Justice Dhananjay Yashwant Chandrachud sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Uchtham Nayayalaya


1. Justice Dhananjay Yashwant Chandrachud sworn in as the new Chief Justice of the Uchtham Nayayalaya

President Draupadi Murmu In Rashtrapati Bhavan Justice D. Y. Chandrachud to 50th Chief Justice Sworn as। Justice Chandrachud Justice U0 U0 Fine Has been replaced, who retired on 8 November। Born in 1959, Justice Chandrachud On 13 May 2016 Supreme Court judges were appointed। before he Allahabad High Court Served as Chief Justice of। He had completed his LLB studies from the Campus Law Center of the University of Delhi and received his LLM degree and doctorate in judicial science from Harvard Law School in the United States।

2. Vice President Jagdeep Dhanakhar will lead India to ASEAN-India Memorial Summit in Cambodia

Vice president Jagdeep Dhanushal this week Cambodia in ASEAN-India Summit Will participate in। It is expected to review the status of strategic partnerships between the two sides and to take stock of cooperation in the areas of trade, investment and connectivity। According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Dhanakhar will also represent India at the 17th East Asia Summit during his three-day visit to the Southeast Asian nation।

3. Central Water Power Minister released Dynamic Groundwater Resource Assessment Report for the entire country of the year 2022

Central Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Sheikhawat Ne New Delhi in Year 2022 Dynamic for the whole country Groundwater Resource Assessment Report Issued। According to the Ministry of Water Power, the assessment report for the year 2022 for the entire country Total annual groundwater recharge 437 decimal 60 billion cubic meters – BCM Is and for the whole country Annual groundwater drainage 239 decimal 16 bcm is। This evaluation Central Ground Water Board – CGWB, Was done jointly by states and union territories, which can be used by various stakeholders to make appropriate interventions। Out of a total of 7089 assessment units in the country, 1006 units are classified as ‘over-exploited। ( This means that the rate at which water is extracted is higher than the rate at which the aquifer is able to recharge )। The analysis indicates an improvement in groundwater conditions in 909 assessment units in the country compared to 2017 assessment data। The assessment shows an overall increase in groundwater recharge। India is the largest user of groundwater in the world। Groundwater is a major source for drinking water and irrigation in India।

4. Mangrove Alliance for Climate ( MAC) launched at 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP27 )

Central Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Mr. Bhupendra Yadav Ne Mangrove Alliance for Climate ( MAC ) Put your thoughts on the occasion of the beginning of। this program Sharm-al-SheikhEgypt getting in COP27 Was held other than। Mangrove Alliance for Climate ( MAC) is an intergovernmental alliance Mangrove ecosystem Attempts to expand and accelerate progress towards conservation and restoration। Its members include United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Japan and Spain। This alliance will raise global awareness of the role of mangroves as a nature-based climate change solution। This will ensure rehabilitation of mangrove forests globally। India’s inclusion in this new alliance to expand the forest and tree cover by the end of the current decade to create an additional carbon sink equal to 2.5 to 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide The nationally determined contribution for ( NDC )। India State of Fours Report 2021 Can see here।

5. Indian-Amriaki citizen Aruna Miller victorious in Maryland’s election as lieutenant governor

Indian-Amariki citizen Aruna Miller Lieutenant Governor of Maryland The election of the post has been declared victorious। With this historic success, Aruna Miller will be elected to this position First Indian-Amariqi politician and First south asian woman Have also been made। Miller has thanked the people of Maryland for their decision। Ms. Miller is the former Executive Director of the Indian American Impt (Indian American Impact)।

6. Retired Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi was appointed as the Chairman of the 22nd Law Commission of India constituted in the year 2020.

Karnataka High Court Retired Chief Justice of Rituraj Awasthi to In the year 2020 formed 22nd Law Commission of India Has been appointed as the Chairman of। The Law Commission of India is a non-statutory body constituted by the Government of India from time to time। The first Law Commission of Independent India was established in the year 1955 for a three-year term। The First Law Commission was established by the Charter Act of 1833 during the British Raj period in the year 1834 and was chaired by Lord Macaulay।

7. GSMA elected Group CEO of Bharati Airtel, Gopal Vittal as Vice President

Global industry body GSMA Ne Bharti Airtel Group Chief Executive Officer of ( CEO ) Gopal Vittal Its for two years from 01 January Board of Directors Is chosen। The telecom operator company gave this information। Telefonica Group CEO of Jose Maria Alvarez-Palette Lopez, Will remain chairman of the GSMA board।

8. Atal NU India Challenge of NITI Aayog – Launches Women-Focused Challenge under ANIC

NITI Aayog K Atal Innovation Mission Ne Second Atal NU India Challenge – ANIC under Women-centered challenge Started। These women-centered challenges relate to major issues facing women in all walks of life। Through innovation, women’s health, innovation for women’s security reform, professional networking opportunities for women, Innovations that improve the lives of mothers and make the lives of rural women easier are included। ANIC aims to discover, select, support and prod innovation innovations that can address national and socially relevant regional challenges। Such efforts are supported through a grant-based system of up to one crore rupees।

9. The Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs initiated the second phase of the Transport Challenge for All and the Citizen Perception Survey 2022।

Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Hardeep Singh Puri Ne Second phase of transportation challenge for all and Citizen perception survey 2022 Started today through virtual means। The transportation challenge for all is aimed at improving the transport experience of citizens। This challenge focuses on digital innovation। Cities, citizens and innovators have been invited to develop digital solutions to improve public transport। The second phase of the challenge is open to start ups with the aim of developing solutions to transportation problems in 46 participating cities। The Citizen Perception Survey has been launched under the index-2022 to make living easier for 264 cities। Under this, suggestions of citizens will be taken from these cities। The survey will run till 23 December।

10. Center allowed international trade settlements in Indian rupees for export promotion schemes under foreign trade policy

Government of India International trade settlements in Indian rupees meaning Invoice, payment and export / import in Indian rupees To dispose of Handbook of foreign trade policy and procedures Has made appropriate modifications। In line with this, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade ( DGFT ) has already issued invoices, payments and exports in Indian rupees as per Circular No. 10 of Reserve Bank of India ( DIR ) dated 11 July 2022/Para 2.52 ( D ) of notification number 33/2015-20 dated 16.09.2022 applied to allow disposal of imports।

11. Justice T. A. Gowd appointed acting Chief Justice of Tripura High Court

Indian Constitution K Article 223 Using the power conferred by, Notification No. K-I10 19/42/2022-US. President by I / II dated 09.11.2022 Tripura High Court Seniorest judge Justice Mr. Todupunuri Amarnath Gaur This is Office of the Chief Justice of the High Court Is appointed to perform the duties of। This appointment justice Shri Indrajit Mahanti, Chief Justice, will be effective from 11.11.2022 after the retirement of Tripura High Court।

12. Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah presided over a high-level meeting of officials of the Intelligence Bureau across the country in New Delhi

Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah Ne New Delhi across the country Intelligence Bureau officials Presided over a high-level meeting and reviewed the internal security situation of the country। The meeting discussed issues like left extremism, counter terrorism, border issues, cyber security and technical en-suite।

13. Cochin Shipyard received international export order of Rs one thousand crore for production of wind power at sea

Cochin Shipyard to Sea wind energy For production Service operation vessel Of construction One thousand crores Has received an international export order। The service operation vessel is designed and manufactured for the commissioning, service, maintenance and operational requirements of the wind power industry at sea। It is an important project for India and the central government “Make in india, make for the world” Corresponds to the vision।

14. Advocate – Harjin Dar Singh Dhami again elected Shiromani Gurudwara Manager Committee – Chairman of SGPC

Advocate – Harjin Dar Singh Dhami again Shiromani Gurudwara Manager Committee – SGPC Has been elected Chairman। He defeated his rival Bibi Jagir Kaur by 62 votes। Dhami received 104 while former SGPC Chairman Bibi Jagir Kaur received 42 votes। Shiromani Gurudwara Manager Committee is an organization present in India which is responsible for the maintenance of Gurudwaras। It has jurisdiction over three states Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh। Chandigarh, a union-ruled area, is also included in it। This is what Harimandir Sahib, based in Amritsar, operates।

15. Financial Assistance Scheme for Project Development Expenditure of PPP Projects – ‘ India Infrastructure Project Development Fund Scheme ’ Notified

India Infrastructure Project Development Fund Scheme ( IIPDF) Was notified by the Government of India on 3 November 2022। India Infrastructure Project Development Fund Scheme ( IIPDF) Department of Economic Affairs ( DEA) Was started by। This central area plan Public Private Partnership ( PPP ) Projects Provides necessary financial support for development expenditure of। It provides funding for project sponsor authorities ( ) in both the central and state governments to access services provided by transaction advisors involved in the development of PPP projects is। The total fund of India Infrastructure Project Development Fund is 150 crores for three years।

16. State of the Global Climate in 2022 report released

in 2022 Global climate status report World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) Was released on 6 November। last Hottest in eight year recordare you। This was due to ever-increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and accumulated heat। The global average temperature in 2022 is about 1.15 ° C higher than the 1850–1900 pre-industrial average, ranging between 1.02 ° C to 1.28 ° C। Ocean heat rose to record levels in the 2021 ( latest assessment year )। The last two decades have recorded the highest rate of sea warming। Since 1993, sea level has doubled in the last 30 years। It rose to a new record level in 2022, rising nearly 10 mm from early 2020। Since satellite measurement began about 3 decades ago, the last 2 alone.Sea level accounts for about 10 percent of the total increase in 5 years। The year 2022 saw a record rate of melting of glaciers in the European Alps। Greenland’s ice sheet lost its mass for the 26th consecutive year। The region first received rain in September 2022 instead of snowfall। Many glaciers are sure to be destroyed because their melting is irreversible। This will adversely affect global water security। With continued global warming, sea levels are rising from half to one meter per century। This is a major long-term threat to millions of people living in coastal areas। South Asia including India is one of the worst affected areas due to climate change in 2022। This field topped the charts in 2022 “ selected high impact events ”। Temperatures in India and Pakistan were exceptionally high during the pre-Mansoon period।Sea levels are rising from half to one meter per century। This is a major long-term threat to millions of people living in coastal areas। South Asia including India is one of the worst affected areas due to climate change in 2022। This field topped the charts in 2022 “ selected high impact events ”। Temperatures in India and Pakistan were exceptionally high during the pre-Mansoon period।

17. Rajasthan’s first handicraft policy was issued

Rajasthan State Government recently Handicraft Policy 2022 Issued। Handicraft Policy 2022 Local handicraft industryStrive to harness the full potential and promote new jobs। It will promote investment to promote cultural heritage and revival of traditional arts and crafts। It seeks to further promote handicraft exports from the state। This policy is expected to strengthen the infrastructure required for the handicraft sector and promote livelihood opportunities। This will make Rajasthan’s handicraft products exportable, helping them to gain global reputation through strategic marketing। The new policy will empower artisans by facilitating the holding of National Level Handicrafts Week every year। State level awards, e-marketing, social security, credit facility and demonstration programs will be provided so that these handicraft products remain permanently present in the market। These efforts include textiles, metals, wood, carpets, pottery, painting,Artisans providing leather crafts and jewelery products will particularly benefit। Under this policy, the Directorate of Handicrafts will be set up by the Rajasthan government to protect the interests of the handcourses। With these ancillary activities, the policy is expected to provide employment to more than 50,000 people over the next five years।

18. Reliance Industries, the best company in the country to work with: Forbes

Business Magazine Forbes ( Forbes ) Of the world Best Employer List Has been released। ‘Forbes World Best Employer – 2022‘ in Mukesh Ambani Company led by Reliance Industries Limited Has been ranked first in India। Reliance is number 20 in the world। Forbes revenue, Reliance Industries, the country’s largest company in terms of profit and market valuation, has also been described as India’s best and 20th best employer company in the world। In global ranking South Korea Giants of Samsung Electronics Topped and followed by American company MicrosoftIBMAlphabet and Apple Is the location of। American companies are ranked second to 12th on this list। Germany’s vehicle manufacturer BMW Group is ranked 13th। Amazon, the world’s largest online seller, is ranked 14th in this ranking and the French giant Decathlon 15th।

19. ADB provided $40 million loan to Greencell Express for production of e-buses

Greencell Express Private Limited Ne Asian Development Bank (ADB ) from Four million dollars ( about 329 crores ) Have taken a loan। Company for domestic market through loan Women’s safety focused facilities with 255 e-buses Will develop। The ADB said in the statement that these buses will serve 50 lakh people every year on 56 routes in the country। It will contain ‘ feature ’ related to the safety of passengers, especially women। ADB said that overall the project would reduce emissions by 14,780 tonnes per year।

20. Vadodara first issued municipal bonds

Vadodara US Treasury Department With the help of the Office of Technical Assistance Municipal bond Issuer Second city of indiaHas been made। US Embassy and US Treasury officials India’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to celebrate the successful issuance of Vadodara’s first municipal bond, Vadodara joined with the city and counterparts of the Securities and Exchange Board। Pune was the first city to issue such a bond in 2017। The US Embassy and Treasury have selected municipal bonds issued by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation for a case study on successful listings। It also cited the bond as a benchmark for other civil bodies that are ready to enter stock exchanges। The US Embassy launched a book called ‘ All About Municipal Bond’ in New Delhi। VMC has listed five-year bonds of Rs 100 crore on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)।

21. Reliance Industries acquires business in India of Germany retail company Metro Cash & Carry

Largest private sector company in the country Reliance Industries (Reliance Industries ) has made another big deal। Reliance Industries Germany Retail Company Metro Cash & Carry (Metro Cash & Carry has acquired business in India of )। For which Reliance Industries has signed an estimated agreement of approximately Rs 4,060 crore ( 50 crore Euro )।

22. 22nd Establishment Day of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Ne 9 November 2022 Your 22nd installation Day celebrated। The state level ceremony was held at the police line in Dehradun। Governor Gurmeet Singh reviewed the parade। Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami He bowed to the martyrs and agitators of the region। The Chief Minister said that the Government Government is determined to make Uttarakhand a leader in each region by 2025। 9 November 2000 Uttarakhand state was established as it “Land of gods” or “Dev BhumiKnown as ”। Its name at the time of its establishment ‘Uttaranchal’ was placed। Later in 2007 It was renamed Uttarakhand। State capital Dehradun is। High Court of State Nainital Is located in।

23. 9 November: National Legal Services Day

Every year in India to spread awareness to ensure fair and justice process for all citizens 9 November to National Legal Services Day ( NLSD) Is celebrated। To provide support to the poor and vulnerable sections of society In 1995 Supreme court of india Was started by। It provides assistance to women, persons with disabilities, Scheduled Tribes ( ST ), children, Scheduled Castes ( SC ), victims of human trafficking as well as victims of natural disasters। The Indian Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 was enacted by the Indian Parliament on 9 November 1995। That is, November 9 is marked as ‘ National Legal Services Day ’। ‘NALSA’ has been formed with the objective of providing free legal services to the weaker sections of society and amicable resolution of disputes। Chief Justice of India Is the main patron of ‘ NALSA’ and of India Second Senior Judge of Supreme Court The authority has an executive chairman