Current Affairs Questions 2020

 Q1 : The central government has introduced quarterly return filing and monthly payment tax (QRMP) scheme for GST taxpayers whose total annual turnover is ___________.

(A) Rs 7 crore

(B) Rs 2.5 crores

(C) Rs 10 crores

(D) Rs. 5 crores

Q2 : Which Indian AMC has launched India’s first International REIT Fund of Funds?

(A) UTI Asset Management Company

(B) Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company

(C) SBI Mutual Fund

(D) ICICI Prudential AMC

Q3 : Name the winner of the Sakhiar Grand Prix race of the year 2020.

(A) Lance stroke

(B) Lewis Hamilton

(C) Estebon Ocon

(D) Sergio Perez

Q4 : The government of India has decided to celebrate December 2020 as which month to honor contribution of armed forces?

(A) Gaurav Divas

(B) Gaurav Maah

(C) Gaurav Varsh

(D) Gaurav Saptaah

Q5 : Who has become the first Indian driver to win the Sakhir Grand Prix (Bahrain) Formula Two race?

(A) Jehan Daruwala

(B) Mick Schumacher

(C) Daniel Ticketum

(D) Lewis Hamilton

Q6 : International Civil Aviation Day is observed on which of the following days?

(A) 25 January

(B) 12 March

(C) 7 December

(D) 10 August

Q7 : Recently which country’s health ministry has announced to give free corona vaccine vaccine to all the citizens of its country?

(A) China

(B) Russia

(C) Finland

(D) Japan

Q8 : Recently which bank has decided to contribute Rs 10 crore to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund?

(A) State Bank of India

(B) Punjab National Bank

(C) Dena Bank

(D) Bank of baroda

Q9 : Which Indian women have got a place in the list of 100 most powerful women of Forbes 2020?

(A) Nirmala Sitharaman (41), Nadar Malhotra (55) and Majumdar Shaw (68)

(B) Sunita Yadav

(C) Pooja Agarwal

(D) Disha Bhatia

Q10 : Name the first Indian racer who has recently won the Formula 2 race at the 2020 Sakheer Grand Prix.

(A) Jahan Daruwala

(B) Aditya Patel

(C) Karun Chandrock

(D) Armaan Abraham

Q11 : Who among the following has won the third Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award?

(A) Amitav Ghosh

(B) Raj Kamal Jha

(C) Nirmala Govindarajan

(D) Ranjit Hoskote

Q12 : Which state government has launched MeraCovid Kendra App?

(A) Maharashtra

(B) Gujarat

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Karnataka

Q13 : In which of the following states of India, the country’s first tire park will be established?

(A) Bihar

(B) West Bengal

(C) Punjab

(D) Jharkhand

Q14 : Recently Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) has appointed which former cricketer as the chairman of the advisory committee?

(A) Nikhil Chopra

(B) Ajay Jadeja

(C) Vinod Kambli

(D) Atul Vasan

Q15 : Recently which country’s scientists have claimed to make light-based, world’s first quantum computer?

(A) Russia

(B) Japan

(C) Nepal

(D) China

Q16 : Former Chief Secretary of which of the following states DB Gupta has been appointed as the new Chief Information Commissioner?

(A) Jharkhand

(B) Punjab

(C) Karnataka

(D) Rajasthan

Q17 : Which country will host the Asia Cup 2021?

(A) India

(B) Pakistan

(C) Sri Lanka

(D) Australia

Q18 : Which country has won the International King Bhoomibol World Soil Day Award 2020 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)?

(A) India

(B) Nepal

(C) Malaysia

(D) Thailand

Q19 : Which bank has launched the mobile payment app “iMobile Pay”?

(A) HDFC Bank

(B) Kotak Mahindra Bank

(C) ICICI Bank

(D) Axis Bank

Q20 : Recently Madhukar Gangadhar passed away, he was associated with which of the following region?

(A) player

(B) musician

(C) MP

(D) Writer and storyteller

Q21 : What will be the full name of REIT?

(A) Return Estate Investment Trust

(B) Reserve Estate Investment Trust

(C) Registrar Estate Investment Trust

(D) Real Estate Investment Trust


  1. D
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. C
  8. A
  9. A
  10. A
  11. B
  12. B
  13. B
  14. D
  15. D
  16. D
  17. C
  18. A
  19. C
  20. D
  21. D