Jain community movement on Shatranjaya Tirtha in Gujarat


1. President in Rajasthan; Inaugurated the Constitution Garden at Rajbhavan Jaipur; Virtually inaugurated transmission systems for solar power sectors in Rajasthan and laid the foundation stone of 1000 MW Bikaner Solar Energy Project

President Mrs. Draupadi Murmu Ne Raj Bhavan, Jaipur in Constitution Park, Peacock Pillar, National Flag Post Abound and Mahatma Gandhi and Maharana Pratap Unveiled the statue of। On this occasion he virtualized in Rajasthan solar energy fields for transmission system Inaugurated and SJVN Limited Of 1000 MW Bikaner Solar Power Project Lived the foundation of। President Murmu Rajasthan Shift Starting in 18th National Jubilee of India Sweats and Guides Will also inaugurate।

2. Prime Minister addressed 108th Indian Science Congress through video conference

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ne video conference Through this 108th Indian Science Congress ( ISC ) Addressed to। The main theme of this year’s ISC “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development with Women Empowerment” Is where issues of sustainable development, women empowerment and the role of science and technology in achieving it are being discussed। Participant women STEM ( science, technology, engineering, mathematics ) education, research opportunities and efforts to find ways to provide equal access to economic participation, as well as teaching, Will discuss and discuss ways to increase the number of women in the top sectors of research and industry। A special event will also be organized to showcase the contribution of women in science and technology, which will also feature lectures from renowned women scientists। The first session of the Congress was held in 1914। 108th Annual Session of ISC Rashtriyant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Will be held in, which is also celebrating its centenary this year।

3. The Central Government constituted a High Powers Committee for the protection of the specific culture, language and employment of Ladakh.

Ladakh Of Specific culture, language and employment The central government has a High Powers Committee Is formed। There will be 17 members in this committee, headed by the Minister of State for Home Affairs Nityanand Rai will do। The Deputy Governor of Ladakh in the High Powers Committee, R.K. Mathur, MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, President of Leh and Kargil Mountain Councils, representatives of Leh-Kargil top body, Kargil Democratic Alliance and nominated officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs। The committee will discuss the preservation of the culture and language there, given the geographical location and strategic importance of Ladakh। It will also discuss measures related to employment and conservation of land for the people, inclusive development, employment generation and empowerment of Leh-Kargil Autonomous Mountain Development Councils of Ladakh।

4. UIDAI launches online address correction based on ‘ Head of the household ’

Indian Specific Identification Authority ( UIDAI) Has introduced a new facility suited to citizens। Under this, they Assistance in online improvement in the address entered in Aadhaar with the consent of the head of the household ( HOF ) will get। Facilitating improvement in HOF based online address in Aadhaar will provide considerable assistance to children, spouse, guardians etc. relatives who do not have documents in their name। This can also be done by submitting documents related to proof of relationship like ration card, marksheet, marriage certificate, passport etc, Which mentions the name of the applicant and the HOF and the relationship between them। For this, HOF has to be certified through OTP। In the event that the documents associated with the proof of relationship are not available, the HOF has to submit a self-declaration to the UIDAI in the format suggested by the UIDAI।

5. ADB and India sign $ 300 million loan agreement to improve connectivity in Assam

Asian Development Bank (ADB ) and Government of India Ne Ass in More than 300 kilometers of state highways and major district roads ( MDR) to upgrade 300 million dollars Signed the loan agreement। Additional Secretary of the Department of Economic Programs in the Ministry of Finance for this Assam South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation ( SASEC ) Corridor Connectivity Improvement Project, Mr. Rajat Kumar Mishra on behalf of the Government of India Signed and Mr. Nilay Mitash, Officer-in-Charge of the resident mission of ADB India, signed on behalf of ADB।

6. To strengthen the power sector in Tripura, ADB and India signed a $ 220 million loan agreement

Tripura in To improve energy security, supply quality, efficiency and tolerability of the power sectorAsian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of India 220 million dollars Signed the loan agreement letter of। Mr. Rajat Kumar Mishra, the signatory for the Tripura Power Distribution Strengthening and Production Efficiency Improvement Project, is the Additional Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, who signed on behalf of the Government of India, While the officer in charge of ADB’s India Resident Mission was signed by Mr. Ho Yoon Jeong on behalf of ADB।

7. NTPC launches first green hydrogen mixing project in PNG network

NTPC Limited Ne India’s first green hydrogen mixing project started Of। NTPC Kawas Township, Surat K Piped Natural Gas ( PNG ) NetworkGreen hydrogen mixture has been started। The project is a joint effort of NTPC and Gujarat Gas Limited ( GGL )। The first molyk yule of green hydrogen from the project was headed by Mr. P.Ramprasad set in motion in the presence of NTPC Kawas and other senior officers of GGL। NTPC and GGL have continuously worked towards achieving this important achievement in record time after being laid the foundation stone by the Honorable Prime Minister of India on 30 July 2022। It is ready to supply H2-NG ( natural gas ) to the homes of Kawas Township in Adityanagar, Surat। Green hydrogen in Kawas is formed by electrolysis of water using electricity from a previously installed MW floating solar project।

8. Croatia became a member of the fully integrated European Union

1 January 2023 To, Croatia Ne Europe K Passport-free travel area ( world’s largest ) To join Euro Adopted and eliminated dozens of border posts to join the European Union 27th country has been made। Adopting the euro will make it easier to travel and trade and the currency exchange hassle for the Croatian logo going abroad। Croatia with a population of about 4 million Kuna Mudra Said goodbye to। With this he 20th member of eurozoneThe country also became। Croatia joined the European Union in the year 2013, but had to accept the rule of strict economic conditions ( stable exchange rate, to adopt the euro, Controlling inflation and strengthening public expenditure )।

9. India’s unemployment rate reached its highest level in 16 months

Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) According to the data of, India’s unemployment rate in December 8.30% Reached, which is the highest level in 16 months। This shows an 8.00% increase recorded in November। The urban unemployment rate also saw an increase, which increased from 8.96% in November to 10.09% in December। However, a slight decrease in the rural unemployment rate was observed, which decreased from 7.55% in November to 7.44% in December। Haryana highest unemployment rate 37.4% Was recorded। Rajasthan in this 28.5 percent And reached 20.8 percent in Delhi। while Odisha in Lowest 0.9% was।

10. The statement of a minister cannot be said indirectly as the statement of the government – high court

Great Has said that The statement of a minister cannot be said indirectly as the statement of the government., No matter what the principle of collective responsibility is applied। The constitutional bench of five members said that of the constitution Article 19-(2) No other restriction can be imposed on the right of freedom of expression of any citizen except the restrictions prescribed under it। Nyayamurthi S. Abul Nazir, B.R. Gawai, A.s. Bopna, V. Ram Subrahmanyam and B.V. The constitution bench of five judges of Nagarata stated that the provisions under section 19-(2) have been broadened। The decision of the High Court has come to the question whether any restrictions can be imposed on the independence of the expression of a public servant। Nyayamurthy Nagarat Na has written a separate decision and said that the freedom of speech and expression is a very important right, so that all citizens have the right knowledge about governance।

11. High Court said – theaters can prevent people from bringing their food

Great Has given the decision Eligible to lay down rules relating to the sale of food items and beverages in the theater complex, the owner of the cinema hall Will be। Principal judge D.why. ChandrachudIn the chairperson, a bench said that cinema owners will decide whether outdoor foods can be brought to their premises? Pari said that the cinema hall is the personal property of the owner, and he can set the rules as long as it is not contrary to public interest and safety। The court rejected the order of the court of Jamu-Kash Mir Uchchth Nayalaya, In which cinema hall owners were instructed not to ban the audience from carrying food items in the cinema hall। Halaki, the high-pitched Nayayayal’s back has clarified that cinema hall owners should provide safe drinking water to the audience in the theater। Pari also said that if infants or children go to the cinema hall with parents, they can take the appropriate amount of food items for them।

12. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated Bailey Suspension Bridge on Chinab River in Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir

Union territory Jammu Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh Ne Ramban District of Jammu Division in Chinab River on Bailey Suspension Bridge Inaugurated। The Seema Sadak organization completed construction of the 240-foot-high belly suspension bridge just over a month before the deadline। The bridge has a wooden decoration with a load capacity of 40 tons of single vehicle at a time।

13. Rakshamantri Rajnath Singh dedicated 28 border baseline projects to Rashtriya costing Rs 724 crore.

Defense minister Rajnath Singh Ne Arunachal Pradesh in Siom bridge Was inaugurated। Also Border road organization Completed by 27 baseline projects Also inaugurated। 724 crore rupees These projects, prepared at the cost of, will expand the basic facilities on the border of China and especially on the border with China, from Ladakh to Arunachal। With the help of the Siom bridge built on the Alang-Ikiang Rod, the army will facilitate the transport of vehicles and weapons to the Upper Sinyag district, Tuting and Inkiang region, along the real control line। Mr. Rajnath Singh from Siom Bridge via Virtual Madhya Arunachal Pradesh, Jam Mu-Kash Mir, Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Punjab and Rajasthan in 21 other bridges, three roads and three basic projects Also inaugurated।

14. Not a single incident of rhino poaching in Assam in the last year

Prime minister Narendra Modi Ne Ass in Rhinoceros protection The people of the state have been appreciated for the efforts made in the direction of। Prime Minister congratulates the people of the state There is not a single incident of rhino poaching in the last year Granted। Chief Minister Himant Biswa Sarma The Prime Minister expressed happiness over this news while sharing a tweet from। Mr. Sarma said that the giant rhinoceros is now more secure in Assam। He praised the efforts of the Assam Forest Department and Assam Police to protect the iconic animal।

15. Jain community movement on Shatranjaya Tirtha in Gujarat

Gujarat in Bhavnagar district Police Palitana City near Shatranjaya Hill But a police post has been made to increase security। The move has been taken due to protests by this community when it was ransacked in one of the holy pilgrimage centers of the Jain community near the hill। There is an area called Palitana in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat। Palitana town Jainism There is a great center of faith for the people of। A large number of people of Jainism come here to visit। They have a religious connection to the area, so the area was declared vegetarian years ago। Not only this, it is the only town in the world that is completely vegetarian। This hill is about 164 feet above sea level। Here Shatranjaya RiverFlows and Palitana city is located on the banks of this river। 865 Jain Temple is situated on Shatranjaya hill and Shvetambar is a sacred place for the Jains। Shatranjaya river flows here, hence its name was Shatranjaya hill। People of Jainism say that for the last few years efforts have been made to desecrate their sacred religious sites, Shatranjaya hills। On 26 November last year, one of the temples of the Jain community was ransacked in the Jain Sant’s Charan Paduka।

16. India will handle the APPU in its main laws of Bangkok

India from this month Asian Pacific Postal Association ( APPU ) Will take over the leadership of। Its headquarters Bangkok, Thailand Is in। Following the successful elections held during the 13th APPU Congress held in Bangkok during August-September 2022, former members of the Postal Services Board ( Personnel ) Dr. gracious light Lion Tenure of 4 years Will take over as the Secretary-General of the Union। The Asian Pacific Postal Association ( APPU ) is an intergovernmental organization of 32 member countries of the Asian-Pacific region। APPU is the only restricted union of the Universal Postal Union ( UPU ) in the region, a specialized agency of the United Nations। The APPU aims to expand, facilitate and improve postal relations between member states to promote cooperation in the field of postal services।

17. The central government laid down mandatory verification of players for online gaming companies and permanent address rules in India.

Central government Online gaming companies From them Self-operated mechanism, compulsory verification of players and permanent address rule in India Are determined। The government has released a draft online gaming rules। Gaming companies will come under the new Information Technology Rules 2021 of social media platforms। These companies are expected to follow the law of the country and the rules related to gambling। The government has essentially asked them to follow these laws। The draft rules states that institutions operating online gaming will follow the guidelines given under the rules honestly। These rules state that hosting, displaying, uploading, publishing or sharing online games is not done।

18. Ministry of Defense, Education, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and all three services signed letters of intent with stakeholders to continue education of firefighters

Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship And All three services Ne Agnivis working in the armed forces Of Education Hasletters on letters of intent with several stakeholders to facilitate the continuation। Under these letters of intent National Muqt School Sanshan and Indira Gandhi National Open University Twelfth grade sub-certificate and student degrees will be given to the firemen।

19. Kerala plans to replace Aymanam village as a center for women-friendly sites

Women K Friendly tourism network Of making Government of Kerala In line with the plan, state officials demonstrated the talent of women as well Aymanam Village ( A responsible tourism ( RT) plans to replace village ) as a center for women-friendly destinations। 80% of RT units in the village are already run by women। The village is also included under the state’s Agri Street project। Responsible tourism requires operators, hotel owners, governments, local people and tourists to take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable। It is about making people a better place to live and travel to people।

20. Person and organization associated with G20 summit targeted for spear fishing: CERT-In

G20 Summit Before, whose India in 2023 Will host, CERT-In ( India’s leading cyber security agency ) has found that Spear fishing On target Individuals and organizations associated with the G20 summit Will be prominently। Suspected “anti-cyber” are working for North Korea, China and Russia। Spear phishing is an attempt to deceive a particular person / group into providing personal information over the Internet or by email, Especially by sending emails that seem to be from someone they know।

21. RBI released list of important domestic banks

RBI Of public sector Sbai And private sector ICICI Bank and HDFC BankHas again been selected as systemically important domestic banks ( D-SIB )। SIB is called a bank that falls under the category of Two Big to Fail ( TBTF)। That is, the impact of the failure of this bank is widespread। The government helps such banks if they fail due to TBTF status। Due to SIB status, such banks also take some advantage in the funding market। Earlier in 2021, RBI had selected these three banks as D-SIBs। The Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) declared SBI and ICICI Bank as D-SIB in 2015 and 2016। HDFC Bank was also classified as D-SIB, based on data collected from banks as of March 31, 2017। The current update is based on data collected from banks as of March 31, 2022।

22. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan inaugurated the Indian Library Congress in Kannur, Kerala

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan On 1 January 2023 Kerala K Kannur In collect ground Indian Library Congress Inaugurated। The Indian Library Congress was organized by the People’s Mission for Social Development and Library Council from 1 -3 January 2023 and hosted by Kannur University, Kerala।

23. Elon Musk became the first person to lose $ 200 billion net worth

Tesla CEO of Alan musk First person in the world to lose $ 200 billion worth of assets Have become। Musk’s wealth has been falling quite rapidly for the past year and the tamga of being the number one rich man in the world has also been snatched away from him।According to the Bloomberg Bilnier Index, Musk’s assets have fallen to $ 137 billion, its highest level at $ 340 billion on November 4, 2021। Musk has lost $ 200 billion since then। Bernard Arnault, owner of LMVH, a luxury goods company that beat Musk in December, became the richest person in the world।

24. Government starts process of buying 100 and K9-Vajra

Ministry of Defense Ne Purchase of 100 and K9-Vajra tracked self-propelled howitzer cannons Has started the process for। The 100th cannon was handed over to the army in the year 2021। K9-Vajra 155mm, 52 caliber tracked self-propelled howitzer ( is a small cannon ) to fire shells at high trajectories at low velocity, called Larsen & Toubro ( L&T)Made in India by South Korean Defense Chief Hanwa Defense has transferred technology based on its K9 Thunder। The K9 Thunder platform is made of fully welded steel armor safety material। K9-Vajra has been developed under the ‘By Global ( ) Buy Globa’’ program of the defense procurement process ( Defense Procurement Procedure- DPP), Where foreign companies are allowed to participate। The K9-Vajra was purchased primarily for use in the desert, but the Indo-China deadlock prompted them to deploy to the mountains as well। To ensure that these systems perform better in extreme cold conditions of the mountains, the army has also purchased wintryization kits for the deployed regiment।

25. The 10th edition of Dhaka Sahitya Mahotsav will take place on 5-8 January

Kovid-19 epidemic After being canceled for three consecutive years due to, Bangladesh Largest international literary festival Dhaka Lit Fest ( DLF ) Of 10th edition, Is scheduled to take place on 5-8 January 2023। The event will take place in the historic grounds of Bangla Academy in Dhaka। More than 500 litterateurs from around the world will participate in the festival, including Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah। It will have more than 175 sessions with discussion on science and technology, activities for children, young adults, film screenings, theatrical, music and cultural performances।The organizers of DLF called it ‘ festival of ideas ’। Films, OTT, science and other subjects of public interest will also be discussed in this program। It will have presentations for children as well as women। Dhaka Lit Fest will also hold discussions on health, food and cooking along with other topics। Dhaka Lit Fest ( DLF) Dhaka in 2011, and began with a commitment to promote Bangladeshi literature and culture in the world।

26. Kaustav Chatterjee became the 78th Grandmaster of India

Kostav Chatterjee 78th Grandmaster of India Have become। He has achieved this achievement during the MPL 59th National Senior Chess Championship in New Delhi। Kostav Chatterjee finished his last Grandmaster Norm by finishing with a match draw against Grandmaster Mitrabha Guha and became the country’s 78th Grandmaster।

27. Defense Research and Development Organization

January 1, 2023 Ko ‘Defense Research and Development Organization’ ( DRDO) K 65th Establishment Day Was organized। Establishment of ‘ Defense R&D Organization ’ to promote research in defense sector January 1, 1958 with only 10 laboratoriesWas done and was intended to create the modernest technologies for the Indian armed forces। It currently operates under the Department of Defense Research and Development of the Ministry of Defense। Currently DRDO is attached to the construction of modern technologies in the military sector, including aeronautics, armaments, war vehicles, engineering systems, missiles, naval systems,Includes Advance Computing and Simulation। In its long period of 64 years, the organization has played an important role in changing the landscape of defense R&D in the country। It is noted that ‘ Defense R&D Organization ’ had also done considerable important work against the Kovid-19 epidemic at the infrastructural level। More than 850 oxygen plants have been set up by this organization with the help of PM-Care Fund and many covid-focused hospitals across the country in addition to developing a drug called ‘2DG’ Also established are the।

28. Savitribai Phule, India’s first female teacher

Of modern india First female teacher Savitribai Phule Salutations on his birth anniversary। Their birth 3 January 1831 to Naygaon of Maharashtra Happened in। They are remembered as the lighthouse of women’s rights in India। He was married in 1840 at the age of just nine Jyotirao Phule Happened from। Impressed by his urge to learn, Jyotirao taught Savitribai to read and write। She trained as a teacher and became a qualified teacher in 1847। Savitribai with Jyotirao to change the status of women in the country Setting up a girl’s school in Pune in 1848। Savitribai established a shelter in 1864 for his flourishing, sympathetic to the widows। Savitribai opened a clinic in Hadpasar, Pune, for the bubonic plague victims spread across Maharashtra in the 1890s। She herself was infected with the disease while carrying a 10-year-old boy infected with the plague into her arms। On 10 March 1897 Savitribai Phule breathed his last। Savitribai’s life and work is an example of social reform and women’s empowerment in Indian society।

29. Bhima Koregaon War Anniversary

recently Year 1818 In war Peshwa Army Fighting against Mahar soldiers To pay tribute to 205th Anniversary of Bhima-Koregaon War Celebrated। Bhima-Koregaon ‘Jai Pathak‘ Those British EIC soldiers Remembrance of Third Anglo Maratha War (1818) Was martyred in the last battle of। With only 834 infantrymen in battle ( ~ 500 Mahar ) the British defeated the 28,000 strong army of Peshwa Bajirao II ( ended the muscle domination )। The Battle of Bhima Koregaon was fought on 1 January 1818 in Koregaon Bhima between the British East India Company and the Peshwa Army।

30. Famous singer Sumitra Sen died at the age of 89

Bengal Famous in Rabindra music Legendary singer Sumitra Sen He died at his home in Kolkata after a long illness। She was 89 years old। His death has caused a wave of mourning in the music world। Sumitra Sen had been struggling with respiratory problems for a long time। She was suffering from broncho-pneumonia and was hospitalized on 21 December। However, he was discharged from the hospital three days later। His singer daughter Shrabni Sen informed him of his death through a Facebook post।