No. Question Answer
1. What was the condition on which Ganesha agreed to write the Mahabharata? Ganesha said, “I will be the scribe if you can recite it without break.”
2. What was the condition Vyasa laid down for Ganesha to write Mahabharata? Vyasa said, “You will not inscribe if the meaning is not clear to you.”
3. What was the original name of Mahabharata? Jaya. It was said of the Mahabharata, “What is here may be found elsewhere too but what is not here cannot be found anywhere.”
4. For how many days was the Battle of Kurukshetra fought? Eighteen days.
5. Where did the battle between Rama and Ravana take place? Lanka.
6. What is the meaning of the word ‘Shiva’? The auspicious one.
7. What was the initial reaction of Kumbhakarna when he heard about the abduction of Sita by Ravana? He disapproved of it and advised Ravana to restore Sita to Rama.
8. What was the name of Sugriva’s wife? Ruma.
9. Why did Hanuman leap towards the Sun soon after birth? He thought it was an eatable.
10. Who made Rama and Lakshmana expert archers? Vishwamitra.
11. What was the name of the kingdom ruled by Drupada? Panchala.
12. How did earth come to be called as Prithvi? King Prithu was the first among men to till the soil and make it yield crops. The word Prithvi is derived from Prithu.
13. What was the name of the Yajna performed by Dasharatha to obtain sons? Putrakameshti Yajna.
14. What does the word Bhishma mean? The terrible. When he took the vow to remain celibate throughout his life, the gods showered flowers on him, while uttering the word “Bhishma”.
15. Sage Pulastya’s grandson became a mighty king. Who was he? Ravana.
16. Why did Dasharatha kill Shravan Kumar? He mistook the sound of water being filled in the pot by Shravan Kumar for an animal drinking water.
17. Who performed the Putrakameshti Yajna for King Dasharatha? Rishyashringa.
18. What was the original name of Indrajit? Meghanada.
19. Who was the father of Bhishma? King Shantanu.
20. What were the names of Kama’s foster parents? Radha and Adhiratha.
21. What was the name by which Kama was called by his father when he was young? Vasushena.
22. Where did Drona go when he was insulted by Drupada? Hastinapura.
23. Who was Devayani? Devayani was the daugher of Shukracharya.
24. Who threw Devayani into a well? Sharmishtha, the daughter of Vrishaparva, the king of the asuras.
25. Who took Devayani out of the well? King Yayati.
26. Who was the mother of Bhishma? Ganga.
27. What was the name of Sati’s father? Daksha Prajapati.
28. How many children did Gandhari have? 101. A hundred Kauravas and a daughter.
29. Who was the only daughter of Gandhari and who was her husband? Dushshala. Jayadratha was her husband.
30. Who was the mother of Shakuntala? Menaka.
31. How was Hiranyaksha related to Hiranyakashipu? He was his brother.
32. What was the name of Dhruva’s father? Uttanapada.
33. What was the name of Satyabhama’s father? Satrajit, a Yadava chieftain.
34. From whom did Kama receive the divine armour? He was born with the divine armour (kavacha) and earrings (kundala).
35. Who took Krishna and Balarama to Mathura from Vrindavan? Akrura.
36. Why is Rama sometimes called Raghava? Raghava means a descendant of Raghu. In this sense not only Rama but also Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna can be called Raghava. But traditionally the eldest male was given the appellation.
37. What is the name of Indra’s elephant? Airavata.
38. Why did King Shibi cut off his flesh? Shibi had given refuge to a dove. When the kite claimed that the dove was his lawful prey, Shibi offered to give any other flesh in lieu of the dove. To this, the kite asked for the flesh cut from Shibi’s right thigh equal in weight to the dove.
39. Where in modern India was the ancient kingdom of Virata? Ajmer.
40. What was the capital of Indra’s kingdom? Amaravati.
41. Who was Vali’s son? Angada.
42. What was the name of Shakuntala’s husband? Dushyanta.
43. Where did Janaka find Sita? Sita was found when a field was being ploughed for preparing the spot for a Yajna to be performed by Janaka (Sita literally means furrow).
44. Who offered poisoned sweets to Bhima when he was young? Duryodhana.
45. In what disguise did Arjuna go to Mount Raivataka to abduct Subhadra? In the disguise of a sanyasi (with the permission of Krishna).
46. Who were Abhimanyu’s parents? Arjuna and Subhadra.
47. A son of Hiranyaksha, he ruled over Pragjyotisha. He was such a menace to the devas that Indra implored Krishna to help him. At this request Krishna along with his wife Satyabhama, attacked the city of Pragjyotisha and killed this asura. Name the asura. Narakasura.
48. Who was the half-brother of Dhruva? Uttama.
49. What is the meaning of the word Pandava? Pandava means an offspring of Pandu. Therefore Yudhishthira is a Pandava., So is Arjuna and their brothers.
50. Who did Ekalavya consider as his Guru? Dronacharya. Ekalavya made a statue resembling Dronacharya and practised archery in front of the statue.
51. When the Kauravas led by Duryodhana went to Dvaitavana forest to enjoy the sight of the suffering Pandavas, who fought with them and took Duryodhana
Chitrasena, the Gandharva.
52. Who defeats the Gandharva King Chitrasena and frees the Kauravas? Arjuna.
53. Which are the ten incarnations of Vishnu? 1.Matsya(Fish)
2. Kurma (Tortoise)
3. Varaha (Boar)
4. Narasimha (Man-Lion)
5. Vamana (Dwarf)
6. Parashurama (Rama of the Axe)
7. Rama
8. Krishna
9. Buddha
10. Kalki
Jayadeva was one of the first to consider Buddha as an avatar. Till then Balarama was considered an avatar.
54. Who crowned Kama as the king of Anga? Duryodhana.
55. What was the name of Draupadi’s father? Drupada.
56 With whom does Nala play the game of dice? Pushkara, his cousin. (His brother according to some versions.)
57 What was the name of Draupadi’s brother? Dhrishtadyumna.
58 How did Hanuman get the name Anjaneya? Because he was the offspring of Anjana.
59 Who succeeded Aja to the throne of Ayodhya? Dasharatha.
60 Who presented the bow, Gandiva to Arjuna? Varuna at the request of Agni.
61 What was the real name of Bhishma? Devavrata.
62 What was the name of the Kaurava, who joined the Pandavas in the Battle of Kurukshetra? Yuyutsu. He was a half-brother of the Kauravas.
63 What was the name of Krishna’ show? Saranga.
64 With what weapon did Krishna kill Shishupala? Sudarshana Chakra.
65 To whom does Yudhishthira offer the first worship at the time of the Rajasuya Yajna? To Krishna.
66 Who killed Jarasandha in a wrestling duel? Bhima.
67 Why is Arjuna called Partha? From Pritha, the real name of Kunti. (Though the name Partha is equally applicable to Yudhishthira and Bhima also, Arjuna was more often referred to as Partha).
68 Who built the palace at Indraprastha for the Pandavas? Maya.
69 Of which kingdom was Shalya, the king? Madra.
70 Why did Gandhari cover her eyes? Her husband* Dhritarashthra was blind. She wanted to share his fate. Hence she blindfolded herself.
71 On behalf of the Kauravas, who played the game of dice with the Pandavas? Shakuni.
72 Who prompts Durvasa to go, with his disciples, to the hermitage of the Pandavas? Duryodhana.
73 What was the name of Rama’s bow? Kodanda.
74 Who was the charioteer of Krishna? Daruka.
75 What was the name of the kingdom ruled by Jarasandha? Magadha.
76 Where is Upaplavya? It was a minor city in the kingdom of Virata.
77 What was the name assumed by Draupadi when the Pandavas lived in disguise in King Virata’s kingdom? Sairandhri.
78 Why is Kama sometimes called Radheya? From his foster mother, Radha. Radheya means an offspring of Radha.
79 Identify the child who was blessed in the following manner by the devas: –
Vishnu – “May you live your life as the greatest devotee              of god”
Indra – “No weapon of any kind will wound or hit your            body”
Agni – “Fire will never affect you.”
80 What form did Maricha assume to deceive Rama? And why? He assumed the form of a golden deer and lured Rama away from his hermitage. When Rama’s arrow pierced him, he cried out, imitating Rama’s voice, “Ha, Lakshmana”. When Lakshmana went out to help Rama, Ravana seized the opportunity to abduct Sita.
81 Who was called as Vaasudeva? Vaasudeva means an offspring of Vasudeva. Both Krishna and Balarama could be called Vaasudeva but traditionally only Krishna is called Vaasudeva.
82 What was the real name of Draupadi? Krishnaa.
83 How did Sita get the name Janaki? From Janaka, her father.
84 When Bhima was poisoned by the Kauravas and thrown into the depths of River Ganga, how was he saved? It is believed that Nagaloka is situated deep below the river. Here Bhima was bitten several times by the serpents, which neutralised the effect of poison in his body.
85 What is the origin of the name, Panchavati, where Rama is said to have built a hermitage? Five Banyan trees. Pancha (Five) Vata
(Banyan tree).
86 Who was Kacha’s father? Brihaspati.
87 For how many years did Janamejaya’s   Sarpa-satra last? Twelve years.
88 Who were the physicians to the devas? Ashwini twins.
89 Heroes in ancient times often had more than one name. Given below are sets of names. Identify the name by
which they are commonly known: –
a.Kapidhvaja, Bibhatsu, Dhananjaya, Savyasachi, Kiriti,
b.Ajatashatru, Dharmaja, Dharmaputra, Mridangaketu. c.Vallava, Marutatmaja, Vayusuta, Pawanaputra.
a. Arjuna.
b. Yudhishthira.
c. Bhima.
90 Who seized Draupadi by the hair and dragged her into the court? Dushshasana.
91 What did Sita give Hanuman to be shown to Rama? Chudamani (Crest Jewel).
92 When Ganga descended from heaven, who bore the force of her descent? Shiva.
93 Who was Purochana? A minister of Duryodhana who built the shellac palace at Varanavata.
94 What was the virtue for which Kama was famous? Generosity.
95 What was the name assumed by Arjuna in Virata’s palace? Brihannala.
96 Whose incarnation was Lakshmana supposed to be? Lakshmana is said to be the incarnation of Maha Shesha (the great snake).
97 When Hanuman was asked to bring Sanjivani from Gandhamadana, why did he carry the whole mountain? Because he could not recognize the Vishalyakarani (Sanjivani) from other herbs.
98 What was the name of Dronacharya’s father? Sage Bharadwaja.
99 Who was Lakshmana’s wife? Urmila.
100 What was the capital of Janaka’s kingdom? Mithila.
101 Where did Arjuna hide his weapons before entering
Virata’s palace?
On a Shami tree.
102 What was the name of king Virata’s son? Uttara Kumar.
103 What was the name of King Virata’s wife? Sudeshna.
104 What was the name of the bow, which Rama broke in Janaka’s capital? Shiva-Dhanush.
105 What was the name of the vulture that fought with Ravana to save Sita? Jatayu.
106 How many heads does Brahma have? Four (To indicate that he could see in all the four directions).
107 What was the name of the Vali’s wife? Tara.
108 Whom did Sugriva send to meet Rama on his behalf? Hanuman.
109 Who were the Ashta-Dikpalakas? The guardians of the eight directions.
110 For whom does Nala work as a charioteer? King Ritupama.
111 When Kunti meets Kama to dissuade him from fighting, what assurance does he give her? Her sons, with the exception of Arjuna will not come to harm from him.
112 Soon after the Pandavas and the Kauravas gathered in Kurukshetra, why did Yudhishthira go to meet Bhishma? To seek his blessings.
113 Who was Indra’s wife? Shachi.
114 How had the Kauravas arranged their army on the thirteenth day? Chakravyuha, the wheel formation. In this formation the army was arranged in circles within circles.
115 On the bank of which river is Ayodhya? Sarayu.
116 How did Ganga get the name Jahnavi? River Ganga came down to earth and submerged the hermitage of Sage Jahnu. Angry at this, Jahnu drank up the river, but later, at the request of Bhagiratha, pushed Ganga out through his ear. From him Ganga got the name Jahnavi.
117 In which disguise did Indra approach to seek the armour (Kavacha) and earrings (Kundala) of Kama? In the guise of a Brahmin.
118 What was the name assumed by Yudhishthira in Virata’s palace? Kanka.
119 Who was Ravana’s wife? Mandodari.
120 What was the name of Mandodari’s father? She was the daughter of Maya.
121 Who was the family priest of the Pandavas? Dhoumya.
122 What was the name of the Rakshasi, whose mouth Hanuman enters en route to Lanka? Surasa.
123 To whom does Sugriva assign the task of mustering the monkey forces? Nala.
124 Why did Kacha go to Shukracharya’s place? To know the secret of immortality.
125 In which Upanishad would you find the   dialogue between Nachiketa and Yama? Kathopanishad.
126 Whom did Dasharatha send to fetch Rama to Kaikeyi’s palace? Sumantra, the minister.
127 Who goes to the court of the Kauravas as the ambassador of the Pandavas? Krishna.
128 Why did Duryodhana construct a palace in Varanavata for the stay of the Pandavas? The palace was made of shellac and other combustible material. Duryodhana wanted to burn the Pandavas alive.
129 Who were Babhruvahana’s parents? Chitrangada and Arjuna.
130 On the bank of which river is Chitrakoot? River Mandakini.
131 When Hanuman thought it was difficult to leap to Lanka, who built his self-confidence? Jambavan.
132 Of which kingdom was Chitrangada the princess? Manipur.
133 How did Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti die? They died in a forest fire.
134 Who performed the funeral rites of Jatayu? Rama.
135 What was the name of the kingdom from where Bharata returned after Dasharatha’s death? Kekaya, the kingdom of his maternal uncle.
136 Who sends a man to dig a tunnel in the Shellac palace at Varanavata to help the Pandavas? Vidura.
137 On which mountain did Hanuman rest when he made the leap to Lanka? Mainaka.
138 Who taught Duryodhana how to wield a mace? Balarama.
139 Who was the mother of Dhritarashtra? Ambika.
140 Who killed Kumbhakarna? Rama.
141 How many Puranas are there? Though there are a number of puranas, according to tradition, only 18 puranas are recognised.
142 When Drona held a test in archery in a field outside Hastinapura, what was the target? The head of a wooden bird hanging from a branch of a tree. (In common folklore it is referred to as the eye of the bird).
143 Who was Dhruva’s mother? Suniti.
144 Who first gives the news to Bharata about Rama’s arrival from Lanka? Hanuman.
145 What was the name of Ahalya’s husband? Sage Gautama.
146 Where does the marriage of Arjuna and Subhadra take place? Dwaraka.
147 What was the name of the sage who prevented the Vindhya Mountains from rising higher? Sage Agastya.
148 In which vehicle did Rama, Lakshmana and Sita return to Ayodhaya from Lanka? Pushpaka vimana.
149 Which animals were yoked to the Pushpaka Vimana? Golden Swans.
150 Kushasthali was another name of a famous city on the west coast. What was the name of this city? Dwaraka.