Anand Mahindra launches project ‘Oxygen on Wheels’


1. Shri T. Rabi Shankar appointed as Deputy Governor of RBI

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Executive Director T Rabi Sankar (T Rabi Sankar) has been named as the fourth deputy governor of the central bank . In compliance with the Government of India notification dated 03 May 2021, Shri T. Rabi Shankar took over as the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India for a period of three years or until further orders, whichever is earlier. Shri T. Rabi Shankar was the Executive Director of the Reserve Bank before being promoted to the post of Deputy Governor. That BP Kanungo(BP Kanungo), who retired on April 2 after receiving a one-year extension to his post. Shankar has long experience in central banking functions, particularly, exchange rate management, stock portfolio management, public debt management, monetary operations, development and regulation of financial markets and payment systems, and management of the bank’s IT infrastructure. The other three deputy governors are Mahesh Kumar Jain, Michael Patra and M. Rajeshwar Rao.

  1. External Affairs Minister S.K. Jaishankar will go on a four-day London trip

External Affairs Minister S.K. Jaishankar will go on a four-day London visit to attend the meeting of Foreign Ministers of seven countries . India has been invited as a guest country in this meeting. G-Seven member countries include Britain, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan . The meeting is expected to discuss the Corona virus epidemic and other challenges facing the world.

  1. BJP-led NDA secured power for the second consecutive time in Assam

On May 2, 2021 , votes were counted in the recently held state assembly elections in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal . The NDA has retained power in Assam for a second consecutive term under the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party . The NDA has got 75 seats in the 126-member assembly . The Bharatiya Janata Party has won 60 seats, its ally Assam Gana Parishad nine and the UPPL six. The Congress got 29 seats and its ally AIUDF got 10 seats. Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Sarbananda Sonowal won the Majuli seat by a margin of over 40 thousand votes.

  1. NDA wins majority in Puducherry

In Puducherry , the NDA has secured a majority in the 30-member assembly and is ready to form the government. The NDA in Puducherry consists of NR Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and All India Anna DMK. NR Congress has won 10 seats, BJP has got 6 seats. DMK won 6 seats, Congress two and independents won 6 seats.

  1. Mamta Banerjee claims to form government in West Bengal

Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee will take over as the Chief Minister of the state for the third time. Due to the Kovid epidemic, he will be sworn in at an informal ceremony at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. Trinamool Congress general secretary Partha Chatterjee said that Mamata Banerjee was elected as the leader of the legislative party unopposed. Biman Banerjee has been nominated as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Mamta Banerjee met Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and claimed to form the government after the party’s victory. The state assembly has 294 seats . Of these seats, Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress won 212 seats . BJP has won 77 seats .

  1. E. Palnisamy and his Council of Ministers accept resignation

Governor of Tamil Nadu Banwari Lal Purohit has accepted the resignation of Chief Minister E Palanisamy and his Council of Ministers. The press release issued to the Raj Bhavan said that the Governor has requested E. Palanisamy to continue in office till an alternative arrangement is made. The release also said that the 15th assembly has been dissolved. The DMK party will formally elect MK Stalin as the Chief Minister . There are 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly . DMK won 126, AIADMK 64, Congress 18, BJP 4 and PMK won 5 seats. The DMK-Congress alliance is likely to form the government under Stalin ( son of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi ).

  1. Pinarayi Vijayan handed over resignation to Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Kerala the CPI led by L DFT is retained power. The Marxist Communist Party and the LDF will soon begin discussions about the formation of a new government. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan handed over the resignation letter to Governor Arif Mohammad Khan . The Governor accepted the resignation letter and directed him to continue in office till the formation of the new government. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a pioneer. The LDF has won 99 seats. CPI (M) won 62 seats, Congress won 21 seats, CPI won 17 seats and IUML won 15 seats.

  1. Anand Mahindra launches project ‘Oxygen on Wheels’

Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra (Anand Mahindra) after reduction of increasing oxygen between the second wave of Koronovayrs, oxygen transport ‘to make it easier to transport oxygen from the plants to hospitals and homes oxygen on Wheels(Oxygen on Wheels). The ‘Oxygen on Wheels’ initiative will bridge the gap between production and transport of oxygen in India, especially in Maharashtra. Mahindra is set to distribute oxygen cylinders to about 70 Bolero pick-up trucks to connect oxygen producers to hospitals and homes. The project is being implemented through Mahindra Logistics. In addition, an operations control center has been set up and replenishing the storage space from the local refilling plant. The direct consumer model is also being considered.

  1. Import of oxygen concentrator allowed for personal use

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade has recently notified that the import of oxygen concentrator will be allowed for personal use . The Government of India has revised the Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020 to allow imports. The new amendment states that the import of goods as “gifts” is permitted through post or courier, where customs clearance is sought in addition to medicines, oxygen concentrators and life-saving drugs.

  1. Priority in government recruitment after completing 100 days of duty to those providing services in Kovid Management

It was also decided to allow medical interns to be deployed for Covid management work under the supervision of senior doctors and teachers . The services of MBBS final year students will be used for services such as phone counseling and monitoring of patients with mild signs of infection. Services of final year postgraduate students can continue to be used as residents as before. It was also decided that the services of BSc, General Nursing and Midwifery Nurses could be availed under the supervision of senior doctors and nurses. Covid duty of at least one hundred days to persons providing services in Kovid managementAfter completion, priority will be given in the upcoming regular government recruitment. Medical students and professionals engaged in Kovid related work will be suitably vaccinated. Such health professionals will be given the facility of government insurance scheme. All such professionals will be given the Prime Minister’s Distinguished Kovid National Service Award after completing 100 days of Kovid duty.

  1. Anti-viral, anti-disease enhancing and anti-pyretic properties in AYUSH-64

The Ministry of AYUSH has taken steps to increase the availability of AYUSH-64 , a polyharbal drug across the country . The statement of the ministry said that AYUSH-64 has been found very useful in the treatment of mild to moderate Kovid in clinical trials. Testing conducted under the leadership of eminent scientists of the country has revealed that AYUSH-64 has anti-viral, disease-enhancing abilities and anti-pyretic properties. It has been found to be non-symptomatic and useful in the treatment of mild and common corona infections . This drug is now being used for Kovid-19. The Central Council for Medical Research – CCRAS and National Research and Development Center – NDRC have signed agreements for comprehensive production and commercial use of AYUSH-64.

  1. America placed India in priority watch list

United States Trade Representative (United States Trade Representative) has recently Special Report 301 released (Special Report 301). According to this report, India has been placed in the ” Priority Watch List ” along with 8 other countries . The other 23 countries were also placed in the “watch list”. The 301 report is issued annually by the United States Trade Representative. It is published under section 301 of the Trade Act, 1974. It has been published since 1989. This report basically lists countries that do not provide sufficient intellectual property rights to American companies.

  1. Pandemic Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight in Rajasthan

Strictness has increased in Rajasthan with the implementation of the new corona lockdown guidelines. Gehlot Government ( Gehlot Government) ‘ Epidemic Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight from 3 May to 17 May 2021(Epidemic Red Alert Public Discipline Fortnight). Between 12 noon and 5 in the morning, those traveling outside needlessly will be institutionalized quarantined until the RT-PCR report is not negative. According to the new guideline, ‘Epidemic Red Alert – Public Discipline Fortnight’ will remain on May 3, Monday from 5 am to May 17, Monday to 5 am. During this time, all workplaces, commercial establishments and markets will remain closed. ‘Epidemic Red Alert – Mass Discipline Weekend Curfew will be there from Friday 7 May 12 noon to Monday 10 May 5 PM and Friday 14 May 12 noon to 17 May 5 PM. Only 31 people will be allowed in weddings instead of 50.

  1. Wipro Becomes Third Largest Indian IT Company, Leaving HCL Tech

Wipro said HCL Technologies by market capitalization down to Rs 2.65 trillion to 2.62 trillion rupees market capitalization the third largest Indian IT services company again achieved its position as. TCS tops the list after Infosys with a market capitalization of Rs 11.51 trillion . Wipro has announced its commitment to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040, a temperature increase of up to 1.5 ° C according to the purpose of the Paris Agreement. The country’s third-largest software services company has set a target of 55 percent reduction in GHG emissions to full emission levels by 2030 compared to its base year of 2016-17 (April-March).

  1. Public building and fire safety regulations in India

The last few days saw several fire incidents in hospital buildings in India . It also includes hospitals treating COVID-19 . Recent fire incidents in public hospital buildings in Mumbai’s Virar region, Bharuch in Gujarat and Mumbra near Thane have brought public building and fire safety rules into the limelight. Public building and fire safety regulations are not followed during the construction of buildings. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 330 people died due to commercial fire incidents in 2019. Electricity-related problems have been cited as the main reason behind the recent fire in hospitals. State governments have failed to enforce building safety laws.

  1. US Approves Sale of P8I Petrol Aircraft to India

The US has recently approved the sale of P-8I petrol aircraft to India. The P-8I is a long-range patrol aircraft. It was built by Boeing for the Indian Navy. This is a variant of the P-8A Poseidon. Poseidon is used by the US Navy. The P-8I is capable of conducting maritime patrol, anti-submarine warfare, reconnaissance missions and surveillance.

  1. 40 tons of fish found dead in the Litani River in Lebanon

The River Litani is the longest river in Lebanon . It has an artificial lake created by the Litani River Dam , the lake is named as Qaraoun lake . About 40 tonnes of fish were found dead on the banks of the lake recently due to excessive pollution . This pollution was mainly caused by sewage dumping. For the first time such a big disaster is happening in the area. In 2018 fishing in the reservoir was banned. However, action was insufficient to prevent pollution.

  1. Ethiopia joins TPLF and OLF Shene in terrorists list

The Government of Ethiopia recently introduced the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the OLF-SheneHas been included in its list of terrorists. In 2020, Ethiopia launched a major military campaign against the Tigray People Liberation Front. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front is a political party. It was founded in 1975 in Ethiopia. In addition, the TPLF is an armed ethnic nationalist rebel group. The conflict between the Tigray State Government and the Ethiopian Government has been going on for 30 years. These conflicts have a huge impact on the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia has had a federal system since 1994. Under this system, different ethnic groups control 10 different regions in the country. In the same sequence, the TLPF controls the Tigray region. In 1991, military rule was overthrown. After that, A four-party coalition began to rule Ethiopia. This alliance is called “The Prosperity Party”. Under this coalition party government, Abi Ahmed Ali was appointed as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Liberalization of politics eventually led to the ouster of several prominent leaders in Tigre’s government alleging corruption. Abi also ended a long-standing territorial dispute with Eritrea. For this he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019. According to Tigre leaders, these reforms were seen as an attempt to centralize power. According to him, this would eventually destroy the federal system in the country. In 2020, Tigre leaders disagreed with the central government’s order to postpone regional elections due to Kovid-19. He held the election according to the due date instead of postponing it. After that, The central government withheld funds to the administration of Tigray. In response, Tigre’s administration marked it as a “declaration of war”.

  1. Lewis Hamilton Wins Portuguese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton) rival Max Verstappen (Max Verstappen) and Mercedes team-mate Walteri Botas beat (Valtteri Bottas) Portuguese Grand Prix win. Verstappen finished second, while Bottas, who started from pole, came in a disappointing third. Sergio Perez finished fourth, with Lando Norris finishing fifth for McLaren. The opening Formula One champion slipped to third place in the opening laps, but made two impressive moves in the nine race winner laps to claim his second win of the season.

  1. World Press Freedom Day

Every year in May three the Day World Press Freedom celebrated. The theme of this year’s World Press Independence Day is information-to-people welfare which shows the importance of information in public interest work. In a democratic system, the press is considered the ‘fourth pillar’ of democracy. The press / media is considered to be a very important role in ensuring accountability of the government and bringing the voice of common people to the administration. In such a situation, freedom of media is considered to be very important to work efficiently for this. The United Nations General Assembly declared World Press Freedom Day in December 1993 following the recommendation of the UNESCO General Conference. ‘World Press Freedom Day’ (3 May) ‘ Windhoek ”(Windhoek) marks the anniversary of the announcement. The ‘Windhoek Declaration’ of 1991 deals with the development of a free, independent and pluralistic press.

  1. World Tuna Day: 2 May

World Tuna Day is celebrated globally on 2 May every year . The day has been established by the United Nations (UN) to raise awareness about the importance of tuna fish . This for the first time in 2017Has been observed According to the United Nations, many countries in the world depend on tuna fish for both food security and nutrition. Currently tuna fish farming is done in more than 96 countries, and their capacity is continuously increasing. World Tuna Day was officially announced by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in December 2016, adopting a resolution of 71/124. The aim was to clarify the importance of conservation management and ensure that a system was needed to protect tuna stocks from crashing. The internationally recognized World Tuna Day was celebrated for the first time on 2 May 2017.

  1. World Comedy Day 2021: 02 May

World Laughter Day (World Laughter Day) every year on the first Sunday in May is celebrated. It is a day to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits. In 2021, the day was celebrated on 02 May 2021 . World Comedy Day was first observed in Mumbai on May 10, 1998, at the initiative of Dr. Madan Kataria , the founder of the worldwide Comedy Yoga movement .

  1. Satyajit Ray

The birth centenary of world-renowned film director ‘ Satyajit Ray ‘ was celebrated on 02 May 2021 . Satyajit Ray was born on 2 May 1921 in Calcutta.(India). Popularly known as one of the greatest directors of the 20th century, ‘Satyajit Ray’ gained considerable acclaim in India as well as globally. ‘Satyajit Ray’ started his career as a graphic designer. After this ‘Satyajit Ray’ went to London and during this time he saw Italy’s neo-realist film ‘Bicycle Thieves’ (1948), directed by ‘Vittorio de Sica’, which led him to independent filmmaking and especially Italy. Was greatly inspired by the neo-realist movement, which is also evident in his films. Satyajit Ray directed about 36 films throughout his film career, including feature films, documentaries and short films. In addition, he is an outstanding fiction writer, publisher, painter, musician, He was also a graphic designer and film critic. He wrote a number of short stories and novels with children and adolescents at the center. Of IndiaThe first and only Oscar winner was the director , as well as being awarded an honorary degree by the University of Oxford. Satyajit Ray’s debut film Pather Panchali (1955) won a total of eleven international awards at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. He was also awarded the ‘ Bharat Ratna ‘ in the year 1992 , by the Government of India, in recognition of his contribution in the field of cinema .

  1. World’s first known pregnant mummy discovered

Researchers have discovered the world’s first known pregnant mummy in the Warsaw Mummy Project . This mummy is found in Egypt , it is from the first century, this mummy has been found inside the coffin of a male priest. In 1826, this mummy was donated to the University of Warsaw in Poland .