Q1 : Which bank will soon fall into the category of private bank after approval of the Cabinet?

(A) SBI Bank

(B) HDFC bank

(C) IDBI Bank

(D) ICICI Bank

Q2 : Czech Republic’s international tennis player has retired from international tennis. What is his name?

(A) Barbara Strycova

(B) Abhilasha Patil

(C) Raja Ram Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q3 : In which place has the Indian Army set up the country’s first green solar energy plant to produce 01 MW of solar power?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Punjab

(C) Sikkim

(D) Madhya Pradesh

Q4 : Which actress, who has worked in many Hindi films including Chichhore, has passed away due to Corona?

(A) Abhilasha Patil

(B) Raja Ram Sharma

(C) Pankaj Verma

(D) Avinash Patel

Q5 : Which vaccine received emergency use validation from World Health Organization?

(A) Pfizer-BioNTech

(B) Oxford-AstraZeneca

(C) Moderna

(D) Sputnik V

Q6 : Recently, who has won the World Snooker Championship -2021 title?

(A) Stephen Hendry

(B) Steve Davis

(C) Sean Murphy

(D) Mark Selby

Q7 : Who has recently become the new executive chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)?

(A) Abhinav Chotala

(B) Rajveer Singh Pareek

(C) Prafulla Chandra Pant

(D) Manohar Das Khanna

Q8 : Recently, the famous personality ‘Bikramjit Kanwarpal’ has passed away, was he?

(A) actor

(B) Author

(C) Mathematicians

(D) Former cricketer

Q9 : When is ‘World Press Freedom Day’ celebrated every year?

(A) 30 April

(B) 02 May

(C) 03 May

(D) 04 Mayq

Q10 : The Indian Navy has launched which campaign to bring liquid oxygen and other medical supplies from different countries of Asia?

(A) Operation Setu Samudram-2

(B) Operation Setu Samudram-3

(C) Operation Setu Samudram-4

(D) Operation Setu Samudram-5

Q11 : Recently, Mamta Banerjee has become the Chief Minister of which state for the third consecutive time?

(A) Himachal Pradesh

(B) West Bengal

(C) Jharkhand

(D) Jharkhand

Q12 : Russia has imposed a fine of Rs 10 crore on which company for not removing the banned content?

(A) Facebook

(B) Instagram

(C) Liki

(D) Twitter

Q13 : Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced how many crores of loans for health facilities?

(A) 40 thousand crores

(B) 50 thousand crores

(C) 70 thousand crores

(D) 90 thousand crores

Q14 : How many crore rupees have been donated by Star India for Corona relief work?

(A) 30 crores

(B) 20 crores

(C) 40 crores

(D) 50 crores

Q15 : When the World Press Freedom Day has been celebrated?

(A) 4th May

(B) 1st May

(C) 2nd May

(D) 3rd May

Q16 : Which party won the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021?

(A) Bharatiya Janata Party

(B) Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

(C) Indian National Congress

(D) All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

Q17 : When is ‘World Asthma Day’ celebrated every year?

(A) On the first Sunday of May

(B) On the first Monday of May

(C) On the first Tuesday of the month of May

(D) On the first Wednesday of May

Q18 : Recently, player of this country ‘Thisara Perera’ has retired from international cricket?

(A) Australia

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) Afghanistan

(D) Nepal

Q19 : Recently, who has replaced BP Kanungo as the new Deputy Governor of RBI?

(A) S. Jaishkar

(B) K. Ghoshal

(C) T. Ravi Shankar

(D) M. Barwal

Q20 : When is ‘World Comedy Day’ celebrated every year?

(A) 01 May

(B) 02 May

(C) 03 May

(D) 04 May

Q21 : National Lok Dal (RLD) President and former Union Minister died after being hit by Corona, what was his name?

(A) Abhilasha Patil

(B) Chaudhary Ajit Singh

(C) Raja Ram Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma