TOPIC – Transition in perilThe resignation of Sudan’s civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has pushed the country, already battered by political instability, anti-military protests and violence, into further chaos. Mr. Hamdok, who was ousted in a military coup in October and then reinstated as part of an agreement, failed to convince the protesters that he could form an independent technocratic government that would complete Sudan’s democratic transition. As violent clashes continued, Mr. Hamdok, who was called a “traitor” by the protesters, was left with no other option but to go. The crisis is of the military’s own making. Sudan was on a slow but steady transition towards democracy under the Sovereignty Council, which was formed as part of a power sharing agreement between the Generals and the civilian leaders. But General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan disbanded the Council and ousted Mr. Hamdok. Ever since mass protests in late 2018, the Generals have tried everything to protect the military’s privileges. They first removed long-time dictator Omar al-Bashir and took power in their hands. They agreed on power sharing only after direct military rule became unsustainable. And when the civilian leaders were consolidating power, the military struck again through the coup. But where they erred was in miscalculating the will of the protesters. The military now has power, but is in a difficult situation. When Gen. Burhan reinstated Mr. Hamdok sans the Sovereignty Council after the coup, he may have calculated that the military could exercise greater control over the civilian government and the transition process, which includes elections. But with Mr. Hamdok’s resignation, this plan seems to have collapsed. A direct takeover of the government by the military would be extremely unpopular. Finding a legitimate Prime Minister would not be easy either. According to the constitutional declaration of 2019, the Prime Minister should be selected by a legislative council and then endorsed by the Sovereignty Council. The legislative council was never formed and the Sovereignty Council was disbanded. The military could appoint another technocrat. But if the protesters did not accept Mr. Hamdok, they are certainly not going to accept anyone the military appoints next. Weeks-long protests have also paralysed an already enfeebled economy. Inflation has soared to over 400%. The UN says at least a third of the country’s nearly 43 million people will need humanitarian assistance in 2022. Sudan needs a stable, responsive government that can address the critical challenges. The military has the moral and political responsibility to resolve the crisis. It should immediately end the crackdown, respect the power-sharing agreement it signed with the civilian leaders in 2019, restore the Sovereignty Council and allow the country’s full transition into democracy.


The Hindu Editorial Words with meanings, synonyms, and antonyms 

Ousted (verb) – Drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place

Synonyms – Expulsed, ostracized, banished, repatriated, debarred

Antonyms – Sheltered, harbored, allowed, retained, hired


Reinstated (verb) – Restore (someone or something) to their former position or state

Synonyms – Rekindle, resuscitate, reincarnate, recapture, revive

Antonyms – Cripple, compromise, impair, adjourn, cease


Traitor (noun) – A person who violates their allegiance

Synonyms – Apostate, quisling, fraternizer, colluder, intriguer

Antonyms – Stalwart, proponent, adherent, patriot, defender


Disbanded (verb) – To break up or cause to break up

Synonyms – Dispelled, squandered, dissipated, diffused, scrambled

Antonyms –Congregated, clustered, ingathered, assembled, concentrated


Consolidating (verb) – Make (something) physically stronger or more solid

Synonyms – Bolster, indurate, exalt, expatiate, anneal

Antonyms – Topple, crumble, botch, rebut, subvert


 Erred (verb) – Be mistaken or incorrect

Synonyms –Tripped, fumbled, goofed, bollixed, foozled

Antonyms –Repented, justified, forgave, pardoned, rued


Resignation (noun) – An act of resigning from a job or office

Synonyms –Dissension, rupture, seceding, schism, apostasy

Antonyms –Impetuosity, disgruntlement, irascibility, disquietude, edginess


Enfeebled (adjective) – Weak or lacking in strength

Synonyms –Prostrate, depleted, decrepit, doddery, sapless

Antonyms –Rugged, brawny, sturdy, sinewy, husky