NASA-Axiom: First private astronaut mission to space station

1. China warns Bangladesh not to join the quad
India, US, Australia and Japan to combine quad with China is being increasingly nervous. Although it has expressed its unhappiness over this alliance many times, but this time it has warned Bangladesh not to join it. It has said that if Bangladesh joins this anti-China coalition, it will harm bilateral relations. This unusual warning from Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Lee Jiming has come weeks after China’s Defense Minister General Wei Feng’s visit to Dhaka. . During a meeting with Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid, General Feng insisted that the two countries should jointly oppose efforts by external powers to forge military alliances in South Asia.
2. Assam is the first state to adopt digital reporting system
The Assam State Disaster Management Agency and UNICEF have jointly developed an online Flood Reporting System. With this, Assam became the first state to adopt a digital reporting system to detect impact indicators during floods . This new system will report flood levels in Assam on a daily basis. Earlier, the flood management system in the state involved many stakeholders, it used to take a lot of time. The new system is fully digital. The new system is powered by web-and-mobile application technology.
3. Lifetime pension to senior citizens of families who have lost members earning from Kovid
The Jammu and Kashmir administration has given great relief to the kith and kin of those who lost their lives to the corona infection. For families who have lost a sole earning member due to Corona, senior citizens of such families will be given lifetime special pension . At the same time , the government will give special scholarship to the children who have lost parents . Apart from this, one thousand monthly pension will be given for two months to the registered workers, mule-palankeepers and puppies . Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha said that the government will try to reach every family who have lost their loved ones due to Corona. They will be provided financial assistance for self-employment by the Bank of Jammu and Kashmir.
4. China’s population increased marginally with 1.41 billion
China’s population has increased marginally to 1.41 billion . It thus holds its position as the country with the largest population in the world. At the sixth census of 2010 , China had a population of 1.39 billion . Thus, 5.38 percent of its populationHas increased. However, China’s population is expected to decline from next year. As a result, labor shortage and consumption in the country may decline. According to the seventh National Population Report released on Tuesday by the Chinese government, the country’s population has increased to 1.41178 billion, including all 31 states, autonomous regions and municipalities. It does not include the population of Hong Kong and Macau. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data said that the demographic crisis in China is likely to be deepened, as the population of people over 60 years of age has increased by 18.7 percent. NBS has stated that due to the aging of a large number of people, the pressure on long-term balanced development will increase in the coming years.
5. Center told states situated on the banks of river Ganga that people should not flow dead bodies in the river
The Center has asked the states situated on the banks of the Ganges to keep a close watch to ensure that people do not flow dead bodies in the river . Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for the last two daysOn the media reports of bodies flowing in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers, the Director General of the National Clean Ganga Mission, Rajiv Ranjan Mishra has given this instruction by writing a letter to the District Ganga Committees headed by the district officials. He asked to ensure that such incidents do not occur in future. The letter said that shedding dead bodies not only pollutes the river water but also threatens to spread the infection to the communities living on the coast. He said that all unidentified dead bodies or dead bodies of suspected Kovid patients should be properly cremated as per Kovid rules. He has asked to report the action taken in this direction within 14 days.
6. First major offshore wind power park approved in USA
In the US , the Joe Biden administration has approved the country’s first major offshore wind power park . It is being started as a new domestic energy industry, which will help eliminate emissions from the power sector. This Vineyard wind power project for an area located 23 kilometers off the coast of MassachusettsHas been approved. This is a significant milestone in the more than a decade-long effort to allow commercial-scale offshore wind projects in the US watershed. The Vineyard Wind Project aims to provide electricity for four lakh homes. For this, construction work can start this year and by the second half of 2023 the grid will start getting electricity. The project will provide about three thousand six hundred jobs. The announcement of this wind power park fits with US President Joe Biden’s broader agenda of combating global climate change by disintegrating the country’s economy.
7. US Approves Corona Vaccine for Children 12 to 15 Years
The United States has approved the Kovid vaccine of Pfizer-Bio Entech Company for children in the age group of 12 and 15 years . Thus it has become the first Kovid vaccine approved for children. The US Food and Drug Administration has expanded the scope of emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine to include children aged between 12 and 15 years. The vaccination may begin tomorrow after the Federal Vaccine Advisory Committee has issued a recommendation for the two doses of this vaccine. US President Joe Biden has said that this decision is an important step towards the restoration of normal life of the people. Most covid vaccines are authorized for adults in the world.
8. England to ban animal exports to slaughterhouses
England will ban the export of livestock to slaughterhouses . In addition, there is a proposal to ban the import-export of extinct animal parts. Environment Minister George Eustis has said that his country is a country of animal lovers and he will be the first country in the world to enact such laws for the welfare of animals . The new Animal Consciousness Bill will be introduced in Parliament.
9. First test of metro rail service in Bangladesh
Bangladesh has conducted its first test of metro rail service in Dhaka . The Minister of Road Transport and Bridges inaugurated the trial of Bangladesh’s first electric metro rail in Dhaka. 6 coaches have been imported from Japan for this metro service .
10. The United Nations said – India will be the world’s fastest growing economy in 2022
The United Nations has said that the Indian economy will be the world’s fastest growing major economy in 2022 . In the half-yearly update of the world economic situation and prospects, the United Nations has predicted that India’s economy will grow at a growth rate of ten decimal one percent in 2022. The growth rate of China’s economy has been projected to fall from eight decimal two percent in 2021 to five decimal eight percent in 2022. The report said that India’s economic growth rate in the year 2021 is estimated to be 7 decimal 5 percent.
11. Approval of MoU signed between the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Qatar Financial Center Authority
The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Qatar Financial Center Authority . This will increase cooperation between the two institutions in India and Qatar. The two institutions will be able to work together to develop and strengthen the accounting profession and entrepreneurship in Qatar. The agreement will provide infrastructure development opportunities to provide professional services in Qatar. This will provide professional services in Assurance and Auditing, Consultancy, Taxation, Financial Services and related areas in Qatar.
12. Union Cabinet approved production based incentive scheme for advanced chemistry cell battery storage with an outlay of Rs.1 trillion
Union Cabinet has advanced production of electric energy storage technology Advanced Chemistry Cell – production based incentive scheme for ACC battery storage with an outlay of 18 thousand one hundred crore rupeesApproved After the Cabinet meeting in New Delhi, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters that the move is aimed at achieving a capacity of 50 gigawatts of ACC and five gigawatts of Niket ACC. He said that the incentive based scheme would reduce dependence on imports for fuel and would boost domestic production of battery storage equipment. Shri Javadekar said that this would benefit three wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicles and would promote electrically powered mobility. He said that at present, India is importing battery storage equipment worth 20 thousand crores. This scheme will help in making the country self-reliant.
13. Approval for purchase of 1.5 lakh units of DRDO developed Oxycare system worth more than Rs 3 billion 22 crore from PM Cares Fund
P M Cares Fund from Oksikeyr system of one hundred fifty thousand units that went approves the purchase. Defense Research and Development Organization – DRDO has developed these. For this, three billion 22 crore rupees from the PM Cares FundAmount will be spent over Rs. OxyCare is an SPO-based oxygen supply system, Which controls the oxygen being given to the patients. Under this, one lakh manual and fifty thousand automatic oxycare systems along with non-rebreather masks are also being purchased. The OxyCare system supplies supplemental oxygen based on SPO to levels and protects the person from hypoxia. The condition of hypoxia can be fatal for the patient. The system has been developed by DRDO’s Defense Biological Engineering and Electro Medical Laboratory – DEBEL, Bangalore. This system has been developed for continuously deployed troops in high altitude areas. This indigenously developed system is practical and highly useful. It can be used effectively for the treatment of Kovid patients. There are two forms of this system. In its basic form a ten liter oxygen cylinder, pressure regulator – flow controller, Humidifier and nasal cannula. The flow of oxygen is controlled manually based on the SPO to reading. In the second form, the oxygen cylinder is controlled electronically. The flow of oxygen is controlled automatically through a low pressure regulator and SPO to probe. DRDO has entrusted this technology to several industries in India, which will manufacture the OxyCare system.
14. Approval for transfer of land of ITBP to Uttarakhand government for construction of aerial passenger ropeway system between Dehradun and Mussoorie
Union Cabinet Minister of Uttarakhand in Dehradun and Mussoorie between aerial passenger ropeway systems to make Indo-Tibetan Border Police ITBP land cleared to be transferred to the state government. The proposed ropeway is a mono cable ropeway of five thousand five hundred and eighty meters in length with an estimated cost of two hundred and 85 crores.Is Rs. Through this one thousand people will be able to come per hour. This will help in reducing the traffic on the road between Dehradun and Mussoorie. Apart from this, three hundred and fifty people will get direct employment while more than one and a half thousand people will get indirect employment. This ropeway will be a major tourist attraction and it will give a boost to the tourism industry in the state and create additional employment opportunities.
15. India Attends 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial Meeting
Ministry of Earth Sciences recently announced that India has the Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Science attended (Arctic Science Ministerial Meeting). Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan represented India in the meeting. India shared plans for research and long-term cooperation in the Arctic during this meeting. India promised to continue its contribution to the Sustained Arctic Observational Network . India also announced that it will deploy moorings in the Arctic for long-term monitoring of upper ocean variables and marine meteorological standards. Mooring is a collection of devices connected to a wire and anchored to the sea level. India proposed to host the next or future Arctic Science Ministerial meeting.
16. NASA-Axiom: First private astronaut mission to space station
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently signed an agreement with Axiom Space . Under this agreement, Axiom will send its astronauts to the International Space Station . This is the first private astronaut mission to the space station . Mission X-1 (Ax-1)The name has been given. Axiom astronauts will spend eight days in the space station. They will conduct activities to coordinate with the space station on the ground. In addition, Axiom will purchase crew supplies, orbit resources, cargo delivery and storage for space, etc. from NASA. International Space Station – ISS will be retired by 2024 or 2028. Russia had already announced that it would exit the International Space Station after the agreement ended in 2024. Russia is currently building its own space station.
17. OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft begins journey to Earth
NASA ‘s spacecraft ” Osiris Rex ” has started a two-year-long journey to Earth. The spacecraft in 2018. The asteroid Bennu was reached (asteroid Bennu). This spacecraft flew around this asteroid for two years and collected many samples. The OSIRIS-Rex mission was launched to study the asteroid Bennu. The mission spent 5 years mapping the surface of Benue. In 2020, scientists instructed Osiris Rex to bring 60 kg of regolith (top soil). This mission will help in understanding the origin and development of solar system. Bennu is currently the most dangerous asteroid known to Earth. It has a 1/2700 chance of hitting the Earth in the 22nd century. It reaches closest to the Earth once in 6 years.
18. Five Deeps Expedition provided data on the deepest points of the world’s five oceans
Five Deeps Expedition has provided data on the deepest points of the five oceans in the world . They are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans. According to “Five Deeps Expedition” –
  • Java Trench is the deepest point of the Indian Ocean. There were many claims for the deepest point in the Indian Ocean. Java Trench winner turned out in this!
  • Factorian Trench (Factorian Trench) is the deepest point of the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean is also known as the Antarctic Ocean.
  • Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Moly hole (Molloy Hole) is the deepest point of the Arctic Ocean.
  • The second deepest trench in the world is Horizon Deep in the Tonga Trench. It is ranked second after Challenger Deep, located in the Mariana Trench.
This expedition has found that some major animals can survive even at very deep depths. Jelly Fish at 10,000 meters; Squid at 6,500 meters; Octopus can survive at a depth of 2,000 meters. Although some of the above were already discovered, the expedition confirmed them, discovered new lives, corrected irregular data, and even updated some.
19. IEA Releases 2021 Renewable Energy Market Update
The International Energy Agency recently released the ” 2021 Renewable Energy Market Update “. The agency raised its forecast for global development of solar and wind energy by 25%Have given. This report states that 280 GW of renewable energy was installed in 2020. This is a 45% increase over 2019. According to the report, 45% growth in 2020 is the highest in the last three decades. Wind energy increased by 90% and solar power (Photo Voltech) by 50%. Demand for biofuels decreased in 2020. Production declined 8% year-on-year. The IEA has predicted that wind energy development will slow in 2021. However, this will be higher than in 2017–19. Foto Voltec continues to grow as China and the United States come forward to update their climate targets. Biofuel demand is set to reach 2019 levels in 2021. It will grow at a rate of 7% in 2022.
20. High and upper-middle income countries receive 83% of vaccines: WHO
The World Health Organization recently announced that high and high middle-income countries received 83% of the world’s vaccines . These countries represent 53% of the world’s population . On the other hand, low and middle income countries receive only 17% of the vaccine and account for 47% of the world population . With the above announcement, the World Health Organization has also stated that the COVID variant B.1.617 , the dual mutant corona virus variant, is globally known as “ Variant of Concern”(Concerned version). This is the fourth edition to be named as “Variant of Global Concern”. The other three are the UK version or the Kent version (B.1.1.7), the Brazilian version (P.1) and the South Africa version (B.1.351). Recently, UK scientists declared the COVID-19 strain found in India as “Variant of Concern”.
21. Badminton World Federation cancels final Olympic qualification in Singapore due to travel restrictions related to corona virus
The Badminton World Federation (BWF) canceled the final Olympic qualification in Singapore due to travel restrictions associated with the corona virus, virtually ending India’s hopes of Saina Nehwal and Kidambi Srikanth qualifying for the Tokyo Games. The Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) and BWF, the organizers of the tournament, jointly agreed to cancel the Singapore Open which was to be held from June 1-6. The Super 500 tournament on the BWF World Tour was the last tournament to award ranking points for the ‘Race to Tokyo’ ranking during the Singapore Open Olympic qualifying time. PV Sindhu in women’s singles for India, B. Sai Praneeth in men’s singles andThe men’s doubles pair of Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Ranireddy have already qualified for the Olympics.
22. Tamil Nadu government announced compensation of Rs 25 lakh to each family of 45 doctors who lost their lives in the epidemic.
Tamil Nadu ‘s chief minister MK Stalin has announced compensation money to 45 families of doctors who lost their lives while on duty at the time of the Kovid 19 epidemic . An ex-gratia amount of Rs 25 lakh will be given to each family . Medical personnel who are on duty will be duly rewarded, as they are working round the clock to save the lives of patients during this epidemic regardless of their lives. As per the declaration, bonuses will be given to the medical personnel on duty during the months of April, May and June. 30 thousand rupees for doctors, 20 thousand rupees for nurses and 15 thousand rupees will be given to other employees. An amount of Rs 20 thousand will also be given as bonus to trainee doctors and post graduate doctors.
23. Wildlife Institute of India conducted census of monkeys in Haryana
The Wildlife Institute of India recently conducted a ” monkey census ” in the state of Haryana . The “Monkey Census” was actually a part of the ” Wildlife Census of Haryana-2021 “. Further it is a part of Wildlife Census 2021. The unique feature of the “Monkey Census” is that the Wildlife Institute of India invited local people to participate in this census. Around 600 people saw 6,000 monkeys in three days. The first census was done using a mobile application called “Wildlife Census Haryana”. This mobile app was designed by the Wildlife Institute of India.
24. Nasal Vaccine: Bharat Biotech said – One dose of it able to prevent infection
In most cases of covid-19 , it has been found that the corona virus enters the body through the mucosa and infects cells and molecules present in the mucosal membrane. If we give the vaccine through the nose , it can be quite effective. That is why the option of giving this vaccine through nasal ie nose is being thought all over the world. NITI Aayog member (health) Dr. V.K. According to Paul , if the nasal vaccine succeeds, it can prove to be a ‘game changer’ for us, as you can take it yourself. Bharat Biotech ‘s M.D. Krishna allaStated that injectable vaccines protect only the lower lungs, the upper lungs and nose are not protected. He says, ‘If you take a single dose of nasal vaccine, you can prevent infection. This will allow you to break the transmission chain. So only four drops have to be taken. It’s just like polio, 2 drops in one nostril and 2 in the other. ‘ In April itself , the first phase of testing of the intranasal vaccine, BBV154 of Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company , has been approved. This approval has been given by the Expert Committee of the Drug Controller General of India. According to the Clinical Trials Registry, 175 people have been given the nasal vaccine.
25. International Nurses Day: 12 May
Nurses Day is observed every year on 12 May to honor nurses . It is also the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale , the founder of modern nursing . The theme of International Nurses Day this year is A Voice to Lead – A Vision for Future Health Care . In 1820 Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy. He served the injured heavily during the Crimea War. In 1860, the School of Nursing was established at St Thomas Hospital in London and laid the foundation for professional nursing. Also wrote a book called Notes on Nursing. Queen Victoria awarded him the Royal Red Cross. He breathed his last on 13 August 1910. In her memory, the International Council of Nurses has been celebrating Nursing Day since 1965.
26. 68 years of the establishment of the Vice-President’s Secretariat
The Vice – President ‘s Secretariat has completed 68 years of its establishment . It came into existence during the tenure of India’s first Vice President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan . Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has extended best wishes to all officers and employees and their families.
27. Communist leader of Kerala K.R. Gauri (KR Gouri) passed away
A former minister and communist leader K.R. Gauri Amma died in Thiruvananthapuram. He was born on 14 July 1919 in Alappuzha district. He studied law. She later became a member of the Communist Party of India. He played a leading role in fighting for the rights of illiterate classes and laborers. In 1948, he contested against Thiru-Kochi from Thuravur constituency. She lost in this election. However, she won the elections held in 1952 and 1954. In 1957, when the first election to the Kerala Legislative Assembly was held, Gauri Amma successfully contested and became the first Revenue Minister of the state. He contested 17 elections in his life. And 13 of them won. She served as a minister in six governments.
28. Assamese litterateur Homain Borgohain dies
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed grief over the death of noted Assamese litterateur and journalist Homain Borgohain . In his tweet, he said that Homain Borgohain will always be remembered for his invaluable contribution to Assamese literature and journalism. Sahitya Academy Award-awarded Homain Borgowhain died of a heart attack in a private hospital in Guwahati. He was 88.
29. 1971 Hero Squadron Leader Anil Bhalla passed away
Squadron Leader (retired) Anil Bhalla , who flew a MiG-21 fighter plane during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, has passed away. He was living in Hyderabad after retiring from the Indian Air Force in the year 1984. After studying at Sainik School in Satara, Western Maharashtra, Bhalla joined the 32nd course of the National Defense Academy and joined the Indian Air Force Combat Squad in 1968. He was part of the 28th Squadron at Tezpur . This squadron used to fly Russian -made aircraft. Squadron Leader Bhalla Master Green IR (Instrument Rating)The youngest to get was a flying officer. IR is awarded to the best pilots. He was also the instructor of the training branch of fighter pilots in Hakimpet.
30. Prince of Bahrain made a record by conquering Mount Everest with the team
Prince Muhammad Hamad Muhammad Al Khalifa of Bahrain has won the new height of Mount Everest with his 16-member team . Prince was a member of the guard team along with Prince. His team has become the first international team to reach the new height of Everest. Meera Acharya, Director, Tourism Department of Nepal said that this is the first international team to reach the new height of Mount Everest. After all the controversy and the 2015 earthquake, the government of Nepal has decided to once again measure the height of Mount Everest.
31. Taliban captured Narkh district in Afghanistan
Taliban has taken control of Narkh district of Vardak province near Kabul , capital of Afghanistan . The incident occurred one day before the three-day ceasefire starting on Thursday. Abdul Rahman Tariq, the governor of Vardak province, confirmed the Taliban’s occupation of the district. He said that the Afghan troops have retreated from this district in a thoughtful strategy. Violent incidents have been steadily increasing this year amid reports of US and NATO troops leaving Afghanistan by 11 September this year.