Aeroponic method for production of virus-free potato seeds has been signed with Madhya Pradesh, lab will be built in Gwalior


1.Government released Citizen Registration System Report 2020

The Central Government has released the Civil Registration System Report 2020 based on the Birth and Death Report . According to the report 2.48 crore births were registered in 2019 which decreased to 2.42 crore in the year 2020 . This is a reduction in the birth rate by about 2 decimals four-zero percent.reflects. It has been said in this report that the number of registered death cases increased from 76 lakh 40 thousand in the year 2019 to 81 lakh 20 thousand in 2020, which shows an increase of 6.2%. About 60 percent of the total registered deaths were male and about forty percent were female. Some states and union territories such as Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam and Haryana accounted for a higher share of the increased number of deaths recorded from 2019 to 2020. NITI Aayog member Dr Vinod Paul has said that the number of births and deaths included in the report is the actual number which is collected from around 3 lakh registration units across the country.

2.World Press Freedom Index 2022: India ranked 150

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has released the 20th World Press Freedom Index 2022 , which assesses the state of journalism in 180 countries and territories . The index highlights the devastating effects of news and information chaos – the effects of a globalized and unregulated online information space that encourages false news and propaganda. India’s ranking in the index has dropped to 150th position from 142nd position last year . Barring Nepal, the ranking of India’s neighbors has also slipped down along with the index. Nepal has moved up 30 points to the 76th position in the global rankings. Pakistan is at 157th, Sri Lanka at 146th, Bangladesh at 162nd and Myanmar at 176th.Norway (1st), Denmark (2nd), Sweden (3rd), Estonia (4th) and Finland (5th) took the top spot, while North Korea remained at the bottom of the list of 180 countries and territories.

3.Reserve Bank increased the policy repo rate by 40 basis points to four decimal four percent

The Reserve Bank of India has increased the policy repo rate by 40 basis points . With this, the repo rate has become four decimal four percent . The Reserve Bank said that based on the assessment of the current economic situation, the Monetary Policy Committee decided to increase the repo rate. Repo rate is the rate of interest at which the Reserve Bank gives loans to commercial banks. The committee said that these decisions will help in keeping inflation at the expected level.

4.India’s pharma exports hit record high in 2021-22

India’s pharma sector posted its best ever export performance in 2021-22registered. India’s pharma sector witnessed a growth of 103% since 2013-14 from Rs 90,415 crore in 2013-14 to Rs 1,83,422 crore in 2021-22. India’s pharma exports showed positive growth in 2021-22 despite global trade disruptions. The trade balance remains in favor of India. Indian pharma companies have made a global mark on the strength of price competitiveness and good quality. India is a major exporter of pharmaceuticals, with 60% of the world’s vaccines and 20% of generic drugs coming from India. Over 200 countries are served by Indian Pharma Exports. India supplies more than 50% of Africa’s generic drugs. India is a major supplier of DPT, BCG and measles vaccines. 70% of WHO vaccines (as per the required vaccination schedule) are sourced from India. thus, India is serving as the ‘Pharmacy of the World’. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s third largest by volume and 14th largest by value.

5.IOC introduced methanol blended petrol

Recently, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) launched M15 petrol on a pilot basis in Tinsukia district of Assam.launched. M15 is a mixture of 15% methanol and 85% petrol. The pilot rollout was carried out in Tinsukia district (Assam) by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) due to ready availability of methanol, which is being manufactured by Assam Petrochemical Limited in the vicinity of Digboi Refinery. It helps in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by about 5 to 10%. Adding 15% methanol to petrol will reduce GHG emissions by 20% in terms of particulate matter, NOx and SOx, thereby improving urban air quality. Mixing petrol with methanol will provide relief from rising fuel prices globally. It helps in achieving fuel independence and reducing the burden of imports. Adding 15% methanol to petrol can reduce crude oil imports by at least 15%. Coal reserves and municipal solid waste can be converted into methanol.

6.RBI releases report on currency and finance

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released the report on Currency and Finance (RCF) for the year 2021-22 . The theme of this report is “ Revive and Reconstruct ”, in the context of nurturing a sustainable recovery post-Covid and accelerating trend growth in the medium term. According to this report, the Indian economy is likely to take more than 12 years to recover from the damage of COVID-19. Real growth rates are projected at (-) 6.6% for 2020-21, 8.9% for 2021-22, and 7.2% for 2022-23. Supply constraints and long delivery times pushed up shipping costs and commodity prices, intensifying inflationary pressures and threatening economic recovery around the world.

7.India to be honored nation at the upcoming Morse du Film Festival to be held in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival in France

India will be the nation of honor at the upcoming Marche du Film to be held in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival in France . The festival will start from May 17 . This is the first time that such an honor is being given to any country . ‘ Country of Honour ‘ status earned Focus Country at the opening night of Marche ‘Du Film being held at Majestic BeachAs India’s presence is ensured during which India, its cinema, its culture and heritage will be highlighted. Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur announced this in New Delhi. He said that France and India are completing 75 years of their diplomatic relations. The event has become even more important with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Paris and his meeting with President Emmanuel Macron. Shri Thakur said that India has also been accorded Honorary Nation status at Cannes Next, under which five new start-ups in the audio-visual industry will get an opportunity to grow. In this festival, from India, R. The world premiere of the film Rocketry produced by Madhavan will also be the center of attraction.

8.President attends 61st Annual Conference of Bodo Sahitya Sabha

President Shri Ram Nath Kovind at the 61st Annual Conference of Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS) at Tamulpur , Assam .participated in. The President said that so far 17 writers have been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for their works in the Bodo language. Out of these, 10 people have been awarded for poetry. This reflects a natural affinity for poetry among Bodo writers. The constitutional amendment to include Bodo language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution was done in the year 2003 and it was announced in January 2004. At that time Bharat Ratna revered Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji was the Prime Minister of the country. Apart from Assam, Bodo-speaking people live in large numbers in Bangladesh, Nepal, Tripura, Nagaland and West Bengal. Inspired by the Assam Sahitya Sabha, BSS was formed in 1952 for the development of literature, culture and language. The Governor of Assam with the President, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and other dignitaries have attended this mega event of BSS.

9.2nd India-Nordic Summit

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi attends the 2nd India-Nordic Summit with Ms. Mette Fredriksen , Prime Minister of Denmark , Ms. Katrin Jacobsdottir , Prime Minister of Iceland , Mr. Jonas Gahr Storr , Prime Minister of Norway , Ms. Magdalena Andersen , Prime Minister of Sweden and Ms. Sanna Marin , Prime Minister of Finland took. This summit took place in Stockholm in 2018.Provided an opportunity to review the progress made in India-Nordic relations since the first India-Nordic Summit held in Discussions were held on multilateral cooperation in the areas of post-pandemic economic recovery, climate change, sustainable development, innovation, digitization and green and clean development. Cooperation in the maritime sector was also discussed with a special focus on sustainable ocean management. The Prime Minister invited Nordic companies to invest particularly in the area of ​​Blue Economy, including India’s Sagarmala project. Discussions took place on India’s partnership with the Nordic region in the Arctic region. The Prime Minister said that India’s Arctic Policy provides a good framework for expanding India-Nordic cooperation in the Arctic region. Prime Minister invited Sovereign Wealth Funds of Nordic countries to invest in India.

10.Announcement for the future of the Internet

Recently, the US and 60 other countries made a new announcement for the future of the Internet.signed on. The goals of this declaration are to keep the Internet open, free and neutral, prevent growing digital authoritarianism, ensure the removal of illegal content without reducing free expression, and reduce the environmental footprint of the Internet and digital technologies. Commitments under the Declaration protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of all, promote a global Internet that advances the free flow of information, advance inclusive and affordable connectivity so that everyone can benefit from the digital economy, protect privacy To promote trust in the global digital ecosystem. The major countries that have signed the declaration are the US, European Union (EU), United Kingdom, Canada, France, etc. India did not sign the declaration. China and Russia are also not part of this declaration.

11.President Ram Nath Kovind addresses the concluding session of the North East Festival in Guwahati

President Ram Nath Kovind has said that the North-East region will emerge as an engine of growth for the entire country. He was addressing the concluding program of the North East festival . It was organized by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region as part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in Guwahati . The forgotten heroes of the region were remembered through various programs during the week long festival of North East.

12.Two hundred people will be made pilgrimage every year from Rameswaram to Kashi Vishwanath temple: Tamil Nadu government

Tamil Nadu government has announced that every year two hundred people will be made pilgrimage from the famous Ramanatha Swamy temple in Rameswaram to Kashi Vishwanath temple in Uttar Pradesh . Making several announcements in the assembly, Hindu Religious Endowments Minister Shekhar Babu said that the government will allocate Rs 50 lakh for the scheme. He said that mini-buses would be arranged for the pilgrims staying at the pilgrimage rest house at Rameswaram. He also announced to conduct development work in one thousand temples at a cost of Rs.5 crore. He said that eighty temples which are more than one thousand years old would be renovated at the cost of Rs.100 crore. New marriage houses will be built in twenty seven temples at a cost of Rs 80 crore.

13.PM addresses the inaugural session of the 4th International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

The Prime Minister , Shri Narendra Modi , addressed the inaugural session of the 4th International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure via video message . The Prime Minister of Australia Mr Scott Morrison MP, the President of Ghana Mr Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Prime Minister of Japan Mr Fumio Kishida and the President of Madagascar Mr Andrey Nirina Rajoelina also addressed the session. India is continuously increasing the provision of basic services in areas such as education, health, drinking water, sanitation, electricity, transport etc., in the context of which the Prime Minister said, “We are fighting climate change in a very clear way. That is why we at COP-26 are determined to achieve ‘Net-Zero’ by 2070 in parallel with our development efforts.”

14.Aeroponic method for production of virus-free potato seeds has been signed with Madhya Pradesh, lab will be built in Gwalior

In the special hospitality of Shri Narendra Singh Tomar , Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Shri Bharat Singh Kushwaha , Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Horticulture, Madhya Pradesh , MP has approved aeroponic method for production of virus free potato seeds . The contract was signed with the government in Delhi. Under this , in Gwalior , MP. The first lab of The Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has developed this unique technology for aerial potato seed production.

15.Culture Ministry orders restoration of Anang Tal Lake

Recently, the Ministry of Culture has ordered the restoration of the historic Anang Tal Lake located in South Delhi . The National Monuments Authority (NMA) and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have asked the authorities to expedite its conservation work so that the site can be declared a national monument. This lake is located in Mehrauli , Delhi, which was built by Tomar King Anangpal II in 1060 AD . He is known to have founded and settled Delhi in the 11th century . The millennium old Anang Tal marks the early days of Delhi. Anang Tal’s RajasthanBecause Maharaja Anangpal is known to be the maternal grandfather of Prithviraj Chauhan , whose fort Rai Pithora, is included in the list of ASI.

16.French naval group rejects bid for P-75 India project

Recently France ‘s Naval Group rejected the bid for the P-75 India project , saying that it is not yet equipped with Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology.does not use. About 10 countries have developed or are close to developing AIP technology and about 20 countries have AIP submarines. In June 1999, the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) approved a 30-year submarine building plan that included building 24 conventional submarines by 2030. In the first phase, two series of production were to be set up – the first, the P-75; Second, the P-75i. Each series was to produce six submarines. While the six P-75 submarines are diesel-electric, they can be equipped with AIP technology later. The project envisages indigenous construction of six conventional submarines equipped with state-of-the-art air-independent propulsion systems at an estimated cost of Rs 43,000 crore. AIP is the technology for conventional non-nuclear submarines. There are essentially two types of submarines: conventional and nuclear. Conventional submarines use diesel-electric engines, which require them to come to the surface daily to obtain atmospheric oxygen for fuel combustion. If the submarine is equipped with an AIP system, they will need to take oxygen only once a week. The indigenously developed AIP is one of the major missions of the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL-DRDO), which is considered as one of the ambitious projects of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) for the Navy. Due to which they have to come to the surface every day to get atmospheric oxygen for combustion of fuel. If the submarine is equipped with an AIP system, they will need to take oxygen only once a week. The indigenously developed AIP is one of the major missions of the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL-DRDO), which is considered as one of the ambitious projects of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) for the Navy. Due to which they have to come to the surface every day to get atmospheric oxygen for combustion of fuel. If the submarine is equipped with an AIP system, they will need to take oxygen only once a week. The indigenously developed AIP is one of the major missions of the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL-DRDO), which is considered as one of the ambitious projects of DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) for the Navy.

17.Startup Open became the 100th Unicorn of the country

Bangalore – based Neobank platform ‘ Open ‘ has become the 100th Unicorn . After raising fresh funding, the value of the company has crossed one billion dollars . India currently ranks third globally in terms of the number of companies that have unicorn status ( behind the US and China , but ahead of the UK and Germany). Unicorns are start-ups that are valued at more than US$1 billion. The term was first coined by Eileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund based in Palo Alto, California. Unicorn refers to the concept related to recruitment in the HR sector.

18.Bharti Airtel buys 7% equity in Cnergee Technologies under Startup Accelerator Program

India’s second largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel announced that the Airtel Startup Accelerator Program has invested 7% in cloud-based networking solutions firm Cnergee Technologies . Cnergee, based in Navi Mumbai , specializes in cloud-based comprehensive networking solutions for all types of enterprises.

19.Kerala becomes Santosh Trophy champion by defeating Bengal

In the 75th Santosh Trophy 2022 held at Manjeri Stadium in Malappuram , Kerala , Kerala won the title by defeating West Bengal 5-4 in the penalty shootout of the final match . After the match ended in a goalless draw in regular time, Kerala scored a draw shortly before the end of the match after trailing in extra time. The Bengal team, which won the tournament title 32 times, was also defeated by Kerala in the league stage of the current season. This is Kerala’s third win in the Santosh Trophy tournament at home. Earlier, he had won two editions in Kochi in 1973-74 and 1992-93. Kerala captain Jijo Joseph was adjudged the player of the match for his brilliant performance in the middle of the park.