Cabinet clears Memorandum of Understanding between India and Vietnam on joint issue of stamps


    1.Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will visit Chhattisgarh on June 14, 2018 :-

    Prime Minister Modi will dedicate his tour to the modern and expanded Bhilai Steel Plant nation. In modernization of Bhilai Steel Plant, state-of-the-art technology has been used in the field of production, product, quality, cost, competition, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

    2.Cabinet clears agreement between India and Peru :-

    Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet approved the agreement between India and Peru. This agreement was signed in May 2018 in Lima ,  Peru.

    The objective of this agreement is to establish collaborative institutional relations in order to increase technical bilateral cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, and equality in matters of renewable and renewable energy. Under this agreement, a Joint Committee has been constituted to prepare an action plan for implementation.

    3.Cabinet clears Memorandum of Understanding between India and Vietnam on joint issue of stamps :-

    Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Cabinet was informed about the issue of postage stamp jointly by the Postal Departments of India and Vietnam to the Cabinet.

    India-Vietnam: ” Ancient Architecture ” postal department of the Ministry of Communications to issue jointly stamp on the subject and made mutual agreement between Viet slogan post. Joint postage stamps were issued on 25.01.2018.


    4.The Cabinet has approved the increase of additional share capital of M / s HDFC Bank to a maximum of Rs 24,000 crore. :-

    Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has approved the proposal to raise additional share capital to M / s HDFC Bank Limited to a maximum of Rs 24,000 crore. It includes premium above the sanctioned limit of Rs 10,000 crore, which will not exceed 74 per cent of the paid-up equity share capital of the bank.


    5.US Government Approves Agreement to Sell Six Combat A-H64-E Apache Helicopters for $ 930 Million to Indian Army :-

    The US government has approved the agreement to sell the six fighter A-H 64-E Apache helicopters worth $ 23 million to the Indian Army. The US State Department gave this information last night. This agreement has been approved by the US Parliament and if the MP does not object then the agreement will be implemented. The agreement also includes air-to-air missile missiles and other equipment in addition to aircraft.


    6.Weather department will install 27 Doppler radars in coastal areas and major cities of the country :-

    The Meteorological Department will impose 27 Doppler radars in the coastal areas and major cities of the country   , which will be able to warn of bad weather at least six hours earlier. Director General of the Meteorological Department K.J. Ramesh gave this information in Goa.


    7.Historical settlement between Greece and Macedonia :-

    There has been a historic agreement to resolve disputes arising from the name of the former Yugoslav Republic between Greece and Macedonia. On this issue, relations between neighboring countries have been worse for decades. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Jove said that under the agreement, his country will be officially known as Republic Northern Macedonia. At this time in the United Nations, it is known as the Formar Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Jave said that this agreement will clear the way for Macedonia to become a member of the European Union and NATO.


    8.Gavit Murli Kumar of India won gold medal in the Gaugean Spike meeting in the Netherlands with a ten thousand meter race :-

    Gavit Murli Kumar has won the Golden Medal in the Gouden Spike Tournament in the Netherlands’s ten thousand meter race. Gavit completed this distance in just 28 minutes 43 decimal 3-4 seconds and not only won gold, but also became the second Indian to take the best time in this category.


    9.FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia and Saudi Arabia will face the World Cup inauguration :-

    Russia and Saudi Arab teams in the weak teams of the tournament will face face-to-face on Thursday in the inaugural match of the 21st edition of FIFA World Cup, the biggest tournament in football, both of which will have to be won by winning.

    In the FIFA rankings, the two teams present at the 70th and 67th positions are expected to be interesting.


    10.Fitch increased India’s growth forecast for FY19 to 7.4 percent :-

    Fitch Ratings Agency has increased the growth projection for India from 2017-19 to 7.4 percent from 7.3 percent. However, the agency has also warned that the cost of borrowing and boom in crude oil prices is risky for economic growth. For the fiscal year 2019-20, it has estimated India’s economic growth to be 7.5 percent.

    Fitch said in its Global Economic Outlook, “We have increased the growth forecast for India for fiscal year 2018-19 to 7.4 percent, about which we had estimated to be 7.3 percent in March. However, high financial costs and rising crude oil prices can bump the growth momentum. ”


    11.Cabinet approves approval for raising Rs 24,000 crore through HDFC Bank gift, FDI :-

    In the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the government has approved the proposal of HDFC Bank in which it has asked to raise Rs. 24 thousand crore through FDI. The bank wants to raise this amount for its business growth.

    In addition to raising this capital, the investment limit of FDI in the bank will be in the regulatory framework of 74 percent. After this cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal gave this information. At present, the limit of FDI in HDFC Bank is 72.62 per cent. Out of this additional capital of Rs 24,000 crore, the proposed proposal to allocate HDFC Ltd, the promoter of share bank, worth Rs 8,500 crore, on priority basis.