Easy and Important Current Affairs Questions 2021

Q1 : Which state / union territory recently approved the formation of a separate board for 2,700 schools in the city?

(A) Delhi

(B) Uttarakhand

(C) Jammu and Kashmir

(D) Kerala

Q2 :  At which place was the 3-day Joint Commanders’ Conference recently held?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Gujarat

(C) New Delhi

(D) Telangana

Q3 : Mathai George Muthoot died recently. He was a ___________________.

(A) Social worker

(B) Painter

(C) Businessman

(D) Author

Q4 : __________ of Indian origin has been appointed as the first Vice Presdent and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the New York-based Federal Reserve Bank.

(A) Naureen Hassan

(B) Danny Gaekwad

(C) Bhagi Nand Sandilya

(D) Shashank Rai

Q5 : International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on __________.

(A) 5 March

(B) March 6

(C) 7 March

(D) 8 March

Q6 : Which state has been ranked first among the 112 most polluted sites in the country by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)?

(A) Bihar

(B) Punjab

(C) Odisha

(D) Karnataka

Q7 : Recently which Indian female wrestler has won the final of the Matio Palicon Ranking Wrestling to become the number one wrestler in the world in the 65 kg weight category?

(A) Babita Kumari

(B) Geeta Phogat

(C) Ritu Phogat

(D) Vinesh Phogat

Q8 : The report by the United Nations (UN), approximately what percentage of food production is wasted annually worldwide?

(A) 25 percent

(B) 30 percent

(C) 17 percent

(D) 40 percent

Q9 : Jan Aushahi Diwas is observed on which of the following days?

(A) 12 January

(B) 15 April

(C) 7 March

(D) 20 July

Q10 : Recently in which state / union territory was India’s first ‘transgender community desk’ opened?

(A) Kerala

(B) Gujarat

(C) Telangana

(D) Tamil Nadu

Q11 : International Women’s Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

(A) 8 March

(B) 10 January

(C) 12 March

(D) 20 August

Q12 : Recently in which city local train Indian Railway Commission has introduced mobile train radio communication system?

(A) Chennai

(B) Kolkata

(C) Mumbai

(D) Kochi

Q13 : Jan Aushadhi Day or Generic Medicine Day has been addressed by PM Modi to _________________.

(A) 3 March

(B) March 4

(C) March 5

(D) 7 March

Q14 : Recently notified by EPFO, what is the interest rate on provident fund deposits for the financial year 2020-21?

(A) 7%

(B) 8.5%

(C) 8%

(D) 7.5%

Q15 : The New Delhi World Book Fair 2021 has been held on a virtual platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What is the subject of this edition?

(A) Sunrise: Voices emerging from North East India

(B) Books for readers with special needs

(C) Vivid India – Miscellaneous India

(D) National Education Policy-2020

Q16 : Who among the following addressed the inaugural session of TechBharat 2021?

(A) Amit Shah

(B) Harshvardhan

(C) Narendra Modi

(D) Ramnath Kovind

Q17 : Nepal Supreme Court has recently handed over the responsibility of Communist Party?

(A) Giriraj Mani Pokharel

(B) Rishi Kattel

(C) Bharat Raj Paudayal

(D) Vinay Mohan Quatra

Q18 : Recently which country has banned the wearing of burqa in public places?

(A) Pakistan

(B) Switzerland

(C) Bangladesh

(D) Iraq

Q19 : Recently the Chief Minister of which state has declared Gairsain as the new administrative board of the state?

(A) Bihar

(B) Uttarakhand

(C) Punjab

(D) Jharkhand

Q20 : Laxminarayan Bhatt who died recently was a famous _________.

(A) Architect

(B) Choreographer

(C) Director

(D) Poet

Q21 : The government recently formed a 259-member panel to commemorate 75 years of India’s independence. Who is the chairman of the panel?

(A) Ajit Doval

(B) SA Bobde

(C) LK Advani

(D) Pratibha Patil