Current Affairs Questions And Answers 

Q1 : Who has been appointed as Ambassador to Portugal on behalf of India?

(A) Manish Chauhan

(B) Arvind Sharma

(C) Rajesh Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q2 : The country’s first air taxi service is going to start from tomorrow between which cities?

(A) Jaipur to Chandigarh

(B) Hisar to Chandigarh

(C) Shimla to Chandigarh

(D) Manali to Chandigarh

Q3 : In order to remove the impasse on the new agricultural laws, which court has stayed the implementation of the laws till the next order?

(A) High Court

(B) Session court

(C) District Court

(D) Supreme Court

Q4 : Which other player has been ruled out of the final match of the Test series between India and Australia due to injury?

(A) Arvind Sharma

(B) Jaspreet Bumrah

(C) Rajesh Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q5 : Domestic rating agency Brickwork Ratings has estimated the percentage of GDP in the session 2021-2022?

(A) 13 percent

(B) 14 percent

(C) 12 percent

(D) 11 percent

Q6 : When has it been announced to postpone polio vaccination starting on 17 January?

(A) 10 January

(B) 31 January

(C) 21 January

(D) 11 January

Q7 : Byju’s online educational sector company has signed a deal of Rs 7300 crore for the acquisition of which company?

(A) Akash Educational Services

(B) Rajesh Educational Services

(C) Mahesh Educational Services

(D) Gandhi Educational Services

Q8 : January 14 Which festival is being celebrated in different parts of the country?

(A) Pongal

(B) Magh Bihu

(C) Makar Sankranti

(D) Rakhi

Q9 : Which Belarus player has won the third consecutive title in the Abu Dhabi Open Tennis tournament and has now reached the third position in the world ranking in tennis?

(A) Aryana Sabalenka

(B) Arvind Sharma

(C) Rajesh Sharma

(D) Pankaj Verma

Q10 : Who has Permanent Ban on US President Donald Trump?

(A) Whatsapp

(B) Liky

(C) Snapchat

(D) Pub

Q11 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched which app related to Corona vaccine yesterday?

(A) Cowin App

(B) Michael Ape

(C) Kobidshield app

(D) India app

Q12 : In a virtual meeting between Indian Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar and Vietnam’s Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh, in which field has it been agreed to increase cooperation?

(A) Military Cooperation

(B) Agricultural cooperation

(C) Education support

(D) Expand cooperation

Q13 : Reserve Bank has imposed a fine of Rs 2 crore on which bank for violating certain provisions of its instructions on interest rate on deposits?

(A) Dena Bank

(B) Bijaya Bank

(C) Deutsche Bank AG

(D) Rajasthan Bank

Q14 : Donald Trump-led US administration has included which country in the list of countries sponsored by terrorism?

(A) Cuba

(B) Cambodia

(C) Pakistan

(D) Iran

Q15 : The Khadi and Village Industries Commission has announced to make paints made from whom are available in the market?

(A) Buffalo dung

(B) Camel dung

(C) cow dung

(D) Goat dung

Q16 : Whose appointment has been announced for the first time with important amendments in the Constitution of Oman country?

(A) Krown Prince (Prince)

(B) home Minister

(C) Minister of Education

(D) President

Q17 : From today, it has become mandatory to enter which number before the number from the landline to the mobile phone?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 0

(D) 3

Q18 : Which retired IAS of Gujarat cadre will join BJP today who recently took VRS?

(A) Rajesh Sharma

(B) Arvind Sharma

(C) Pankaj Verma

(D) Raghav Juyal

Q19 : The CCS headed by Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday approved the largest ever indigenous defense procurement deal worth how many crores for 83 additional indigenous advance Tejas jets of the Indian Air Force fleet?

(A) about 28 thousand crores

(B) about 58 thousand crores

(C) about 38 thousand crores

(D) about 48 thousand crores

Q20 : Which state government has announced to provide corona vaccine free of cost to all the people of the state?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Delhi

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Gujarat

Q21 : Which new policy has been announced by the Government of Gujarat?

(A) New education policy

(B) New textile policy

(C) New agricultural policy

(D) New Tourism Policy


  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. A
  12. A
  13. C
  14. A
  15. C
  16. A
  17. C
  18. B
  19. D
  20. B
  21. D