Current updates (IN ENGLISH) of 27 Sep. 2016

  1. India has appealed against which country in the WTO verdict of Solar panel?
    a) UK
    b) USA
    c) Russia
    d) Japan


Answer: b) USA




2.Rupay has planned to launch credit cards in?
a) June
b) July
c) September
d) August


Answer: c) September




3.Who has been named as the new petronas adviser from April?
a) Abdullah Ahmed Badawi
b) Abdul Rahman
c) Najib Rajak
d) Hussein Onn


Answer: a) Abdullah Ahmed Badawi




4.Who has stepped down as CEO of TATA steel Europe?
a) Hans Fischer
b) Karl Koehler
c) T.V.Narendran
d) Andrew Robb


Answer: b) Karl Koehler




5.Yokohama Rubber company has bought which of the following companies for $1.2 billion?
a) Alliance Tire
b) Bridgestone corporations
c) CAMAC tires
d) Carlisle Inc


Answer: a) Alliance Tire




6.According to the Revised Framework for Revival and Rehabilitation of Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises issued by the RBI, by which date all the banks should implement these guidelines?
a) 30 June 2016
b) 1 April 2016
c) 30 April 2016
d) 31 July 2016


Answer: a) 30 June 2016




7.The Prime Minister of this country on 25 March 2016 announced to set up a counter-messaging centre to fight the Islamic State in the cyber world.
a) Malaysia
b) Pakistan
c) United Kingdom
d) France


Answer: a) Malaysia




8.Which Nation has set up its first cyber security organization?
a) Brazil
b) Japan
c) China
d) Russia


Answer: c) China




9.As per the E-Waste Management Rules notified on 23 March 2016 by the Union Government, which consumer product was brought under the purview of electronic waste norms for the first time?
a) Refrigerator
b) Air conditioner
c) Television
d) Compact Fluorescent Lamp


Answer: d) Compact Fluorescent Lamp




10.Former MP Lal Muni Chaubey who passed away recently belongs to which political party?
a) BJP
b) Congress
c) Samajwadi
d) CPI


Answer: a) BJP




11.The union minister for health and welfare J P Nadda has launched the Rotavirus vaccine used against which disease?
a) Tuberculosis
b) Diptheria
c) Diarrhoea
d) Tetanus


Answer: c) Diarrhoea




12.Which state has got its first batch of female forest guards?
a) Haryana
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Punjab


Answer: C) Maharashtra




13.The Ayush ministry released the protocol for 2nd International Yoga day. When is International day of Yoga celebrated?
a) June 21
b) June 23
c) July 27
d) May 21


Answer: a) June 21




14.The Ayush ministry has released the protocol for 2nd International year of Yoga. Name the Ayush Minister
a) J P Nadda
b) Shripad Yesso Naik
c) Najma Heptullah
d) Ashok Gehlot


Answer: b) Shripad Yesso Naik




15.Which state has been mulled with the President rule on March 27,2016?
a) Uttarkhand
b) Haryana
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Mizoram


Answer: a) Uttarkhand




16.Name the chief minister of the state in which the president rule has been imposed on March 27, 2016?
a) Harish Rawat
b) Naveen Patnaik
c) Vijay Bahuguna
d) K K Paul


Answer: a) Harish Rawat




17.Iran has signed pact of trade and security with which of the following nations?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) UAE
c) Iraq
d) Pakistan


Answer: d) Pakistan




18.World theatre day which is celebrated on March 27 every year was initiated in?
a) 1961
b) 1971
c) 1981
d) 2001


Answer: a) 1961




19.Who is the theme author of the World Theatre Day, 2016?
a) Anatoly Vasiliev
b) Brett Bailey
c) Dario Fo
d) Augusto Boal


Answer: a) Anatoly Vasiliev




20.Where was the 9th International Abilympics started?
a) France
b) Korea
c) Japan
d) India


Answer: a) France




21.Taiwan Nationalist Party has chosen its first female leader. Name her
a) Eric chu
b) Hung-Hsiu-Chu
c) Tsai-ing-wen
d) Aung san sui Kyi


Answer: b) Hung-Hsiu-Chu




22.Who has been appointed as the UN adviser for Human Rights and Business?
a) Surya Deva
b) Adama diang
c) Jennifer Welsh
d) Francis Deng


Answer: a) Surya Deva




23.Which hockey player has been chosen for Dhruv Batra male award in 2nd annual Hockey India awards?
a) P R sreejesh
b) Birendra Lakra
c) Ramandeep Singh
d) Danish Mujtaba


Answer: a) P R Sreejesh



24.Which hockey player has been chosen for Dhruv Batra female award in 2nd annual Hockey India awards?
a) Ritu Rani
b) Deepika
c) Manmeet Kaur
d) Jyoti Gupta


Answer: b) Deepika




25.Which is the first Bank that has started to issue the gold coins ?
a) Bank of India
b) Indian Overseas Bank
c) Indian Bank
d) State Bank of India


Answer: b) Indian Overseas Bank




26.The United Nations Security Council on 24 March 2016 decided to extend the UN Assistance Mission in this country till 31 March 2017. Name it.
a) Mali
b) South Sudan
c) Somalia
d) Haiti


Answer: c) Somalia




27.Who presented the Delhi state budget for the year 2016-17?
a) Arvind Kejriwal
b) Manish Sisodia
c) Gopal Rai
d) Satyendra Jain


Answer: b) Manish Sisodia




28.What is worth of Delhi annual budget 2016-17 that was presented by Delhi government on 28 March 2016?
a) 46600 crore rupees
b) 50000 crore rupees
c) 30630 crore rupees
d) 1 Lakh crore rupees


Answer: a) 46600 crores




29.BHEL has commissioned its 40 MW hydropower unit in?
a) Haryana
b) Himachal Pradesh
c) West Bengal
d) Odisha


Answer: c) West Bengal




30.Haryana has passed the Jat reservation bill in its assembly. Name the CM of Haryana
a) Harish Rawat
b) Manohar Lal Khattar
c) Laxmikant Parsekar
d) Virabhatra Singh


Answer: b) Manohar Lal Khattar




31.Which historic city was recaptured from Islamic State terror group on 26 March 2016 by the Syrian government forces?
a) Der Zor
b) Bosra
c) Palmyra
d) Aleppo


Answer: c) Palmyra




32.The World Bank on 27 March 2016 agreed to provide concessional 100 million US dollar loan to Jordan for creating one lakh jobs for?
a) Jordanian and Syrian refugees
b) Lebanese and Syrian refugees
c) Syrian refugees
d) Jordanian and Lebanese refugees


Answer: a) Jordanian and Syrian Refugees




33.The World Bank Board on 25 March 2016 approved a 250 million US dollar Development Policy Loan (DPL) for which state of India to improve the performance of its electricity distribution sector?
a) Bihar
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Rajasthan


Answer: d) Rajasthan




34.Which bank has proposed to setup its incubation centers for startups in Bangalore and Ernakulam?
a) Federal bank
c) BNP Paribas
d) Deutsche Bank


Answer: a) Federal Bank




35.Identify the Indian-American who was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bank of the West, a unit of BNP Paribas in March 2016.
a) Vince Chhabria
b) Nandita Bakshi
c) Rakesh K Jain
d) Amitoj Chhabra


Answer: b) Nandita Bakshi




36.Which Asian nation has test fired its Barak Missile?
a) Singapore
b) China
c) India
d) Pakistan


Answer: a) Singapore




37.India is likely to host the Under 17 FIFA world cup in the year?
a) 2016
b) 2020
c) 2017
d) 2019


Answer: c) 2017




38.Which state government on 26 March 2016 launched a new scheme, Adapting homes for the differently-abled?
a) Gujarat
b) Delhi
c) Haryana
d) Bihar


Answer: c) Haryana




39.Which state on 27 March 2016 released its sixth Economic Census.
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Punjab
c) Haryana
d) Delhi


Answer: a) Himachal Pradesh




40.Which film on 28 March 2016 won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film?
a) Masaan
b) Baahubali: The Beginning
c) Bajirao Mastani
d) Visaranai


Answer: b) Baahubali: The Beginning




41.The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on 28 March 2016 signed a MoU with which international financial institution to develop solar parks across India?
a) World Bank
b) Asian Development Bank
c) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
d) New Development Bank


Answer: b) Asian Development Bank




42.Name the American Franciscan nun and founder of the internationally-broadcast cable television and radio networks Eternal Word Television Network who died on 27 March 2016.
a) Edith Stein
b) Mother Monza
c) Sister Prejean
d) Mother Angelica


Answer: d) Mother Angelica




43.How many countries are going to participate in the Defence expo to be held at Goa?
a) 46
b) 56
c) 90
d) 30


Answer: a) 46




44.The Union Government has reconstituted the Board of trade which will devise the Export policies. The first meeting of the board will be conducted on
a) April 10
b) April 7
c) April 8
d) April 6


Answer: d) April 6




45.Which state is likely to join the National Agri-Market platform to be launched on April, 14?
a) Maharashtra
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Odisha


Answer: b) Madhya Pradesh




46.A unique project for injecting contraceptive ‘Salamati’ has been launched for First time in which state?
a) Himachal Pradesh
b) Uttarkhand
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Haryana


Answer: d) Haryana




47.Which state has proposed to set up the first organic farming university?
a) Gujarat
b) Kerala
c) Punjab
d) Sikkim


Answer: a) Gujarat




48.Which state has passed a bill in its assembly that proposes a hike in salary of the MLA’s and MLC’s?
a) Karnataka
b) Bihar
c) Jammu & Kashmir
d) Telengana


Answer: d) Telengana




49.The RBI has announced the private placement of securities to support which of the following schemes?


Answer: c) UDAY




50.RBI has announced the private placement of securities. What is the deadline fixed for subscribing to the scheme?
a) March 30, 2016
b) March 31, 2016
c) April 1, 2016
d) April 30, 2016


Answer: a) March 30, 2016