PM Narendra Modi posts video of newly built Parliament House, urges people to share it with MyParliamentMyPride hashtag


1 PM Narendra Modi posts video of newly built Parliament House, urges people to share it with MyParliamentMyPride hashtag

Prime Minister  Narendra Modi  will dedicate the newly constructed  Parliament House to the nation. On this historic occasion, Shri Modi   will release a special commemorative coin of Rs.75 . This building is an excellent example of architecture and a proud symbol of the nation’s progress. The current building of the Parliament has a seating arrangement for 543 members in the Lok Sabha and 250 in the Rajya Sabha. Keeping in view the future requirements, the newly constructed building has  a seating arrangement of 888 members in the Lok Sabha and 384 members in the Rajya Sabha. Has been done. The joint session of both the Houses will be held in the Lok Sabha Chamber. Advanced technology has been used for systematic discussions and deliberations in the committee-rooms. For learning, there is a huge library in the new Parliament House, which can be used by Members of Parliament and researchers. The building has been given a platinum rating for being eco-friendly. In a tweet, Mr Modi shared a video showing glimpses of the iconic building.  He has requested people to share this video with his own voice on the hashtag  MyParliamentMyPride .

2 More than 50 thousand people participated in Yoga Festival at Parade Ground in Hyderabad

 50,000 people participated in the Yoga Festival at the Parade Ground ( Secunderabad  ) in   Hyderabad  , Telangana . The program was organized by the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga under the Ministry of AYUSH. Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, Union AYUSH Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Culture and Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of State for AYUSH Dr. Munjapara Mahendrabhai participated in it. With this event,   the International Day of Yoga to be held in Jabalpur , Madhya Pradesh  on   21st  June this year began. The theme of this year’s Yoga Day is ” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Yoga “. “.

3 India to launch 18 new petaflop supercomputers

 Dedicated to weather forecasting with an aim to enhance the accuracy and resolution of  Indian weather forecasting18 new petaflop supercomputer (petaFLOP Supercomputers) have been prepared. These state-of-the-art machines will significantly improve forecasting capabilities at the block level, predict cyclones with greater accuracy and lead time, as well as provide detailed ocean state forecast. FLOPS or floating-point operations per second is a metric used to measure computational performance and efficiency in high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence. The National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) has a 2.8 petaflop supercomputer ‘Mihir’ in service, while the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) has a 4.0 petaflop supercomputer ‘Pratyush’. Is serving

4 Grace Meng, a prominent member of the US Parliament, introduced a bill to declare Diwali as a public holiday in the US.

Grace Meng,  a prominent member of  the US Parliament ,  declared  Diwali a government holiday in the US.  has introduced a bill to declareIn the US, many communities have welcomed the bill. Mr. Meng told reporters after introducing the bill in the House of Representatives that Diwali means a lot to millions of people around the world, including the United States. If passed by the US House, the Festival of Lights will be the 12th holiday recognized by the US government. Recently, in the US Senate of Pennsylvania, a bill has been passed to declare Diwali as a holiday in the state.

5 India-Saudi Arabia Bilateral Maritime Exercise Al Mohed Al Hindi- 2023

 The sea phase of the second edition of the bilateral exercise ‘ Al Mohed Al Hindi- 2023 ‘ between the Indian Navy  and  the Royal Saudi Naval Force (RSNF) was  conducted at Al Jubail , Saudi Arabia from 23-25 ​​May 2023. INS Tarkash, INS Subhadra in this exercise from India   and Dornier Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) participated in the exercise. The RSNF was represented by HMS Badr and Abdul Aziz, MH60R Helo and UAVs.

6 Tipu Sultan’s sword sold for  140 crores

The bedchamber sword of Tipu Sultan,  ruler   of  18th century Mysore  , has been auctioned  in  the UK . The auction of the sword broke all records for the auction of an Indian object. It sold for £14 million (GBP) at this week’s Islamic and Indian art sale. The sword of Tipu Sultan, who ruled from 1782 to 1799, is called ‘Sukhela’ – the symbol of power. Tipu Sultan’s sword has become the most expensive Indian item ever sold, breaking all auction records.

7 Jayakumar S. Pillai appointed as Deputy Managing Director of IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank  announced that  Jayakumar S. Pillai  has been appointed as Deputy Managing Director  on the board of the bank  . The appointment has been approved by the Board of Directors of the bank and is valid for a period of three years starting from the date he assumes office as authorized by the RBI.

8 Ireland to become the first country in the world to introduce health warnings on alcohol

Ireland  ‘s health minister,  Stephen Donnelly,  signed   new regulations on  22 May that include warnings about the health risks of drinking alcohol, as well as the product’s calorie count. Will give The innovative move aims to raise awareness about the potential health risks associated with alcohol consumption. The introduction of health warnings on wine bottles and cans will serve as a powerful tool for public health promotion and education. The warnings will provide concise information about the health hazards associated with excessive alcohol consumption, encouraging individuals to make informed decisions. Health warnings include liver disease, heart problems, increased risk of cancer, mental health problems and other associated risks. By emphasizing the risks and potential harms associated with alcohol consumption on alcohol packaging, youth can be deterred from drinking at an early age.

9 Gupshup will enable UPI payments on feature phones  will enable UPI payments  for  feature phone users  through its native app called  GSPayThis innovative approach allows for seamless payment experiences using SMS, thereby eliminating the need for internet connectivity. Leveraging the UPI 123 Pay system launched by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), is making digital payments accessible to a wider audience. In addition, users can easily scan the QR code to complete a transaction, further increasing the ease of use.

10 WMO approved global tracker for  greenhouse gas emissions

In a historic decision,  the World Meteorological Congress  has   approved the Global Greenhouse Tracker . This information has been revealed in the press release issued by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The objective of this new initiative is to monitor the ever-increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Significantly, this initiative calls   for immediate action to reduce emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). supports. For your information, let us tell you that these gases are mainly responsible for the rising temperature and changes in climate around the world.

11 RBI approves merger of Maratha Sahakari Bank with Cosmos Co-operative Bank

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  has   given approval for the voluntary scheme of amalgamation of Maratha Sahakari Bank  with  The Cosmos Co-operative Bank . The merger will be effective from May 29, 2023, as per the RBI announcement. The decision comes after the Maratha Cooperative Bank, established in 1946 with seven branches in Mumbai, was placed under regulatory directions by the central bank with effect from August 31, 2016. The scheme has been approved under the authority of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

12. Ms. Suman Sharma takes Oath of Office and Secrecy as Member, Union Public Service Commission

Ms. Suman Sharma , IRS (IT:1990)   took the oath of office and secrecy as a member of UPSC . UPSC Chairman  Dr. Manoj Soni  administered him the oath. As an officer of the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) of 1990 batch, Ms. Suman Sharma in her illustrious career spanning over 30 years has held several important positions, and has been involved in International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Export Promotion Schemes and Power Trade Agreements. closely related to other subjects. Ms. Sharma was awarded the “Award for the Best Search” while working in the Investigation Wing of the Income Tax Department.

13 Urban Climate Film Festival was organized

Urban Climate Film Festival organized by National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA)  and  supported by CITIIS  program   to enthrall audiences with its curated selection of films from across the globe from  June 3 to 5  in  Kolkata is going to happen till The festival aims to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on urban settlements and start a conversation on building climate-resilient cities. The Urban Climate Film Festival received an impressive 150 films from over 20 countries. This diverse range of entries reflects the global concern and interest in understanding how pollution affects life in cities around the world. These films will provide unique perspectives and insights into the environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change on urban settlements.

14 Volt Typhoon could pose a threat to US infrastructure

Volt Typhoon is  a  hacking group  that has been active since 2017. The group is believed to  be state-sponsored by China  and is known to focus on espionage and information gathering. Volt Typhoon has been linked to several high-profile attacks, including the  2019 attack on the SolarWinds Orion software supply chain. Including assault. There are concerns that Typhoon Volt could pose a threat to US infrastructure. The group is known to target organizations in the telecommunications, transportation and energy sectors. If Typhoon Volt successfully disrupts critical infrastructure, it could have a significant impact on the US economy and national security. Major powers like the US and Russia have their own hacking groups, often given colorful nicknames like the “Equation Group” or “Fancy Bear” by cyber security experts. These groups are typically used to gather intelligence about foreign governments and organizations.

15 Microsoft launches multilingual AI-chat bot Jugalbandi for rural India

Microsoft  has launched Jugalbandi,  a generative AI-powered multilingual chatbot accessible through   popular messaging platform  WhatsApp . The bot has been specifically built to cover areas of rural India where media is not easily accessible and lacks access to welfare activities of the government. The chatbot has been developed by AI4India in collaboration with IIT Madras. It aims to provide personalized assistance by understanding user queries in multiple languages, whether spoken or typed. The chatbot was launched in April and has been tested in Biwan, a village near India’s capital New Delhi.

16 Sikhs of Indian origin become Lord Mayor of Coventry, UK

Coventry  , a city in  the West Midlands  of  the United Kingdom,  has appointed Jaswant Singh Birdi  as   its new  Lord Mayor . Birdi’s appointment as an Indian-origin Sikh councilor marks an important milestone in the city’s history. Taking on the role of Lord Mayor also means assuming the office of President of the City Council. In his new position, Birdie will act as the apolitical and ceremonial head of Coventry.

17 Infosys launches Topaz

IT major  Infosys  launched  Infosys Topaz  , its new offering from the company. It  combines data analytics, artificial intelligence and generative AI  , reflecting the growing importance of this fast-growing technology. Infosys said it has used its AI infrastructure to develop an AI-first core that potentially has over 12,000 use cases.

18 MoU signed with Uttarakhand to strengthen Goa tourism cooperation

Officials of the Government of Goa  and  the Government of Uttarakhand  have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate towards enhancing the tourism scenario of both Goa and Uttarakhand. The MoU was signed in the presence of Rohan Khaunte, Minister for Tourism, IT, E&C, Printing and Stationery, Government of Goa and Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. The objective of the MoU is to promote bilateral cooperation in the travel and tourism sector and to facilitate travel between the states to increase the number of tourists visiting Goa and Uttarakhand respectively.

19 SEBI approves HDFC Bank as new owner of HDFC AMC

 SEBI has given approval for change in control of  HDFC Asset Management Company. Due to the merger of HDFC Limited  and  HDFC Bank Limited  , the move opens the way for HDFC Bank to become the new owner with HDFC Asset Management Company compliant regulations. HDFC AMC had announced in April that the merger between HDFC Ltd and HDFC Bank Ltd would be completed by July this year. Upon completion, the total asset value of the combined entity is expected to be around Rs 18 trillion, cementing its position as a major player in the Indian financial market.

20 RN Jayaprakash re-elected President of Swimming Federation of India

R. N. Jaiprakash  and  Monal D. Chokshi  were   re-elected as the President and Secretary of the Swimming Federation of India (SFI) at the Annual General Body. The targeted activities of SFI for the next four years will be to develop grassroots participation by organizing camps and coaches’ clinics at the state level.