1.Which national award-winning filmmaker has recently passed away, who won the award for his movie “Limit to Freedom”?

[A]B V Karanth [B]Gautam Ghose [C]Girish Kasaravalli [D]Deepak Roy
Answer – Deepak Roy


  1. Which Indian cricketer has been inducted into Legends Club “Hall of Fame”?
[A]Kapil Dev [B]Nari Contractor [C]Sunil Gavaskar [D]Ajit Wadekar
Answer – Kapil Dev
3.Which country has recently become an associate member of European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)?

[A]Pakistan [B]Maldives [C]India [D]Bangladesh
Answer – India

  1. Veteran actor Om Puri, who passed away recently, was belonged to which state?
[A]Punjab [B]Haryana [C]Uttar Pradesh [D]Madhya Pradesh
Answer – Haryana

  1. India’s first laser technology-based advanced AVMS RTO check post has set up at which state?
[A]Gujarat [B]Madhya Pradesh [C]Rajasthan [D]Punjab
Answer – Gujarat

6.Which committee has been constituted by the Union Government to suggest improvements in National Sports Development Code (NSDC)?

[A]Sathish Kumar committee [B]Injeti Srinivas committee [C]N M Sinha committee [D]K S Rathore committee
Answer – Injeti Srinivas committee

  1. Who of the following has won the prestigious award “The Hindu Prize 2016”?
[A]Manjula Padmanabhan [B]Kunal Basu [C]Kiran Doshi [D]Anil Menon
Answer – Kiran Doshi


8.Mawlynnong village, which is cleanest village in Asia, is located in which state?

[A]Arunachal Pradesh [B]Meghalaya [C]Manipur [D]Nagaland
Answer – Meghalaya

  1. What is the rank of Indian passport in the latest passport Index?
[A]88th [B]112th [C]57th [D]78th
Answer – 78th

  1. Karang, which has become India’s first cashless island, is located in which state?
[A]Gujarat [B]Manipur [C]Kerala [D]Mizoram
Answer – Manipur
11.The 2017 National Ice Skating Championship has started in which of the following states?

[A]Himachal Pradesh [B]Haryana [C]Sikkim [D]Jammu Kashmir
Answer – Haryana

12.The International Kite Festival (Uttarayan) will be started from which of the following states?

[A]Odisha [B]Rajasthan [C]Gujarat [D]Assam
Answer – Gujarat


  1. Antonio Tajani, who has been elected the new President of European Parliament, is belonged to which country?
[A]France [B]Italy [C]Brazil [D]Germany
Answer – Italy

14.. What is the India’s rank in the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Inclusive Development Index (IDI) for 2017?

[A]79th [B]88th [C]60th [D]45th
Answer – 60th
15.The book “Kalkatta” has been authored by whom?

[A]Kunal Basu [B]K Satchidanandan [C]Ernest Hemingway [D]Venkatasubba Rao
Answer – Kunal Basu