India voted in favor of giving full membership of the United Nations to Palestine.


1 India voted in favor of giving full membership of the United Nations to Palestine.

 Palestine  qualified to become a member   of the United Nations (UN) . India has voted in favor of the draft proposal to grant full membership of the United Nations to Palestine  .  The United Arab Emirates  had presented this proposal  in the United Nations General Assembly with  193 members . One hundred and forty-three countries  voted in favor of the proposal  . Nine countries opposed the proposal while 25 countries abstained from voting. At present, Palestine’s status in the United Nations is only that of an observer state. India was the first non-Arab country to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization.

2 Mikhail Mishustin becomes Prime Minister of Russia

Russian  President  Vladimir Putin  re  -appointed Mikhail Mishustin  as the country’s Prime Minister. According to Russian law, Mikhail  took over as Prime Minister for the first time on  16 January 2020 . Mikhail Mishustin had resigned from the post of PM to the Cabinet on May 7 this year. Upon becoming President again, Putin made Mikhail Prime Minister again. Before becoming PM, Mikhail used to handle the economy of Russia. He has also been the Chairman of the Federal Tax Department.

3 ISRO successfully tests 3D printed rocket engine

On May 9,  the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)  successfully   tested the PS4 liquid rocket engine . This engine  is an important part of  the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)  , which  is used to send satellites into space . ISRO has made it in one piece using  3D printing  . With this new method, about  97% parts can be saved  . With its help,  production  can be accelerated up to 60%. The PS4 engine   is used in the fourth stage of the PSLV rocket . With the help of this new technology, the number of engine parts has reduced from 14 to 1. This also got rid of 19 welding joints in the engine. 3D printing engines are made without rocket joints or welding. This reduces the weight of the rocket and also increases fuel efficiency. The PS4 engine, which uses a bipropellant combination of nitrogen tetroxide as an oxidizer and monomethyl hydrazine as a fuel. It  was developed by ISRO’s  Liquid Propulsion System Centre . The additively manufactured engine   was manufactured by Indian industry partner, Wipro 3D . Its hot testing   was kept in ISRO’s Propulsion Complex in Mahendragiri .

4 Foreign Minister Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar inaugurated the Arbitration Bar of India at Bharat Mandapam

External Affairs Minister  Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar  said that  Arbitration in India  is a key aspect of Make in India and arbitration will be helpful in the journey of developed India.  Inaugurating the Arbitration Bar of India at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi,  Dr. Jaishankar said that arbitration is a key cornerstone in modern dispute resolution. He said that this is important for India’s rapid economic progress. Dr. Jaishankar said that this program will further strengthen India’s power and prestige in the world. He said that rebalancing and economic potential for India has re-emerged. The global system is witness to this. Its various dimensions will naturally expand further in the world.

5 SAARC Secretary General Mohammad Golam Sarwar arrives in New Delhi on his first official visit to India

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)  Secretary General  Mohammad Golam Sarwar of Bangladesh   has reached New Delhi on his first official visit to India . Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said in a social media post that this is an opportunity to further strengthen cooperation in South Asia. Mr Sarwar is on a five-day visit to India. During this period he is scheduled to hold many meetings. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Mr Sarwar will meet Minister of State for External Affairs Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh and Foreign Secretaries Vinay Mohan Kwatra and Jaideep Majumdar. He will address the third Shakti Sinha Memorial Lecture on the topic ‘Future of SAARC’. He is also scheduled to visit South Asian University.

6 R Laxmikant Rao appointed ED of RBI

On May 11,  the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  appointed  R Laxmikant Rao as Executive Director (ED)   with immediate effect  . Rao was earlier working as Chief General Manager in Charge in the Department of Regulation. R Laxmikant Rao as ED will look after Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, Right to Information Act and Department of Communication. Rao is also a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF). He has worked in NBFC Regulation, Supervision of Banks and Consumer Protection. Rao has also served as Banking Ombudsman in RBI Chennai. He was posted as Regional Director of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow.

7 The largest solar storm hits Earth after two decades

On May 10,  the world’s most powerful solar storm  hit the Earth after 20 years. Due to the solar storm, incidents of  aurora  were seen in many places of the world. During this time, due to the solar storm, the sky appeared of different colors. Due to this storm, there was strong lightning in the sky from Tasmania to Britain and many satellites were also damaged. According to the American scientific organization ‘ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ‘ (NOAA), the effect of this solar storm will last till the end of the week. It will be visible mainly in the northern and southern parts of the world, although when it intensifies it can be seen in many places. Satellite operators, airlines and power grid operators around the world are on alert. Solar storms are caused by coronal mass ejections from the Sun. During coronal mass ejection, particles coming from the Sun enter the Earth’s magnetic field. After the particles enter the earth, a reaction occurs, due to which the particles appear as bright colorful lights. This solar storm  is the second major solar storm after the ” Halloween Storm ”  of October 2003 . The Halloween storm caused blackouts in Sweden and disrupted grids in South Africa.  The world’s most powerful solar storm  hit Earth  in 1859 ,  named the Carrington Event .

8 All inactive accounts to be closed from June 1, 2024: PNB

Punjab National Bank (PNB)  has announced that it  will close the inactive bank accounts of all  its customers on  June 1, 2024. According to the bank, customers whose accounts have become inactive will have to  complete their KYC (Know Your Customer can activate their account by completing the  . The bank has taken this step to reduce its expenses and prevent fraud in such accounts. According to PNB, accounts of those customers will be closed where no transaction (deposit or withdrawal) has been done by the customer for the last three years and the account balance is zero. The bank said that if these account holders do not complete their KYC by May 31, 2024, no further notice will be given to them and their account will be permanently closed on June 1, 2024. However, the bank said it would not close some inactive accounts. Student accounts for customers below 25 years of age, accounts for minors, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY), Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY), Atal Pension Yojana, and Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), etc. Accounts frozen by statutory authorities like court orders, Income Tax Department orders etc. will also not be closed.

10 Nisha Dahiya becomes the fifth wrestler to qualify for Paris Olympics

Nisha Dahiya   has become  the fifth wrestler to qualify  for  the Paris Olympics . At the World Olympic Qualifiers  in   Istanbul , Turkey   , Nisha   defeated Romania’s Alexandra Angel in the semi-finals of the  68 kg weight category  . She   has also been a silver medalist of the Asian Championships . This is the first time that five Indian women wrestlers will play in the Olympics. Players who have already qualified   include Anhalt Panghal, Vinesh Phogat, Anshu Malik and Ritika Hooda. At the competition, India’s Greco-Roman wrestlers were eliminated from the competition after losing in the preliminary rounds in all six weight categories.

11 The 22nd Asian Team Squash Championship will be held in Dalian, China from 12 to 16 June 2024.

Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI)  has   announced the Indian team participating in the 22nd Asian Team Squash Championship . The 22nd Asian Team Squash Championship will be held in Dalian, China from 12 to 16 June 2024. The Indian men’s team is the current Asian team champion. The Indian men’s team won its first title by winning the 2022 competition held in Cheongju, South Korea.  Velavan Senthilkumar  will lead the Indian men’s team, and  Rathika Seelan  will lead the women’s team.

12 Colin Munro announces retirement from international cricket

37-year-old  New Zealand  batsman  Colin Munro  retired   from international cricket . However, he will continue to play franchise cricket. Munro announced his retirement after not being selected in New Zealand’s team for the T20 World Cup. Colin Munro had not played any international match for New Zealand since 2020. Munro has played 123 international matches combining all three formats. He scored more than 3 thousand runs and also took 13 wickets.

13 International Nurses Day 2024

Every year,  May 12  is   International Nurses Day  to pay tribute to  Florence Nightingale . Florence Nightingale  was born on 12 May 1820  . In some countries in the world, such as Australia, Canada and the United States, International Nurses Day is part of a week-long celebration that ends on May 12. This celebration is often referred to as National Nurses Week. This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of nurses and their vital role in the healthcare sector. The International Nurses Council celebrated the first International Nurses Day on 12 May 1974 to draw the attention of policy makers and the public to the vital role of nurses in modern health care. Florence Nightingale, born in Florence,  Italy,  was a British nurse and social reformer. She  was in charge of a camp established in Turkey (now Turkiye) to care for wounded British and Allied soldiers during the Crimean War (1853–56) in Europe  .

14 National Technology Day

Every year, India   celebrates National Technology Day  on  11 May  to symbolize  its technological and scientific achievements . The purpose of this day is to inspire the youth of the country and create awareness about the scientific and technological achievements of the country. The first National Technology Day   was celebrated  on 11 May 1999 to commemorate the anniversary of  the Pokhran nuclear test . India  successfully conducted its second nuclear test at Pokhran on 11 May 1998  . The decision to celebrate 11 May as National Technology Day   was announced by the National Technology Development Council during the Prime Ministership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee . Its objective was to highlight the scientific and technological progress of the country since independence. The theme of National Technology Day 2024 is “ From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds for Innovation. ” India conducted five nuclear tests on 11 and 13 May 1998 in Pokhran, Rajasthan. The code name of this test   was Operation Shakti . This test was done  by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  and   jointly organized by the Atomic Energy Commission  and  Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) . Four nuclear bombs and one thermonuclear (hydrogen) bomb were successfully tested by India. India became the sixth country to possess nuclear weapons, after the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France and China.