Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates World Information


1.Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates World Information Technology Conference in Hyderabad through video conferencing from Mysore :-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is an area with wide potential for digital innovation in all areas. Inaugurating the World Information Technology Conference in Hyderabad through video conferencing from Mysuru, Shri Modi said that the number of entrepreneurs engaged in innovation is not only increasing in India, but the market for technology innovation is also developing. He said that Digital India is not just a government initiative but a lifestyle.

The Prime Minister said that Digital India is in the direction of digital empowerment, which will provide support from the basic services to provide digital services.

The Prime Minister said that the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is deeply rooted in Indian philosophy and this reflects the inclusive traditions of the country. He said that 21st Century Technology is becoming more empowering factor in this concept.


2.The Supreme Court in Maldives has banned its system of February 1 to restore 12 opposition MPs before the extraordinary session of Parliament :-

In the Maldives, the Supreme Court has banned its arrangements for restoring 12 opposition MPs who lost their membership. The court verdict of three members was pronounced in the evening yesterday, to discuss the emergency situation today, before the extraordinary session of Parliament came to a start. The court has not told any reason for this decision. Three judges have already dismissed the other provisions of their order on February 1, in which 9 opposition leaders were asked to release and fair trial of their cases. Under the leadership of President Abdullah Yameen, the government had set an emergency for 15 days on the 5th of this month and arrested the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court for trying to overthrow the government.
Earlier this year, the first session of Parliament was to begin on February 5, but considering the political disturbances, it was postponed indefinitely. After the decision to restore 12 MPs, the opposition parties had claimed the majority, but after the court order yesterday, they have again come back to the minority. In this way it has been ensured that the Parliament will approve the emergency.


3.Rajnath Singh meets the youth exchange program “Know the Waters” under the Youth of Jammu and Kashmir :-

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh met the youth of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday as part of the Youth Exchange Program “Know Knowledge”. Under this program, about two hundred youths from the state are on a trip to various parts of the country from February 11 to 20. He requested the youth to tell their friends and relatives their experiences and convey the message of unity.


4.Finance Minister Arun Jaitley discuss bilateral issues with the Trade and Investment Minister of Saudi Arabia :-

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met with Saudi Arabia’s Shah Salman-bin-Abdulaziz-al-Saud on Sunday in Riyadh. The meeting between the two leaders discussed the measures for promoting bilateral relations in different areas.

Mr. Jaitley arrived in Saudi Arabia on a two-day official visit where he co-chaired the 12th meeting of the Indo-Saudi Arabia Joint Commission


5.Saudi Arabia allowed women to start business without the approval of male relatives :-

Now in Saudi Arabia, women can start a business without the consent of their husband or any of the male relatives. The Saudi government announced this policy change on Thursday. It is believed to be an important step towards removing the male lordships in the country for decades.

Before that, women in Saudi Arabia have to give evidence of permission of husband, father or brother in general for any official papers related to work, travel or entering a class.


6.South Africa expected one lakh tourists from India this year :-

The South Africa tourism industry expects that the number of tourists coming from India will increase to 1 lakh this year. Along with this, efforts are being made to increase seats in India to travel to Africa.

South African tourism’s regional general manager Henley Slaber said to the ‘language’, ‘India is an important market for us, but tourists are not in line with 2017 expectations of arrival. We could not achieve our goal. ‘

He said, “We have the complete hope that between the changing circumstances, in the year 2018, one lakh tourists from India will come to South Africa.”

India is the eighth largest market for South African tourism. From here, South Africa travels most tourists from Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Bengaluru.


7.According to the CEO of Infinion company, India will also be considered for setting up of Semiconductor Manufacturing Centers :-

Reinhard Plos, CEO of Infinion, the world’s largest power and smart card chip company has said that India will definitely be considered when the company plans to expand manufacturing centers at new locations. He said that if the company decides to set up an enterprise for manufacturing electric chip in India, then the work of assemblies, testing and packaging of semi-conductor will be started and later it will gradually expand.

Last week, the company has signed an agreement with the Policy Commission for cooperation in the Atal Innovation Mission, for which it will share design, manufacturing experience and information of semi-conductor systems.