We are sharing some of the memory based questions asked in IBPS RRB Mains 2017 Exam :-


Q1. There is a small-sized type of volatile computer memory that provides high-speed data access to a processor and stores frequently used computer programs, applications and data. Which among the following is a type of memory used to hold frequently used data?

(a) Microprocessor

(b) Cache

(c) ROM

(d) ALU

(e) Control


Q2. _____ memory in a computer is where information is temporarily stored while it is being accessed or worked on by the processor.

(a) Logical

(b) Secondary

(c) ROM

(d) RAM

(e) Crude


Q3.  Which among the following is a small set of data holding place that is a part of the computer processor and may hold an instruction, a storage address, or any kind of data?

(a) Register

(b) WAN

(c) Bus

(d) Address

(e) Processor


Q4. An optical input device that interprets pencil marks on paper media is________. 

(a) OMR

(b) punch card reader

(c) optical scanners

(d) magnetic tape

(e) Stylus


Q5. Which among the following is related to the internet and e-mail?

(a) Boot-Up

(b) Magnetic Tapes

(c) Application Software

(d) Paging

(e) Virus


Q6. Shift, Control, Alt are examples of which among the following category?

(a) Modifier Keys

(b) Primary Keys

(c) Function Keys

(d) Alternate Keys

(e) Candidate Keys


Q7. In a keyboard, left-right-up-down set of keys facilitates which among the following function?

(a) Deleting Data or Modification

(b) Page Scrolling to view a Document

(c) Launching Start Menu

(d) Initiating Search and Help 

(e) Controlling RAM or process execution


Q8. Which among the following term means/refers to web address of a page?

(a) SMTP

(b) IP

(c) HTTP

(d) URL

(e) MAC


Q9. Which of the following is always a part of an E-mail address?

(a) Period (-)

(b) At sign (@)

(c) Space ( )

(d) Underscore ()

(e) Angular Bracket (<)


Q10.  Which among the following is a term for the initial or main web page of a website or a browser?

(a) URL

(b) Domain

(c) Google

(d) Search Engine

(e) Home Page


Q11. What does .org stands for?

(a) Government 

(b) Commercial Site

(c) Organization

(d) Orientation

(e) Website


Q12. Help menu is available at which button?

(a) End

(b) Start

(c) Turn Off

(d) Restart

(e) Reboot


Q13. Which among the following is area of an email that is a short description of the message?

(a) Subject

(b) CC

(c) BCC

(d) Attachment

(e) Spam


Q14. Which among the following is the smallest unit in an image in a computer screen?

(a) Unit

(b) Pixel

(c) Array

(d) Resolution

(e) Clip


Q15. Different icons of application software can be found in which bar in latest version of Microsoft Windows?

(a) Start Menu

(b) Browser

(c) Status

(d) Control Panel

(e) Personalize


Q16. Information that comes from external source and fed into computer software is called _______.

(a) Output 

(b) Input 

(c) Throughout 

(d) Reports  

(e) Process


Q17. An email attachment is referred to as?

(a) The body of the email

(b) The address of the sender

(c) A document that is sent with an email

(d )The address of the receiver

(e) Any document that can be attached and sent with an email


Q18. What is the default extension of Microsoft Word 2013 ? 







Q19. Which unit is a combinational digital electronic circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers ?

(a) BOU

(b) AEU

(c) CPU

(d) ALU

(e) UPS


Q20. Which button is called as middle button used as third mouse button by pressing on it. 

(a) right button

(b) scroll wheel 

(c) touch bar

(d) light bar

(e) left button


Q21. Presentation of a series of still images on a projection screen or electronic display device is called as:

(a) slide edit

(b) slide view

(c) slide show

(d) slide movie

(e) slide image


Q22. Which memory is used as temporary memory? 

(a) Non volatile memory

(b) volatile memory

(c) hard disk memory 

(d) read only memory

(e) flash disc memory


Q23. A software program that add functionality to your computer or help your computer perform better is called as 

(a) Utility program

(b) function program

(c) specialized program

(d) manufacturer program

(e) compiling program


Q24. Which unit of computer helps in communication between the memory and the arithmetic logical unit.

(a) CMU

(b) CCU

(c) UPS

(d) CPU

(e) ALU


Q25. Specialized program that allows user to utilize in specific application is classified as

(a) relative programs

(b) application program

(c) appropriate programs

(d) replicate programs

(e) logical programs


Q26.Which of the following is most commonly used to identify return visitors to a website?

(a) logged-in visitors

(b) digital certificates

(c) electronic time stamping

(d) cookies

(e) None of the above.


Q27. ________ is a type of electronic spam where unsolicited messages are sent by email.

(a)  trash mail

(b)  cram mail

(c)  draft mail

(d)  spam mail

(e)  starred mail


Q28. Data on a floppy disk was recorded in rings called ____.

(a) flip               

(b) ringers           

(c) rounders                

(d) fields            

(e) segments


Q29. Choose the odd one out:

(a) Word

(b) Excel

(c) Access

(d) Keyboard

(e) PowerPoint


Q30. A device that not only provides surge protection, but also furnishes the computer with battery backup power during a power outage is ______.  

(a) Battery strip

(b) UPS

(c) Surge strip

(d) USB

(e) Memory


Q31. A(n) ________ allows you to access your e-mail from anywhere. 

(a) Forum

(b) Webmail interface

(c) Message Board

(d) Weblog



Q32. Which of the following is not a valid memory unit?

  1. a) ILB 
  2. b) KB
  3. c) YB
  4. d) PB
  5. e) Byte


Q33. Which of the following is a machine independent program? 

(a) High level language

(b) Low level language

(c) Assembly language

(d) Machine language

(e) None of these


Q34. Which one of the following is not an e-mail service provider?

(a) Hotmail

(b) Gmail

(c) Bing

(d) Yahoo mail

(e) Outlook


Q35. Which of the following fields of an e-mail hides the identity of the recipients?

(a) To

(b) From

(c) Cc

(d) Bcc

(e) Subject


Q36. Using output devices one can ____.

(a) View or Print Data

(b) Modify Data

(c) Store Data

(d) Replicate Data

(e) Enter Data


Q37. Which among the following functions does Ctrl+P perform?

(a) Project

(b) Erase

(c) Copy

(d) Paste

(e) Print


Q38. The key combination of ‘Ctrl + Right Arrow’ is used to _______ in MS Word. 

(a) Move the cursor one word to the right 

(b) Move the cursor to the end of the line 

(c) Move to cursor to the end of the document 

(d) Move the cursor one paragraph down  

(e) None of these


Q39. The default extension of Power point 2013 is- 

(a) .ppt

(b) .pdf 

(c) .pptx

(d) .pps 

(e) .ppn


Q40. ________ is a useful tool which allows you to create a huge number of documents by merging the main document with the data source.   

(a) Mail Merge 

(b) Track Change 

(c) Page Margin 

(d) Orientation 

(e) Indentation





Some more Questions On Computer asked in Exam  :-

41-Which of the following can only have Sequential Access?- Magenatic Tapes

42- Which of the following uses the handheld operating system? PDA

43- Usually installation files have the extension __ .exe

44- The individual dots that from the image on a monitor are called- Pixcels

45- Internet Explorer is a _____.Web Browser.

46- .org stands for_____ .Organizations

47- Who among the following is the odd one- Keyboard

48- ___________ memoy is used to store the untill the light is on – RAM

49- _________ is used to perform airthmetic calulation. ALU

50- The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are called— .Gridlines

51- A separate document from another program sent along with an e-mail message- E-mail attachment

52- ___________in E– mail indicates those who are to receive a copy of a message addressed primarily to another-CC (Carbon Copy)

53- A _________ translates a program written in a high-level language into Machine language. Compiler

54- The copy command saves to: Clipboard

55- Which of the following is an example of Single User Operating System? MS DOS

56- MICR stand for-Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

57- Which is not a storage device? Moniter

58- Cache Memory is uesd to store the_______. Recently Used Programs.

59- That provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails? UPS

60- Which extension is used for MS Word 2013? .docx

61- In e-mail inbox, where junk files are send? Spam

62- Which part of system is used for arithmetic? ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit)

63- What is used to show slides in Powerpoint? Slide Show

64- In e-mail address which symbol is used? @

65- What is unique in computer? IP Address


Logical Reasoning Questions Asked :-

Directions (1 – 5): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.  (5 questions)
A number arrangement machine when given an input of words/numbers, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is an illustration of input and steps of rearrangement.

Input: arty 36 doty 59 86 jasy bossy 25 fogy 41 ready 20
Step 1: 201 arty 36 doty 59 86 jasy bossy fogy 41 ready 252
Step 2: artily 201 36 doty 59 86 jasy fogy 41 ready 252 bossily 
Step 3: 363 artily 201 doty 59 86 jasy fogy ready 252 bossily 414
Step 4: dotily 363 artily 201 59 86 jasy ready 252 bossily 414 fogily 
Step 5: 594 dotily 363 artily 201 jasy ready 252 bossily 414 fogily 865
Step 5: jasily 594 dotily 363 artily 201 252 bossily 414 fogily 865 readily

This is the final arrangement and step 6 is the last step for this input.

1.Input: 70 nosy 94 angry 27 hungry 12 grumpy lazy 63 42 sorry

1.What is the position of ‘sorry’ in step 4 from right end?
A) 7th
B) 9th
C) 5th
D) 4th
E) 8th

ANSWER – Option C
Words: taken in ascending order.. and last letter ‘y’ removed with ‘ily’ in each step arrangement in alternate steps. Double shifting
Numbers in ascending order are taken and added 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in end respectively in alternate steps. Double shifting
Input: 70 nosy 94 angry 27 hungry 12 grumpy lazy 63 42 sorry
Step 1: 121 70 nosy 94 angry hungry grumpy lazy 63 42 sorry 272
Step 2: angrily 121 70 nosy 94 hungry lazy 63 42 sorry 272 grumpily 
Step 3: 423 angrily 121 70 nosy 94 hungry lazy sorry 272 grumpily 634
Step 4: hungrily 423 angrily 121 70 nosy 94 sorry 272 grumpily 634 lazily 
Step 5: 705 hungrily 423 angrily 121 nosy sorry 272 grumpily 634 lazily  946
Step 6: nosily 705 hungrily 423 angrily 121 272 grumpily 634 lazily  946 sorrily 

2.In step 5, if ‘sorry’ is related to ‘angrily’ in the same way as in step 3, ‘272’ is related to ‘hungry’ in a certain way, then in step 6, ‘634’ is related to which of the following in the same way?
A) angrily
B) 272
C) sorrily 
D) 121
E) None of these

ANSWER – Option D


3.What is the sum of numbers – 5th from the left end in step 2 and 4th from the right end in step 4?
A) 358
B) 343
C) 366
D) 365
E) 339

ANSWER – Option C
94 + 272 = 366 


4.In which of the following step number do the words/numbers ‘nosy sorry 272 grumpily’ occur together?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 3
D) 5
E) There is no such step

ANSWER – Option D


5.How many words/numbers are there between ‘angrily’ and ‘grumpily’ in step 4?
A) Two
B) Six
C) Three
D) Five
E) Two

ANSWER – Option B


Directions (6-8): ‘A’ walks 10 km north from point Q to reach point H. He takes a left turn and walks 9 k to reach point S. On the other side, ‘B’ walks 5 km north from point Y to reach point J. Point Y is 9 km east from point Q. Next ‘B’ turns to his right and reached point D. Also ‘A’ turned left from point S and reached point M after walking 5 km.(3 questions)

6.What is the difference between points M and J?
A) 10 km
B) 26 km
C) 18 km
D) 12 km
E) Cannot be Determined

Option C

7.If ‘B’ walks 4 km east from point Y, then he is in which direction with respect to point D?
A) South
B) North-west
C) North-east
D) North
E) South-west

Option D

8.What is the shortest distance between points Q and D?
A) 194 km
B) 198 km
C) 197 km
D) 196 km
E) 195 km

Option A
(13^2 + 5^2) = 194 km


Directions (9-10): In each of the following questions, a question is followed by two statements. Read all the statements and find that which statements are required to answer the question and answer accordingly. (5 questions)

9.What is the code of ‘she’ in a certain code language?
statement I:In a certain coding language ‘she fondly ate apples’ is written as ‘du  ki  aj  op’, ‘she fondly ate apples’ is written as ‘op  ki  du  sp’.
statement II: In a certain coding language ‘he cut the apples’ is written as ‘ki  fo  sp  cf’, ‘she ate the apples’ is written as ‘ki  aj  fo  du’.
A) Only I is sufficient 
B) Both I and II are necessary 
C) Only II is sufficient 
D) Either I or II is sufficient 
E) Neither I nor II is sufficient 

Option D

10.Who is tallest among all 6 six friends – A, B, C, D, E and F?
statement I: B is taller than C and E both. B is not the tallest. A is taller than E. F is taller than D.
statement II: A is shorter than B but taller than E. C is just above B in height among all 6 friends. F is taller than A. E is not the shortest.
A) Only II
B) Only I
C) Neither I nor II
D) Both I and II
E) Either I or II

Option  C


Word Related Problems of Mathematical Aptitude

  1. Present ages of A+B is equal to C+D. B is 28 years older than A and D is 32 years older than C. Sum of age of A and C is 20 years Find present age of C?
  2. 12 men can do a work in 30 days. 18 men takes as much days to complete half work as 20 women can do 1/3rd work in that time. Find in how many days 25 women can do the whole work?
  3. The compound interest on (P+x) in 2 years is less by 176 on interest occurred on (P+2x) at same time. If the rate of interest is 20%, find the value of x?
  4. A and B invest 200 and 800 in a scheme. A withdrew his amount after 2 months and B halves his investment after 6 months. At the same time, A rejoins him with same amount. Find the profit of A from a total profit of rs 2100 if total time of investment was 1 year.
  5. If an article worth Rs 4000 was marked up by Rs 800 and then two successive discounts of 20% each was given, find how much loss occurred?
  6. A 180 m long train crosses a pole in 9 seconds. If it increases its speed and cross 240 m long train in 42 secs in same direction which is running at 15 km/hr, then find how much percent first train increased its speed.
  7. The simple interest received on Rs 5000 at 9% per annum in 4 years to simple interest received on Rs (5000+x) at 11% per annum in 3 years. Find x.
  8. In a vessel the ratio of milk and water is 4 : 1. If some quantity of water is added then ratio becomes 16 : 5. Then 21 litres of mixture is taken out and in final mixture milk becomes 64 litres. Find how much water was added to the initial mixture?



Topic- Number Series

1). 17, 98, 26,89, 35, ?


17+9 = 26; 26+9 = 35

98 – 9 = 89;   89-9=80

Correct Answer is: 80

2). 2, 17, 89, 359, 1079,?


2*6 + 5 = 17
17*5 + 4 = 89
89 * 4 + 3 = 359
359 * 3 + 2 = 1079
1079 * 2 + 1 = 2159

Correct Answer is: 2159 

3). 3, 5, 15, 45, 113, ?


+1^3+1, +2^3+2, +3^3+3, +4^3+4, +5^3+5

Correct Answer is: 243

4). 7, 4.5, 5.5, 12, 49, ?


7 × 0.5 + 1 = 4.5

4.5 × 1 + 1 = 5.5

5.5 × 2 + 1 = 12

12 × 4 + 1 = 49

49 × 8 + 1 = 393

Correct Answer is: 393

5). 3240, 540, 108, 27, ?, 4.5


3240/6 = 540

540/5 = 108

108/4 = 27

27/3 = 9

9/2 = 4.5

Correct Answer is: 9


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