Millionaire became the most expensive diamond sold in the history of Panna


1.Millionaire became the most expensive diamond sold in the history of Panna:-

A 42.59 carat diamond found in a shallow mines in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh was sold for 2.55 crore. This diamond diamond trader Rahul Agrawal, a gold-silver businessman, bought the bid. This is the first diamond in the history of panna office, which has got so much value. At the same time, another diamond of 12.58 carats was sold for 54 lakhs 34 thousand 560 rupees. This Diamond mine on Krishna Kalyanpur on September 14Krishak Prakash Sharma was found in It is known that till date 28 diamond auction has been sold so far about four crore diamonds have been sold.

On October 9, Motilal had got this diamond
diamond diamond 42.59 carat on October 9, 2018, from Krishna Kalyanpur village, on a place called Patti. Mineshal Prajapati resident of mine wage, Benisagar Mohalla Panna took the mine on a lease of 200 rupees for six months. He had got diamonds in just three monthsFarmer Radheshyam Soni got a precious diamond of 18 carat 13 cents from the shallow mine on Saturday morning from the shallow mines in the nearby village of Krishna Krishna Kalyanpur (Patti), about nine kilometers away from the precious diamond found in the precious diamond . This diamond of the long-flattened Ashtanga is curved. The diamond price is being estimated to be over 50 lakhs. One month earlier Radhey Shyam got a five-carat diamond in the same mine.

Third jam quality diamond found in four months interval
On September 14, a farmer of Janakpur got a Jam-quality diamond in the shallow mines in the field, which was also worth millions. After this, in October, the laborer Motilal got a 42-carat diamond. In December, farmers Radhey Shyam Soni got 18 carat 13 cent bright quality diamond in December

According to the Diamond Office, after diamond sale, 11.15 percent royalty and one percent income tax is deducted. Twenty percent tax is deducted in case of non-PAN card. Pan cardholders can withdraw their votes after a clause.

This is done with
the permission of the shallow quarry administration, farmers or laborers take land on lease in the fixed area, which are around the fields. Here the diamond detectors lease the stow Such lands are called shallow mines only.

2.The plans of the common people in 2018, if there were two or four statements:-

 The country and the world are fully prepared for the arrival of the new year. There was a lot happening everywhere in 2018. Some of these are always known events. If you talk about India, 2018 is full of many plans and statements. Political rhetoric and the plans of the central government got people a lot. Apart from this, some decisions of the Supreme Court have been quite memorable.  

Ram temple uneasiness and pulls
not only for the BJP but for the public and the opposition Ram Temple is a tide of emotions. This issue is again hot after the religious gatherings of the saints in Delhi, then in the cities of Ayodhya, Delhi and Nagpur. The Central Government is increasing its pressure on its own temple, whereas the Opposition is watching this fresh rise in connection with the election and wants that whatever is to be done, after Lok Sabha elections. These days, the restlessness of the temple has increased so that some BJP leaders are also putting pressure on the government to bring an ordinance. Know that it will be effective, but directly and at the present and the opposition is unanimous that any decision of the Supreme Court will be acceptable.

There is no doubt that the 2019 election for both the opposition and opposition is going to be very decisive in many ways. This is the reason that there is so much tension in the Ram Mandir. Mayawati also alleged that the theme of the temple is being raised to distract attention from inflation and other major issues, while the Congress has tried to bring BJP’s Ram Prem to the court. The most interesting response came from Akhilesh Yadav, who announced the construction of a grand Vishnu temple in two thousand acres in Etawah. Temple in front of temple! But this is the politics. Just be amazed and confused if poor people

Politics on farmer badhali

What can be like in a country like a country like India, which can not be worried about farmers, and even then when the farming of farmers is always in the discussion? The answer to this question is as simple as the measures to get rid of the farmers from bad times. This year, it became more difficult because, despite being well-acquainted with the problem of the farmers, their improvement could not be treated as necessary as it was necessary. Although the Central Government has done several other measures besides raising the MSP value as per its promise to double the income of the farmers till 2022, but in the last year, they proved to be inadequate even this year.

The farmer had never been able to keep on the streets under the leadership of that political party, or say that it was being sown, but the farmers, these parties demanded for their good even the demand for debt forgiveness which has become synonymous with failure. Perhaps the loss of farmers will not go away till they say that they need not to forgive their debt, reduce the cost of agriculture and give profitable value of agricultural produce. We hope that the new year will bring the message of the betterment of the farmers.

Mohan Bhagwat initiatives to remove misunderstandings

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s RSS chief Mohan Madhukar Rao Bhagwat is in the year 2018, whose positive effect is also seen in the society. Whether it is to set up the Ram temple movement again in the country, to call the people of former President Pranab Mukherjee and top industrialist Ratan Tata in the program, or to respond to people’s queries in a big disguise in the program held in Delhi from September 17. Ho. When the issue of Ram temple movement in Ayodhya was raised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sangh chief Bhagwat has been saying for the last four years that the government is doing good work under the leadership of Narendra Modi at the center, the government should be given time, but when it comes It seems that now time is passing, then on the day of Vijayshashmi festival, from Nagpur to the country, government, society and volunteers have been working to give message that in Ayodhya Statement Ram temple should be.

In the meeting of the RSS Working Committee in Mumbai, the issue of Ram Temple was also raised and the Sangh said in clear words that Ram temple will remain in Ayodhya, if the government wants to bring ordinance or make laws. Since then, the movement of the Ram Temple has spread once again in the entire country without any noise. His efforts to remove all misconceptions about the association this year have been very commendable. However, when Pranab Mukherjee arrived at the RSS function in Nagpur, there was a lot of ruckus. Even then, the RSS chief said in a spontaneous manner that the door of the Sangh is open to all. It was also shown in a three-day program organized at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi. Ambassadors of many countries and the presence of dignitaries of the country was telling the acceptance of the League.

GST Reduced Complications

If the year 2017 was the year of GST, then 2018 was in the form of a year to get it on track. After the initial difficulties, the traders have been in sync with GST. Even in backward states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the implementation of this tax is smooth. The biggest contribution of GST is that the base of the indirect tax base has increased. This has made it easier for the economy to get organized form. In the initial months even though the expected collection of GST has not been done, however, as its implementation will be stable, the government will also help in filling the treasury.

In the year 2018, the government reduced the GST on many commodities and services and gave relief to the common people, while passing the year, the businessmen also announced a variety of relief. By the way, the government and the opposition have used GST as their political weapon in their own way. While the government took the populist steps by reducing the rates of GST, the opposition tried to surround the government by calling it Gabbar Singh tax. The Prime Minister had called it Good and Simple Tax. From time to time, the Government has made changes to reduce GST’s complications. In 2019, where GST will get a new return form, which is expected by the traders, the results of Lok Sabha elections will determine the condition and direction of GST.

Toilet and gas cylinders

The respect given to the rural women will be remembered as a respect for women, especially the rural women, in the year 2018. It is mainly due to two reasons. With the efforts of efforts to make the first country open-defecation open and making kitchens of other women clean and free of cost, by providing cooking gas under the Ujjwala scheme. Under the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, plans to make toilet in the house-to-house have been the priority of the current government. This has led to the successful release of a large portion of the country from open defecation.The number of people using toilets across the country has reached 97 percent, which was 38 percent four years ago. 577 districts of 25 states have been declared open-defecation in the open. On the other hand, the goal of Ujjwala Scheme, which started to make women’s kitchen clean and free of smoke, was completed prematurely. The government has already distributed five crore connections in August this year. This scheme has got relief from the rural women who had to go every three to four kilometers in search of fuel and their health was worsened by wood smoke in the kitchen. Now the government has increased its scope. Government has decided to give gas cylinder to all the poor families across the country. Along with that, the government has decided to provide small cylinders as well. Good luck and bright plans also gave great relief. Good luck plan 2 in a year

Gasoline and diesel hazard

All’s well that ends well. This proverb looks correct on seeing the ups and downs of petrol and diesel prices this year. Due to international instability, the price of crude oil prices was a trend since the beginning of the year. Due to rising prices in the market, the sufferings of Governments were blowing across the country. When the US sanctions were imposed on Iran, it seemed that it would touch the sky, but that crude oil price was just what the guesses would be right. Explaining the market projections and analyzes, crude crashed up to 30 percent in two weeks and the most respite from this was the Government of India. Especially when the polling booth had been flown in five states and the race was running towards the general elections.

The opposition was in the process of siege to the prices of petrol and diesel, but nothing happened. Petrol and diesel in the domestic market have become cheaper up to Rs 10 a month. The general public breathed in relief though the critics are not satisfied with so much as there is still a lot of scope for reduction in petrol and diesel prices by the Central and State Governments, the desired reduction in taxation. In the last few years, the Central and State Governments have increased their earnings by increasing tax on them. It should be expected that given the falling prices of crude and the improved position of rupees against the dollar, the reduction in the prices of oil will be given more relief to the public.

Part of life making mobile data

Now, one and a half years ago people used mobile data very thoughtfully. This data from mobile operators was so expensive that its average usage in the country was only 1.1 GB per person per month by 2016, but the increase in smartphone usage and the launch of Reliance Jio in September 2016 changed the entire scenario of mobile data. kept. Consequently, per capita consumption of data increased sharply and in the year 2018 it has increased to 6 GB per customer per month. About 35 million mobile subscribers in the country are using smartphones. This is the most active class in consumption of data. Behind this rising consumption of data, there is a great reduction in its cost too. Especially after Geo’s arrival, the price of data has decreased significantly.

The impact of Geo impact on data usage can be estimated from the fact that the average user use of live geo has reached 11 GB per customer per month. Due to this useless use of data, the use of video streaming in people can now be seen quite simply. Government services and online banking practices have also helped in increasing the data usage. Also, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have also been helpful in increasing the use of data. The importance of data in people’s life does not stop there. It is estimated that in the next five years, the consumption level of data will reach 12-13 GB per customer per month.

Rbi from RBI government

First heard in Japan then in America and then in India. We are talking about the ongoing elections between the democratically elected government and the central bank of the country. Even in India, the problem between the government and the RBI is quite old, but the peak that this peak reached this year has not been envisaged by anyone. First of all, members of the central board of the designated RBI nominated by the government tried to make their point of view. Governor Urjit Patel, who was considered a person of choice of the NDA Government, dismissed the government’s suggestions with one step. The government gave up the threat of imposing section 7. Under this, the government can bring its decisions on the RBI. However it has not been used till date. The dispute grew, resulting in Governor Patel’s resignation. This was the second instance of resigning from the post due to the intimidation with the government in Azad India.

The government has already been accused of compromising on the autonomy of the institutions of the country. Patel’s resignation gave it more air. The opposition got another chance to attack the government. Patel’s resignation was also considered by the rating agencies to be very negative for India. However, the government in May could appoint Daksh as the new RBI governor within two days, which could not create any atmosphere of uncertainty. Now everyone will be at the next step of the new RBI governor.


3.Prime Minister Modi congratulated Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on a massive victory in parliamentary elections:-

India has welcomed the successful completion of parliamentary elections in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and congratulated him on his party’s glorious victory. He has expressed confidence that the partnership between India and Bangladesh will continue to be maintained under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He described Bangladesh as a close associate for regional development and a major pillar of India’s neighbor’s first policy. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina first thanked Prime Minister Modi for calling on the phone and congratulating him. He thanked India for continuing support and continued support to Bangladesh.India’s former High Commissioner Veena Sikri has said that the relations between the two countries will reach new heights in the next five years.

4.Under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, loan subsidy for middle income group increased by March 2020:-

Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that under the Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, the arrangement of loan subsidy for the middle income group has been increased to March 2020. in New Delhi, he said that under this scheme, more than 68 lakh houses have been sanctioned. 37 lakh houses are being constructed and 13.5 million houses have been constructed and given to the beneficiaries.


5.ICC announces the women’s ODI and T-Twenty cricket teams of the year 2018:-

International Cricket Council – The ICC has announced the women’s ODI and T-Twenty cricket teams of the year 2018. New Zealand’s Susie Bats has been selected as the captain of one-day team and Captain of India’s Harmanpreet Kaur T-Twenty.

6.National Women’s Boxing Contest begins in Karnataka from Vijaynagar:-

The third national women boxing competition is going on in Vijaynagar, Karnataka. The country’s top boxers will compete in the January 6 competition. About 250 applications have been received from various states and institutions for the events organized in 10 categories of weight categories .

World championship silver and bronze medalist – Sonia Chahal , Raveena Borgohai , Pinky Jangra and Nikhat Zarine are participating in the competition.