Armed forces launch operation “CO-JEET” for mental health of COVID patients

1. Mamta Banerjee became the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time
In West Bengal , Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the chief minister of the state for the third consecutive time . Following the Kovid rules, Governor Jagdeep Dhankad administered him the oath of office and secrecy at a simple ceremony held at the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. Ms. Banerjee has become the second woman in the country to take oath as Chief Minister of any state for three consecutive years after the former Chief Minister of Delhi , Sheila Dixit . This is the second time when Mamta is taking charge of the state even though she is not an MLA of Bengal Legislative Assembly. Earlier in 2011, when Mamta became the Chief Minister for the first time, she was a Lok Sabha MP. This time that NandigramHas lost the election to its old ally and BJP candidate Shubhendu Adhikari . Even after the defeat, Mamata can become the chief minister of the state, but within six months she will have to win the election from any assembly seat of the state. If it does not, then they will have to leave the post of Chief Minister. Article 164 (4) of the constitution says that any person can take the oath of office in a state, but within six months he has to come from a constituency. If there is a Legislative Council in the state then it can also be elected as MLC. The Chief Minister is also a minister, so the same rule applies to him as well.
2. Reserve Bank proposes to provide fixed liquidity facility of fifty thousand crores for easy access to emergency health services
Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das has said that the bank is monitoring the current situation arising out of the Corona infection and will make all possible efforts to deal with it. Through various social media platforms, he said that on the basis of continuous assessment of the macroeconomic situation and the state of the financial market, he will invest fifty thousand crores to make it easier to access emergency health services .Proposes a fixed liquidity facility of Rs. Apart from this, loans of fifty thousand crore rupees will also be made available for up to three years at the current repo rate to speed up Kovid related health facilities in the country. Mr. Das said that under this scheme, banks can provide loan assistance to other institutions including vaccine producers. This loan assistance will also be available to importers and suppliers of vaccines and priority medical devices, hospitals, test laboratories, manufacturers and suppliers of oxygen and ventilators, and importers of vaccines and covid related drugs.
3.In-principle approval for strategic disinvestment and transfer of management control in IDBI Bank Ltd.
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs gave in-principle approval for strategic disinvestment and transfer of management control to IDBI Bank Limited . At present, LIC is the promoter of IDBI Bank and also controls the management. The Government of India is the co-promoter of this bank. The extent of disinvestment in shareholding of Government of India and LIC will be fixed at the time of restructuring of the bank in consultation with Reserve Bank of India. Government of India and LIC hold more than 94 percent stake in IDBI Bank . In this, the Government of India has 45 decimal four eight percent and LIC has 49 decimal two-four percent share.
4. Maria Resa honored UNESCO World Press Freedom Award 2021
Maria Resa (Maria Ressa) the 2021 UNESCO / Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize award has been named as the winner. The award was named after Colombian journalist Guillermo Cano Isaza. UNESCO cites Ressa’s 3-decade career as a journalist, as CNN ‘s lead investigative reporter for Asia , and Philippine broadcast ABS-CBNIncluded his work as head of news. Maria is the founder of web news portal and has previously worked with CNN and ABS-CBN. Due to writing against the government, 11 cases have been filed in different cases by the Government of the Philippines, some of them have also been convicted, but they are out of jail on bail and are doing journalism fearlessly.
5. Indian Army’s First Green Solar Energy Harnessing Plant in Sikkim
Indian Army recently Sikkim first Green Solar Energy Harnessing plant began (Green Solar Energy Harnessing Plant). It was launched to benefit the soldiers of the Indian Army. This plant uses vanadium based battery technology. It is built at an altitude of 16,000 feet. The plant has a capacity of 56 KVA . It is completed in collaboration with IIT Mumbai .
6. Armed forces launch operation “CO-JEET” for mental health of COVID patients
The Armed Forces strengthened the medical system in India and , like the oxygen supply chains, supported the anti-COVID-19 effort to operate ” CO-JEET (CO-JEET stands for co-workers of all the three services who will ultimately achieve ‘Jeet’ [victory] over COVID) “. Along with these, CO-JEET also takes measures to ensure mental health of the people. Deputy Chief of Integrated Defense Staff (Medical) Lt Gen Dr Madhuri KanitkarStated, “In addition to medical therapy, patients need to be assured that they will recover and in times of stress, if you have someone to talk to, it makes a lot of difference”. Dr. Madhuri Kanitkar, Deputy Chief of Integrated Defense Staff (Medical) is the third woman to become a Three Star General in the Armed Forces. Vice Admiral Dr. Punita Arora and Air Marshal Padmavati Bandopadhyay are the first and second.
7. Union Cabinet approves signing of MoU on Global Innovation Partnership
The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Madi has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of External Affairs and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office about global innovation engagement . Through this MoU, India and the UK have agreed to launch a global innovation partnership. This will bring Indian investigators with new ideas and will help them find new markets and become self-reliant. This partnership will also strengthen the innovation system in India. Investigators selected under the Global Ethics Partnership will accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals. Through this partnership, an open and inclusive e-market will be developed for sharing of cross-border innovation.
8. Union Cabinet approves MoU between India and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for Migration and Traffic
The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between India and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in view of migration and movement . The MoU is between the Government of India and the Government of the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) and Northern Ireland. The MoU aims to liberalize the visa process to make it easier for students, researchers and skilled professionals to move and strengthen cooperation on issues related to irregular migration and human trafficking on both sides. , Professionals and people who migrate for economic reasons will benefit.
9. Swiss Company’s Antibody Cocktail Permits Emergency Use in India
Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche ‘s emergency cocktail used in the treatment of Corona has been approved by Emergency Use for use in India. The company gave this information on Wednesday. The company reported that its antibody cocktail had received approval from the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO). This approval is based on the data given for Emergency Use in the US and European Union. So far, two vaccines Kovyshield and Kovaxin are being used to protect against corona in India . Russian Vaccine Sputnik-VThe shipment has also arrived in India. Soon it will also be used. In view of the fast growing cases of Corona, the Government of India has allowed every vaccine to be used in the country, which has been approved by the US, Europe, UK and WHO.
10. India and Britain approve ambitious action plan 2030 to take bilateral relations to broader strategic partnership
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have ambitious action plan 2030 to take bilateral relations to a broader strategic partnershipIs approved. This will further strengthen interaction, trade and economy, defense and security, climate change and health cooperation between the peoples of the two countries in the next ten years. The virtual summit between the two leaders discussed cooperation in efforts to tackle the Kovid situation and the pandemic, and a successful partnership in relation to the Kovid vaccine. The two Prime Ministers launched an enhanced trade partnership with an ambitious goal of more than doubling bilateral trade by 2030. Under this, India and Britain also agreed to work out a comprehensive and balanced free trade agreement. Increasing trade partnerships will create many direct and indirect employment opportunities in both countries.
11. Developed possibly the first specialized drug for covid treatment in cellular and molecular biology centers.
CSIR – Probably the first specialized drug for covid treatment in cellular and molecular biology center has been developed. This drug has antibody properties. The Indian Drug Controller General has given permission to test it on humans. The first and second phase trials for Wincov-19 are expected to begin in Delhi and Rajasthan next week. The drug has been jointly developed by CCMB, University of Hyderabad and Vince Bio Products Limited.
12. SAIL joins list of 100 most valuable Indian firms
SAIL stock has reached a nine-year high of Rs 135.60 on the BSE . SAIL shares have risen 85% in the last six weeks. It has entered the list of 100 most valuable Indian firms . It works under the Ministry of Steel . The annual turnover of SAIL is approximately USD 10 billion. It has five large integrated steel plants. They are Rourkela Steel Plant, Bhilai Steel Plant, Durgapur Steel Plant, IISCO and Bokaro Steel Plant . These plants are spread over four states namely Odisha, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Jharkhand . Apart from this, it has three special steel plants, such as Vishveshrayya Iron and Steel Plant, Salem Steel Plant, Alloy Steel Plant and Ferri Alloy Plant at Chandrapur.
13. Coronavirus’s N protein and its role in transmission
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research ) researchers recently reported that the spike protein addition, COVID -19 viruses other proteins such Nucliokaspid protein (Nucleocaspid protein) or N protein(N protein) also play an important role in the transmission (or infectiousness) of the virus. Thus, it is not sufficient to develop antibodies, therapeutic drugs, and entry inhibitors solely on the basis of spike proteins. COVID-19 consists of an RNA genome surrounded by a circular structure. Different types of proteins are involved in this structure. One of them is spike protein. According to the researchers, N proteins or nucleocapsid proteins have higher infectivity than other proteins. Researchers have also found that antibodies that neutralize the spike pseudotype were less effective against N proteins.
14. 100 million year old bones of sauropods discovered in Meghalaya
GSI (Geological Survey of India) researchers recently Soropod dinosaur found (fragments of fossilized bones of Sauropod dinosaurs). He was 100 million years old . These dinosaur bones were found in the West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya . This is the first incident of the discovery of sauropods in the region. They had long necks, short heads, long tails and pillar-like 4 legs. Meghalaya has become the 5th state where evidence of sauropods has been found, before such evidence is already found in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu . Also, Meghalaya is the only state in the northeast where bones of sauropods have been found. Jabalpur Cantonment discovers first dinosaur bone Was performed at Bara Simla Hill.
15. Parker Solar Probe: Radio signals from Venus
NASA ‘s spacecraft Parker Solar Probe has discovered a natural radio signal from the planet Venus . These signals were detected when this space probe flew over Venus’s upper atmosphere. Parker Solar Probe has measured Venus’s atmosphere. This is the first direct measurement of the atmosphere of the planet Venus in 30 years. According to the findings of Parker Solar Probe, just like Earth, Venus also has an electrically charged layer of gas in the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere. The radio signal was captured by this probe from charged particles in this layer. In addition, the Space Probe has confirmed that the upper Venus atmosphere undergoes changes in a solar cycle.
16. Chinese rocket uncontrollable in space, concern on earth
The uncontrollable Chinese rocket Longmarch 5B could cause havoc during re-entry to Earth. Concern is being raised about this in the world. The US government issued a warning that this 21-ton rocket could enter the Earth’s atmosphere sometime around May 8. A spokesman for the US Ministry of Defense stated the possible date of this rocket’s re-entry into the atmosphere, saying that at the moment it is difficult to tell from which region it will enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Regular information is being given about the position of this rocket on the space track. It is named 2021-035B . It is running at a speed of four miles per second. Tianhe first building block of China’s upcoming space station in space last weekLongmarch 5B was used to send the. Tianhe was launched on 29 April via Long March 5B from the center in Hainan Province, China.
17. PepsiCo Foundation partnering with SEEDS to establish COVID Care Center
PepsiCo Foundation , a philanthropic arm of PepsiCo , said it partnered with the Not-for-Profit Organization, Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) to launch a community COVID-19 vaccination campaign and establish a COVID care center. Has Maharashtra, Punjab, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and TelanganaTo focus on. As part of the partnership, SEEDS will run Kovid-19 vaccinations for the community at large, establishing Kovid Care Centers equipped with beds and medical facilities, including oxygen cylinders. PepsiCo India said in a statement that more than 1 lakh vaccine supplements would be provided to the communities, which would be administered through the local health system, while three COVID care centers would be set up in three months, including beds with oxygen cylinders and There will be medical facilities. In addition, more than 100 oxygen concentrations will be provided to the central government for distribution to various government hospitals in the states.
18. Goldman Sachs lowered India’s GDP growth forecast to 11.1% in FY22
Goldman Sachs , a Wall Street brokerage, examined the growth rate of GDP in FY22 (April 01, 2021 to March 31, 2022) for the Indian economy due to the increasing intensity of lockdowns in states to examine the spread of coronovirus infections . The estimate is cut by 11.1% . Goldman Sachs has also revised its forecast for 2021 calendar year growth to 9.7 percent from the previous estimate of 10.5 percent.
19. 6-year ban imposed on Nuwan Joysa for violation of ICC anti-corruption code
Sri Lanka ‘s former player and coach, Nuwan Zoysa (Nuwan Zoysa) the ICC anti-corruption tribunal has all cricket after being found guilty of breach of the ICC anti-corruption code restrictions for six years is imposed. The ban for Joysa pre-dated 31 October 2018, when he was temporarily suspended. Joysa is guilty of “in favor of an agreement or for fixing a match or for improperly influencing the outcome, progress, conduct or any other aspect (s) of an international match”. The other allegation is “directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, enticing, directing, persuading, encouraging or knowingly facilitating any participant to Code Article 2.1.”
20. International Day of the Midwives: 05 May
1992 After every year on May 5th the International Day of the Midwives (International Day of the Midwife) is observed. The day is dedicated to the work of midwives and is celebrated to raise awareness of the status of midwives for essential care provided to mothers and their newborns. The theme for the International Day of the Midwives 2021 follow the data: Invest In Midwives are (Follow the Data: Invest in Midwives ). The day was conceived at the International Conference of Midwives’ Conference in the Netherlands in 1987 to recognize and honor midwives. International Midwives Day was first celebrated on 5 May 1991, and is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world.
21. World Hand Hygiene Day: 05 May
World Hand Hygiene Day (World Hand Hygiene Day) every year on May 5 is celebrated. The day is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness among people around the world about the importance of hand hygiene in eliminating many serious infections. The theme for 2021 is ‘ Second Save Lives: Clean Your Hands (Seconds Save Lives: Clean Your Hands)’. The day recognizes hand washing as one of the most effective actions that can be taken to avoid a vast range of infections, including the COVID-19 virus.
22. 103-year-old Chrysostom died as the longest bishop in the country
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condoled the death of Dr. Philippos Mar Chrysostom , former president of Malankara Marathoma Syrian Church . In his condolence message, he said that Mar Chrysostom will always be remembered for his knowledge of religion. He always tried to remove the afflictions of the people. 103-year-old Chrysostom died. He was the longest serving bishop in the country.