Latest Bank Interview Questions and Sample Answers

1. What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten years?   

Most importantly be realistic Blue sky stuff brands you as immature. One or two management jumps in three to five years is a reasonable goal. If your track indicates you are on line for senior management in ten years its okay to mention. However if you have had a rocky road its better to be introspective.

2. Have you applied to any other areas apart from banking?    

Here of course your answer will hold some other finance or sales and marketing careers – insurance or accountancy, altogether these careers should have skills related to banking. Here of course becuase banking sectore whos booming sector even throgh in resssation our banking sectore performe well and its give good shape to your carrer

3. Why do you want to work here?

If you have done your homework about this organization now is the time to use that knowledge. Remember even as a recruited candidate some facilities will want to understand why you would select them. If you are a recruited candidate remind them that you were not looking when you were contacted but that the challenge sounded intriguing and that a solid opportunity for career advancement is important to you.

4. I have completed  B-Tech.If interviewer ask why are you wanted to join banking sector instead of doing engineering field?what should be the my answer?

Just tell them that banking industry is developing in such way that it gives a lot of career opportunity.and also you are very much attracted with the respect people have towards a bank employee…especially say the banks name in which you are called for..say something about the technological advancement in the banking industry that attracted you most.

5. If any interviewr ask if you get more salary other than my company will you go for that?

As an aspirant for successful professional, i think it is the experience not the salary that matters to get the peak.Besides, this company is on a high growth trajectory.Hence if i am eligible it is an honor to grow with my company.

6. Describe your gaps in employment frequent job changes or your being asked to leave your last position?

Addressing mistakes in choices you made in the past will demonstrate maturity. Being unable to do so will cost you the job. From commuting issues to re engineering there are people who never expected job loss or changes to be a problem to address. Be able to address each issue clearly with solid information. This is an opportunity to grow with new challenges. Convey why you can and are ready to settle down now and your ability to make a contribution to a new organization.If you have taken time off between positions it is OK to let them know that you were not looking for another job. Let the interviewer know with increased responsibility and your broadened experience you will be an asset to their team. If you had offers and did not accept them, let them know you are looking for the perfect organization theirs Be positive introspective and honest but do not dwell on the question.

7. Why banking that also clerk after MBA.

My passion is to be in a banking sector .So that i can start my career with bank and attain good position

8. What do you consider your Most Significant Strengths?

Be prepared by knowing your four or five key strengths. Be able to discuss each with a specific example. Select those attributes that are most compatible with the job opening. Some people say management or good inter-personal skills in answer to this. Do not answer this way unless you can describe with specific examples the characteristics of management (planning organizing results staffing etc.) or how your relationship skills have proven critical to your success.

9. Describe your Typical Day?    

The interviewer is looking for your organizational skills and the functions you handle to determine if you can address their problems. Before the interview review what you do daily weekly and monthly. Being energetic planned able to set goals and willing to be flexible are all important aspects of successfully managing your new responsibilities. Extensive discussion about putting out fires may signal a problem with your ability to plan or anticipate problems.The interviewer wants to know whether you are a responsible person or not .You have to impress him by narrating your day in such away that he gets aglimpse of your responsibility, efficiency, hard workingnature, & above all you are wputting all efforts to reach your goal.

10. Why do you Believe that you are Qualified for this Position? 

Be certain you know the specifics of the question do they need a person to maintain the status quo or make major changes Do they want staff development a hands-on manager or an administrator to facilitate policies with upper administration. Pick two or three main factors about the job and about you that are most relevant. Provide specific details. Select a clinical or technical skill or a specific management skill (organizing staffing planning) and combine it with a personal success attribute. Have you ever accomplished something you didnt think you could The interviewer is trying to determine your goal orientation work ethic personal commitment and integrity. Provide a good example where you overcame numerous difficulties to succeed. Prove you are not a quitter and that you will get going when the going gets tough. Specify all your strengths and relate them to the position you are applying.

11. What do you like dislike most about your current position? What will you miss most about your current position?  

The interviewer is trying to determine compatibility with the open position. If you have an interest in the position be careful. Stating that you dislike overtime or detail work can cost you the position. There is nothing wrong with liking challenges pressure situations opportunities to grow or a dislike for bureaucracy or frustrating situations. Again be positive about your current position.

12. Describe the Difference between being a Manager and a Leader and a Follower?    

Your answer will tell the interviewer about your understanding of hiring motivating and retaining staff. Following directions thinking outside of the box empowering people or just doing what needs to be done all of these management approaches have their time. Its OK to be a manager certain situations require it. Being a leader is the next level of managerial development, so convey what is appropriate for you.manager in the sense of manage the management. It includes planinig, coordinating, controlling, all these thinks.leader is nothing but to lead the team. It mainly concentrate to avoid any speculation of work and follow the managerial activities of above. Followers is just like follow to who are giving one work should be clearly fullfill that.

13. What significant trends do you see in the future for our industry?

This is your chance to shine. You will be fully familiar with the economic situation as it relates to banking or how recent legislation affects it. How will you be familiar? Because you will have done your research and preparation properly. You will have talked to people about the employer, you will have been reading trade magazines, journals and newspapers, and you will have poured over company brochures, annual reports or anything else you can get your hands on direct from the employer. You could talk about tele-banking, the limited range of services now being offered by the supermarket banks, the effects of technology and competition and much more. The Employment Files in the Careers Service library are an obvious first place to look. The Internet is also an excellent source of information. Be ready to have more than one significant trend to discuss. The most significant trends is to maintain relationships with client, provide them best services at earliest, application of new technologies, reach out to remote areas, educating customer the benefits of banks.

14. Describe your involvement in re engineering down-sizing or cost containment processes?

Healthcare continues to go through major changes. Describe in a positive way what changes you led facilitated or were involved in as a participant. Use examples where you specifically made changes and describe the outcome.

15. Why do you choose banking sector?  

Banking sector has evolved tremendously in the past decade. It is not just limited to its basic role of lending money n taking deposits. this scope has been widened. There has been development of adequate professional management and modern managerial techniques and practices in banking. Banking operations now also serve a large social purpose. Such highly evolved booming as well as challenging sector requires upbeat and enthusiastic workers with strong interpersonal skills.

16. What is probability officer and its duties and responsibilities?    

The Main role of Probationary officer in a banking is to maintain the operation in all levels of banking and he holds the position period up to the bank’s rule. After Completion of trianing only you have the Responsibilities under which u have to be Promoted. po post in banking system is to maintain al the activities related to like custor oriented as created deposite from the custor, giving loan to the customers,opening any type of a/c, increasing the customer by convincing it, maintaning the cash in the drawer, voucher authoriation, day to day generating the reports, npa recovery, telling government scheme to the cutomers and many more like all the branch operation.

17. How do you Handle Pressure?    

High achievers tend to perform well in high pressure situations. These questions also could imply that the position is pressure packed. If you do perform well under stress provide an example with details giving an overview of the stressful situation. Let the interviewer feel the stress by your description. In such a stressful situation first you would try to be focussed and strategically plan to arrive at the best and logical decision, which the situation would require.

18. Where have you saved money handled more with less or found other ways to cut cost or increase productivity?   

Describe your actions with a positive can-do attitude. Most organizations face these same issues and your proven success will make a good impression. Be specific and describe your successes in quantifiable terms. Share those achievements where you increased revenue reduced costs improved quality of care or otherwise improved the bottom line. Know the positive impact you have made for your current and past organizations. Well articulated, these answers can land your next opportunity.

19. What are the challenges for banking sector of India?

As it is banking sector, it has to face social and economic factors which leads to economic growth for developed and under developed countries. mainly banking is solid foundation and meet needs of industry and commerce. Every sector has its own kind of challenges to face when it comes to banking sector its challenges are very high. if you see some development in India it’s because of banking sector cause its contribution to economy is maximum.

20. Who are our major competitors and what differences do you notice in our Bankings products?

The company will be expecting that you have done your research on the industry generally. You should be familiar with the bank’s products and services – literature on these can be picked up at any branch. Read the banks brochures and annual reports – these may be in the careers information room. Be aware of current trends in the market and try to find out what each bank is doing in these areas. Insurance and Mutual Fund sectors are competitiors to banking industry. Banking products are different than those prodcuts as banking products assure rewards on investment where as others can’t gve any assurance.