Easy and Important Current Affairs Questions 2021  

Q1 : According to the report of Energy Conversion Index (ETI), which country has ranked first in the list of 115 countries and which position has India got?

(A) Canada

(B) Japan

(C) Sweden (1st) and India (87th)

(D) America

Q2 : Which famous Bengali poet, critic and educationist has died at the age of 89 after being hit by Kovid-19?

(A) Shankh Ghosh

(B) Sudarshan Sen

(C) Mohan Sharma

(D) Rohit Sharma

Q3 : What is the position of India in the World Press Freedom Index 2021 report?

(A) 144th

(B) 143rd

(C) 142nd

(D) 146th

Q4 : Priyanka Mohite from Satara, Maharashtra has become the first Indian woman to conquer which peak in Nepal?

(A) Everest

(B) Kanchenjunga

(C) Kailash

(D) Mount Annapurna

Q5 : Recently, who became India’s 68th Chase Grandmaster?

(A) Vimal Jain

(B) Atul Tripathi

(C) Arjun Kalyan

(D) Suresh Rana

Q6 : Which Indian institution has been ranked in the World’s Top 200 Universities list in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021?

(A) Lovely Professor University (LPU)

(B) Punjab University

(C) Rajasthan University

(D) Jaipur National University

Q7 : BJP MLA from Auraiya’s Sadar passed away due to corona virus, what was his name?

(A) Mohan Sharma

(B) Rohit Sharma

(C) Ramesh Diwakar

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q8 : Which famous music composer of Bollywood has passed away?

(A) Shravan Kumar Rathore

(B) Mohan Sharma

(C) Rohit Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q9 : 23 April is celebrated as English Language Day, it is celebrated to commemorate the birth date and death anniversary of which author?

(A) William Douglas

(B) Warren lol

(C) Saint anslam

(D) William Shakespeare

Q10 : India has been elected in which three bodies in the UN?

(A) Oral approval of Economic and Social Council, Crime and Criminal Commission

(B) Finance Ministry

(C) Ministry of Education

(D) Ministry of Textiles

Q11 : Which woman from Ireland has been declared the new Mrs World?

(A) William Shakespeare

(B) William Douglas

(C) Warren lol

(D) Kate Snyder

Q12 : Which Indian American has been approved by the US Senate to be appointed to the post of Associate Attorney General?

(A) Sudarshan Sen

(B) Vanita Gupta

(C) Mohan Sharma

(D) Rohit Sharma

Q13 : Which senior Congress leader and former minister has died at the age of 72 after being hit by the Corona virus?

(A) Sudarshan Sen

(B) Mohan Sharma

(C) Rohit Sharma

(D) AK Walia

Q14 : Recently, President of which country ‘Idris Debbie’ has died at the age of 68?

(A) Chad

(B) Kenya

(C) Brazil

(D) Nigeria

Q15 : When is ‘World Earth Day’ celebrated every year?

(A) 20 April

(B) 22 April

(C) 21 April

(D) 25 April

Q16 : Which player has become the first batsman to score 6 thousand runs in IPL?

(A) Mohan Sharma

(B) Virat Kohli

(C) Rohit Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q17 : What day is being celebrated worldwide today (23 April)?

(A) World earth day

(B) World sky day

(C) World air day

(D) World Book Day

Q18 : A committee has been constituted by the RBI to review the working of asset reconstruction companies, who has been appointed as the chairman of this committee?

(A) Mohan Sharma

(B) Sudarshan Sen

(C) Rohit Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q19 : Which country has banned passenger flights coming from India and Pakistan for the next 30 days?

(A) Canada

(B) Japan

(C) America

(D) India

Q20 : (April 22) is celebrated as which day worldwide?

(A) World Earth Day

(B) World Earth Day

(C) World air day

(D) World Girl’s Day

Q21 : Which popular and senior litterateur (popularly known as modern Tulsidas) has passed away? What was his name?

(A) Narendra Kohli

(B) Sivasubramanian

(C) Radhekrishna sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma