Biology Related General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. For which among the following is not a true fruit?   

A) Apple
B) Date
C) Grape
D) Plum

2. Which of the following is least infectious?  

A) leprosy
B) hepatitis
C) tuberculosis
D) conjunctivitis

3. Which of the following is not a mosquito-borne disease?   

A)Dengue fever
B) Malaria
C) Sleeping sickness
D) Filariasis

4. In certain amino acids, which one of the following elements is found in addition to carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen?  

A) Phosphorus
B) Zinc
C) Calcium
D) Sulphur

5. Among the following elements, which one is essential for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre?   

A) Calcium
B) Iron
C) Sodium
D) Zinc

6. The vitamin which is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage is  

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitaminb6
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin K

7. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is  

A) Aspirin
B) Neoprene
C) Isoprene
D) Chloroquin

8. Which of the following is a skin disease?  

A) Anaemia
B) Pellagra
C) Osteomalacia
D) Rickets

9. The richest source of vitamin D is  

A) Cod liver oil
B) Spinach
C) Milk
D) Cheese

10. Which of the following tests helps in diagnosis of cancer?  

A) X-ray
B) Urine test
B) Blood test
D) Biopsy test

11. Which one of the following is an enzyme?  

A) Glucagon
B) Insulin
C) Somatotropin
D) Trypsin

12. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body?  

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

13. The deficiency of which of the following leads to dental caries?  

A) Iron
B) Copper
C) Fluorine
D) Zinc

14. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin  

A) A
B) E
C) C
D) K

15. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?  

A) Hydrocele
B) Hydrophobia
C) Hydrocephatus
D) Hydroperitoneum

16. Which of the following vegetable proteins is considered as good as an animal protein?  

A) Soyabean protein
B) corn protein
C) Wheat protein
D) Bengal gram protein

17. Carotene in Indian cow’s milk causes  

A) Creamish white colour
B) yellow colour
C) deep yellow colour
D) no change

18. A woman who weighs 45 kg and whose work involves a lot of physical exertion needs  

A) 2800 calories per day
B) 3000 calories per day
C) 25000 calories per day
D) 3700 calories per day

19. Foot and mouth disease is found in  

A) Cats and dogs
B) Cattle
C) Poultry
D) Humans

20. Which one of the following is a primate?  

A) Bear
B) Otter
C) Loris
D) Pangolin

21. To which one of the following types of organisms do mushrooms belong?  

A) Algae
B) Ferns
C) Fungi
D) Lichens

22. Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with  

A) Lead
B) Aluminium
C) Iron
D) Magnesiu

23. Which one of the following produces seeds but no flowers?  

A) Cashew nut
B) Coffee
C) Ground nut
D) Pine

24. Which one of the following plants is used for green manuring in India?  

A) Wheat
B) Sunhemp
C) Cotton
D) Rice

25. The combination of foods providing protein quality nearest to that of meat is  

A) Wheat, dal and groundnuts
B) Bread and butter
C) Sprouted gram and groundnuts
D) Groundnuts and jiggery

26. Which one of the following disease is Inheritable?  

A) Leukaemia
B) Colour blindness
C) Malignancy
D) Hepatitis

27. Which one of the following elements are present in all proteins? 1. Carbon 2. Hydrogen 3. Oxygen 4. Nitrogen  

A) 2 and 3
B) 2 and 4
C) 1,3 and 4
D) 1,2,3 and 4

28. For which one among the following diseases no vaccine is yet available?  

A) Tetanus
B) Malaria
C) Measles
D) Mumps

29. Which of the following vitamins is synthesised in the body by intenstinal bacteria?  

A) vitamin B1
B) vitamin B4
C) vitamin D
D) vitaminsK

30. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) is injected to get immunity from  

A) Polio
B) Cholera
C) Small pox
D) Tuberculosis