1. Pushkalavati was capital of which of the following acient Kingdoms?
[A]Gandhara [B]Kosal [C]Magadha [D]Kashi
Answer – Gandhara

  1. The place Dharanikota in South India is related to which ancient dynasty?
[A]Chola [B]Satavahana [C]Pandya [D]Chera
Answer – Satavahana

  1. In which of the following regions, maize is used as staple food ?
[A]Western Europe [B]Russia [C]Middle Africa [D]South-East Asia
Answer – Middle Africa

  1. The Sankosh river forms boundary between which of the following two states?
[A]Bihar and West Bengal [B]Assam and Arunachal Pradesh [C]Assam and West Bengal [D]Bihar and Jharkhand
Answer – Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

  1. The Pir Panjal range is located in which of the following states?
[A]Arunachal Pradesh [B]Jammu and Kashmir [C]Punjab [D]Uttarakhand
Answer – Jammu and Kashmir

  1. Which of the following Rigvedic deities represented Storm?
[A]Indra [B]Maruts [C]Varun [D]Apas
Answer – Maruts

  1. Export of which of the following is an Invisible Export?
[A]Services [B]Prohibited goods [C]Unrecorded goods [D]Goods through smuggling
Answer – Services

  1. Who among the following was propounder of the Madhyamika Philosophy?
[A]Bhadrabahu [B]Parshwanath [C]Sheelbhadra [D]Nagarjuna
Answer – Nagarjuna

  1. Which type of forests occupies the highest percentage of area in India?
[A]Tropical deciduous [B]Savanna and desert vegetation [C]Equatorial evergreen [D]Tropical Rainforests
Answer – Tropical deciduous

  1. Who among the following was the first person to scale Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen?
[A]Terence Bannon [B]Duncan Chessell [C]Reinhold Messner [D]Jean Troillet
Answer – Reinhold Messner

  1. In which cropping pattern, the crops are grown in the inter spaces between rows of planted trees?
[A] Relay cropping [B] Mixed cropping [C] Inter-cropping [D] Alley cropping
Answer – Alley cropping

  1. Which of the following is the leading producer of soybean in India?
[A] Chhattisgarh [B] Madhya Pradesh [C] Maharashtra [D] Uttar Pradesh
Answer – Madhya Pradesh

  1. Climate of which of the following states in India is suitable for cultivation of cloves?
[A] Kerala [B] Karnataka [C] Tamil Nadu [D] Uttar Pradesh
Answer  – Kerala

  1. Which of the following is the insectivorous fish used for mosquito control?
[A] Hilsa [B] Labeo [C] Gambusia [D] Mystus
Answer – Gambusia

  1. In human body, “Thrombin” plays important role in which of the following physiological processes?
[A] Excretion [B] Blood clotting [C] Reproduction [D] Growth
Answer – Blood clotting

  1. Which of the following scientists of India is related to theory of Black hole?
[A] C.V. Raman [B] H.J. Bhabha [C] S. Chandrashekhar [D] H. Khurana

  1. Which of the following refers to Secondary growth in plants?
[A]Development of secondary organs after the plant attains maturity [B]Development of flowers and fruits [C]Growth in length and development of new branches after the plant starts flowering [D]Formation of secondary tissues by the activity of lateral meristems
Answer – Formation of secondary tissues by the activity of lateral meristems

  1. Pollination by which of the following will be called Entomophily?
[A]Bats [B]Elephants [C]Butterflies [D]House Sparrow
Answer – Butterflies

  1. The plants which flower only once in their lifetime are called?
[A]Monocarpic [B]Monogamous [C]Monogenic [D]Monocots
Answer – Monocarpic

  1. Which of the following diseases is commonly found in areas where Maize is main diet?
[A]Beri-Beri [B]Pellagra [C]Scurvy [D]Kwashiorkor
Answer – Pellagra

  1. As of 2016, with which of the following countries, India has NOT signed an agreement in Civil Nuclear Cooperation?
[A]Namibia [B]Mongolia [C]Japan [D]South Korea
Answer – Japan

  1. Which of the following was the last missile successfully developed under India’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme?
[A]Agni-III [B]Prithvi-II [C]Prithvi-III [D]Agni-VI
Answer – Agni-III

  1. As per latest data from World Gold Council, which of the following countries has largest reserved stock of Gold in the world?
[A]United States [B]China [C]Germany [D]India
Answer – United States

  1. World Press Freedom Prize award is given by which of the following organizations?
[A]UNESCO [B]World Press Review [C]International Press Association [D]Time Warner
Answer – UNESCO

  1. Which of the following state gives Tana Riri Award in the field of music every year?
[A]Rajasthan [B]Madhya Pradesh [C]Gujarat [D]Maharashtra
Answer – Gujarat

  1. How many delegates had attended the first session of the Indian National Congress in 1885?
[A] 75 [B] 92 [C] 112 [D] 72
Answer – 72

  1. Who was elected the President of Indian National Congress in the Surat Session 1907 famous for Surat Split?
[A] Dr. Rash Bihari Ghosh [B] Lala Lajpat Rai [C] Dadabhai Naoroji [D] Pherozeshah Mehta
Answer – Dr. Rash Bihari Ghosh

  1. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress?
[A] Hakim Azmal Khan [B] Abul Kalam Azad [C] Rafi Ahmad Kidwai [D] Badruddin Taiyabji
Answer – Badruddin Taiyabji

  1. Which of the following organizations provided medical help to the Turkish troops in the Balkan War?
[A] International Council of Nurses [B] Pax Romana [C] Global Humanitarian Forum [D] Red Crescent Society
Answer – Red Crescent Society

  1. For the first time, in which of the following General elections, voting right by the youths at the age of 18 years was exercised?
[A] 1987 [B] 1988 [C] 1989 [D] 1990
Answer – 1989