New Olympic motto released

  1. New Olympic motto released
  • On July 20, 2021, the Olympic motto was updated from “ Faster, Higher, Stronger ” to “ Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together ”. This update has been done to show solidarity across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. In its session ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, the International Olympic Committee has approved this change. 1894 , since the Olympic motto in Latin ” Sitias, Altias, Fortias ” (Citius, Altius, Fortius) or “Faster, Higher, Stronger” (Faster, Higher, Stronger) is, when the founder of the International Olympic Committee Pierre De Coubertin ‘s suggestion was adopted. Now the Latin version of this sentence is ” citius, altius, fortius, communator “.(Citius, Altius, Fortius, Communiter).
  1. Sports Minister launches our Victory Punch campaign to encourage Indian sportspersons in Tokyo Olympics
  • Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Anurag Thakur has urged people to share the hashtag Our Victory Punch ( #HumaraVictoryPunch ) by creating videos with their friends and family members encouraging Indian players participating in Tokyo Olympics. In a tweet, Mr Thakur said people can tag up to five others by making the video and invite them to share their video in support of the Indian Olympic team.
  1. APEDA partners with field officials to promote Ladakh’s agricultural products
  • Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority – APEDA has started a unique experiment in Ladakh region in collaboration with the officials there to increase the income of the farmers . Under this , the cultivation of fruits with medicinal properties, including sea ​​buckthorn and apricots , and promotion of organic products . For this, technical assistance will be provided by APEDA to entrepreneurs, farmers and officials. Apart from this, assistance will also be given in branding and marketing of Ladakh’s products to emerge as a region of organic products. It aims to achieve the target of developing Ladakh as an organic region by 2025.
  1. Approval for establishment of Integrated Multipurpose Infrastructure Development Corporation for Ladakh
  • The Cabinet has approved the establishment of Integrated Multipurpose Infrastructure Development Corporation for Ladakh . The creation of one post of Managing Director for this Corporation has also been approved. At present there is no such organization in the newly formed Union Territory of Ladakh. With the establishment of this corporation, many types of development activities will be encouraged, which will provide employment to many people. This corporation will work for industries, tourism, transport and marketing of local products and handicrafts.
  1. The cabinet also approved the establishment of a Central University in Ladakh at a cost of seven hundred and fifty crore rupees.
  • The Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of a Central University in Ladakh at a cost of seven hundred and fifty crores . Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech last year had promised to set up a Central University in Ladakh. This decision of the cabinet will remove the regional imbalance in higher education. The location of the Central University in Ladakh will give a fillip to the all-round development there and help in strengthening democratic values. For this, a bill will be brought to amend the Central Universities Act 2009.
  1. India is one of the five member countries of the World Trade Organization, which produces 75% of the world’s anti-coronavirus vaccines.
  • Three quarters of the total production of the Kovid vaccine in the world is produced in the five member countries of the World Trade Organization . The organization’s director-general Ngoji Okonjo Iwiala has said that about 75 percent of this year’s vaccine has been produced in India, Germany, the United States, France and China . He said that the production of vaccine remains completely centralized. She was addressing a high level dialogue yesterday on expanding vaccine production to promote equitable access to the COVID vaccine. Ms. Okonjo Iwiala said that unequal access to vaccines is the main reason for the global economy not being restored in a balanced way.
  1. Production Based Incentive Scheme approved to promote production of advanced steel in the country
  • The Government has approved the Production Based Incentive Scheme to promote the production of advanced steel in the country. This decision was taken in the meeting of the Union Cabinet. Six thousand 322 crore rupees will be spent on this scheme in the next five years. Under this, concessions ranging from 4 to 12 percent will be given depending on the production. Under this scheme, production of such high quality steel which will be of very strong quality will be encouraged.
  1. Space Rice: China prepared paddy seeds in space
  • Recently China has harvested its first crop of ‘ Space Rice ‘, China undertook a 23-day lunar journey under the ‘ Chang E-5 ‘ mission in November.Rice seeds were sent during These seeds, weighing about 40 grams after being exposed to cosmic radiation and zero gravity, are being researched at China’s Space Breeding Research Center. It is known that scientists believe that rice seeds exposed to the environment in space can mutate on Earth and give higher yields. China has been carrying and researching seeds of rice and other crops into space since 1987. More than 200 plant varieties, including cotton and tomato, have been approved for space planting in China. The total plantation area for space crops approved in China in the year 2018. had reached more than 4 million hectares. It is to be known that space reproduction has always been of great importance to the global scientific community for the purpose of knowing the zero-gravity effect of cosmic rays on Earth’s organisms.
  1. Three monuments identified as Adarsh ​​Smarak in Andhra Pradesh
  • Three monuments have been identified in Andhra Pradesh under the ‘ Adarsh ​​Smarak Yojana ‘ , which aims to make them tourist friendly by providing additional facilities . Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy has informed Parliament that under the ‘Adarsh ​​Smarak Yojana’ , the monuments at Nagarjunakonda in Guntur , Buddhist relics at Salihundam in Srikakulam and the Veerabhadra Temple in Anantapur(Lepakshi) has been selected as ‘Adarsh ​​Smarak’ and under this additional facilities like Wi-Fi, cafeteria and interpretation center will be provided at these places so that these areas can be developed from tourism point of view. The ‘Adarsh ​​Smarak Yojana’ was launched in the year 2014 to provide better facilities to the visitors (mainly the physically challenged) in the historical monuments. This scheme comes under the Ministry of Culture. Efforts are being made to increase the civic amenities at these places. Presently there are 135 centrally protected monuments and sites in Andhra Pradesh.
  1. Project 75-India: Government released Rs 50,000 crore for construction of 6 submarines
  • Project-75 India ( Project 75 India- under), the government has six conventional diesel-electric submarines for the construction of Rs 50,000 crore has released tender. These submarines will be bigger than the Scorpene class submarines, which are being built at Mazagon Dockyards Limited in Mumbai . A tender worth Rs 50,000 crore has been floated by the Ministry of Defense for the construction of six conventional submarines under Project-75 India. Larsen & Toubro ( Larsen And Toubro) and Mazagon Dockyards Limited (Mazagon Dockyards Limited) has been issued tender. These two Indian companies will now choose one partner each from five global original equipment manufacturers, including firms from Germany, France, South Korea, Russia and Spain.
  1. Government seeks approval from Parliament for additional expenditure
  • On July 20, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced an additional Rs 23,675 crore in the current financial year including Rs 17,000 crore for the health ministryApproval has been sought from the Indian Parliament for spending. An additional expenditure of Rs 16,463 crore has been released to the Department of Health and Family Welfare for various COVID related issues and other health preparedness. 526 crore has been provided to the Department of Health Research to enable them to prepare for emergency pandemic preparedness and response. Rs 2,050 crore has been sanctioned for the Ministry of Civil Aviation, including Rs 1,872 crore for advances and loans to Air India. Rs 1,100 crore has also been announced for the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution to provide assistance to sugar mills. Additional 1, under the Department of Pharmaceuticals for waiver of Government debt of Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and waiver of Government debt of Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and interest accrued. Approval has been sought to spend Rs 222 crore. Additional grant has been approved to clear the dues of Rajasthan Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. The additional expenditure is much higher than the total expenditure of ₹83 lakh crore which was estimated in the budget for the year 2021-22.
  1. Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying launched Dairy Investment Accelerator
  • Union Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department ( DAHD ) own the Investment Facilitation Cell ( Investment Facilitation Cell under) Dairy Investment Accelerator ( Dairy Investment Accelerator) is established. The Dairy Investment Accelerator has been established with the objective of working towards promoting and facilitating investment in the dairy sector of the country. Dairy Investment Accelerator is a cross functional team constituted to act as an investor interface. This investment accelerator will provide support throughout the investment cycle. It will provide inputs regarding evaluation of investment opportunities and will also address various queries regarding application to the government. The Dairy Investment Accelerator will work closely with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying to organize events with local and global industry participants and also facilitate face-to-face discussions with investors to better understand their perspectives. Will also facilitate direct interaction with officials.
  1. NEA Scout: NASA’s new spacecraft
  • NASA has announced that its new spacecraft NEA Scout has successfully passed all required tests and is now safely placed inside a Space Launch System ( SLS ) rocket. NEA Scout is one of the payloads that will be sent aboard Artemis I , which is expected to launch in November. Near-Earth Asteroid Scout ( NEA Scout ) is a small spacecraft. The primary mission of NEA Scout is to collect data from a near-Earth asteroid. It would be America’s first interplanetary mission in particular solar cell propulsion ( Solar Sail Propulsion will use). This Spaceship Stainless Steel Alloy Boomcreated using . This spacecraft will take about two years to reach the target asteroid and it will be about 93 million miles from Earth during the encounter with the asteroid.
  1. Russia to supply 21 MiG-29 fighter aircraft to India
  • In 2020, the Indian Air Force to Russia of 12 Su -30 MKI than 21 MiG-29 fighter jet was approved by the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of aircraft. Russia’s Federal Service for Military – Technical Cooperation in recent newsA spokesman for the US has said that Russia will supply 21 MiG-29 fighter jets to India. The Indian Air Force (IAF) had urged the Indian government to procure new fighter aircraft from Russia which includes 12 Sukhoi MKIs and 21 MiG-29s. The study has been done by the Indian Air Force to test the airframes of the MiG-29 fighters. Presently, the Air Force has three squadrons of MiG-29s which are regularly upgraded and are reliable for various air defense roles.
  1. UNESCO: Liverpool’s World Heritage status removed
  • After Liverpool was given the title of World Heritage Site in 2004 , it has been removed from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site on 21 July 2021 . The decision was taken after a secret ballot by the UNESCO committee. He made the decision to remove Liverpool’s status. Liverpool received World Heritage status in 2004 in recognition of its maritime history. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was one of the world’s major trading centers. The heritage list is designed to preserve and mark buildings, monuments and other sites, and this decision to remove Liverpool would affect the city’s reputation. Prior to this, only two places have lost their heritage status: in Oman in the year 2007 .Arabian Oryx Sanctuary ( Arabian Oryx Sanctuary ), and in 2009, Germany in Dresden Elbe Valley ( Dresden Elbe Valley ) K Places are removed from this list if they are not properly protected.
  1. Over 42 lakh beneficiaries ineligible under PM-KISAN, 2,992.75 crore will be recovered: Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh
  • Recently, Union Agriculture Minister Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said in Parliament that more than 42 lakh beneficiaries are ineligible under PM-KISAN and ₹ 2,992.75 crore will be recovered from them. Assam has the highest number of ineligible beneficiaries under PM-KISAN554.01 crore will be recovered from 8.35 lakh people in Assam. After Assam, ₹9 crore will be recovered from Punjab, ₹ 357.9 crore from Maharashtra, ₹ 340.56 crore from Tamil Nadu and ₹ 258.64 crore from Uttar Pradesh. According to the data, other states include Gujarat (₹220.7 crore), Madhya Pradesh (₹195.9 crore), Rajasthan (₹144.1 crore) and Karnataka (₹129.32 crore). Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, the Government of India transfers Rs 6,000 to the account of small and marginal farmers. This money is transferred in three instalments. The first installment of Rs 2,000 is given between April and June. The second installment is paid between August and November. The third installment is given between December and March.
  1. 11th Mekong-Ganga Cooperation meeting was held
  • 21 July, 2021, the 11th Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (Mekong-Ganga Cooperation – MGC) while addressing the meeting, Foreign Minister S., Jonathancalled for a “collective and collaborative” response to effectively tackle the coronavirus pandemic. India attaches great importance to the Mekong region and therefore seeks multi-faceted engagement with the Mekong countries. India seeks to identify new areas of cooperation and in doing so, the partnership of the countries will widen. Addressing this meeting, S. Jaishankar has said that India wants to promote better economic, digital and people-to-people contact in the region. The meeting deliberated on finding ways to fight against the pandemic through better MGC partnerships. S. Jaishankar said that partner countries need to work together to deal with the crisis. India said that the Mekong Ganga cooperation stands on a strong foundation based on shared historical and geographical ties and cooperation between countries must be improved to bring about progress and prosperity.
  1. IMF puts 2021 global growth forecast at 6%
  • July 21, 2021, the IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) said that the 2021 global growth rate of approximately 6% will. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Jorjiwa ( Kristalina Georgieva) said that unless the pace of Kovid-19 vaccination increases, the economic recovery will be slow. In the month of April, the IMF projected that the global growth rate for 2021 would reach 6%. Georgieva said the lack of access to vaccines in developing countries, as well as the rapid spread of the delta version of the COVID-19 virus, threatens to slow the pace of economic recovery. The IMF’s projected global growth rate for this year is 6%. Some countries are now projected to grow rapidly while some are projected to grow at a slower pace. The IMF-World Bank goal was to provide USD 50 billion for countries to increase their COVID vaccination rates, but it is estimated that more than 11 billion doses will be needed initially as booster shots are now needed to stop the spread. may be necessary for.
  1. Taiwan will set up its first office in Lithuania with the name “Taiwan”
  • Using the name ” Taiwan “, the government of Taiwan will establish its first office in Lithuania . The Taiwan government has taken this decision as it seeks to strengthen its diplomatic presence around the world with increasing pressure from Beijing. China strongly condemned this decision, while the US praised it. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu announced the government’s decision to open its office in Lithuania. Taiwan’s other diplomatic posts on the continent are named “Taipei”. Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office has issued a statement saying that the creation of the Lithuania office is an attempt to achieve independence. China has also urged Lithuania to adhere to China’s One-China Principle.
  1. Rashmi R., Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance. Das appointed to the United Nations Tax Committee
  • Finance Ministry Joint Secretary Rashmi Ranjan Das (Rasmi Ranjan Das) to 2021 in 2025 for the duration of the UN Committee ( UN Tax Committee) has been appointed as a member. It is formally known as the United Nations Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters. This committee helps countries to pursue policies by strengthening and forward-looking efforts. This committee also assists countries in their efforts to prevent multiple or double taxation and non-taxation. Also, it helps to broaden their tax base, prevent international tax evasion and avoidance. Also helps in strengthening their tax administration. The committee also focuses on developing countries and their various policy environments. Most of the newly appointed members of this committee are from developing countries. Government to develop, guide and encourage an inclusive setting of United Nations Tax Committee policies,
  1. Union Agriculture Minister laid the foundation stone of Plant Authority building
  • Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister Mr. Nrendrasinh Tomar said Pusa, New Delhi in plant Authority building the foundation of. On this occasion, Shri Tomar said that the rights of farmers are being protected through Plant Authority, for which the Indian Parliament has given this a unique model to the world. With this, the farmer can get rights over his traditional varieties and over his own produced seeds of any other variety. At the same time, there is also a facility that the farmers are not exploited by the infringement of intellectual property rights. Farmers can cultivate freely as before and plant breeders can also protect their full rights.