Logo, theme and website unveiled for India’s G20 chairmanship


1. Logo, theme and website unveiled for India’s G20 chairmanship

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi Through the video conference G20 Group Conference Of Logo, Theme and Website Started। India G20 chairperson from first date Will handle। G20 logo Inspired by the vibrant colors of India’s national flag – saffron, white and green, and blue। In this of india National flower lotus Earth has been associated with, reflecting the development between challenges। The Earth reflects India’s favorable attitude towards life, reflecting complete harmony with nature। Under the G20 logo Devanagari script In “India” is written। Subject of G20 chairmanship of India- “Vasudhava Kutumbak” or “One earth, one family, one future”- is derived from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad। Essentially, this topic confirms all values of life — humans, animals, plants and microorganisms — and their interrelationship on Earth and in the wider universe। Website headed by Prime Minister of India’s G20 www.g20.in Was also launched । This website 1 December 2022, The website of the G20 headed by India will take over as chair of G20 www.g20.org But will migrate seamlessly। Mr. Modi said that the G20 logo is a symbol of hope। The lotus symbol in the logo is the symbol of India’s cultural heritage and identity and it gives a message to unite the world। The seven wings of the lotus represent the seven continents of the world and the seven notes of music। Mr. Modi said that the G-20 would unite the world with a synergy। India from the first date of next month Indonesia Se G-20 will assume the chairmanship of the group।

2. World Travel Market in London – 2022 Organizing the largest international tourism exhibition

World Travel Market-Dubtm-2022 London I am walking। this World’s largest international tourism exhibitions Contains। Of india Ministry of Tourism Is participating in the three-day event। India’s participation in this is an important step towards increasing the number of tourists visiting the country to the level before the epidemic। The theme of this exhibition is- The future of tourism begins now। Tourism Secretary Arvin the Singh inaugurated the Indian Pavilion in this demonstration। More than twenty participants from India are participating in it।

3. Launched ‘ Brodcast air-time scheduler for all commercial operations of AIR ( BATS ) ’

Diffusion weight To streamline and automate commercial operations or functioning of Mr. Mayank Agarwal, CEO, PB and Mr. D.P.s. Negi, Member ( Finance ), PB on November 7, 2022, a fully integrated traffic and billing application software for all commercial operations of AIR in the Varsha Bharati Secretariat ‘Broadcast air-time scheduler ( bats )’ Launched। Roughly BATS The objective is to bring transparency in the entire operations and to make commercial operations efficient। Along with monitoring bookings, billing and payment receipts etc. at various stages, this system will provide various reports which are absolutely necessary for management decision making। This app is also available on mobile। The software is actually menu based which has been adapted to the requirements of AIR making it more convenient and useful। To bat Messrs media nucleusDeveloped by and its features include – managing scheduling and billing of contemporary advertising orders at various centers through a central database, Operating contracts seamlessly, from release order entry to single or multi-invoice billing, account hierarchy, various packages and products, pricing plans, content rights management, Ensuring accurate billing by effectively managing discounts on wholesale deals, charges and billing cycle invoices along with automated advertising bookings।

4. Chief guest will be the President of Guyana at the Overseas Indian Day Conference next year in Madhya Pradesh

foreign Ministry According to the statement of, 17th Overseas Indian Day Conference Organizing 8-10 January 2023 to Middle order K Indore Will be in Guyana President of Mohammad Irfan Ali Will be the main guest। Ministry of External Affairs has said that Australia Member of Parliament Janeta Mas Karenhas next year Eight january to Young Migrant Indian Day I will be the main guest। The theme of the 17th Migrant Indian Day is- Migrant Indian – A reliable partner in India’s progress in Amritkal। Overseas Indian Day ( PBD ) The conference is the flagship program of the Ministry of External Affairs and provides an important platform to connect and connect with the diaspora। Migrant Indian Day is celebrated once every two years to strengthen the engagement of the migrant Indian community with the Government of India and to reconnect them to their roots। To commemorate this occasion, January 9 was chosen as the day because Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa on the same day in 1915।

5. Mathura-Vrindavan will be made a “ net zero carbon emission ” tourist destination by the year 2041

recently Uttar Pradesh Government has announced that the year By 2041 Mathura-Vrindavan Ko “Net zero carbon emissions” Tourist destination will be built। it’s someone in india Tourist places Like this set for First carbon neutral master planWill happen। Tourist vehicles will be banned throughout the Braj region along with famous pilgrimage sites like Vrindavan and Krishna Birthabhoomi। Only electric vehicles used as public transport in these areas will be allowed to go। A total of 252 reservoirs and 24 forests of the region will also be revived। Under this scheme the entire region is divided into four groups, each of which includes two of the eight major cities। It is also proposed to build small circuits called ‘orbitration paths’ where pilgrims can go on foot or using electric vehicles। If pilgrims want to travel from one place to another, then electric mini buses have also been provided for this।

6. Chairman of National Monument Authority, Kishore’s Settlement

Professor Kishore Kumar Basa to National Memorial Authority ( NMA) Has been appointed as the Chairman of। The Department of Culture of the Government of India issued an official notification in this regard। His term will be three years। Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanj Dev University in Basa Baripada is the Chancellor and also the President of the Indian National Confederation and Anthropological Academy ( INCAA ), the largest anthropology association in India। He had been teaching archaeological anthropology and museum studies since 1980 and was the former head of the Department of Anthropology at Utkal University।

7. Uttarakhand Gaurav honors will be given to 5 people including Ajit Doval and Prasoon Joshi

Pushkar Singh Dhami Government this year Uttarakhand Gaurav Has announced। National security advisor Ajit Doval, Chairman of the Indian Film Censor Board Prassoon Joshi 5 people including this year have been selected for Uttarakhand Gaurav honor। The award will also be given posthumously to three other persons on the recommendation of the committee constituted in this regard, including the former Defense Chief departed General Bipin Rawat, Poet and writer late Girish Chandra Tiwari And journalist and litterateur departed Viren Dungwal Are included।

8. The world’s first Vedic clock will be bright

World’s first Vedic clock Considered the center of time calculation Madhya Pradesh in Bright K Jantar-Mantar ie Jeevji Observatory In the following year 22 March to Gudi kaiva i.e. neo convitsarambhWill be installed on। Land of construction work on the tower on which the clock will be installed, the Minister of Higher Education of Pujan Pradesh. Mohan Yadav and Mayor Mukesh Tutwal did। This cloak tower will be constructed from Rs 58 lakh to one crore। The clock will be stable on the principles of Vedic period calculation। It will also synchronize the sunrise occurring at different times in the country and abroad every day। The application of the Vedic clock will also contain Vikram Almanac, which will be accompanied by sunset information from sunrise, planets, yoga, Bhadra, lunar position, constellation, Chaudhia, solar eclipse, Will provide detailed information of lunar eclipse। Vedic watch can also be seen on mobile through app। All the Jyotirling, Navagraha, in the background graphics of the watch,Zodiac will remain। The tower will be constructed by the municipal corporation as per the drawing-design provided by Ujjain Engineering College। The clock will be set up by Vikramaditya research bench। The research will also create a mobile app of the back watch। This clock will not only be bright, but big for the world। Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that telescopes will also be installed above the clock tower, so that the view of astronomical events in the sky can be seen at night।

9. Amendment of Guidelines for Charging Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles

Ministry of Power Ne Electric vehicles charging Has issued amendments to guidelines and standards for infrastructure। Ministry said that Central power authority A committee under will give suggestions to state governments regarding the maximum limit of service charges। The committee will also recommend a daily rate for service charges as well as a discount to be given for charging during solar hours।

10. Malabar Naval Practice starting in India, Japan – taking part in 2022

India 26th International Malabar Naval Practice Is participating in। This practice Yokoshuka of Japan Starting in। in Australia, Japan and USA Also participating। The navies of these countries will participate in the exercise till 19 November। Indian Navy Ship Shivalik and Kamorta Ready to perform at the event। These Indian Navy vessels built in the country will demonstrate the ability of Indian shipyards to build ships। The Malabar exercise between the Navy of India and the United States began in 1992।

11. International Indian Film Festival from 20 to 28 November

Goa in 53rd Indian International Film Festival Austrian film Alma and Oscar Will begin with a performance of। This film, made under the direction of Dieter Burner, is one hundred and ten minutes। The International Indian Film Festival will be held from 20 to 28 November।

12. Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh chaired the first joint committee meeting of the Autonomous Institutions of the Ministry of Earth Sciences ( MOES ) in New Delhi

Central Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences ( Independent Charge ) Dr. Jitendra Singh Ne Ministry of Earth Sciences ( MOES ) The first joint committee of autonomous institutions ( IITM, INCOIS, NCESS, NCPOR and NIOT ) convened a meeting of ( SOCIAT ) and to work with the “integration and” overall government “approach approach “Called for breaking inertia ( silo )। All five autonomous body committees namely – Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology ( IITM ), Indian National Ocean Information Service Center ( INCOIS ), National Center for Earth Sciences Studies ( NCESS ), The National Polar and Ocean Research Center ( NCPOR) and the National Ocean Technology Institute ( NIOT ) have been merged into the Single Society of the Ministry of Earth Sciences।

13. A new species of endemic bee called Apis carinjodian was discovered

recently Western Ghats in Interval of more than 200 years after Apis carinjodian( Common name: A new species of endemic bee called Indian black bees ) has been discovered। The last bee ( Apis indica ) in India was discovered in the year 1798 by Fabriceus। With this new discovery, the number of bee species in the world has increased to 11। Apis karyngodian has developed Apis cerana morphotypes that have adapted to the warm and humid environment of the Western Ghats। Indian black bees have more thick honey, they are helpful in increasing honey production। To date only one species ( Apis serana ) was seen as ‘uniformly distributed’ in the plains of central and southern India and Sri Lanka in the Indian subcontinent। This research has given a new direction to beekeeping in the country, including three types of cavity nesting bees, Apis indica, The presence of Apis cerana and Apis karyngodian is shown।

14. SBI earned the highest quarterly profit in the second quarter

State Bank of India ( SBI ) to Bumper profits in second quarter Has happened। Second quarter for the bank so far Most profitable quarter Has been। SBI on a single basis in the July-September quarter of the current financial year 13,265 crore Has made a profit of। This is 74 percent higher than the same period last year। SBI reported this to the stock markets on Saturday। It stated that the reduction in financial provision for stranded debts ( NPA ) and increasing interest income increased its profit। The bank’s profit on a single basis was Rs 7,627 crore in the same quarter a year earlier।

15. ISRO-Japan’s joint mission will open the secret of the dark part of the moon

Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO) planet Venus Is going to do the mission for। Also he Dark parts of the moon Will also open the secret of। In both these missions Space Agency of Japan Will work closely with ISRO। This information about the future missions of ISRO was given by Anil Bhardwaj, director of the Physical Research Laboratory।

16. Nykaa became fashion brand ambassador Jahnvi Kapoor

Nykaa Fashion Bollywood actress on 8 November Jahnvi Kapoor Announced its brand ambassador। Jahnvi is now a campaign film for the first time ‘One Nayaka to Apps: Two Apps, Double the Fun‘ I will see। Till now Jahnvi was seen in the eyes of ‘Nayaka Beauty। Advaita Nair, CEO of Nykaa’s co-founder and heroine fashion, said that Janhvi is a true modern style icon, Who have already made a mark in the beauty game with Nayaka।

17. Asian Hockey Federation CEO Tayeb Ikram became FIH President

Asian Hockey Federation CEO of Pakistan K Mohammad Tayeb Ikram to International Hockey Federation ( FIH ) New president was elected of India Narinder Batra Will replace । Ikram persuaded Mark Kudron of Belgium to join the 48th Congress of FIH 79 . Defeated 47। Out of a total of 129 national associations, 126 cast valid votes। The FIH Executive Board consists of one Chairman, eight General Members ( Four Men and four Women ), half of which change every two years। Apart from these, a representative of the players, the Continental Federations Chairman, CEO is also involved।

18. Virat Kohli became ICC Player of the Month

International Cricket Council ( ICC ) Ne October Player of the Month Award has been announced। India’s legendary batsman in men Virat Kohli In women Pakistan Legendary all-rounder Nida Dar Has been given this award। Kohli has performed brilliantly in the shortest format of cricket last month। He had an unbeaten 82-run innings in India’s first match of the T20 World Cup against Pakistan। He single-handedly won India in this match।

19. Indian batsman Suryakumar Yadav became the first Indian player to score 1,000 T20 runs

Indian Cricket Team Star batter Suryakumar Yadav Ne Zimbabwe As soon as he completed 35 runs during the team’s last group match against Shortest format of cricket Created history in। Suryakumar Yadav from India now First batsman to score 1000 runs in a year in T20 International Cricket Have become। No other batsman had done such an amazing thing from India in the year before him।

20.  Guru Nanak Jubilee celebrated with religious reverence in India and throughout

Guru Nanak Jubilee – Guruparb 8 November 2022 Was celebrated with religious reverence in India and in the world। this day Sikhism Master and First Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji K light festival Is celebrated as। This year Guru Nanak Dev Ji 553rd Jubilee is। President Draupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhanushal And prime minister Narendra Modi Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Jubilee wishes all the citizens, Indians living abroad, especially siblings of the Sikh community on the 553rd Prakash Parasta।

21. Dev Deepawali, the famous festival of lights, was celebrated on the occasion of Karthik full moon

Garanga Coast of Varanasi on 7 November 2022 to Dev Deepawali The festival was celebrated। Ganges Coast 84 ghats About eight lakh lamps were lit। The people of Varanasi also decorated the entire city with about 11 lakh clay lamps। Various cultural events were held at famous ghats like Assi and Dashashwamedh during the Dev Deepawali ceremony in Varanasi। Dev Deepawali Karthik Purnima 15 days after Diwali Is celebrated। According to mythology Tripurasur Had troubled humans and all the gods of heaven on earth। Then all gods Lord ShivaWent to and asked for his help। Accepting the request, Shiva slaughtered Tripurasur on the day of Karthik full moon। All the gods descended on Kashi and lit a lamp to mark the occasion and thanked Lord Shiva। Since then, Dev Deepawali is celebrated every year in Varanasi।

22. World radiography day

every year 8 November Globally International radiology day (International Day of Radiology ) is observed। The day is celebrated to promote awareness of the value of radiology that contributes to safe patient care, And the important role in the continuity of health care is the continuous improvement of public understanding of radiologists and radiographers।

23. India celebrates CV Raman’s 134th birth anniversary

CV Raman Birth of 7 November 1888 to Trichinopoli of Tamil NaduHappened in। He completed a master’s degree in physics from the Presidency College, Madras University in 1907 and worked as an accountant in the Finance Department of the Government of India। In 1917, he joined the University of Calcutta as Professor of Physics। Raman initially worked as a student in the field of optics and acoustics। Raman continued his research at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS ) in Calcutta, while he worked as a professor at the university। He later became an honorary scholar in the association। Raman was fond of Indian classical music and was deeply interested in the acoustics of stringed instruments। He also produced a mechanical violin। One of Raman’s discoveries relates to the violin’s frequency response and its quality। The frequency response curve is known as the ‘ Raman curve ’। At the age of 42, Raman In 1930 “His work on the scattering of light and the discovery of influence in his nameFor ” Nobel Prize in