1. Have you been more careful, the accident could have been averted.
A. If you have been
B. Had you been
C. Have you been
D. If you could have been
E. No correction required

2. The prices of essential commodities has risen unprecedentedly, causing a lot of hardship to the common man.
A. has rosen
B. has rising
C. have risen
D. have rose
E. no correction required

3. The two belligerent nations decided to come to a compromise and resolve the issue amicably.
A. to make a compromise
B. making a compromise
C. for a compromise
D. on compromising
E. No correction required

4. Your admission into this university will be dependent on the marks you score in the entrance examination.
A. is depending
B. depends
C. will depend
D. depending
E. No correction required

5. In spite of all odds he pursued with his goal with girl and determination
A. he pursued to his goal
B. he pursued on his goal
C. he pursued into his goal
D. he pursued his goal
E. No correction required

6. One must keep themselves abreast of current events particularly while preparing for competitive exams.
A. put themselves
B. keep himself
C. keep oneself
D. put himself
E. No correction required

7. Merit is the only criteria which is adapted in the selection of candidates.
A. criterion which is adapted
B. criterion that is adopted
C. criterion that is adapted
D. criterion what is adopted
E. No correction is required

8. Since the Chief Minister did not approve with their demands, the employees decided to intensify their strike.
A. approve of
B. approve in
C. approve on
D. approve at
E. No correction required

9. Relation between the two countries are in strain due to the border dispute.
A. are on strain
B. are on a strain
C. have a strain
D. have been strained
E. No correction required

10. In order to attaining optimal health, one must lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.
A. In order to attain optimal health
B. In order to attain optimal level in health
C. For attaining an optimal health
D. In order to attain an optimal health E. No correction required

11. The farmer was fool apparently to believe him.
A. was fool apparently
B. was apparently a fool
C. apparently was a fool
D. was apparently fool
E. No correction required

12. Yoga and meditation can relieve people of their mental stress and fatigues.
A. mental stress and fatigue
B. mental stresses and fatigues
C. mental stress or fatigue
D. mental stress or fatigues
E. No correction required

13. Neither the design nor the color of the cloth appeal me.
A. appeals me
B. appeal to me
C. appeals to me
D. has appealed me
E. No correction required

14. When he heard the siren, he started running to the door.
A. to run to the door
B. running from the doors
C. running towards door
D. running towards the door
E. No correction required

15. As we did not have a route map, we lost.
A. we are lost
B. we got lost
C. we were losing
D. we all lost
E. No correction required

16. Self portrait is a picture one makes of oneself.
A. one make of oneself
B. one makes on oneself
C. one draws to one’s self
D. one makes of one’s self
E. No correction required

17. What may we do if the musicians do not turn up on time?
A. will we do
B. shall we do
C. could we be doing
D. would we do
E. No correction required

18. Misunderstanding the question, the wrong answer was sent.
A. While misunderstanding the question
B. On misunderstanding the question
C. As the question was misunderstood
D. If the question was misunderstood
E. No correction required

19. He decided to deceive them by disguising as a woman.
A. In disguising as
B. by disguising himself as
C. by disguising into
D. in disguising himself as
E. No correction required

20. His youngest child has just started going to the school.
A. going to school
B. going to a school
C. to go to school
D. to go to the school
E. No correction required

1. B
2. C
3. E
4. C
5. D
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. D
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. C
14. D
15. B
16. E
17. B
18. C
19. B
20. A