Topic of the day:-“Widening Gulf”


Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s decision to stay away from the December 9 Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Riyadh is the latest reminder of the growing disunity among the Gulf countries. Qatar, blockaded by three GCC countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, and their non-GCC allies, has said it will not discuss a compromise unless the blockade is lifted. The Saudi-led bloc imposed it in June 2017, accusing Qatar of funding terrorism. But as Riyadh came under increasing global pressure after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in its consulate in Istanbul, it has shown signs of reconciliation. In October, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is believed to have ordered the Khashoggi hit, surprised observers by praising the Qatari economy. The personal invitation to the GCC meet from King Salman bin Abdulaziz to the Qatari Emir followed the Crown Prince’s remarks. But Qatar, a tiny kingdom but the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, remains defiant. Doha has announced its decision to quit OPEC, the first Arab nation to do so since the cartel was formed in 1960. Though Qatar said the decision was not political, clearly its exit from OPEC was a snub to Saudi Arabia, its de facto leader.

The blockade has triggered tensions among other GCC countries as well. Saudi Arabia is upset that Oman and Kuwait did not join the embargo. Kuwait was trying to mediate between the rivals camps, which hasn’t gone down well with Riyadh. Last September, the Crown Prince started a two-day tour of Kuwait. But ties were reportedly so tense that he left the country within a few hours. Oman continues to be independent of Saudi influence by keeping ties open with both Qatar and Iran. The blockade has made Qatar only more independent in its foreign policy decisions. It has stepped up assistance for Hamas in Gaza, accelerated a plan to allow Turkey to set up a military camp in the country and resisted calls to cut ties with Iran. The decision to quit OPEC and the Emir’s absence at the GCC meet (a state minister was sent to represent the country) point to an increasingly confident Qatar. But the intra-Gulf quarrels have dampened hopes for the integration of the region. The bloc, which once talked about a common Gulf currency and robust connectivity projects, is now a ghost of its old self. After the summit, the GCC issued a customary statement, emphasising regional stability and economic challenges. Even as the summit was on, Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa criticised the Emir’s decision to skip the meet, while Doha slammed the communiqué for its failure to address the blockade. That is the state of affairs in the GCC.


1) imposed

Meaning : force (an unwelcome decision or ruling) on someone.(v)

Synonyms : demand

Antonyms : disorder

Example : “the decision was theirs and was not imposed on them by others”

2) emerge

Meaning : move out of or away from something and become visible.

Tamil Meaning : வெளிப்பட

Synonyms : develop

Antonyms : decrease

Example : “black ravens emerged from the fog”

3) reconciliation

Meaning : the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.

Tamil Meaning : சமரசம்

Synonyms : agreement

Antonyms : disagreement

Example : “any possibility of reconciliation between such clearly opposed positions”

4) defiant

Meaning : showing defiance.(adj)

Tamil Meaning : இணக்கமற்ற

Synonyms : audacious

Antonyms : acquiescent

Example : “a defiant gesture”

5) snub

Meaning : an act of rebuffing or ignoring someone or something(n).

Synonyms : disregard

Antonyms : praise

Example : “the move was a snub to the government”

6) triggered

Meaning : (of a response) caused by particular action, process, or situation.

Synonyms : generate

Antonyms : destroy

Example : “a triggered memory of his childhood”

7) mediate

Meaning : intervene in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.(v)

Synonyms : arbitrate

Antonyms : refuse

Example : “Wilson attempted to mediate between the powers to end the war”

8) accelerated

Meaning : increase in rate, amount, or extent.(v)

Tamil Meaning : துரிதப்படுத்தியது

Synonyms : increased

Example : “inflation started to accelerate”

9) dampened

Meaning : make less strong or intense.

Tamil Meaning : குறைக்கும்

Synonyms : sprinkle

Antonyms : collect

Example : “nothing could dampen her enthusiasm”

10) integration

Meaning : the action or process of integrating.(n)

Tamil Meaning : ஒருங்கிணைப்பு

Synonyms : assimilation

Antonyms : disunion

Example : “economic and political integration”

11) customary

Meaning : according to the customs or usual practices associated with a particular society, place, or set of circumstances.

Tamil Meaning : வழக்கமாக

Synonyms : accepted

Antonyms : abnormal

Example : “it is customary to mark an occasion like this with a toast”

12) emphasising

Meaning : give special importance or value to (something) in speaking or writing(v).

Tamil Meaning : வலியுறுத்தி

Synonyms : attention

Antonyms : ignorance

Example : “they emphasize the need for daily, one-to-one contact between parent and child”

13) slammed

Meaning : shut (a door, window, or lid) forcefully and loudly.

Synonyms : batter

Antonyms : assist

Example : “he slams the door behind him as he leaves”

14) erred

Meaning : be mistaken or incorrect; make a mistake(v).

Synonyms : misbehave

Antonyms : behave

Example : “the judge had erred in ruling that the evidence was inadmissible”

15) privileging

Meaning : grant a privilege or privileges to(v).

Synonyms : accredit

Antonyms : disallow

Example : “English inheritance law privileged the eldest son”

16) mould

Meaning : a distinctive and typical style, form, or character.

Synonyms : blight

Example : “he’s a superb striker in the same mould as Gary Lineker”

17) mockery

Meaning : teasing and contemptuous language or behaviour directed at a particular person or thing.

Tamil Meaning :

Synonyms : farce

Antonyms : flattery

Example : “stung by her mockery, Frankie hung his head”

18) conventions

Meaning : a way in which something is usually done.(n)

Tamil Meaning : மரபுகளை

Synonyms : show

Antonyms : discord

Example : “to attract the best patrons the movie houses had to ape the conventions and the standards of theatres”

19) preceded

Meaning : come before in order or position(v).

Synonyms : anticipate

Antonyms : end

Example : “take time to read the chapters that precede the recipes”

20) opted

Meaning : make a choice from a range of possibilities.(v)

Tamil Meaning : தேர்வு

Synonyms : decide

Antonyms : dislike

Example : “consumers will opt for low-priced goods”