India and Cambodia signed four MoUs in the areas of culture, wildlife and health


1. India and Cambodia signed four MoUs in the areas of culture, wildlife and health

India and Cambodia Ne Four consents in the fields of culture, life and health But signed it। Vice president Jagdeep Dhanushal Ne Cambodia K Phnom pen Prime Minister there apart from the ongoing ASEAN summit Hun Sen Had a bilateral meeting with। During the meeting, mutual relations including human resources, removal of explosive mines and development projects were discussed। First agreement health and medical In the region of India Ministry of Health and Family Calvan and Cambodia’s health ministry Happened between। Tiger settling in Cambodia In relation to India Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Ministry of Environment of Cambodia There was agreement between। This between the two countries Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Wildlife Management Cooperation will increase। IIT Jodhpur and Cambodia’s Technology Institute between Digital documentation of cultural heritage There was agreement in the field of research, development and application of technology। Of Cambodia Wat Raja Bo Pagoda paintings in Siem Reap Financials for the protection of the agreement were signed।

2. Vice President leads delegation to 19th ASEAN-India Summit in Cambodia

Cambodia Vice President visited on three-day tour of Shri Jagdeep Dhanakhar Of Cambodia Phnom Penh in 19th ASEAN-India Summit Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jayashankar Including led the Indian delegation। At the summit, ASEAN and India issued a joint statement announcing further strengthening of the existing strategic partnership for a broader strategic partnership। Both sides reaffirmed the importance of maintaining and promoting peace, stability, maritime security and freedom of navigation and overflight in the Indo-Pacific region। Mr. Dhanakhar visited the National Museum in Phnom Penh and saw works of Khmer art।

3. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for several projects of more than Rs 9500 crore in Ramagundam, Telangana and dedicated to the nation

Prime minister Mr. Naren Dr Modi Ne Telangana K Ramagundam in 9500 crore rupees Found many projects of more than and dedicated them to the nation। Earlier the Prime Minister Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited ( RFCL )Visited the plant। The Prime Minister dedicated the fertilizer plant nation in Ramagundam whose foundation stone of the Ramagundam project was also laid by the Prime Minister on 7 August 2016। The Ramagundam plant will provide 12.7 LMT production of indigenous neem-coated urea per year। The project is set up under the auspices of Ramagundam Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited ( RFCL ), National Fertilizers Limited ( NFL), Engineers India Limited is a joint venture company of ( EL ) and Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited ( FCIL )। RFCL was entrusted with the responsibility of setting up a new ammonia-urea plant with an investment of more than Rs 6300 crore। Gas will be supplied to the RFCL plant through the Jagdishpur-Fulpur-Haldia pipeline। These plants are in Telangana state as well as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Urea will ensure adequate and timely supply of fertilizer to farmers in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra। The Prime Minister also dedicated the Bhadrachalam Road-Sattupalli Rail Line to the nation at a cost of about 1000 crores। He also laid the foundation stone for various road projects worth more than Rs 2200 crore। These projects are: – Medak-Siddipet-Elkathurti section of NH-765DG; Bodhan-Basar-Bhansa section of NH-161BB; Mahadevpur section from the ends of NH-353C।

4. The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for many projects worth more than Rs 10,500 crore in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and dedicated them to the nation

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ne Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in 10,500 crore Found and dedicated more than one-year projects to the nation। Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the redevelopment of Visakhapatnam railway station। This work will be done at a cost of around Rs 450 crore। 75 per day at the reissue station,The capacity to serve 000 passengers will increase and the experience of passengers will be better with modern facilities available। The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the upgrading and modernization of the Visakhapatnam fish-port। The total cost of this project is about Rs 150 crore। After upgrading and modernization, the working capacity of the fish-port will increase from 150 tonnes per day to about 300 tonnes per day। The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone of the Andhrapradesh section of the six-lane Greenfield Raipur-Vishakhapatnam Economic Corridor। It will be constructed at a cost of more than Rs 3750 crore। The Economic Corridor will provide fast connectivity between Chhattisgarh and Odisha to Visakhapatnam port and the industrial centers of Chennai-Kolkata National Highway। The Prime Minister also laid off the Pathapatnam section from Narsannapet of National Highway 326A। It is constructed at a cost of more than Rs 200 crore and it Srikakulam-Gazapati is part of the corridor। The project will provide better connectivity in the area। The Prime Minister laid down the ONGC’s U-Field Onshore Deepwater Block Project in Andhrapradesh, which has been developed at a cost of more than 2900 crores। The project is concerned with the discovery of gas in deep water, through which the production capacity of about three million standard cubic meters ( MMSCMD ) gas per day will be achieved। Prime Minister Gayle’s Srikakulam Angul will lay the foundation stone for the natural gas pipeline project, which will have a capacity of 6.65 MMSCMD। This 745 km long pipelan will be constructed at a cost of more than Rs 2650 crore।Which has developed at a cost of more than 2900 crores। The project is concerned with the discovery of gas in deep water, through which the production capacity of about three million standard cubic meters ( MMSCMD ) gas per day will be achieved। Prime Minister Gayle’s Srikakulam Angul will lay the foundation stone for the natural gas pipeline project, which will have a capacity of 6.65 MMSCMD। This 745 km long pipelan will be constructed at a cost of more than Rs 2650 crore।Which has developed at a cost of more than 2900 crores। The project is concerned with the discovery of gas in deep water, through which the production capacity of about three million standard cubic meters ( MMSCMD ) gas per day will be achieved। Prime Minister Gayle’s Srikakulam Angul will lay the foundation stone for the natural gas pipeline project, which will have a capacity of 6.65 MMSCMD। This 745 km long pipelan will be constructed at a cost of more than Rs 2650 crore।

5. Saudi Arabia committed US $ 2.5 billion to Middle East Green Initiative

Saudi Arabia recently Middle East Green Initiative for 2.5 billion USDHas committed। The Middle East Green Initiative is the first regional alliance of its kind launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia in 2021 to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the Middle East Was। It has a clearly defined strategy for regional climate action, which ensures a coordinated and local response to climate change affecting the region। It aims to reduce carbon emissions in the region by more than 60 percent। The plan includes growing green cover (green cover) by planting more than 50 billion trees in the Middle East and restoring 200 million hectares of degraded land। It also seeks to increase green land and marine reserves by 30 percent of the total national area। This initiative will reduce the global carbon level by 2.5 percent।

6. The third Ministerial Conference on Combating Financing of Terrorism – ‘ No Money for Terror ’ – will be held in New Delhi on 18 and 19 November

Government of India home Ministry 18 and 19 November to New Delhi Third Ministerial in ‘No money for terrer’ is organizing the conference। Purpose of this conference Paris (2018 ) and Melbourne (2019) The last two conferences organized by the international community have to advance discussions related to the financing of terrorism। It also intends to include discussion on technical, legal, regulatory and cooperation aspects of all dimensions of financing terrorism। The conference will also attempt to determine the pace of other high-level official and political deliberations focused on combating terrorism financing। The conference is being organized to give the representatives of 75 countries and international bodies an opportunity for simultaneous deliberations।

7. Jharkhand Legislative Assembly passed bill to limit reservation in services of State Government to 77 percent

Jharkhand Assembly During a day-long special session of Reservation Policy and State Domicile Policy 1932 Two important bills related to this were passed by a blind vote। Chief Minister Hemant Soren Both the bills were placed on the floor of the House। In the vacancies of posts and services in Jharkhand, the reservation amendment Bill 2022, the Chief Minister said that through direct recruitment in government appointments in the state 77 percent reservation While provision has been made 23 percent post on meritWill be filled। According to the New Reservation Bill, 12 percent of the seats will be reserved for the Scheduled Castes, 26 percent of the tribes, 12 percent of the economically weaker sections and 27 percent of the other backward class। The percentage of reservation in other backward class will be 15 for the non-backward class included in schedule one and 12 percent for the backward classes included in schedule-two। Khatian Rajister of Land Record of the year 1932 as per the amendment in the State Domicile Policy।। Will be considered as the basis for the claim of granting local resident status to the citizens of Jharkhand।

8. Seventh Joint Air Force exercise of India-France concluded in Jodhpur

India and France Of Air forces between Seventh maneuver Garun-VII Jodhpur Air Force Station Done on। The maneuvers gave both air forces an opportunity to share operational information and experience। During the war exercise, Air Force personnel from both countries were informed of actual combat conditions and combat operations।

9. US President urges all countries to intensify efforts to combat global warming

American President Joe Biden From all countries Urge to intensify efforts to combat global warming Have done। in Egypt COP-27 In the conference, Mr. Biden said that America, the goal of bringing carbon surge surgeon from 50 to 52 percent by 2030 to the level of 2005 Will complete। He described the proposal to spend three hundred 69 billion dollars for a green American economy as an achievement। He said that this will lead to revolutionary change in America and the whole world।

10. Cochin Shipyard signed MoU for construction of the country’s first hydrogen fuel powered rapid ferry

Cochin Shipyard Of India Inland waterways authority with Country’s first hydrogen fuel powered rapid ferry The letter is on the MoU for the construction of। Its construction Uttar Pradesh in VaranasiWill be done for। The shipyard also signed a memorandum of understanding to build six electrically operated rapid boats। Four of these boats will be built for Uttar Pradesh and two for Guwahati। The statement issued by the Cochin shipyard stated that the hydrogen fuel powered air-conditioned rapid ferry would have a seating capacity of one hundred passengers। It will be deployed in Varanasi after trial and trial in Kochi। Air-conditioned illustricic hybrid boats are designed for short-distance travel in river waters। They will have a seating capacity of 50 passengers। The operation of these boats will help reduce pollution on national waterways।

11. Lionel Messi became the global brand ambassador of Byju

Adtech firm Ne Argentina Football Team Captain and involved in the great footballers of the world Leolan Messi Has created the global brand ambassador of its social impact unit Education for All। He will be the first global brand ambassador of this firm। Messi’s joining can prove to be very helpful for Byju। There are about 3.5 billion fans of football in the world। At the same time, Messi has about 45 million fans on social media। In such a situation, Messi can play an important character in making Biju prevalent around the world।

12. UNESCO: By 2050 the world’s popular glaciers will disappear

UNESCO (UNESCO) According to a report of, By the year 2050 many glaciers will melt completely। UNESCO has stated that in the list of glaciers to be melted by 2050 Yellowstone and Kilimanjaro National Park Glaciers of many World Heritage Sites are included। There has been a warning from the United Nations agency about this। Along with this, there has been an appeal to act swiftly to save the rest of the glacier। UNESCO released this report last week। According to this report, one-third of glaciers comprising 50 World Heritage Sites can melt by the year 2050 due to climate change। UNESCO has reported that if the temperature does not rise to more than 1.5 ° C, the remaining two-thirds of the glaciers included in the sites can be saved।

13. YKC Vadiar received International Kannada Ratna Award 2022

Former royal family member, Yaduvir Krishnaraja Chamaraja ( YKC ) Vadiar to International Kannada Ratna Award Has been selected for। It is presented annually by Dubai Kannadigas to mark the Kannada Rajyaotsav। YKC Vadiar will be presented the award at the 67th Kannada Rajatotsav during the World Kannada Habba on 19 November in collaboration with the Kannadigaru Dubai Association at the Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates। In addition, world-renowned awards will be presented to achievement recipients in various fields।

14. 42nd International Congress of Indian National Cartographic Association ( INCA)

42nd International Congress of Indian National Cartographic Association ( INCA) Organizing National Hydrographic Office ( NHO), Dehradun by 09 to 11 November 2022 Is being done till। Chief guest of the inaugural session on 09 November 2022 His Excellency the Governor of Uttarakhand Lieutenant General Gurmeet Singh ( Retired )Were। Vice Admiral Impatient Arora, Chief Hydrographist of the Government of India, is the current Chairman of INCA। Personnel of the Naval Hydrographic Department ( NHD), working on the state-of-the-art form of cartography, have been active in INCA since its inception in 1979। The National Hydrographic Office ( NHO) had earlier held the 37th INCA Congress in Dehradun from 01 to 03 November 2017। INCA was established in the year 1979 and came to the fore as one of the largest organizations in the field of cartography with over 3000 lifelong members and institutional members is।

15. Uttar Pradesh hosts “Khalo India University Games” 2023-24

Play India National University Games” 2023-24 Host Uttar Pradesh Has received। It will be organized in 4 cities of Uttar Pradesh। Capital Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Noida These games will be organized in। About 4500 players will participate in the ‘ Khello India National University Games ’। It will host 20 sports competitions including basketball, judo, kabaddi, roig, wrestling, boxing। Players from around 150 universities from across the country will participate in these games।

16. Adidas appointed Björn Gulden as CEO of the company

Adidas ( Adidas) Ne Björn Gulden ( Bjørn Gulden ) Has appointed its new CEO। Gulden before rival PUMA K was the Chief Executive। He will take over command of the German sportswear brand in January। Earlier the company had been in discussions then, removing rapper Kanye West from its brand ambassador।

17. 18th International Telemedicine Conference held in Kochi, Kerala

Telemedicine Society of India ( TSI ) by TSI Kerala Chapter Organized in collaboration with 18th International Telemedicine Conference Kochi, Kerala Will be held from 10-12 November। More than 200 scientists and academic scholars from India and around the world are expected to come together in this three-day event।

18. Ramesh Kejriwal was elected the new president of the All India Rubber Industry Association

All India Rubber Industries Association ( AIRIA ) Has announced that he Ramesh Kejriwal Has been elected its president and Shashi Singh as senior vice president। Kejriwal will play an important role in advancing the road map of the top body for rubber industries in the country। Prior to being elected to this position, Kejriwal was a member of the Managing Committee of AIRIA and has previously served as the Chairman of the Eastern Region। Ramesh Kejriwal Dr. Savar will replace Dhanania।

19. Government completed mother tongue survey of 576 languages

home Ministry across the country 576 languages and dialects Of Mother tongue survey Has completed successfully। According to the 2021-22 Annual Report of the Ministry of Home Affairs, It is planned to establish a ( web) collection at the National Informatics Center ‘ NIC’ to preserve and analyze the actual form of each indigenous mother tongue।

20. Ajit Anjum and Arfa Khanam will get Kuldeep Nair Journalism Honors

Gandhi Shanti Establishment from 2021 and 2022 K Kuldeep Nair Journalism Honors Has been announced। This honor of the year 2021 will be given to senior journalist and YouTuber Ajit Anjum, while the name of Arfa Khanam Sherwani has been announced for the year 2022। The names of both were announced at a ceremony at Delhi Press Club।

21. Odisha government celebrated November 10 in the state as ‘ Millet Day

Odisha Sarkar State on 10 November 2022 ‘millet dayObserved as ’। The day is chosen according to the Hindu calendar, the first Thursday of the month of Margashtap। The primary objective of celebrating this day is to promote millet as a highly nutritious and environmentally friendly food product। The initiative, which started in 7 districts, has reached 19 districts of Mission Odisha till now। In addition, the government aims to promote millet missions in 30 districts of Odisha।

22. Greg Barclay was again elected President of I.C.

New zealand K Greg Barclay again International Cricket Council – ICC Has been elected Chairman। At the ICC board meeting in Melbourne, the chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket, Dr. Tawengwa Mukuhlani, withdrew the name। So Greg was elected unopposed chairman। Barclay, former head of New Zealand cricket, now Up to two more years I.C. will be the Chairman।

23. Shiv Thapa wins silver medal at Asian Elite Boxing Championships in Jordan

Boxing In, of india Shiv Thapa Ne Jordan K Amman in Asian Elite Boxing Championship Of men 63 kg square in silver medal Did your name। Thapa in finals Ruslan Abdullayev of Uzbekistan Lost from। The referee stopped Thapa’s bout against Ruslan Abdullav as he was hurt and could not get into the ring। The referee later declared Abdullav the winner।

24. Mehuli Ghosh and Tillotma Sen of India won two gold medals in Asian Airgan Championship

Of india Mehuli Ghosh and Tillotma Sen Ne South Korea K Asian Airgan Championship in Degu in Two gold medals Made your names। Mehuli won the gold medal by defeating Chow Yun Yu of Korea in the women’s ten meter air raffle event। At the same time, Tillotma won the gold medal in the ten meter Air Raifal Junior event। Tillottama Sen and Nancy finished India first and second in the junior women’s 10 meter air rifle event। Nancy topped the (261.4) ranking round। At the same time, Tillotama ( 260.4 ) was second।

25. National Public Service Broadcasting Day

12 years in the year 1947 Days of Mahat Ma Gandhi AIR studio came। Every year in this day’s memory, 12 new National Public Service Broadcasting Day Is celebrated। Gandhi ji from the broadcasting building of New Dili Kurukshetra of Haryana in Asthayi camps Had addressed the detachments living in। this day in 2000 Public Service Broadcasting Day or ( Jan Proliferation Day ) was declared as, by Suhas Borkar, convenor, Jan Prakasar।

26. World Pneumonia Day: 12 November

Every year to raise awareness, promote prevention and treatment and take action to combat the disease 12 November Worldwide World pneumonia day (World Pneumonia Day) is observed। The purpose of celebrating World Pneumonia Day is to create awareness among the people about this disease। The theme of World Pneumonia Day this year is “ Nimonia Affects Everyone ” i.e. pneumonia affects everyone, so that awareness can be increased globally।

27. Prime Minister Narendra Modi mourned the demise of the well-known scholar RL Kashyap

Prime minister Narendra Modi Well known scholar RL Kashyap Has mourned the demise of। Mr. Modi said in a tweet that Mr. Kashyap was rich in versatility। them Mathematics and Science Had a special knowledge of। Full name of RL Kashyap Rangasami Laxminarayan Kashyap Was, he was born on 28 March 1938। RL Kashyap was an Indian applied mathematician and professor of electrical engineering at Purdue University। They All four Vedas in English Has also translated। RL Kashyap is the only person in the world who has translated all 4 Vedas into English, recognizing his achievement as he was honored by the government। of india Literature and education sector under Padma Shri Award in 2021 Was awarded। RL Kashyap developed the “the Ho-Kashyap Rule” algorithm in association with Harvard Professor Yu-Chi Ho। RL Kashyap introduced the Kashyap information criterion ( KIC) in 1982 for the selection of the best model from a set of mathematical candidate models