India becomes the world’s fifth largest e-waste productive country


National News:-

1.India becomes the world’s fifth largest e-waste productive country:-Old-fashioned phones, computers, printers etc. are a big problem for the environmentally disposed of environment and human health. These tools contain many precious metals like gold, silver and copper. Harmful methods are adopted to separate these metals from electronic waste. Indian scientists have developed a method that can help recycle the e-waste without harming the environment.

Scientists of National Institute of Technology, Mizoram, CSIR-Mineral and Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneshwar and SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Modinagar together with microbial incubation and acid nitration to remove precious metals like e-waste from gold and silver Has developed a new method by combining processes like.

This new method works in seven steps. Firstly, the e-waste is heated in a microwave furnace for 45 minutes at a temperature of 1450- 1600 degree centigrade. After heating, molten plastic and metal lava are separated. After this, chemical separation has been done with the help of aqua regia of nitric acid and precious metals of normal metals. The concentrated nitric acid is removed by purifying metals deposited by removing the metals.

The e-waste used in this study includes scrap of old computers and mobile, integrated chip (IC), pogo pin, metal wire, epoxy base plate, electrolyte capacitors, batteries, small transformers, extracted from printed circuit board (PCB) And electronic materials like plastic were included. During this study, 20 kg of

e-waste was first heated in the microwave and then acid refinement has been done. This has brought about three kilograms of metal products. In these metals 55.7 percent copper, 11.64 percent iron, 9.98 percent aluminum, 0.19 percent lead, 0.98 percent nickel, 0.05 percent gold and 0.05 percent silver was found. Electricity consumption in this process is also very low.

Business News

2. Formation of two committees for speedy settlement of income tax disputes:-The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has formed two committees of its officers. These committees will suggest measures for better management of income tax disputes in the Income Tax Department and will also consider the best practices in this area. Four-point program or reference terms have been given to suggest ways to reduce the disputes in front of the first committee. The Committee, headed by an Income Tax Commissioner, will be an officer in charge.

3.Do not have to pay on expensive gifts received at marriage, any tax, know about it:-Any tax to be paid in weddings will not be paid any taxes: Ankit Gupta told that in the weddings, people often get expensive-expensive gifts, including expensive gifts like gold, cash (cash), property etc. Are. In such a way, any gifts received in the marriage under the Income Tax rules are not considered as included in the source of income of the person receiving the gift. Therefore, any donations received during weddings are not taxable. They are classified as Income of Other Source. It is better that you mention this in the form of an income tax return. You can mention this in Income from Other Sources.

Taxes do not even have to be paid on this kind of gift: –

  • Gift to the child on behalf of the guardian
  • Gift given to each other by husband and wife
  • Gift given to each other by brother and sister
  • Gifts from your sister-in-law’s spouse
  • Gifts from parents or brother or wife of their brother

Not a gift, but the gift is to pay tax on income?

Gifts received in weddings are tax-free, but if you are getting income from it, it will be taxed. For example, if someone has given you a fixed deposit of Rs. 1 lakh on the occasion of marriage, then you will not have to pay tax on this FD, but when it starts getting income the next year, then on that Taxes must be paid.

Tax rules are also applicable on general gifts?

Tax rules apply even on ordinary gifts received in addition to weddings. Suppose you have given a gift of Rs 50,000 in the office, it would be tax-free, but as soon as the gift amount crosses the limit of 50,000, you have to pay tax at all times.


4.India saved 17.08% in CAG / Rafael deal, new deal 2.86% cheaper than UPA deal:-The report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) related to the purchase of Air Force was presented in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. This report includes details related to the Raphael deal. The report said that compared to the old deal of 126 aircraft, India has managed to save 17.08% by making a new deal of 36 Rafale aircraft. The new Raphael deal was 2.86% cheaper compared to the deals made during the UPA regime. At the same time, the delivery time of 18 aircraft in the new deal is better than the old deal. The first 18 aircraft will be available to India five months early.

Sport News:-

5.18-year-old Lucas became the youngest roar in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone :-Roar Lucas Hetgman of Britain completed the challenge to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone. The 18-year-old Lucas set two world records in this challenge. First – they became the youngest roar to cross any ocean alone. Second – they made the record to be completed in the shortest possible time. Lucas completed 4800 km in rowing, 59 days, 8 hours and 22 minutes.

6.This left-handed pacer who took 10 wickets for 11 runs to get the place in the India Under-19 team:-In the year 2018, Manipur’s fast bowler Rax Rajkumar Singh came in a lot of headlines. Rax had done this amazing thing which was done by very few bowlers in the cricket world. He took 10 wickets with 11 runs and he got his reward for this spectacular performance. This left-handed fast bowler from Manipur has been included in the BCCI’s India Under-19 team. Rex has now become the first player of Manipur who got an opportunity to play on behalf of the Indian team.