India launches ‘Extension of Hospitals’ project

1. India ranks 67th in Coursera’s Global Skills Report 2021
According to the ‘ Global Skills Report 2021 ‘ released by Coursera , India has been ranked 67th globally . The report shows that overall, India is ranked 67th globally with 38 percent efficiency, ranking middle in each domain, 55th in business and 66th in both technology and data science. Indian learners have high proficiency in digital skills such as cloud computing (83%) and machine learning (52%) and mathematical skills at 54%. Digital skills need improvement because in data analysis and statistical programming, only 25% and 15% of skills are ranked on proficiency. But, Indians are lagging behind in data skills and that needs to be addressed.
2. Naftali Bennett becomes new prime minister of Israel
Mr. Naftali Bennett was sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Israel . During a trust vote in Parliament, the Bennett-led coalition government voted 60 in favor and 59 against. One MP was absent during the voting in the house of 120 members. Mr. Bennett’s victory stuns former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu12 years of power has ended. Netanyahu has been the longest serving Prime Minister of Israel. Mr. Bennett, 49, a former Defense Minister, is the leader of the right-wing Yamina Party. There are 27 ministers in his government, of which 9 are women. Mr. Bennett will continue as prime minister until September 2023 under a power-sharing agreement. After that he would hand over power to Yair Lapid for the next two years. The coalition of eight political parties ranges from the right-wing Yamina Party to Arab parliamentarians. The alliance was formed earlier this month by Yair Lapid and Bennett. For the first time an Arab Muslim Party-Ram Party is also included in the coalition government.
3. India launches ‘Extension of Hospitals’ project
India has launched “ Extension of Hospitals ” project in several states to bridge the gap in key health infrastructure to fight COVID-19 . The project will be run exclusively in rural areas and small towns. The modular hospitals are an extension of the hospital infrastructure. It will be built next to the existing hospital building. In the midst of the second wave of COVID-19, the infrastructure of hospitals was under tremendous pressure. Thus, construction of modular hospital will be a big relief. To undertake this project, the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor has invited private sector companies, donor organizations and individuals. They will support the initiative along with several other projects of national importance. About 50 hospitals have been selected in the states where maximum number of Kovid-19 cases have been reported.
4. Indian-origin journalist Megha Rajagopalan wins Pulitzer Prize 2021
Recently Indian-origin journalists Megha Rajagopalan , Alison Killing and Chris Bruschek won the Pulitzer Prize 2021 . He received this award from the Detention Campus built for Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province of China .This award has been given for spreading the information of the world. China has intensified its efforts to control Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang province. For this, China has launched a variety of programs, including sterilization of women, large-scale internships in camps, forced labor programs, extensive technical and human surveillance, etc. However, China denies all these allegations. China argues that these camps are vocational training centers needed to combat religious extremism. The Pulitzer Prize is awarded for newspapers, magazines, online journalism, literature, and music in the United States. It was established in 1917 . This award has 21 categoriesis given in. Each winner is awarded a certificate and a $15,000 prize. The award is named after Joseph Pulitzer, an American news publisher.
5. Barbora Krejcikova won the women’s singles title of the French Open in 2021
In 2021, Barbora Krejcikova of the Czech Republic won the women’s singles title of the French Open . This is the first Grand Slam trophy in singles of his career . Prior to this, her best performance in singles was at the Grand Slam in 2020 and 2021 until the second round at the Australian Open, in 2018 also Krejcikova won the French Open women’s doubles title. A day after winning her first singles Grand Slam title at the French Open, Barbora Krejcikova also won the women’s doubles trophy here, becoming the first woman since Marie Pearce in 2000 to win both singles and doubles titles at Roland Garros. Krejcikova has won the 18th match in a row.
6. Novak Djokovic won the men’s singles title at the French Open for the second time.
World number one player , Serbia ‘s Novak Djokovic won his second French Open tennis tournament has won the men’s singles at. The second Grand Slam final of the year, Djokovic, the world number five player in Greece ‘s Stephanos Sitasipas 6-7 against fighting the 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. This is Djokovic’s 19th Grand Slam title.
7. Key measures to tackle climate change rejected in a referendum in Switzerland
Voters in a referendum in Switzerland have rejected key measures to tackle climate change . A nationwide vote was held in this regard. Voters also rejected a proposal to ban synthetic pesticides . If this resolution was passed, Switzerland would have become the first European country to ban synthetic pesticides. The referendum also rejected the government’s efforts to tax car fuel fees and air tickets . These measures were taken to meet the goals under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Apart from this, the proposal of the government’s Kovid-19 law was accepted. Under this, the government will be able to spend more in fighting the Kovid disease.
8. IIT Ropar develops country’s first electrical free CPAP device ‘Jeevan Vayu’
Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar has developed a device ‘ Jeevan Vayu ‘ which can be used as an alternative to CPAP machine . However, it is the first device in the country that works without electricity and is optimized for both oxygen production units like oxygen cylinders and oxygen pipelines in hospitals. These provisions are not available in other existing CPAP machines. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a treatment method for patients with breathing problems during sleep, called sleep apnea. This machine uses light air pressure to keep the air passages open for easier breathing. It is also used to treat newborns whose lungs are not fully developed.
9. NHPC signs MoU with Bihar State Jal Vidyut Nigam (BSHPC) for implementation of 130.1 MW Dagmara Hydroelectric Project
130.1 MW of Dgmara Hydroelectric Project , District Supaul the June 14, 2021 through video conferencing for the implementation of NHPC Limited and Bihar State Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd (Bisacpisi)A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between The signatories to this MoU were signed and exchanged by the Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power and New & Renewable Energy, Government of India and Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Shri R. K. Singh and Hon’ble Energy Minister of Bihar Government, Shri Bijendra Prasad Yadav. The 130.1 MW Dagmara Hydroelectric Project is to be implemented on the basis of ownership of NHPC, the biggest hydroelectric project of Bihar. NHPC is a Category-A Miniratna Company under the Ministry of Power, Government of India in the field of Hydropower.
10. Pune-based startup company develops infection-resistant 3D printed mask
Thinsor Technologies India Pvt Ltd , a startup company based in Pune, has developed anti-infection 3D printed masks.has prepared. According to the company, this mask is more effective than N-95, three layer mask and cloth mask. It has been prepared by 3D printing and coordination of such chemicals that as soon as the virus comes in contact with it, it starts working to eliminate its effect. This mask is covered with a layer of anti-infective material, also known as virucids. The Virusidal Mask projects by the Technology Development Corporation, an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology, was one of the first selected projects that were selected for commercialisation. The project was funded by Technology Development Corporation in May 2020 to strengthen the fight against COVID-19.
11. IIT Roorkee professor wins NSG award for ‘explosion resistant’ helmet
Shailesh Govind Ganpule , Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIED) , was awarded the ‘ NSG Counter-IED and Counter-Terrorism Innovator Award 2021 ‘ for developing an explosion-resistant helmet . This was the second edition of the annual award by NSG. The ceremony was held at the National Security Guard (NSG) campus at Maneswar near Gurgaon. Pro. The ‘Explosion-Resistant Helmet’, designed by Shailesh Ganpule, is an improved version of the conventional helmet to protect military personnel from IED-induced blast waves with a technical readiness of 4.
12. Book ‘Home in the World’: Memoirs of Amartya Sen
Nobel laureate Amartya Sen , one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals of our times, has written his memoir ‘ Home in the World ‘. The book will be published by Penguin Random House in July. In this book, Sen narrates how Rabindranath Tagore gave him his name Amartya. He also recalls the famous coffee houses of Calcutta and the talks at Cambridge and the ideas of Marx, Keynes and Arrow that shaped his ideas.
13. 44th GST Council meeting held, tax relief given on COVID-19 medical supplies
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman chaired the 44th meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on June 12, 2021.did it. In this meeting, several changes have been made in the GST rate which will be applicable till September 30, 2021. According to the Finance Minister, the GST Council has accepted the recommendations of the Group of Ministers (GoM), which was set up to look into tax relief on COVID-19 medical supplies. Following these recommendations, the GST rate for ambulances has been reduced from 28% to 12%. COVID-19 Testing Kits, GST rate on medical grade oxygen and ventilators reduced from 12% to 5%. Tax rate on hand sanitisers reduced from 18% to 5%. Rate reduced from 18% to 5% for temperature testing equipment GST has been reduced from 12% to 5% on pulse oximeters including personal imports. Tax on specified inflammatory diagnostic kits has been reduced from 12% to 5%. Used in cremation grounds. GST rate on gas or electric or other furnaces has been reduced from 18% to 5%. No GST rate will be levied on Covid-19 related drugs including Tocilizumab and Amphotericin B. Earlier this 5% GST was levied. The GST rates on anticoagulants like Heparin and Remdesivir have been reduced from 12% to 5%. Ventilator masks or cannula or helmets will attract 5% tax.
14. Center allocates over Rs 3,180 crore to Andhra Pradesh under Jal Jeevan Mission
The Center has allocated more than three thousand one hundred and eighty crore rupees to Andhra Pradesh under the Jal Jeevan Mission . Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that the government will provide all possible help to make the facility of tap water available to every household in the rural areas of the state by 2024. Jal Jeevan Mission was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 August 2019 . It aims to provide tap water to all households in rural areas by 2024 .
15. IDFC First Bank launches customer COVID relief door-to-door ration program
IDFC First Bank has launched an employee-funded program ‘ Ghar Ghar Ration ‘ for its low-income customers, whose livelihoods are affected by COVID-19 .’ has announced the launch of the program. The bank has also announced a comprehensive program for the families of employees who unfortunately lost their lives due to COVID-19, and several other social responsibility initiatives. “Ghar Ghar Ration” is a unique program where employees have contributed from their personal income to set up a Customer COVID Care Fund to provide relief to 50,000 COVID affected low income IDFC First Bank customers. The employees of the bank contributed one day to one month’s salary for this purpose. The employees are procuring ration kits which include 10 kg rice/flour, 2 kg dal (lentils), 1 kg sugar and salt, 1 kg cooking oil, 5 packets of mixed spices, tea and biscuits and other essentials that come in a Months are necessary to support a small family.
16. Developed a new method of treatment of sickle cell genetic disease in homeopathy
Professor Nishant , a homeopathic doctor from Madhya Pradesh ,and his team developed sickle cell genetic disease.A new method has been proposed for the treatment of In this disease, red blood cells are deformed and broken. This method, brought under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, has also got the approval of the Central Government. In this disease, there are not enough red blood cells (RBCs / red blood cells) in the blood, which are necessary to carry oxygen in the body. The disease is commonly found in Africa, Arabia and the Indian peninsula. If one of the parents also has the sickle cell gene, the child is more likely to get the disease. That is, in these children, one gene of hemoglobin is normal, but the other gene is defective. Both types of hemoglobin are made in the body of such children – normal hemoglobin and sickle cell hemoglobin. There may be some sickle cells in them, but there are usually no symptoms of the disease.
17. Three days Raja festival in Odisha, the government’s appeal to celebrate at home
The Odisha government has appealed to the people to celebrate Raja Parv at home. This three-day agricultural festival is being celebrated across the state from June 14. In view of the continuing statewide lockdown, people have been asked to celebrate it at home so that the chain of corona infection can be broken.
18. Israel will be the world’s first mask-free country from June 15
Corona times in Israel is the world’s first mask free country will become. Here from June 15, the rule of applying masks in closed places will end. This was announced by the Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein. The rule of applying masks outside in the country has already been abolished. However, most restrictions related to foreign travel have not yet been lifted. For example, travel to nine countries is still banned. There is a rule of quarantine for travelers coming from these countries. His corona test is also being done.
19. world blood donation day
Blood donation every year to promote June 14 as World Blood Donor Day is celebrated .. This day is also an occasion to tell the importance of people coming forward for voluntary and free blood donation to save human life. For 2021, the slogan for World Blood Donor Day will be ” Give blood and keep the world beating “. Rome, Italy is the host country of World Blood Donor Day 2021 . The day is celebrated on this day to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Karl Landsteiner (an Austrian biologist, physician and immunologist) on June 14, 1868 . He is best known for the development and classification of the blood group system, the discovery of the Rh factor. He is also known as the father of transfusion therapy.
20. Kannada film actor Sanchari Vijay passes away
National Award winning Kannada film actor Sanchari Vijay passed away. He was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Bangalore. The 38-year-old actor suffered serious injuries when he fell off the bike last Saturday night. He went into a coma and was kept on life support. Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has expressed grief over the demise of this illustrious actor. Vijay acted in many famous Kannada films.
21. Maha Vir Chakra recipient Brigadier Raghubir Singh passes away
Veteran veteran of Maha Vir Chakra , Brigadier Raghubir Singh has passed away. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Saviman Guards on 18 April 1943 and fought several wars including the Second World War. For this gallant act, the then President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan awarded the Maha Vir Chakra, the country’s second highest gallantry award, to Lieutenant Colonel (later Brigadier) Raghubir Singh.