Current updates (IN ENGLISH) of 06 Oct. 2016



  1. Which company has recently launched Virtual Reality Headset called Project Alloy?

Answer –  C.Intel



  1. Which is incorrect statement related to the US Researchers approaches on Zika Virus?
    A.Zika virus study published in the journal Cell Stem Cell
    B.Zika virus causes long term memory damage
    C.Zika virus is not similiar to the Alzheimer’s disease
    D.Zika virus attacks progenitor cells

Answer –  C.Zika virus is not similiar to the Alzheimer’s disease



  1. Who has been re-appointed as the Chairman of telecom giant Bharti Airtel for another five year, with effect from October 1, 2016?
    A.Suhail Mittal
    B.Sunil Lamba
    C.Sunil Mittal
    D.Suhail Lamba

Answer –  C.Sunil Mittal



  1. What is the name of Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba Group launched a book donation drive?
    A.Mission Books
    B.Mission Billion Books
    C.Mission Million Books
    D.Mission Trillion Books

Answer –  C.Mission Million Books



  1. The government has selected four investment banks namely Nomura, SBI Caps, ICICI Securities and IDBI Capital for the proposed share sale in _________.

Answer –  D.HUDCO



  1. Who has been accrediated as India’s new Ambassador to Georgia with residence in Yerevan (Armenia)?
    A.Yogeshwar Sangwan
    B.Bhubaneshwar Sakshi
    C.Gautam Gupta
    D.Suhail Khan

Answer –  A.Yogeshwar Sangwan



  1. Which council has awarded SK Sharma Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Electronics Limited as the Most Enterprising CEO in Electronics Sector?
    A.Statutory Councils of India
    B.Indian Carpet Export Promotion Council
    C.Indo Vietnam Business Council
    D.Indo Global Business Council

Answer –  D.Indo Global Business Council



  1. Which day is observed on August 20, 2016 ?
    A.World Malaria Day
    B.World Mosquito Day
    C.World Dengue Day
    D.World Diabetes Day

Answer – B.World Mosquito Day



  1. In which city, The two-day meeting of the BRICS Women’s Parliamentarian Forum was initiated?

Answer –  B.Jaipur



  1. Who has been launched various Projects on the Bank of Ganga worth Rs. 560 crore under Namami Gange programme at Ganga Barrage in Kanpur?
    A.Smrithi Irani
    B.Akilesh Yadav
    C.Uma Bharti
    D.Suresh Prabu

Answer – C.Uma Bharti



  1. By which card, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is launched a service in which commuters will be able to pay bus fares?
    A.Metro Smart Card
    B.Debit Card
    C.Credit Card
    D.Metro Bus Pass

Answer –  A.Metro Smart Card



  1. Which government’s Police launched DNA Index System (DIS) that allows generation of DNA profiles from live samples like saliva and blood stains to establish a proactive policing model in the country?
    A.Arunachal Pradesh
    B.Andhra Pradesh
    C.Madhya Pradesh
    D.Uttar Pradesh

Answer –  B.Andhra Pradesh



  1. Which Eminent Mexican writer has died in a car accident in the central state of Queretaro?
    A.Isabel Allende
    B.Mario Vargas Llosa
    C.Ignacio Padilla
    D.Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Answer –  C.Ignacio Padilla



  1. What is the name of the species discovered by the Scientists in the northern Bay of Bengal region along the West Bengal coast?
    A.Lymnothorax indicus
    B.Mymnothorax indicus
    C.Hymnothorax indicus
    D.Gymnothorax indicus

Answer –  D.Gymnothorax indicus



  1. Which statement is incorrect with respect to the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil with complete skull discoveries?
    A.The skull containing package weighing about 500 pounds
    B.Fossilized bones are protruding from a rocky hillside
    C.This fossil includes a very complete skull, vertebrae, ribs, hips and jaw bones
    D.The size of Tuft-Love Rex to be 85 percent of the largest T-Rex fossil

Answer –  A.The skull containing package weighing about 500 pounds



  1. What is the name of small molecule that can regenerate tissue which is discovered by Chinese scientists?

Answer –  D.XMU-MP-1



  1. Who became the Canada’s first Woman House Leader who is well known for Waterloo MP?
    A.Mehbooba Mufti
    B.Kalvakuntla Kavitha
    C.Veena Devi
    D.Bardish Chagger

Answer –  D.Bardish Chagger



  1. Who has been appointed as a new independent director by the Board of India Post Payment Banks (IPPB)?
    A.Arun Duggal
    B.Sanjiv Puri
    C.RC Dhere
    D.RS Sodhi

Answer –  D.RS Sodhi



  1. Which bollywood actress has appointed as a brand ambassador of Vistara?
    A.Sonali Bendre
    B.Priyanka Chopra
    C.Alia Bhat
    D.Deepika Padukone

Answer –  D.Deepika Padukone



  1. Which Gurugram-based company’s e-commerce website has shutdown and resulted its 4000 odd staff in jobless?

Answer –  B.AskMe



  1. Which national award winning film has been selected for the renowned 40th Montreal World Film Festival?
    B.Bajrao Mastani
    D.Bajrangi Baijaan

Answer –  A.Sankhachil



  1. Which country’s largest high speed train maker has its first $63.4 million joint venture plant in India to repair ?

Answer –  A.China



  1. Which statement is correct, related to the India world’s third biggest tech start hub?
    A.It is not comes under ASSOCHAM study
    B.IT hub Bengaluru is host to 46% of domestic tech start-ups
    C.Bengaluru is not to host largest share of technology start-ups in the country
    D.This report relates to the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute

Answer –  D.This report relates to the Thought Arbitrage Research Institute



  1. Which country along with India signed an agreement that improve workplace-based vocational training in India’s industrial clusters?

Answer – A.Germany



  1. Which prominent journalist and publisher has passed away of heart failure at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland?
    A.George Fury
    B.George Curry
    C.George Wilson
    D.George Nicholson

Answer –  B.George Curry



  1. Which Indian tennis player took sole possession of the WTA doubles number one ranking after teaming up with Barbora Strycova to beat former partner Martina Hingis and Coco Vandeweghe?
    A.Mahesh Bhupathi
    B.Sania Mirza
    C.Ramanathan Krishnan
    D.Somdev Devvarman

Answer – B.Sania Mirza



  1. In which state of India, The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) announced that the 2016 World Cup would be held?

Answer –  D.Gujarat



  1. Who won a double to clinch the title in the MRF Formula 1600 category?
    A.Neil Nithin
    B.Karun Chandhok
    C.Narain Karthikeyan
    D.Vikash Anand

Answer –  D.Vikash Anand



  1. In which species material, scientist have developed laser that were grown in bacteria for the first time?
    A.Oysters flesh
    B.Jellyfish proteins
    C.Octobus legs
    D.Star fish spines

Answer –  B.Jellyfish proteins



  1. Who has been appointed as non-executive part-time chairman of Mumbai based YES Bank?
    A.Ashok Chawla
    B.Ashok Mehta
    C.Ashok Kumar
    D.Ashok Agarwal

Answer –  A.Ashok Chawla



  1. Which Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President was awarded the Olympic Order for his outstanding services to the Olympic movement?
    A.N. Ramakrishnan
    B.N. Ramaswamy
    C.N. Rajasekar
    D.N. Ramachandran

Answer –  D.N. Ramachandran



  1. Which Indian actor has been chosen for the famous French honor of Chevalier Award?
    A.Rajesh Khanna
    B.Amitabh Bachchan
    C.Kamal Haasan

Answer –  C.Kamal Haasan



  1. Which statement is incorrect related to the bloom energy for fuel cell power generation in recent news?
    A.SAIL Ltd signed MoU with California-based Bloom Energy
    B.The Fuel cell power generation is a method comes with less pollution
    C.The fuel-cell converts fuel into electricity through an electro-chemical process
    D.Andaman and Nicobar peoples are hugely dependent on diesel for power generation

Answer – A.SAIL Ltd signed MoU with California-based Bloom Energy



  1. State run PSU Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited along with which company signed an MoU to provide telecom & IT solutions for big businesses?

Answer – A.Microsoft



  1. Which statement/s is/are true related to banning of cash transactions to curb black money?
    1.The government is set to ban cash transactions over Rs. 3 lakhs
    2.The Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money
    A.1 only
    B.2 only
    C.both 1 and 2
    D.none of them above

Answer – C.both 1 and 2



  1. Which port has signed an agreement with State Bank of India and Development Bank of Singapore for External Commercial Borrowing to the tune of USD 400 Million?
    A.Kochi Port
    B.Kamarajar Port
    C.Kandla Port
    D.Jawaharlal Nehru Port

Answer – D.Jawaharlal Nehru Port



  1. In which state of India, Child Sex Ratio drops to a whooping 800 of 1000 study conducted by Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India?
    B.Uttar Pradesh
    C.Madhya Pradesh

Answer –  A.Uttarakhand



  1. The world’s largest bloc of Muslim countries Organisation of Islamic Cooperation have expressed concern over alleged human rights violations in ______________.
    B.Uttar Pradesh

Answer –  C.Kashmir



  1. Which date is observed as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition by UNESCO?
    A.August 21
    B.August 24
    C.August 22
    D.August 23

Answer –  D.August 23



  1. Who is the author for the book called The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History?
    A.Sanjeev Sanyal
    B.Arundhati Roy
    C.Amitav Ghosh
    D.Salman Rushdie

Answer –A.Sanjeev Sanyal



  1. Which Veteran journalist and former editor of Malayalam daily “Mathrubhumi” died at a private hospital in Kochi following a brief illness?
    A.E.M.S. Namboodiripad
    C.K K Sreedharan Nair
    D.Rajesh Pillai

Answer –  C.K K Sreedharan Nair



  1. Which statement is incorrect related to toxic gas leakage at Bangladesh fertilizer unit?
    A.Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC), which runs the fertilizer unit
    B.DPA leaked from the DAP Fertilizer Company Limited on the bank of Karnaphuli river
    C.Toxic gas leaked from a fertilizer unit in Bangladesh’s port city of Chittagong
    D.DPA is one of a series of water-insoluble ammonium phosphate salts

Answer – D.DPA is one of a series



  1. What is the name of unmanned submersible sets record at the Mariana Trench in the West Pacific?

Answer –  C.Haidou-1



  1. Who has been resigned from the Catholic Syrian Bank as a managing director and chief executive within a year after taking over the posts?
    A.Anand Chellaiah
    C.Anand Krishnamurthy
    D.Padmasingh Isaac

Answer –  C.Anand Krishnamurthy



  1. Which renowned scientist is appointed as new Vice Chancellor of Homi Bhabha National Institute?
    A.M Annadurai
    B.P D Gupta
    C.Pradyut Gosh
    D.M V Dhekane

Answer –B. P D Gupta



  1. Which statement/s is/are true related to the Two Indo American Women qualified for the prestigious White House Fellow Program?
    1.The two Indo-American women are Tina R Shah and Anjali Tripathi
    2.Tina R Shah is a Astrophysicists
    3.Tripathi is at Harvard University, focuses on the formation and evolution of planets
    A.1 only
    B.2 only
    C.Both 1 and 2
    D.Both 1 and 3

Answer –  D.Both 1 and 3



  1. How many sports person/s would get Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award from the Sports Ministry?

Answer –  C.4



  1. Which solution is unveiled by Airtel and Vodafone to use Aadhar number for SIM activation?

Answer –  A.e-KYC



  1. What is the rank of India which is positioned among Wealthiest Nations in the World report by Johannesburg-based The New World Wealth?

Answer –  C.7th



  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani via video conferencing from New Delhi to inaugurate the renovated Store Palace in _________.

Answer – D.Kabul