(1-20)Directions: In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. The error may be grammatical or idiomatic. If there is no mistake, the answer is ‘No error’. And e)


  1. The managing director well as (a)/ the Board members was in (b)/ favour of taking strict action (c)/ against the striking workers. (d)/ No error (e)


  1. Unless he does not return (a)/ all the library books (b)/ he will not be relieved (c)/ from the service.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. You must either tell me (a)/ the whole story or (b)/, at least, the (c)/ first half of it. (d)/ No error (e)


  1. The old woman has had the (a)/ best medical facilities available (b)/ but she will not be cured unless she does not have (c)/ a strong desire to live.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. Hardly had I reached (a)/ the airport where (b)/ I learnt about the powerful (c)/ bomb explosion.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. The manager of the bank (a)/ was busy; so he asked them (b)/ to come and see him between two to (c)/ three in the afternoon.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. Because he is physically (a)/ strong, therefore he was (b)/ selected for the school (c)/ boxing team.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. Being a strict (a)/ vegetarian he depended (b)/ on milk and fruit and (c)/ had to cook for himself.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. Even though the shirt (a)/ is rather expensive but (b)/ I wish to purchase (c)/ it with my own money.(d)/ No error (e)


  1. Unless Ashish does not (a)/ return all the library books, (b)/ he will not be awarded (c)/ the pass certificate. (d)/ No error (e)


  1. I have been teaching a)/ in this school since b)/ several years but have c)/ never met such a hopless class as this. d)/ No error e)


  1. I have an a)/ appointment on the b)/ 9th of September on c)/ five O’clock.d)/ No error e)


  1. Despite of a good a)/ monsoon this year, the b)/ production of food grains in the country c)/ did not go up.d)/ No error e)


  1. Ordinarily, when in a)/ difficulty Renu prefers b)/ keeping her counsel than c)/ running about taking advice.d)/ No error e)


  1. The invitation card a)/ says that Satish b)/ marries with c)/ Sunita next month.d)/  No error e)


  1. She looked very a)/ different from the b)/ photograph I c)/ had of her. d)/ No error e)


  1. The bride said a)/ that she would not b)/ marry the man c)/ over thirty five.d)/  No error e)


  1. The reason a)/ of his failure b)/ is due to c)/ his negligence.d)/ No error e)


  1. The captain and his a)/ wife were invited b)/ for the cultural c)/ function at my home.d)/ No error e)


  1. Yesterday, while a)/ crossing the b)/ road he was run out c)/ by a truck. d) No error e)



  1.  a; Add ‘as’ before ‘well’
  2.  a; Replace ‘does not return’ with ‘returns’
  3.  e; No error
  4.  c; Replace ‘does not have’ with ‘has’
  5.  b; Replace ‘where’ with ‘when’
  6.  c; Replace ‘to’ with ‘and’
  7.  b; Remove ‘therefore’
  8.  c; Replace ‘and’ with ‘or’
  9.  b; Remove ‘but’
  10. a; Replace ‘unless’ with ‘if’
  11. b; Replace “since” with “for”.
  12. c; Replace “on” with “at”.
  13. a; Omit “of”
  14. c; Replace “than” with “to”
  15. c; Replace “with” with “to”
  16. e; No error.
  17. d; Replace “over” with “above”
  18. b; Replace “of” with “for”
  19. c; Replace “for” with “at”
  20. c; Replace “run out” with “run over”