Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Lucknow on July 28 and 29


1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Lucknow on July 28 and 29 :-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Lucknow on July 28 and 29 On 28th, they will participate in a program organized on the subject of change in urban landscape. This program is being organized on the occasion of the third Anniversary of the Government of India’s Urban Development Plan initiative.Urban development includes Pradhan Mantri Housing Scheme , Amrit and Smart City schemes.

The Prime Minister will also visit an exhibition organized on the Urban Development Mission on this occasion and will meet 35 beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s Urban Housing Scheme coming from the States and Union Territories. On this occasion, they will also learn about their experience through video link from the beneficiaries of this scheme living in different cities of Uttar Pradesh.


2.Army Hospital will be inaugurated with special facilities in Udhampur: Dr. Jitendra Singh :-

In Jammu and Kashmir, Udhampur will soon be inaugurating a military hospital with special facilities. In this hospital, along with state-of-the-art health facilities, DM and MCH trained highly specialized doctors will provide their services.

Union Doner , PMO , Personnel , Public Grievances , pensions , according to the Atomic Energy and Space Minister of State (Independent Charge) Dr. Jitendra Singh said the briefing today that the required program , starting next year the hospital There is a possibility of getting started ,But personally, he has written a letter to the Defense Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman requesting an effort to accelerate the project so that the operation of the hospital would be completed by the end of this year, Can be ensured.


3.The last ten years of the summit are the leaders of BRICS countries :-

The leaders of BRICS countries are reviewing the achievements of the last ten years in the closing session on the last day of the conference. Further policy will be considered in this.

Leaders with African countries such as Ethiopia, Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Senegal, Gabon, Togo, Uganda and Rwanda under the Chairmanship of South African President Cyril Rafazzosa are also negotiating to achieve the objectives of the BRICS negotiation.

In view of measures to enhance BRICS cooperation, the Summit was started on Wednesday with the address of the host President of the host. This year is the theme of the BRICS – consolidated development and shared prosperity in the fourth industrial revolution. Members of the countries adopted the Johannesburg Manifesto yesterday to express their commitment to the rule of law and the principle of democracy. The Prime Minister made several multilateral agreements in the field of health and education with agriculture, space, skill development, trade and investment with China, South Africa, Argentina, Angola and Russia.


4.India will enhance partnership in research and innovation sectors :-

India and the UK will come closer in the field of research and innovation. The objective is to face the challenges of water pollution, deadly diseases and climate change. This consent was made in the sixth representative level meeting of India Science and Innovation Council held in New Delhi on Thursday. In addition to the scientists in the meeting, India’s Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Sam Gimah from the UK participated in the seminar.


5.Six Indians, who received this year’s Ramon Magsaysay award, two Indians included :-

Six people who received this year’s Ramon Magsaysay award include two Indians, Bharat Vativani and Sonam Wangchuk. The Nobel Prize in Asia was announced on Thursday. Doctor Bharat Vativani has been honored for important and bold steps in the treatment of thousands of mentally ill people mentally ill. Sonam Wangchuk has been selected for his special contribution towards nature, culture and education.


6.Government launches Innovate India platform :-

The government started the Innovate India platform on Thursday. Designed to facilitate the citizens, this platform is built with the help of Atal Innovation Mission and My Gove. This portal will serve as a common platform for providing information about new activities in the country.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of My Goa, Arvind Gupta, said that its objective is to create an environment in which it is encouraged to develop, promote and encourage new initiatives.


7.Parliament passed the Negotiable Instruments Bill 2018 :-

Parliament has passed the Negotiable Instruments Bill 2018. Today the Rajya Sabha approves it. This bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha. The court, hearing the offense of having a check bounce in the bill, has been given the right to order the person who has the check-in to pay the interim compensation to the complainant. This compensation will not be more than twenty percent of the check amount and the check holder will have to pay this amount within sixty days of the court’s order.


8.Britain’s court denied Vijay Mallya’s permission to appeal against the judgment given in favor of Indian banks to recover the arrears from him :-

Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya will not be able to appeal against UK High Court’s order in favor of thirteen Indian banks for recovering nearly one billion, fourteen crores and fifty million pounds. The UK’s Appellate Tribunal has refused to allow the 62-year-old businessman Mallya to appeal against the May 8 order of the High Court. The trial of extradition is going on in a British court in the allegations of fraud and money laundering imposed by Indian officials on Vijay Mallya.

By the order of the High Court, Indian banks have got the right to implement the decision against Mallya’s properties in England and Wales.

Meanwhile, the government has said that the extradition process of Vijay Mallya is going on in accordance with the extradition treaty between India and Britain and the matter is still pending in the court.


9.Railway Administration has prohibited the sale of bottled water bottles other than Rail Neer :-

Trains stay disturbed due to the delayed passengers. Many trains are running. The content of the catering is like leprosy in the leprosy. Water closes when trains arrive. Unlike standard on many stations, water is sold at a higher price. Railway Administration has prohibited the sale of bottled water bottles other than Rail Neer. A tough approach has been adopted for its sale. If you get water of the other brand on the stall, you get a penalty of five hundred rupees.

Ban on other brand water bottles – Chief Commercial Inspector MK Singh told in Shahjahanpur that the DRM AK Singh of Moradabad Division ordered that the bottles would not be sold for the brand and other bottles of the rail neir water bottle at the station and stall. Until February 19, there will be restrictions on the water bottle of other brands in the non-peak season. If any other brand of water bottle was found to be sold, then he would be fined five hundred rupees. CMI said that the contractor has sufficient amount of Rail Neer water bottle. If there is a problem with the stall owner then contact them and the SS. So far, other brands were sold at the station. CMI told that all stall owners have been given notice. Rail Neer can not sell water for brands other than Daily checking will be done at the station.


10.Wipro turned out to be HCL country’s third largest IT service company :-

HCL Technologies Ltd has become the country’s third largest software services company by the legendary IT companies. HCL has defeated Wipro this place. For information, let us know that on Friday HCL has released the results of the first quarter (April-June) of the financial year 2019. HCL’s Dollar Revenue increased 0.8 percent to $ 2.05 billion. On the other hand, Wipro’s revenues of quarterly results were $ 2.02 billion.

For information, let us know that Wipro’s full-year revenue last year was $ 8.06 billion, which was about $ 220 million more than HCL Technology. At that time, HCL’s revenues were $ 7.84 billion. In the past three years, HCL has invested 2.1 billion dollars for the acquisition of companies and licensing of intellectual property from companies. In the last three years, Wipro has spent 1.3 billion dollars in acquiring companies and buying minority stake in Startup through Wipro Ventures.