached record high in December

of india Unified Payments Interface (UPI) Ne Record 7.82 billion transactions worth a total of 12.82 trillion ( $ 174.6 billion ) in DecemberProcesses। This shows a 7.12% increase in volume and 7.73% increase in value compared to November। Volume and value increased by 71% and 55% respectively on a year-on-year basis। In 2022, UPI processed more than 74 billion transactions worth Rs 125.94 trillion। In 2021, it processed 38 billion transactions worth Rs 71.54 trillion। This represents a 90% increase in volume and a 76% increase in value। UPI reached 1 billion in October 2019, 2 billion in October 2020 and 3 billion in January 2021। The Indian National Payments Corporation ( NPCI ), which manages and operates UPI, has a target of one billion transactions per day। NPCI expects it to be achieved in the next three to five years।

5. Railways recorded a 71 percent increase in the total income from passenger fares.

Railway passenger rental Total income from 71 percent increase Is recorded। During April to December 2022 48 thousand 913 crore rupees The rule was achieved, which was Rs 28 thousand 569 crore in the same period of 2021। During the period from 1 April to 31 December 2022, 38 thousand 483 crores were received from the reserved passenger fare, Which is 46 percent in preference to 26 thousand four hundred crores as per 26 thousand four hundred crores during the same period in 2021। Unreserved passenger hire has recorded a 381 percent increase in revenue, Which has increased to 10 thousand 430 crores as compared to two thousand 169 crores during the same period of 2021। Railways till last month of current financial year Income from freight more than one lakh 20 thousand crores Has happened। The Ministry of Railways has said that it compared to the same period last year 16 percent is more।

6. Energy efficiency scheme of railways

Indian Rail Ministry Ne Climate change on United Nations Framework Convention As part of the country’s commitment to (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ) Carbon-neutral by 2030 to become Five-dimensional schemeHas designed। The scheme aims to reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy through efficient operation। A major component of this scheme is the installation of rooftop solar panels at all railway installations, There is expected to be a substantial increase in the use of renewable energy in administrative and maintenance activities such as non-traction operations। Non-traction operations (non-traction operations) currently account for 2,100 GWh of electricity per year, and 30% by 2030% It is projected to grow as the Indian railway network is expanding।

7. India’s first underwater metro will be ready by December 2023 in Kolkata

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation ( KMRC ) Recently reported that India’s first underwater tunnel completed by December 2023 It is possible। India’s first underwater tunnel is being built from inside the Hooghly River in West Bengal। It is being constructed as part of the East West Metro Corridor in Kolkata। It will cost around Rs 120 crore। After the tunnel is built, the metro will cover a distance of 520 meters under water in just 45 seconds। Underwater metro rail service in the Hooghly River will connect the cities of Kolkata and Howrah।

8. Ajay Kumar Srivastava appointed MD and CEO of Indian Overseas Bank

public sector Indian Overseas Bank ( IOB ) Has appointed Ajay Kumar Srivastava as Managing Director ( MD ) and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) by promoting। Government of India to Ajay Kumar Srivastava on 1 January 2023 ,Has approved the appointment of Indian Overseas Bank ( IOB ) as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) for a three-year term।

9. ISRO, Andhra University will install equipment to predict rip currents and prevent them from drowning in the sea

Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) National Earth Science Center, Tiruvananthapuram and Andhra University, jointly Visakhapatnam, Rishikonda and RK ( Ramakrishna ) of Andhra Pradesh will install equipment to forecast rip currents on the beach। According to the state government, between 2012 and 2022, more than 200 people have drowned in the sea on various beaches in Visakhapatnam and its surroundings and among these the city’s RK beaches But 60 percent of deaths have occurred। Most of the death is due to ripples।

10. Reporters Without Borders: A total of 1,668 journalists worldwide killed in the last two decades ( 2003-2022 )

31 December 2022 Published to Reporters Without Borders (RSF ) According to the year end report of, previous Two decades ( 2003-2022 ) Total worldwide in connection with his work in journalism 1,668 journalists killedhas been done। The main causes of death were murders, contract killings, ambush attacks, deaths in war zones, and fatal injuries। The report said that on an average 80 journalists lost their lives every year। The war in Syria killed more than 144 journalists in 2012 and 142 journalists died in 2013। According to the RSF, 80 percent of journalists have died in 15 countries in the last two decades। Syria and Iraq have the highest mortality rates, with a total of 578 journalists killed in the last twenty years। This is about 1/3 of the mortality of journalists worldwide।

11. Reserve Bank of India issued the fifth section of the Reserve Bank’s history ( 1997-2008 )

Reserve Bank of India K Fifth section of history Was released। in this section Year 1997 to year 2008Includes an 11-year period। With this section, the history of the Reserve Bank of India has now been updated till 2008। Reserve Bank of India in the year 2015, Dr. The process of preparing this section was initiated under the guidance of an advisory committee headed by Narendra Jadhav, former Member of Parliament and former Principal Advisor and Chief Economist of the Reserve Bank। This section is an economic historian Dr. Tirthankar is produced by a team of writers led by Roy। Other team members include K. Kanagasabapati, N. Gopalaswamy, F. R. Joseph and S. V. s. Dixit was involved। Official record of the institutional history of the Reserve Bank of India in this section published by Cambridge University Press, It has been documented on the basis of publications and oral discussions with individuals who were closely involved with the functioning of the Reserve Bank of India during this period।

12. Five generations of high-temperature stars were detected in the largest Milky Way spherical cluster Omega Centauri

Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( IIA) Astronomers and scientists Omega Centaurica Studying has found that hot stars and white dwarfs emit less ultraviolet radiation than expected। The largest known spherical cluster in the Milky Way, Clues for the formation of a strange class of high-temperature stars in Omega Centauri Can provide। The globular cluster is a spherical cluster of stars। Spherical clusters are bound together by gravity, with high concentrations of stars towards their centers। They can contain millions of stars anywhere। These mostly revolve around the spiral galaxies in the extended stellar halo। It is a matter of research on how spherical groups are formed। Or what role did they play in the evolution of galaxies।

13. Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) launches Utkarsh 2.0

Shri Shaktikanta Das Ne Reserve Bank of India Of 2023-2025 period Mid-term strategy framework ‘Utkarsh 2.0‘ Locked। The first edition of the Strategy Framework ( Great 2022 ), which was the period from 2019 to 2022, was released in July 2019। It became a guide to the bank’s progress towards achieving the milestone in the form of a medium-term strategy document। There are six vision statements as well as core objectives, values and mission statements, like Utkarsh 2.0 Utkarsh 2022। Utkarsh 2.0 uses its specifications while maintaining the six vision details of Utkarsh 2022’s core objectives, values and missions। Collectively, these form the strategic guidance path। In Utkarsh 2.0, the following vision will guide the Reserve Bank of India for the period 2023-25:

  1. Excellence in the performance of its statutory and other functions,
  2. Strong trust of citizens and institutions in the Reserve Bank of India;
  3. Enhanced relevance and importance in national and international roles;
  4. Transparent, responsive and ethics-driven internal governance;
  5. Omniscient and environmentally friendly digital and physical infrastructure; And
  6. Innovative, functional and efficient human resources।

14. SBI Card and Punjab & Sindh Bank join hands to launch co-branded credit card

Public sector banks Punjab & Sindh Bank ( PSB ) For bank customers Co-brand credit card to launch SBI Card Is partnered with। PSB has also entered the credit card market as a new product segment in its portfolio as a result of this collaboration। Three card variants – PSB SBI Card Elite, PSB SBI Card Prime and PSB SimpleSave SBI Card have been launched by both partners। This collaboration also marks PSB’s entry into the ‘ credit card ’ as a new product segment under the bank’s portfolio।

15. World family day

every year 1 January New year day World family day Is celebrated। It is also called World Shanti Day। Through this day, ideas of global unity and harmony are promoted among the people। This year’s theme of Global Family Day, so “ Family Together for this Day this year: Building Flexibility for a Bright Future ” theme has been set।

16. RK Krishnakumar, former director of Tata Sons, died

Tata group Legendary and former director of Tata Sons Krishnakumar of R Died in Mumbai due to a heart attack। Krishnakumar was considered one of Ratan Tata’s trusted colleagues। Krishnakumar, who was a close associate of Ratan Tata, honorary chairman of Tata Sons, was involved in Tata’s consultancy firm, RNT Associates and the group’s charitable trusts, Who holds a 66 percent stake in Tata Sons, the holding company of Tata Group।

17. Lingayat Dharmaguru Sri Siddheshwar Swami died after a long illness

Chief Lingayat Dharmaguru And famous saints Mr. Siddheshwar Sami Of Karnataka in Vijaypur Ashram I died after a long illness। Giving reverence to the late saint, the Prime Minister said that the Supreme Mr. Siddheshwar Sami Ji will be remembered for his remarkable contribution to social service