Britain approves grant of working visa to three thousand young professionals in India


1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bali’s ‘Taman Hutton Raya Nagurah Rai’ mangroves with leaders of G20 group in Indonesia

Prime minister Narendra Modi Ne Bali of Indonesia in G20 group With leaders from group countries other than the summit of ‘Taman Hutton Raya Nagurah Rai‘ Mangrove Visited and planted trees there। Mangroves and forest husband play an important role in conservation efforts। India under the G20 chairmanship of Indonesia Mangrove Alliance for Climate ( MAC ), Which Joint initiative of Indonesia and UAE Has joined। in India 5000 square kilometers Of mangroves spread in More than 50 speciesCan be found। India is emphasizing the conservation and restoration of mangroves, which are rich sites of biodiversity and serve as effective carbon sinks।

2. G20 chairperson was handed over to India, next summit will be in New Delhi on 9 and ten September

In donacia In Bali G20 Summit In the closing season G20 chairperson to India Was handed over। On this occasion, the President of Indoncia gave Prime Minister Nrendra Modi the awaited chair of the G20। Mr. Modi said that this is a proud moment for the present Indian, as India is taking over the chairmanship of the G20। The Prime Minister said that without peace and security, future generations will not be able to take advantage of economic growth or technology innovation। He said that the G-20 should give a strong message in favor of peace and harmony। All these priorities are the subject of India’s G20 chairmanship – One earth, one family, one futureIs fully contained in। India will officially assume the chairmanship of the G20 from the first date of next month। Indonesia’s President Joko Vidodo symbolically handed over the chairmanship of the G20 to Prime Minister Narendra Modi। The next G20 summit will be held in New Delhi on 9 and 10 September।

3. Ms. Rekha Sharma, Chairman of National Women’s Commission, launched the fourth phase of digital power campaign

National Women’s Commission Chairman of Rekha Sharma Has said that Digital power campaign Digital participation of women and girls is increasing। The Digital Power Campaign is an all-Indian plan to digitally create women। Its purpose is to enable them to use technology and protect themselves from inappropriate activities online। Ms. Rekha Sharma of this campaign Fourth stage Launched। The main objective of this phase of the digital power campaign is to make women digitally skills। They have to be aware to raise voice against any illegal or unsuspecting online activity। National Women’s Commission Cyber Peace Foundation and Multiple company Together they have started this campaign।

4. IFSCA and RBI signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for monitoring regulation and regulated companies.

Internal Financial Services and Reserve Bank of India Ne Regulation and monitoring of regulated communities Hascharites on the MoU of cooperation for। According to the official release, this agreement will help in technical cooperation and exchange of information। The agreement aims to strengthen the security and stability of financial systems to ensure a smooth environment for business development and economic growth। Reserve Bank is the Central Bank and Monetary Authority of India, while the Internal Financial Services, Financial services established across the country are the authority for the development and regulation of financial products and institutions in the banks।

5. Senior Economist Doctor Arvind Virmani appointed full-time member of NITI Aayog

Central government Senior economist Doctor Arvind Virmani to NITI Aayog Of full time member Has appointed। His appointment as a full-time member of NITI Aayog has been approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi। Mr. Virmani is the founder-president of the non-profit public policy organization Foundation for Economic Growth and Welfare।

6. Apurwa Chandra, the first global media congress held in Abu Dhabi, represented India

Three-day ( 15-17 November ) First world media congress On 15 November 2022 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Started in। Conference-cum-Exhibition Congress organized adnEC by group Emirates News Agency ( WAM) Has been in partnership with। World Media Congress topic: Shaping the future of the media industry। More than 10,000 delegates and media-related companies are participating in the launch edition of the Global Media Congress। India was represented by Apurwa Chandra, Secretary of the Ministry of Information Broadcasting।Addressing the Global Media Congress, Apoorva Chandra said that India is a country with a rich tradition of media consisting of 897 television channels। There are more than 350 news channels from these television channels and more than 80 thousand newspapers are being published in various languages।

7. Central Government Named Vivek Joshi as Director in Central Board of RBI

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) Has announced that the government Vivek Joshi to Its director in the central board Is named as। Secretary of the Department of Financial Services Joshi will hold the post of Director in RBI। The nomination is effective from November 15, 2022 until the next order। In particular, Joshi took over as Secretary of the Department of Financial Services (DFS ) under the Ministry of Finance from November 1, 2022। Between 2014-2017, he served as Joint Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government।

8. Britain approves grant of working visa to three thousand young professionals in India

Britain Government to work here Visa to three thousand young professionals from India every year Has given approval to give। Referring to the consensus reached last year on India-UK migration and dynamic participation, the UK government has said that India is the first country to receive a visa under this scheme is।

9. State of the Climate in Asia 2021 Report released

State of the Climate in Asia 2021 Report World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission Asia and the Pacific ( ESCAP) by COP27 in EgyptReleased in। Economic losses in Asia have increased due to drought, floods and landslides, resulting in a total economic loss of US $ 35.6 billion। More than 48.3 million people were directly affected by these natural hazards। Last year, there were more than 100 natural disasters in Asia। Of these, 80 percent were flood and storm events। This resulted in about 4,000 deaths, of which 80 percent of the deaths were due to floods। The floods caused the most deaths and economic damage। The drought affected the most people in the region। In 2021, China saw the highest economic loss in Asia। It lost US $ 18.4 billion due to extreme weather conditions। The second largest loss was experienced by India, with a loss of US $ 3.2 billion। The floods caused the highest economic losses in China ( 18.4 billion USD ), followed by India (3.2 billion USD ) and Thailand ( 0.6 billion USD )। The storm also caused major economic losses in India ( 4.4 billion USD ), China ( 3 billion USD ) and Japan ( 2 billion USD )। The climate crisis is increasing food insecurity and poverty and creating major obstacles to the world’s progress towards sustainable development।

10. Global Shield Against Climate Risks Initiative, launched by V20 and G7 countries

Global Shield Against Climate Risks Initiative On November 14, 2022 Vulnerable Twenty ( V20) Countries and G7 countriesWas launched by। While V20 countries represent 58 countries that are vulnerable to climate change, the G7 represents seven of the world’s most industrialized countries। The Global Shield Against Climate Risks Initiative was launched at the 27th Conference of Parties ( COP27) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt। It is a social security and insurance-based finance mechanism for loss and damage outside the UNFCCC process। It will provide pre-arranged financial support that can be deployed rapidly to deal with disasters such as the devastating floods in Pakistan in August 2022। It will help expand financial security tools for governments, communities, businesses and families। These devices make weak economies more resilient,Will reduce the effects of disasters by helping to ensure sustainable development and protect lives and jobs।

11. Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership Launched

Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership (Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership – JETP ) G20 Summit Side event of Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment ( PPGII ) Launched in। Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership ( JETP) Indonesian Government and International Partners Group ( IPG ) There is a long-term political settlement between United Kingdom, Germany, France, European Union, Canada, Italy, Norway, Denmark, USA and JapanAre included। Indonesia is among the top 10 greenhouse gas emitters in the world। JETP will help the country to bring about a quick shift from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources। It seeks to create a strategy based on reducing emissions from the electricity sector, reducing coal usage and expanding renewable energy। The agreement seeks to achieve this energy transformation in a way that will not adversely affect workers, communities and social groups। It will provide advanced climate action, promote economic development, create skilled employment, reduce pollution and create a prosperous future for Indonesians। It will also strengthen the political commitment to phase out coal-fired electricity in the medium term।

12. Climate Change Performance Index 2023 released

Climate change performance index (Climate Change Performance Index ) 2023 Germanwatch, Nucleate Institute and Climate Action Network Jointly released by। Climate Change Performance Index ( CCCPI) Every Year United Nations Climate Change ConferenceIs issued in no। It is a tool that ensures transparency in national and international climate politics। Since 2005, it has provided a standardized assessment of the countries’ climate protection performance। It currently tracks countries’ progress towards the goals set by the Paris Agreement। It uses a standard framework to compare the environmental performance of 59 countries and the European Union, which together account for 92 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions। This index assesses the climate protection performance of these countries using 14 indicators in four categories। In the overall ranking, No country is in the first three ranks He Came। Denmark Finished fourth with a score of 79.61। after this Sweden ( 73.28 is the location of digit )। Chile CCPI has climbed three places to 6th in 2023। It only received low ratings in the energy use category and moderate ratings in climate policy and high and very high ratings in renewable energy and GHG emissions respectively। Russia among the worst performers Is from, as it relies primarily on fossil fuels as a source of energy and receives only about 3 percent of its energy from renewable sources। The global energy crisis has weakened global climate actions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine। India with a score of 67.35 points compared to the previous version of the index 8th place Has reached। India finished 10th in 2022 and 2021। In 2020, it was ranked 9th।

13. Fifth edition of the Paris Peace Forum

Paris Peace Forum K Fifth edition Is being organized। A Paris Peace Forum established in 2018 French Nonprofit Organization is। It hosts an annual gathering of world leaders and heads of international organizations as well as civil society and private sector leaders around the world। The goal of this annual event International conflicts Is not to be addressed directly, but to offer an international arena to initiate dialogue between private and civil society। Each year, this forum showcases projects that provide concrete and effective solutions to governance challenges। Fifth edition of Paris Peace Forum organized “Riding out the multicrisis” was done on the theme।

14. Explosion in Turkiye capital Istanbul, responsible for PKK bombings

Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK that Bomb blast Is responsible for Istanbul of TurkeySix people died and several dozen were injured on Istiklal Avenue। The attack is said to have been ordered from Kobani ( Kobani ), the majority Kurdish city bordering the Turkiye in Kobani northern Syria। The Kurdistan Workers Party ( PKK) was founded in 1978 by Marxist revolutionary Abdullah Oklan (Abdullah Öcalan) to form an independent Kurdistan। Its guerrilla forces fought against the Turkish army from 1984 until Oklan was arrested in 1999। PPK announced a ceasefire in 2013। However, the ceasefire broke out in 2015 after Turkey joined the war against the Islamic State and began bombing PKK bases in Iraq।

15. US Space Agency NASA departs Artemis for moon campaign

Under the ambitious plan to bring humans back to the moon US Space Agency, NASA Most powerful rocket Artemis Moon campaign Departed on। 98 m long Artemis Yan to America Kennedy Space Promoted from। 50 years ago Apollo campaignThis is a major step towards the US landing astronauts again on the moon after its end। Twelve astronauts arrived on the moon during the six Apollo expedition from 1969 to 1972। The Artemis campaign has received several arrangements due to which its cost has increased significantly। A heavy wet of 15 thousand people had accumulated to watch the launch of Artemis। NASA is aiming to send four astronauts to the moon on the next flight in 2024 and land humans there in early 2025।

16. For the first time in the country, six women officers passed the examination of Defense Services Staff College

first time in the country Six female officers Ne Defense Services Staff College (DSSC)Has passed the examination। Both one of these female officers and her husband have passed this test simultaneously। Two of these women officers are from the Military Intelligence Corps। For the first time in the history of the Indian Army, women officers have entered the prestigious DSSC। Each year 1,500 to 1,600 officers are included in this examination and only 300 are selected। This is the only course organized by the military for which officers have to complete and pass all six papers including papers from Tactics, LA and Military History। Other courses such as Higher Command, Higher Defense Management and National Defense College are based on enrollment। After completing the DSSC course, officers become eligible for foreign tithes along with appointments to important positions in the Army’s Higher Farsations।

17. Closing of Malabar-22

Multinational Maritime Practice Malabar 2022 K 26th edition Closing date of November 15, 2022 Sea of japan Happened in । The 30th anniversary of the practice was also celebrated through this edition and JMSDF ( Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force) It was hosted by । Eastern Fleet Ships Representing Indian Navy Shivalik and Kamorta Headed by Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet Rear Admiral Sanjay Bhalla। Malabar series of exercises India and America in 1992 A bilateral exercise was started as a bilateral exercise between the navies of Australia and Japan The practice became more prominent with the involvement of the navies।

18. Hal Dwani will be converted from Utkhand Uchth Nayalaya Nainital

Utkadam Uchta Nainital from Turmeric Will be converted। Chief Minister Push Kar Singh Dhami In the chairmanship of this decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting in Dehradun। Cabinet Substantial amendments to the conversion law Also decided। Forced conversion now cognizant offense Will happen। for this 10 year penalty There is a provision of। A bill will be brought to the Legislative Assembly to pass these amendments।

19. Wangla Festival ( Wangala Festival ) observed in Meghalaya

Wangla Festival Of 46th edition this year 10 November Started। Wangla Festival Meghalaya in Garo Community(Garo is a popular festival of community)। It is also known as 100 Drum Festival ( 100 drums festival )। It is a harvest festival that honors the main deity of the Garo tribe, Saljong ( Saljong ) – the sun god of fertility। The festival of this festival marks the beginning of the winter season and the end of the period of labor, which brings profitable results। Currently, the festival is seen as a means of preserving and promoting the cultural identity of the Garo tribe in Meghalaya। It offers Garo the opportunity to showcase its culture and traditions। Tourists from Gujarat, Bengaluru, Kerala, Assam, Sikkim and other places witnessed the festival during the 2022 ceremony।

20. India head Abhijit Bose of WhatsApp resigns

Instant Messaging App WhatsApp India Head Abhijit Bose Resigned from his post। With Abhijit Meta India K Director of public policy Rajiv Agarwal Has also resigned from his post। After both sudden resignations, the company director of WhatsApp Public Policy in India Shivnath Thukral Has been made Director of Public Policy for all meta platforms in India। Please tell that within a week of the announcement of layoffs at its company, Meta has fired about 11,000 employees worldwide। This was the company’s biggest layoff ever। Earlier this month, Meta chief Ajit Mohan in India also resigned from his post।

21. Navi Technologies appointed MS Dhoni as brand ambassador

Selling financial products like personal loans, home loans and general insurance etc. Navi Technologies Ltd Mahendra Singh Dhoni Has appointed its brand ambassador। Dhoni will be the face of the company’s branding initiative। The association with the former captain of Team India strengthens the brand’s credibility as it is simple, across India, Works to meet customer goals by providing affordable and easily accessible financial services।

22. Amazon became the world’s first public listed company to lose a trillion dollars

Amazon Inc World’s first publicly listed company to lose a trillion dollars Has been made। A combination of rising inflation, strict monetary policies and dismal earnings has led to a historic sell-off in the company’s shares this year, according to reports from news agency Bloomberg। E-commerce and cloud services company shares declined 4.3 percent, Its market value fell from a record level of $ 1.88 trillion in July 2021 to approximately $ 879 billion।

23. NMDC, winner of PRCI Excellence Award 2022

Nmd Ne 16th PRCI Global Communications Conference 2022 Entering my strong position in Champion of champions award Won and became the winner of fourteen Corporate Communication Excellence Awards। On November 12, 2022, awards were presented at the Global Communications Conference organized by the Indian Public Contact Council ( PRCI ) in Kolkata। NMDC was the most flexible company of the year; Internal Communications Campaign, Corporate Brochure; Won Gold Award in Best PSE Implementing CSR। It made the best use of CSR for child care; Corporate community influence; Best Corporate Program; Unique HR initiative; annual report; art, Won silver awards in the categories of culture and sports campaign।

24. Sharat Kamal became the first Indian player elected in the International Table Tennis Confederation

of india Table tennis player Achanta Sharath Kamal International Table Tennis Federation K Athletes commission To be selected in First player of the country Have become। Eight athletes and two para-athletes were selected from Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania। His term will be four years।

25. I.C.C. Suryakumar Yadav retained in the top position in the latest T-20 cricket batting rankings

I.C.C. Fresh T20 cricket Of Batting ranking in Suryakumar Yadav The top positions are intact। Surya has 859 marks। Virat Kohli 11th Are on location। All-rounder ranking in Hearty Pandya Are at number three। Shakib Al Hasan First and Mohammad Nabi are in second place। Apart from Pandya and Suryakumar, no Indian player is in the top ten in the T20 rankings।

26. Five-year doping ban on Kenyan runner Renju

April in Prague Half-Marathon winner of Kenneth Kiprop Renju Has been banned for five years as the latest in a long list of Kenyan athletes suspended for suspected doping। Kenneth Kiprop Renju, who is 26 years old, has been banned for the presence / use of “ banned substance ( methasterone )। A total of 54 Kenyan athletes, including Kenneth Kiprop Renju, have been banned for doping।

27. Sri Lanka will host the Under-19 World Cup in 2024

International Cricket Council ( ICC ) On 13 November Under-19 cricket to be held from 2024 to 2027 Has declared a big tournament। Sri Lanka to Hosting 2024 Under-19 World Cup Is found। Right there, Zimbabwe and Namibia this tournament in 2026 Will be played in the host of। Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup in 2025 Host Malaysia and Thailand Has been found jointly। Right there, in 2027 its event Bangladesh and Nepal Will be done jointly।

28. National Press Day: 16 November

Indian Press Council Each year to commemorate the establishment 16 November All over india National press day Is celebrated। This first time Year 1966 in Indian Press Council Act, 1965Under the first press was established on the recommendations of the Commission, whose dual purpose was to preserve the freedom of the press by maintaining the standards of newspapers and news agencies in India and improving it। As a semi-judicial autonomous authority, it was re-established in the year 1979 under an Act of Parliament, Press Council Act, 1978। The Council of the Indian Press is the only body that exercises authority over the instruments of the state in its duty to protect the freedom of the press। The council is a corporate body consisting of a chairman and 28 members। In this, the Chairman is elected by the Chairman of the Lok Sabha, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the 28 members of the Council by the members elected among themselves।

29. International Tolerance Day: 16 November

Every year to promote tolerance in society and spread awareness in public 16 November to International tolerance day Is celebrated as। The International Tolerance Day aims to promote non-violence by eliminating the sense and negativity of violence in the world। International Tolerance Day was announced in the year 1996 by the United Nations General Assembly। International Tolerance Day aims to prevent increasing atrocities, violence and injustice in the world and make people aware of tolerance and tolerance।

30. Telugu film superstar Krishna Garu died

veteran actor Haltameny Krishna, that Krishna Garu Were famous as, and Telugu Film Industry In ‘SuperstarKnown as ’, he died on 15 November 2022 in Hyderabad। He was 80 years old। That Telugu movie superstar Mahesh Babu Was the father of। He acted in more than 350 films during his long career in the film industry। His first film Mansulu was made in 1965। In 2009, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan। He acted in more than 350 films during his long career in the film industry। His first film was Thene Mansulu, released in 1965। In 2009, he received the Padma Bhushan।

31. Karimi Naseri, who was at the airport for 18 years, died

France in Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris on 18 years living up to Iranian Person mehran Karimi Naseri He died of a heart attack at the airport itself। He was 76 years old। Mehran Karimi ‘The terminal’ is known all over the world because of the film। Mehran Naseri first came to France in 1988 as a refugee। But due to some legal mess, the French government did not give him asylum in the country। He was then forced to stay at the airport and made his home on Terminal-2 of Charles de Gaulle Airport