General Awareness (In English) of 20 Dec.2016



1. Name the book which was authored by Marlon James – A Brief History of Seven Killings


2. Deepkia Kumari associated with –Archery


3. Capital of Jharkhand –Ranchi 


4. Tehri Dam located in –Uttrakhand 


5. IBRD gives loan to – developing countries for capital programs


6. Forward Market Comission merged with – SEBI 


7. In RTGS, R stands for –Real 


8. In EMI, E stands for –Equated


9. Mudra Bank was launched to help – to help small entrepreneurs get loans for their

businesses, to provide credit to MSME


10. What is the Lok Sabha constituency of D.V. Sadananda Gowda –Bangalore North 


11. Payment Banks does not allow to provide which serivce – Credit (loans) to its



12. What is the in principle approval for Small & Payments Banks –18 months


13. What is the amount of Financial Inclusion Fund– Rs. 2000 crore 


14. ECS term related to– ECS is an electronic mode of funds transfer from one bank

account to another


15. New Bank launched in October –IDFC


16. What is the use of MICR– processing & clearance of cheques and other documents


17. NCW new male chairman appointed –Alok Rawat 


18. Head of BCCI – Shashank Manohar


19. Winner of Russian Grand Prix 2015 – Lewis Hamilton


20. Indo – Africa Meet 2015 held in –New Delhi 


21. Bank of India headquarter located at –Mumbai


22. Currency of Tajikistani –Tajikistani somoni


23. Kerala Annual Festival –Onam


24. Kajiranga National Park is located at –Assam


25. Age limmit under Nation Pension Scheme –18 to 60 years


26. Neeranchal National Watershed Project is for –Irrigation


27. Who is Bidhya Devi Bhandari  –President of Nepal


28. Venue of International indigenous Games 2015 –Brazil


29. Venue of 2022 Asian Game – Hangzhou, China


30. Berlin is the capital of –Germany 


31. Under the aegis of Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY), MUDRA, what is the limit

of Shishu loans –Rs. 50,000


32. Foundation stone for Andhra Pradesh Capital lay down at –Amaravati


33. Headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Philippines, Manila 


34. In KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra) money to be double in – 8 years and 4 months (100



35. World Intellectual Property Organization headquarter –Geneva, Switzerland 


36. Capital of Chhatisgarh –Raipur 


37. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport located in which city – Hyderabad


38. Rajnath Singh inaugurate Indian Police Foundation Institute at –New Delhi 


39. Captain of Indian women’s Hockey Team –Ritu Rani 


40. In IDF, F stands for –Funds (Infrastructure Debt Fund)


41. Sundarban National Park located in –West Bengal


42. Hajrat Ali Dargah located in –Mumbai, Maharashtra


43. President of Japan –Shinzo Abe


44. Abhishek Verma associated with which sport –Archery 


45. Good Governance Day observed on –25 December 


46. First ATM launched by which bank –HSBC


47. Union Bank of India headquarter –Mumbai 


48. SIB-s recently tagged to two Indian banks ? Full form of S –Systematically 


49. m-pesa in association with whom –ICICI


50. Indira Sagar Dam built on which river –Narmada


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