Ace Your Personal Interview Session with these 10 Important Tips


Ace Your Personal Interview Session with these 10 Important Tips


  1.  Be Polite –

Your politeness during the interview also brings positive impression on your interviewers.

In some cases, while you might be correct with your answers but they are not considering it, then you must not argue with them. Instead, you should listen to them carefully and put forward your response in a better way.

Experts suggest that “sometimes, interviewers may also be wrong with some information, but you should not directly point it out. Instead, you should try to convince them politely about the correct information.”


2.  Be Innovative –

You will be stuck with the same questions likerelated to your profile, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, past experience, family background etc. This is just to test you that how suited you are for the company’s profile in terms of people management. So always try to give innovative answers to these questions.


3.  Be Honest –

Don’t even try to lie at some points. Interviewers have too much experience so they can sense a lie very easily. Also, it is difficult to remember all your lies, and in case you forget your lies it will definitely create awkward situation for you. So just remember not to lie, unless of course you can pull it off by backing it up with substantial stories.


4.  Communication Skills –

Your speaking and listening skills become very important while giving interview. Good communication strategy is quite simple, just listen to them carefully and understand it well, and then give a precise answer. If you don’t know the answer, don’t panic! Tell them to ask another question but don’t try to answer. The experts are too experienced to notice this.

While speaking, it’s very important to use right words. Also, while answering questions, please remember it is not a rapid fire round so take your time and collect your thoughts before answering.


5.  Posture –

A management student learns to direct plans, guide his / her team andcompany to heights of success. He/she should reflect a smart, outgoing and confident personality. Your posture and attitude should be all of this and more. Don’t let your nervousness reflect in your posture because interviewer will sense it. So posture yourself confident!


6.  Make a Good First Impression –

It is said that “First Impression is Last Impression”. It’s a common nature of human beings that everyone starts observing someone at the first time they meet. Your way of presenting yourself should be very attractive. Treat this interview as if it were your job interview.


7.  Dress Yourself Decent –

Dressing is one of the most important things to be presentable. Dressing up well gives you a confidence boost. Management professionals stand out in a crowd due their formal attire. Don’t mess it up! Your hair, clothes, shoes, everything should be perfect and decent. Though this alone will not get you the job, it will definitely be an ‘influencer’ of their decisions.


8.  Be Punctual –

Punctuality is the most important key point. Get yourself ready and reach at interview center on time.

Make sure you have accurate directions to the interview site.


9.  Be knowledgeable –

Students should be well prepared for Interview. They must know what the basic questions are which interviewer usually asks.

Candidates should be able to answer all questions. Study well before going for an interview. Whatever the case maybe, if you don’t know the answers, just tell the panel that you don’t know the answer. At least they will know that you respect their time and yours as well.


10.  Well Structured CV and Other Documents –

The students should have a well maintained portfolio file in which they have kept their CV at first and then other required documents.CV and Documents are most likely to reach your interviewers before you do. Just Keep your CV short and simple, don’t put everything on your CV because they might ask you to perform those skills you have mentioned in your CV. The motive for asking such questions is to judge your skills, only if there is any, so don’t lie.