Modi government will run Ramlila Maidan for two days, temporary PMO



1.Modi government will run Ramlila Maidan for two days, temporary PMO:-

The central government will run on Ramlila ground for two days, if it is said then there will be no wrong. The BJP’s national convention is to be held on 11th and 12th of January. In this, all ministers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah will be present.

During the session, a temporary PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) will also be built at Ramlila Maidan where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be able to see the work.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present on both the days of the meeting. In the last part of the platform of Ramlila Maidan, the temporary office of the Prime Minister’s Office and BJP National President Amit Shah will be made a temporary office. Facilities required for the Prime Minister’s Office will be available in the temporary office. The entire area will be equipped with WiFi. Not only this, a separate lounge will be set up for Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled states. On Friday, the Delhi BJP’s in-charge Tarun Chugh, Delhi BJP’s Mahatma Siddharthan and Mayor of Northern Delhi Municipal Corporation, Order Gupta understood the outline of the program by reaching Ramlila Maidan and for this there should be no shortage of this session in the two-day session. Inspect the field.

On Saturday, Delhi Pradesh BJP President Manoj Tiwari held a meeting with party leaders and reviewed the preparations. BJP’s National General Secretary Dr. Anil Jain told that the National Convention in Ramlila Maidan on January 11 and 12 will be the biggest meeting before Lok Sabha elections. It will include approximately 12,000 representatives from every district of the country.

2.Even before the seventh century, the ‘temple’ came down from Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga:-

There are many historical and archaeological properties in the shrine town of Omkareshwar. There will be a major center of spirituality here in the non-existent period. Remnants present here and recently the excavated temple under the temple of Lord Jyotirlinga seems to be old even before the seventh century.

This matter was found in the special dialogue with New World, on Tuesday, Heritage Archaeologist Munish Pandit of the Archaeological Survey of India, who visited the temple to dig out the digging. This temple went out between the digging of the stairs in front of the ordinary entrance to create a Darshan Hall. This relic came out during excavations in the last week of March 2018. Pandit said that seeing the structure and architect of the temple which is located below Lord Omkareshwar Jyotirling temple, it seems that it is even before the seventh century. They will hand over to a report department in this regard.

According to the pundit, it is believed that man has gone from all over the world to South India. On Omkareshwar’s temple built on Omkar mountain and the scattered remains there, it is proved that Omkareshwar is the center of asceticism and spiritualism of the monks and sages-sanyasis in the eternal period. It is mentioned in the history that there is also the Tapośasthali of Lord Adi Guru Shankaracharya’s Guru Govindapadacharya. The description of the mountain of Omkar is also found in the Yajurveda. The stones used to make these temples are not even here. The temples have been built by bringing them from outside.

The temple will be damaged by invasion or earthquake!

Pandit said that the temple which is in a dilapidated condition at Omkar Mountain, these temples have either been broken or destroyed due to earthquake. By preserving all the temples, it can also be proved in front of the world that India is at the forefront of culture and spirituality from time immemorial. The king-rulers of that time made the kind of reform possible according to the existing resources.

Survey is being conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India to ascertain the history and strength of the structures under the Omkareshwar Jyotirling temple. It will be decided after continuing to dig it and preserve it. ”

3.The Prime Minister’s flagship program, E-Naam, has made another major achievement by introducing the inter-state trade in Mandio using e-payment. The e-name is not just a plan but a journey, whose purpose is to finalize the final mile Reaching farmer and changing the way the farm product is sold:-

With the introduction of the new year 2019, the prime minister’s flagship program, E-Nam, has achieved another feat by starting interstate trade between the two different Mandi Mandi institutes. Earlier, the business was either in APMC or two APMCs located in the same state. The first inter-state transaction of tomato was done in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly e-name APMC, and Haldwani e – Nam, a farmer from APMC, Uttarakhand . Similarly , inter-state transactions in potato , eggplant and cauliflower occurred between Uttarakhand and e-Namo Mandi in Uttar Pradesh. In all cases e-payment has been done through e-name portal. This will give farmers better market access , more buyers and traders and their produce will get better value.To provide assistance in interstate trade between e-name states, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare organized several coordination meetings with respective states and board of directors / board of directors. As a result of these transactions, the two states have now provided the facility of licensing each other’s merchants for inter-state trade on the e-name portal. The e-name ie National Agricultural Market is an all India Electronic Business (e-trading) portal, which wants to create a network of existing goods regulated bulk market through a platform for making integrated national markets for agricultural products. The e-name platform encourages farmers to sell their products through competitive and transparent price search system and promote online payment facility. Farmers can easily get information about e-names from anywhere through their mobile phones. So far, 585 regulated markets of 16 states and 2 Union Territories have been integrated on e-name platform. The government has decided to integrate 412 additional markets by March 2020. An interstate dashboard has also been developed on e-name platform to promote inter-state trade between e-name states.



4.Opposition leader Felix Tshitsacki won in the presidential election in Congo:-

Opposition leader Felix Tshitsacki won the presidential election in Congo. Election Commission announced that Mr. Felix has received 38.95 percent votes. Other opposition candidate Martin Fayulu has dismissed these findings as an electoral coup. If the Constitutional Court confirms the victory of Felkis Tshitskeidi, then in the 1960’s the independence of Belgium in Congo would be the first time in a democratic way.



5.Maharashtra-Delhi ahead with five-five gold medals in India:-

on the second day of the India Youth Games, there are several new records. Maharashtra and Delhi are leading the table by winning five-five gold medals.  Maharashtra has won another gold medal. Now, in the first place in the medal table, Maharashtra, Delhi is in second position, last year Haryana has been ranked third.  Jhukuma of Mizoram established a new Indian record in the weight of 61 kg weightlifting. In under-17 football Kerala girls defeated Himachal Pradesh with a zero goal against 28 but the boys of Chandigarh stopped the Kerala one-by-one in under-21 football. Gymnastics finals are happening today So far, in the gymnastics, Manish Gadve of Maharashtra and Pratishtha Samantha of West Bengal got the gold medal. Judo will compete for five gold medals.

6.Rumit Tandon reached the quarter-finals of the CCI International Indian Squash circuit tournament:-

Six-time former junior national champion Ramesh Tandon has reached the quarter-finals of the CCI International Indian Squash circuit tournament. In a major turnaround in Mumbai, he defeated the eighth seeded England’s Richie Richards in just 29 minutes. In the semi-finals, they will face Sourav Ghosal.

7.Young India athletes break records on the first day of India:-

On the first day of India, young athletes broke many records. Delhi won five gold medals on the first day. Maharashtra won three gold and two gold medals. A lot of talented young players who have earned gold medal for India in world-class youth sports competitions will play in Pune. These players will participate in a total of 18 different types of sports. The opening matches of Indian Games such as Kabaddi and Kho-Kho will be held today. Play India’s competition will make the dream of young players play at the national level. In this, the players of the rural areas from 10 to 21 years of age will also be seen playing in the field along with the urban players.



8.Airports with facilities to meet at New Delhi Railway Station:-

The high class waiting room (upper class waiting room) of New Delhi Railway Station is being developed like waiting stations in the airports. Under this, different components are being expanded, from LCD television to food trolleys and charging points. These waiting rooms will be charged for stays of 10 rupees per hour. Officials said that passengers will also be able to use upgraded clock rooms where digital lockers will be provided at nominal fees, which will be monitored by CCTV. Passengers will have to use these facilities through a mobile app and also pay only from mobile volts. In addition to the public information system these lounges will have a glass wall so that the passengers can see the platform directly. The entrance of the waiting room will be on the card based system.

9.India’s consumer market will be third in the year 2030 – World Economic Forum:-

The World Economic Forum has said that India is emerging as the world’s third largest consumer market. According to the latest report of the World Economic Forum, India will be the third largest consumer market by 2030, after USA and China. According to the report, India’s consumer market will increase from the current 15 trillion US dollars to 60 trillion US dollars.