India’s first ‘Agricultural Export Facilitation Center’ launched

1. India’s first ‘Agricultural Export Facilitation Center’ launched
India’s first ‘ Agricultural Export Facilitation Center ‘ has been launched in Pune by the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA ) in collaboration with the ‘ National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ‘ (NABARD) . This facility will serve as a one-stop-shop for exporters in the agricultural sector. The center provides potential exporters with pesticide residue management, preference for potential importing countries, their product choice, quality standards, orchard management for export-oriented production, harvesting times and methods, production technology, greenhouse production, packaging and airports and seaports But will provide guidance regarding the procedure to be followed, etc. Besides, this center will also organize awareness programs, training programs and workshops on aspects related to agricultural exports. This center is a ‘Knowledge Bank will also develop, where knowledge, information and data related to various aspects and activities of exports will be collected. This will make potential exporters aware of the schemes of ‘Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority’ (APEDA) and provide information about the process of availing the benefits of APEDA’s schemes. At the same time it will also raise awareness about Central and State Government schemes related to agricultural export promotion.
2. Pilot test of ‘Medicine from the Sky’ in hospitals in Vikarabad region
Telangana government has set up 16 Primary Health Centers (PHCs) spread around the hospital of Vikarabad region with ambitious ‘ medicine from the sky’Has chosen for pilot testing, the first project of its kind involving the delivery of drugs via multiple drones. The area hospital has been chosen as the central point due to the presence of cold chain facilities and both the selected PHC Visual Line of Site (VLOS) and Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) are within the boundary. A consortium of seven operators, headed by Blue Dart Med-Express, was initially selected for the project to be launched in the VLOS range of 500 meters and will be gradually extended to a range of 9 km. The project is being taken up after approval by the Ministry of Civil Aviation for a request made by the state for a conditional exemption from Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rule 2021 for the operation of experimental BVLOS drone flights for delivery of vaccines.
3. Johnson & Johnson tied up with Telangana-based Biological Equipment Limited to manufacture the Kovid vaccine.
American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has tied up with Telangana ‘s Biological E Limited for production of Kovid-19 vaccine. The vaccine named Janssen Kovid-19 has been approved in many countries including USA, Europe and Thailand and South Africa. Johnson & Johnson is working closely with Biological E Ltd to manufacture the vaccine. The company has said that it is working day and night to increase the development and production of Kovid-19 vaccine and to spread it worldwide.
4. Long-term work increases the risk of death due to stroke by 35 percent
A new study has been done regarding health and working hours. It claims that a week, 55 hours or more of work in relation to risk of heart disease and stroke can occur. The risk of death from stroke may be 35 per cent higher in those who work for more than 55 hours in comparison to those who work for 35 to 40 hours a week . While there is a 17 percent higher risk of death due to heart disease . World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labor OrganizationFrom this study done by the US, it is evident that three lakh 98 thousand people died due to stroke in 2016 due to working 55 hours a week. While three lakh 47 thousand died due to heart disease. This analysis of the study comes at a time when the mode of functioning has changed in the era of Corona epidemic. Working hours have increased in this period.
5. Rajasthan declared black fungus as pandemic
Black fungus ie mucormycosis has been declared an epidemic in Rajasthan . The number of cases of this disease is increasing in the state. It mainly affects people recovering from Kovid infection. Mucormycosis has been notified in the state as an epidemic and a notified disease under the Rajasthan Epidemic Act 2020 . So far two people have died in the state. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had included it in the Health Insurance Chiranjeevi Scheme of Rajasthan a day earlier. After this, we have now taken this step. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has decided to extend the term of Section 144 in all the districts till June 21. After this, the Home Department has also issued a notification for this. The period ended on 21 May.
Earlier, black fungus disease has been declared as a notified disease in Haryana . This means that government officials have to be informed about each case of Black Fungus Disease.
6. Assam government decided to provide free electricity to new oxygen plants to be set up in the state
The Assam government has decided to provide free electricity for new oxygen plants to be set up in the state . This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting held in Guwahati today. This step has been taken to avoid the shortage of oxygen in the state. In the cabinet meeting, it has also been decided to provide 100 per cent power free for the commissioning of the closed oxygen plants. The state will get 20 percent power free for existing Oxygen plants .
7. Chief Minister of Karnataka announced a relief package of Rs one thousand 250 crores for the loss caused by the lockdown.
Karnataka ‘s chief minister BS Yeddyurappa said the damage will be introduced lockdown due Kovid one thousand 250 crore relief packagehas announced. Three thousand rupees relief will be given to the auto-rickshaw, taxi and maxi cab drivers. Two lakh and ten thousand drivers will be benefited from this. Three thousand rupees will also be given to laborers engaged in construction work. Hairdresser, washerman, tailor, kabadi, potters, mechanic, Non-organized sector laborers like domestic servants and laborers engaged in leather industry will also get relief amount of two thousand rupees. There are about three lakh four thousand laborers in this area. Two thousand rupees will also be given to street vendors registered under self-reliance fund. About 16 thousand artists will also get three thousand rupees. Ten thousand rupees per hectare relief has been announced for floriculture farmers. This will benefit twenty thousand farmers. Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, BPL and Antyodaya card holders will be given five kilograms of rice free of cost for the months of May and June. All gram panchayats will get fifty thousand rupees for Kovid prevention measures. Six thousand gram panchayats will benefit from this.
8. Government launches its first 6-month CBID program on rehabilitation of PwDs
Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Dr. Thavarchand Gehlot had virtually Diwyangajn rehabilitation to 6 months of community-based inclusive development program (Sibiaidi) launched. The Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) program focuses on creating a group of grassroots rehabilitation workers at the community level who can work with ASHA and Anganwadi personnel to deal with issues related to disability and inclusion in the society of persons with disabilities . The course content has been developed by a committee of experts from India and Australia. To strengthen the capacity of these workers to fulfill their responsibilities, this course is designed on the basis of ability-based knowledge and skills. These workers are called ” Divyang Mitra”Will be known as ”.
9. ‘Fake-buster’ can detect online fraud
Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, Punjab and Monash University, Australia have invented a unique detector called ‘ fake -buster ‘ that can detect any online fraud . Be aware that such frauds would enter the virtual conference without anyone’s knowledge. Huh. Through this technique, social media can also catch the frauds, who use their face to defame or make fun of them. In the current phase of the epidemic, most of the work and official meetings are happening online. With this unique technique it can be found out which person’s video is being tampered with or who is intruding during the video conference. With this technique, it will be known who has entered into a fraud webinar or virtual meeting. Such infiltration is often done by messing with photos of your colleague or legitimate member.
10. SBRIS Geo-5 Missile Warning Satellite launched for US Space Force
United Launch Alliance (United Launch Alliance) has cape canaveral space Force Station, Florida, the Atlas V launch rocket. This Atlas V rocket carried the SBRIS Geo-5 Missile Warning Satellite. SBRIS complete the Space-Based Infrared System ‘s (Space-Based Infrared System). This satellite missile warning, war zone, missile defenseWill provide key capabilities. It weighs 4,850 kg. As of 2018, 10 SBRIS satellites were launched. SBRIS is basically a space tracking and monitoring system. The SBRIS was designed to meet infrared space surveillance of the United States Space Force System. Only in 2020, SBRIS satellites detected more than a thousand missiles. As of 2018, ten SBRIS satellites were launched. The Atlas V is a two-stage rocket. It is fueled with rocket grade kerosene and liquid oxygen in the first phase and hydrogen and liquid oxygen in the second phase. The rocket placed the SBRIS at an altitude of 35,753-kilometer.
11. Manipur Chief Minister Launches ‘MOMA Market’ For Vegetables
Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh (N Biren Singh) has home delivery of fresh vegetables a smartphone app “for Manipur Organic Mission Agency (Manipur Organic Mission Agency-MOMA) Market”To ensure that people get fresh vegetables at their homes during the COVID-19-induced curfew. MOMA, a unit of the state’s Department of Horticulture and Soil Conservation, reported the day-off during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Launched the app under CM’s supervision to provide fresh vegetables for daily consumption and reduce distress sales of agricultural produce. MOMA is tasked to work in the field and promote vegetable losses and proliferation of COVID-19 To prevent this, the channel farm has been produced through home delivery to consumers. Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) working with MOMA will harvest vegetables from various farms. It is then cold stored at the department’s premises in Sanjenthong and other places. Storage and will be moved to warehouses. Finally, the consumer’s MOMA market order will be shipped to their doorstep.
12. Satoshi Uchida becomes the new company head of Suzuki Motorcycle India
Suzuki Motorcycle India (Suzuki Motorcycle India) by Satoshi Uchida (Satoshi Uchida) has been appointed as the new head of the company. He replaces Koichiro Hirao as part of the Suzuki Motor Corporation’s global reform. Suzuki Motorcycle India recorded its highest ever monthly sales in April 2021, with sales of 77,849 units during the month. Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Minami-ku.
13. Google Cloud partnered with SpaceX to provide satellite Internet service
Internet service via Starlink satellite by Google Cloud and SpaceXSigned an agreement to provide. Google will provide cloud infrastructure for this connectivity project, while Space X will install ground terminals in Google’s cloud data centers to connect StarLink satellites. This will help in providing faster internet service in rural areas. The service will be available to customers before the end of 2021. The first Starlink terminal will be installed at a Google data center in Ohio, United States. Earlier, Microsoft has signed a similar agreement with SpaceX to connect its Azure cloud to Starlink. Starlink is a project under which SpaceX aims to send 12,000 satellites to provide space-based Internet.
14. Creation of National Digital Financial Infrastructure (NADI) by IDRBT
Banking Technology Development and Research Institute (Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology – IDRBT) National Digital financial infrastructure(National Digital Financial Infrastructure-NADI) is building a next generation digital financial infrastructure. NADI will provide a roadmap and framework for the development of future digital financial services in India. NADI will include a modern network infrastructure, including a 5G / edge cloud with SDN (software-defined networking) to connect to critical data center infrastructure on the back-end. IDRBT is a branch of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It will also have a middleware infrastructure to support both digital identity verification, digital identity evaluation and digital asset management with support for efficient digital laser technologies and AI / ML technologies. ”
15. Moktor Owen again became Prime Minister of Mali
Moctor Oune (Moctar Ouane) for Mali has been re-appointed as the Prime Minister. He was appointed as the Prime Minister of the caretaker government in August 2020 after the removal of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Under the instructions of President Bah N’Daw, Owen must form a new government with space for the political class. In April 2021, the interim government of Mali announced that it would hold a constitutional referendum on October 31 and elections in February 2022. Mali is facing political crisis due to disputed legislative elections and economic deadlock due to economic deadlock, corruption and the Kovid-19 epidemic.
16. Center issued guidelines to establish health infrastructure in rural areas
Government of India recently issued guidelines to control COVID-19 in rural areasIssued. COVID-19 care centers should be set up for asymptomatic cases in urban and rural areas. These centers should have at least 30 beds. It should be installed mainly in areas where home isolation is not possible. Rapid antigen test kits should be provided in all public health facilities. It also includes Primary Health Centers and Health and Wellness Centers. COVID care centers will accept the suspected or confirmed case. However, it should have separate areas for confirmed and suspected cases. Apart from urban areas, a large number of cases have increased in tribal areas, rural areas and suburban areas. Thus, the Ministry has released ” SOP on COVID-19 Containment and Management in Peri-Urban, Rural and Tribal Areas “.
17. Army finds solution to convert liquid oxygen into low pressure oxygen gas
India’s response to the second wave of Kovid determines the extremely fast growing demand for oxygen and oxygen cylinders . As oxygen was transferred to liquid form in cryogenic tanks , the rapid conversion of liquid oxygen gas to oxygen used and ensuring its availability on the bed of patients was a significant challenge for all hospitals managing Kovid patients. Major General Sanjay RihaniThe team of engineers of the Indian Army, under the leadership of the Indian Army has taken the initiative to find a solution to this challenge. To ensure oxygen was available without the use of gas cylinders, a special task force was formed for this innovation, and the need to repeatedly fill gas cylinders was eliminated. The solution was discovered using vaporizers, PRVs and liquid oxygen cylinders in direct consultation with CSIR and DRDO for more than seven days. To ensure the continuous conversion of liquid oxygen to oxygen gas at the required pressure and temperature on the Kovid patient’s bed , the team designed a specially designed vaporizer cylinder of small capacity (250 liters) that can automatically pressurize and directly Processed through the usable outlet pressure (4 Bar) with the expected leak-proof pipeline and pressure valve.
18. Arjan Bhullar became the first Indian-origin fighter to win the MMA title
Canada ‘s Arjan Singh Bhullar defeated Brandon Vera to claim the title of Heavyweight World Champion in the Singapore One Championship . He also became the first Indian-origin mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to do this feat . With this victory, Arzan broke the five-year-old dominance of the American-American Vera of the Philippines. Bhullar won gold medals at the 2010 and 2012 Commonwealth Games. He became the first Indian-origin freestyle wrestler to represent Canada at the Olympics.
19. India’s Tejaswini Shankar won the high jump title in USA
Representing Kansas State University , Tejaswini Shankar of India won the men’s high jump title one-by-one at the Big 12 Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Manhattan, USA . He is the third Indian to compete in the highly competitive USA Circuit, a breeding ground for many American track and field Olympians. Shankar also won the men’s high jump title in the 2019 edition of the Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championships, while the 2020 edition was canceled due to the Kovid-19 pandemic.
20. Kobe Bryant posthumously joined the basketball hall of fame
Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant is posthumously inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He was presented at the ceremony by NBA great Michael Jordan in Connecticut and his widow Vanessa accepted him to attend the hall on his behalf. Los Angeles Lakers Great Bryant retired in 2016; He was the NBA’s most valuable player in 2008. The five-time NBA champion died in January 2020 at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash.
21. International Museum Day: 18 May
International Museum Day is celebrated on 18 May worldwide to raise awareness about how important museums are in the development of society . International Museum Day (International Museum Day) was founded in 1977, International Museum Council was went by the (International Council of Museums – ICOM) . The day aims to raise awareness of museums as an important means of cultural exchange, promotion of cultures and mutual understanding, cooperation and peace between people. International Museum Day 2021 theme: ” The future of museums: Recovery and reimagining (The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine)”.
22. Famous Tamil writer and folklorist Rajanarayanan passed away
Famous Tamil Lokgeetkar and acclaimed author that. Rajnaraynn (Ki. Rajanarayanan) has died. Known by his Tamil priests as Kira , he was known as the forerunner of ‘Karisal Literature’. Waste their novel Gopalpurthu Makkal to (Gopalapurathu Makkal) ‘ Sahitya Akademi Award in 1991 was awarded. He was a noted author of short stories, novels, folktales and essays and has published more than 30 books.
23. Padmashri Dr. KK Aggarwal dies from Corona
Padmashri Dr. KK Aggarwal passed away due to corona infection. Agarwal, 62 , was president of the Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania (CMAAO) and the Heart Care Foundation of India . Dr. KK Aggarwal took both doses of the vaccine. On April 26, his Corona report came back positive. He was awarded the Dr. BC Roy Award in 2005 and India’s fourth highest civilian award in 2010, the Padma Shri, for his contribution in the field of medicine .
24. UP government minister Vijay Kashyap dies
Minister of State in Uttar Pradesh Government Vijay Kashyap has passed away. He was infected with Corona. Vijay Kashyap was an MLA from the Charathaval Legislative Assembly of Muzaffarnagar in UP . Vijay Kashyap was the Minister of State for Flood and Control in the Yogi government . He was Kovid positive on 29 April and was admitted to the hospital since then.