India became the number-1 country in the world in terms of milk production


1. President inaugurates National Convention on the theme ‘Women – Foundation of a Value Based Society’ and launches All India Awareness Campaign – ‘Empowering the Family’

President  Smt. Draupadi Murmu  inaugurated  a National Conference on the theme of ‘ Women – the Foundation of a Value-Based Society  ‘ at Brahma Kumari’s Om Shanti Retreat Center in Gurugram,  Haryana  and  the  All  India  Awareness Campaign ‘ Empowering the Family ‘‘ started. President Draupadi Murmu has emphasized on the participation of women in the social and economic reforms of the country. Inaugurating the national awareness program to empower the family, the President said that the mother is the first teacher of the family. The mother’s education inculcates morals and ethics in the children and she should make them aware of the priority of human thoughts. Expressing concern over the destruction of nature by man, the President said that if it is not stopped, it will have to face the fury of nature.

2. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav launches Digital Payments Festival in New Delhi

Electronics and Information Technology Minister  Ashwini Vaishnav  launched the Digital Payments Festival  in  New Delhi  with an aim to promote digital payments across the country. The festival  will run till October 9 this year  , with  G-20 Digital Economy Working Groups  in cities like  Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune and Bengaluru. Special attention will be paid to the programs of Shri Vaishnav flagged off the Digital Payment Message Tour to make citizens aware about various digital payment solutions. Through this initiative, people will also be made aware about the safety and security of digital payments. On this occasion, Mr. Ashwini Vaishnav said that digital credit system will be started this year. He said that this system would help small traders to get bank loans easily.

3. The number of judges in the Supreme Court is now 32, CJI Chandrachud administered oath to 5 new judges

Five new judges  have taken oath  in  the Supreme Court . Chief Justice (CJI)  Justice DY Chandrachud  administered the oath to all the new judges. With this, the number of judges in the Supreme Court has  increased to 32  . There are a total of 34 sanctioned posts of judges in the Supreme Court   . The CJI   administered the oath of office and secrecy to Justice Pankaj Mittal, Justice Sanjay Karol, Justice PV Sanjay Kumar, Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah and Justice Manoj Mishra . Significantly, the Supreme Court Collegium had recommended these five names for the judge in the month of December last year, which was now approved by the Central Government.

4. PM lauds tribal woman Lahari Bai for becoming brand ambassador of coarse grains

Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  has  lauded Lahari Bai , a 27-year-old  Baiga tribal  woman  from Dindori village  in Madhya Pradesh  , for   becoming the brand ambassador  of  coarse grains . Mrs. Lahari Bai has preserved more than one hundred and fifty varieties of millet seeds   . Shri Modi said that he is proud of Lahari Bai, who has shown enthusiasm for ” Shri Anna “.

5. International delegates from Tourism Working Group visit UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kutch

In Gujarat  , during the first  Tourism Working Group meeting  , international delegates   participated in a special session aimed at promoting archaeological tourism . During this, ways to discover and promote the shared cultural heritage were discussed.  The session was attended by Arvind Singh , Secretary, Ministry of Tourism  and representatives of UNESCO. Earlier, as part of the first meeting of the Tourism Working Group, the international delegates  visited  the  UNESCO World Heritage Site of Harappan Civilization at Dholavira  in  Kutch  . During this, the delegates saw the amazing water management system, huge reservoir, pearl making workshop, granary and rich architectural heritage of the ancient civilization.

6. PM shares Lopoli Mello’s article ‘A day in Parliament and the PMO’

Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi has shared an article titled  ‘ A Day in Parliament and the PMO ‘. This article   has been written by Lopoli Mello,  a resident of  Arunachal Pradesh .  Shri Modi also appreciated Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla for taking such an initiative  , which gave him an opportunity to meet the bright youth.

7. Quad countries launch Quad Cyber ​​Challenge

The United States,  along with   its Quad partners  Australia, India and Japan,  launched the Quad Cyber ​​Challenge  to  promote responsible cyber habits . Its main objective is to improve cyber security in the four countries. It is basically a competition. Any internet user in the Indo-Pacific region can participate in the challenge. The National Security Council will be the Indian representative in the QUAD in implementing the challenge.

8. India became the number-1 country in the world in terms of milk production

 India has become the number-1 country in the world  in terms of  milk production . Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying  Parshottam Rupala  told the Lok Sabha that India has become the largest milk producer in the world. India is the world’s largest milk producer, contributing 24 per cent to global milk production in the year 2021-22, according to production data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistics Database (FAOSTAT). India’s milk production has registered a growth of 51 percent during the last eight years – 2014-15 and 2021-22 and has increased to 220 million tonnes in the year 2021-22.

9. 35 multipurpose parks of goods transport will be developed under the Bharat Mala project across the country

The central government has said that 35 multipurpose parks for freight transport  are to be developed across the country   under  the Bharat Mala project . Road Transport and Highways Minister  Nitin Gadkari  gave this information in a written reply in the Lok Sabha. He said that these parks would exchange goods and provide services of goods transportation through road, railways and waterways. He said that these activities are expected to increase the logistic efficiency in the country besides reducing the cost of movement of goods.

10. Government launches two pilot projects for laying optical fiber cables on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway and Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister  Nitin Gadkari  said that the government has  launched two pilot projects  for laying of  optical fiber cables  on  the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway  and  the Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway  , totaling  1880 km . Let’s decide the distance. Responding to a supplementary question in the Lok Sabha, he said that based on the experience of the pilot projects and the results of the feasibility study, a schedule for laying OFCs for the network of National Highways in the country would be drawn up. He said land up to 120 meters wide is available for expanding the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to 16 lanes, besides making tracks for bullet trains and hyper loops. The minister said that the pilot project of building an e-highway on the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway will allow trucks and buses to use overhead electric cables.

11. Two-day Urban-20 City Sherpa meeting begins in Ahmedabad

The two-day Urban-20 City Sherpa meeting  has started  in  Ahmedabad . The purpose of the meeting is  to focus on promoting solidarity among cities to find common solutions in line with the overall objectives of the G-20  . This is the third edition of the event held in Gujarat as part of India’s Presidency of the G-20. Youth-20, one of the contact groups of G-20, provides a platform to the cities of G-20 countries to discuss the main issues of urban development such as climate change, social inclusion, sustainable mobility and affordable housing and propose integrated solutions. does.

12. Rural Development Minister launches Mission Antyodaya Survekshan (MAS) 2022-23 and its portal and mobile application

Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister  Giriraj Singh  inaugurated  the Mission Antyodaya Survekshan (MAS) 2022-23  in  New Delhi  . The Rural Development Department is conducting Mission Antyodaya survey in all the Gram Panchayats of the country since 2017-18. The objective of this survey is to assess the outcomes of change in lives and livelihood of the people through various schemes. The objective of the survey is to increase participation in the process of participatory planning for Gram Panchayat Development Planning. This will improve the delivery of services and raise the level of governance at the local level.

13. The Sangam Age started in 800 BC: ASI’s Keeladi report

Keeladi   is a village located near the city of Madurai  in  Tamil Nadu . It   is situated on the banks of  the Vaigai River . ASI  started its excavation at Keeladi  in  2014 . Evidence was found that the Keeladi, ie  Sangam age  civilization is older than previously thought. Earlier it was believed that the Sangam period   was of 300 BCE . But excavations at Keeladi have shown that the Sangam age was even older and   began in 800 BCE . Controversy arose with the new findings. Today, the ASI has put an end to the controversy that the Sangam Age began in 800 BCE.

14. Qualcomm announces world’s first satellite-based two-way messaging solution

Qualcomm  launches the first  satellite-based two-way messaging  . It  is called Snapdragon  Satellite. This means that you can use SMS just like WhatsApp. In two-way messaging like WhatsApp, both participants can send or receive messages simultaneously. But only one operation is possible in one-way messaging apps that offer SMS services.

15. Gaganyaan: ISRO and Navy conduct crew module recovery test

Gaganyaan   is the manned space mission of ISRO . It  is expected  to be launched in 2024.  Indian astronauts received their training from  Russia  ‘s  ROSCOSMOS to fly to space in the mission  . HAL  designed and built the   crew  module . DRDO  will provide  food, parachutes and fire suppression system for  the astronauts and DRDO will monitor the health of the crew while they are in space. Indian Navy  and  ISRO  recently  conducted recovery tests with the Indian Navy  . Simulation ISRO’s  Water Survival Test Facility was provided by The tests   were conducted at the Water Survival Test Facility, Kochi . To perform the tests, the test facility built a crew recovery model. The model will simulate the center of gravity, mass, external dimensions, etc. The recovery trial was conducted in a closed pool.

16. North Korea breaching data of defense companies: UN report

 According to  the United Nations (UN) report, North Korea  has stolen the most cryptocurrency assets in 2022 as compared to all previous years   , as well as targeting the networks of foreign aerospace and defense companies. North Korea has increasingly used cyber techniques to gain access to digital networks and steal information of potentially value, including about its weapons programs.

17. “Golden Book Awards” 2023 announced

Golden Book Awards ”   has been declared the winner for 2023 . This prestigious event   recognizes and celebrates the best book in literature . Over 75,000 books were published in India and the nominees cover a diverse mix of literary genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children’s books. The awards are judged by a panel of literary experts, such as Dr. Kailash Pinjani (President, Indian Writers Association), Dr. Deepak Parbat (Founder of Superfast Writer) and Murali Sundaram (Founder of TLC), who select winners based on factors such as originality Let’s select.

18. Fortune(R) Magazine: TCS Included In The List Of World’s Most Admired Companies

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  has   been named in Fortune® magazine  ‘s  list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” . The list, which is considered a benchmark of corporate reputation, is based on a survey of global business executives, directors and analysts. Companies are assessed on the basis of attributes such as innovation, social responsibility, management quality, global competitiveness, talent management and quality of products/services. In the annual ranking of corporate reputation, Apple tops the list for the 16th year in a row, followed by a tie between Amazon and Microsoft for second place.

19. PhonPe launches cross-border UPI payment service

PhonePe  said it has launched a service that  will enable its Indian users traveling outside the country to make payments to foreign merchants through  the  Unified Payments Interface (UPI)  . ‘ UPI International ‘ has subsidiary business outlets in UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal and Bhutan which are connected to the local QR code system. Users will be able to make payments in foreign currency directly from their Indian bank, as they do with international debit cards. Walmart-backed PhonePe has said that it is the first Indian FinTech app to launch the service.

20. Reliance Jio and GSMA unveil Digital Skills Program in India

Reliance Jio  and  GSMA  have announced the launch of  a national level  Digital Skills Program .  The event is part of GSMA’s  Connected Women commitment . Under this program,  rural women as well as marginalized and low-income people will  be trained on the basis of need, through which they can join the digital campaign and use it properly in their lives. According to GSMA’s 2022 Mobile Gender Report, women in India are 41 per cent less likely to use mobile internet than men. 33 crore women in the country do not use mobile internet, while this figure among men is around 24.8 crore. The biggest reason for not using mobile internet is lack of digital literacy and education.

21. New British postage stamp featuring King Charles unveiled

Britain  ‘s  Royal Mail  unveiled  postage stamps  featuring the image of  King Charles III  . In which only the emperor’s head, the value of the stamp and a barcode are visible. Which will be available for general sale from 4th April. Queen Elizabeth of Britain has passed away on 8 September. After the Queen, now her son Charles has been made the King of Britain.

22. Google introduces AI chatbot ‘Bard’

The Alphabet-  owned company   is developing its own AI chatbot service to compete with Google  AI chatbot  ChatGPT . The name of this chatbot  is Bard  , which is currently released for user feedback. The company may release it to everyone in the coming weeks. Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai himself has confirmed this. According to the blog post, the experimental conversational AI service Bard is powered by LaMDA (Language Model and Dialog Application). Let us tell you that Lambda is an AI chatbot from Google, which can think like humans. The company introduced it only two years ago.

23. EESL to promote energy efficiency programs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Public Sector  Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL)   will implement its flagship projects in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand  with  low power consumption like electric transport, UJALA and energy efficiency of buildings . EESL, a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Joint Business Council (IMT-GT JBC) during India Energy Week in Bengaluru for this .

24. Sculpture Park inaugurated at Bikaner House in New Delhi

Rajasthan Chief Secretary  Usha Sharma  inaugurated  the Sculpture Park at Bikaner House in New Delhi  ,   a glimpse of modern and contemporary art and culture   . Taking steps towards developing Bikaner House as a cultural hub in the capital, steeped in traditional art culture, a sculpture park has been established in its premises. Along with the introduction of Sculpture Park at Bikaner House, it is a unique initiative to start ‘Bikaner House Dialogues’ in the presence of eminent personalities on issues related to art, literature, culture and heritage. This sculpture park of Bikaner House is the first sculpture park of its kind in the capital, which will prove to be a milestone in giving platform to modern and contemporary art work.

25. India’s unemployment rate falls to a four-month low of 7.14% in January

January 2023  figures from the  non-governmental organization ‘ Center for Monitoring of Indian Economy ‘ (CMIE)  show that the unemployment rate in this month was 7.14 percent  . Earlier in December 2022, the unemployment rate was at 8.30 percent. According to the data, the urban unemployment rate stood at 8.55 per cent in January while the rural unemployment rate stood at 6.43 per cent.

26. K.K. Satyanarayana Raju appointed as the new CEO and MD of Canara Bank

The Central Government   has appointed K Satyanarayana Raju as the Managing Director and CEO  of   Canara Bank  with immediate effect . He  will succeed LV Prabhakar  , who demits office on December 31, 2022. He joined the erstwhile Vijaya Bank in 1988, and rose to the level of Chief General Manager in Bank of Baroda.

27. Nepal Cricket Association appointed former Indian cricketer Monty Desai as head coach

The Nepal Cricket Association  has appointed former Indian cricketer  Monty Desai as the head coach  of the  Nepal  national cricket team . Monty Desai will replace another former Indian cricketer  Manoj Prabhakar  , who resigned from his post in December 2022. Nepal Cricket Association has signed a two-year deal with Monty Desai. Monty has been the head coach of teams like West Indies, Canada, UAE. Monty has also served as the head coach of the Rajasthan Royals team in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

28. Wrestlers Vinesh Phogat and Sakshi Malik nominated for BBC ISWOTY Awards

 Five women sportspersons, including  wrestlers  Vinesh Phogat  and  Sakshi Malik ,  have been nominated for the BBC’s Sportswoman of the Year award. The list also includes Tokyo Olympics silver medalist weightlifter  Mirabai Chanu , ace badminton player  PV Sindhu  and boxer  Nikhat Zareen  . This time a separate award category has also been kept for Para women players of India.

29. Raphael Varane retires from international football

French  defender  Raphael Varane   has retired from international football . He was a part of the France team for the last almost 10 years. The French team won the FIFA World Cup in the year 2018, while the French team was the runner up in the FIFA World Cup 2022, Raphael Varane was a part of this team. Raphael Varane played 93 international matches for France. Raphael Varane said after retirement that representing our beautiful country for a decade has been one of the greatest honors of my life.