Important Points for Effective and Successful Communication


Important Points for Effective and Successful Communication

Here are some important points that we should consider for effective and successful communication : – 

  • To know what we want to say and why?
  • How will we say it?
  • Listen to know the feedback
  • Reach understanding, agreement or consensus. 


A successful leader or manager is one who understands the key issues of the employees by asking them several questions and analyzing them. Also, by demonstrating some sense of responsibility about being aware of their concerns and suggesting them that he would tackle them in the right manner. When a manager shows these traits, people get influenced and appreciate him as they believe in his message and what he represents.  


Good communication skill has other essential elements as well, like: – 

  • Acknowledging others communicating with you by listening to them.
  • It is also an excellent idea to rephrase and repeat what is being said to you. This, not only, insures that you understood what u heard but more importantly what the speaker meant.
  • Using examples or personal experiences to explain is also helpful in communicating your ideas.
  • Speaking clearly and distinctly is extremely important.
  • You can communicate with a positive attitude whenever you speak. People will be more interested in what you say if you are using a positive sentence structure.
  • Reading between the lines i.e., analyzing what is being said is also very important as many people have a hard time expressing themselves. You can help them by trying to interpret what they mean.
  • You also need to build a trust and honesty bond between you and your employees in the conversation. This could be done by making them feel more at ease and so that they are more likely to exchange ideas.
  • Successful communication requires a connection between the parties to a conversation. Try to build a connection. This could be best done by finding a common ground or common interest to open the way to a good conversation. 

If there is any disconnection in the communication, you should keep on asking questions and taking responses, until you get to the heart of the key issues and ensure that there are no any hidden agendas, motives, assumptions or unconscious beliefs amongst your employees. Once these barriers are removed, you can be assured of positive and successful outcomes.