Question: 1 Mahatma Gandhi began his political activities in India first from:

  1. A) Sabarmati
    B) Champaran
    C) Kheda
    D) Dandi

Answer: Champaran

Question 2: On 2nd June 2015 a conference on Make in India- Indigenisation of currency was organised by the department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. Who inaugurated the Conference?

  1. A) Prime Minister
    B) Finance Minister
    C) Governor RBI
    D) Finance Secretary

Answer: Finance Minister

Question 3: Cyanide poisoning causes death in seconds because

  1. A) It causes Lysis of red blood cells.
    B) It causes cardiac arrest.
    C) It denatures enzymes of heart/muscle
    D) It breaks the electron transport chain

Answer: It breaks the electron transport chain

Question 4: The Mediterranean region are characterized by heavy rain in:

  1. A) Summer
    B) Spring
    C) Winter
    D) Autumn

Answer: Winter

Question 5: The technology used in the electronic printer is called:

  1. A) Micro encapsulation
    B) Micro millimetric
    C) Micro array
    D) Micro technology

Answer: Micro technology

Question 6: Molybdenum deficiency affects the activity of:

  1. A) Nitrate reductase
    B) All of the given options
    C) chlorate reductase
    D) Nitrogenase

Answer: All of the given options

Question 7: When one gene pair hides the effect of the other unit, the phenomenon is referred to as:

  1. A) None of the options
    B) Mutation
    C) Dominance
    D) Epistasis

Answer: Epistasis

Question 8: Which hill station’s name means ‘place of the thunderbolt’?

  1. A) Gangtok
    B) Shillong
    C) Oottacamand
    D) Darjeeling

Answer: Darjeeling

Question 9: The term ‘brown air’ is used for

  1. A) Acid fumes
    B) Photochemical smog
    C) Sulfurous smog
    D) Industrial smog

Answer: Photochemical smog

Question 10: Kerala is famous for the cultivation of

  1. Coconut
    2. Black-pepper
    3. Rubber
    4. Rice
    A) 1,2 and 3
    B) 1,2 and 4
    C) 2,3 and 4
    D) 1 and 4

Answer: 1,2 and 3

Question 11: Which one of the following refers to the white salt which covers the land in some areas during dry seasons?

  1. A) erg
    B) usar
    C) reh
    D) reg

Answer: reh

Question 12: Addition of excessive amounts of heat in a lake is referred to as:

  1. A) Green House Effect
    B) Thermal pollution
    C) Refrigeration effect
    D) Heat bloom

Answer: Thermal pollution

Question 13: Which one of the following is the infective stage of malarial parasite:

  1. A) trophozoite
    B) sporoblast
    C) schizozoite
    D) sporozoite

Answer: sporozoite

Question 14: From the national point of view, which of the following indicates Micro approach?

  1. A) Per Capita income in India
    B) inflation in India
    C) Study of sales of TISCO
    D) Educated unemployment in India

Answer: Study of sales of TISCO

Question 15: Jaspal Rana is the name associated with which of the following games?

  1. A) Shooting
    B) Archery
    C) Weight Lifting
    D) Boxing

Answer: Shooting