Q1 : ‘Who has started the Murtidevi Literature Award?

(A) Ministry of Human Resource Development, Central Government

(B) Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

(C) Bhartiya Jnanpith Trust

(D) Sahitya Academy

Q2 : Who first wrote about the expulsion of wealth from India by the British rule?

(A) Tilak

(B) Dada Bhai Naoroji

(C) Rameshchandra Gupta

(D) Arvind Ghosh

Q3 : Was the Muslim League included in the interim government?

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 9

(D) 7

Q4 : The Sharda Act was related to

(A) Indian literature

(B) Indian marriage arrangement

(C) Indian Economy

(D) Indian Administration

Q5 : The Constituent Assembly was founded by

(A) Cripps proposal

(B) Mountbatten Plan

(C) Cabinet Mission Plan

(D) None of these

Q6 : When was the Indian Army formed?

(A) 1747

(B) 1847

(C) 1749

(D) 1748

Q7 : How many quantities are there in all the four feet of a square?

(A) 13

(B) 14

(C) 16

(D) 17

Q8 : Who among the following has written the book “Ain-Akbari” and “Akbar Nama”?

(A) Faizi

(B) Hakim Humam

(C) Abul Fazal

(D) Abdul Rahim

Q9 : When was Delhi’s first newspaper published?

(A) 1836

(B) 1830

(C) 1827

(D) 1825

Q10 : In which place is Delhi in greenery in the country?

(A) First

(B) Second

(C) Third

(D) Fourth

Q11 : In which state is the Rihand Dam?

(A) Punjab

(B) Uttar Pradesh

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Bihar

Q12 : Who is called the “savior of India and the father of local self-government”?

(A) Lord Henstin

(B) Lord Patrick

(C) Lord Ripon

(D) Lord Litton

Q13 : Vallabhacharya is the founder of which community?

(A) Advaita

(B) dualism

(C) Shuddhadwaita

(D) Specialism

Q14 : Which ruler of Gupta dynasty defeated the Huns?

(A) Skandagupta

(B) Ram Gupta

(C) Samudragupta

(D) Chandragupta II

Q15 : Which of the following river passes through Vibransh valley in the following?

(A) Tapti

(B) Vyas

(C) Godavari

(D) Krishna

Q16 : Delhi is situated on the banks of which river?

(A) Sutlej

(B) Yamuna

(C) Mandakini

(D) Diameter

Q17 : Which Mughal ruler built the Red Fort in Delhi?

(A) Aurangzeb

(B) Jahangir

(C) Akbar

(D) Shahjahan

Q18 : Which Gupta king was also known as Vikramaditya?

(A) Samudragupta

(B) Kumaragupta

(C) Chandragupta I

(D) Chandragupta II

Q19 : District information is available?

(A) Mehrauli iron pillar

(B) Buddhist literature

(C) Economics

(D) Monasteries

Q20 : What was Vajji Mahajanapada?

(A) Commercial State

(B) Republic

(C) Military State

(D) None of these

Q21 : Information about which ruler is available in the iron pillar of Mehrauli (Delhi)?

(A) Kumaragupta

(B) Vikramaditya

(C) Chandragupta I

(D) Skandagupta


  1. C
  2. C
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. B
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. D
  11. B
  12. D
  13. D
  14. A
  15. C
  16. B
  17. D
  18. D
  19. B
  20. B
  21. B