Prime Minister will visit Jammu and Kashmir on May 19, 2018




  1. Prime Minister will visit Jammu and Kashmir on May 19, 2018 :-

Image result for pmPrime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will go to Jammu and Kashmir on a single day visit on May 19, 2018

Prime Minister will take part in the closing session of the centenary celebration of the 19th Kushok Bakul Rimpoche in Leh. The prime minister will unveil the plaque on the occasion of the launch of Jojila tunnel work from this place.


  1. Ayush gets place in English language :-

Image result for Ayush in Hindi and English for scientific and technical purposesThe Scientific and Technical Terminology Commission has decided to adopt the word Ayush in Hindi and English for scientific and technical purposes. Five traditional and complementary systems of medicine have been popularized in the form of acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy (Naturopathy), Greek, Siddha and Homeopathy. This word has been successfully adopted and it is being used in all governmental information. This decision has been taken after the proposal of the AYUSH Ministry in this regard.


  1. NMDC in the Corporate Social Responsibility category, S & P Platts Global Metal Award for 2018 :-

Image result for NMDCPublic Undertaking NMDC Limited has received the S & P Platts Global Metal Award for the year 2018 in the Corporate Social Responsibility category. The award was given to the company on May 17, 2018 at a function held in London. NMDC has received this award among the 12 major companies in the world nominated for the award.

After the start of this award, for the first time in the corporate social responsibility category, an Indian company has been rewarded.


  1. Parcel cargo express train (PET) connecting the North-East to the west coast commenced operations of Top of Form :-

In line with the central government’s priority to provide connectivity facilities to the North Eastern Region and empower local industries in this area, the North-East Frontier Railway has started operating the parcel cargo train connecting the North East to the western coast. This train will run twice a month. This 6 year contract has been leased from the railway.

This train will run between New Guwahati, Assam and Kalyan of Maharashtra. On the middle, it will stop in New Jalpaiguri and Kalumana Goods shed. Through this train farmers will be able to market their products like tea, betel leaf, pineapple, jute, horticulture products and cane furniture in retail markets of Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune.


  1. Good news: order payment of seventh pay scale to 27 lakh state employees :-

Image result for dearness allowanceWaiting for 27 lakh state employees, teachers and pensioners of the state who have been waiting for the payment of arrears of the seventh pay scale has ended. The state government has decided to pay him the seventh pay scale (pay in revised pay matrix) and 50 percent of the arrears of 2 percent dearness allowance (DA) from July to December 2016, from January 1 to December 31, 2016. After getting the approval of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Finance Department has issued the mandate on Friday.

Its beneficiary will be available to 16.5 lakh state employees of the state, teachers and educated employees of state and aided education / technical education institutions, urban local bodies and 10.5 lakh pensioners / family pensioners. State employees, teachers and pensioners were eagerly waiting for payment of arrears for the seventh pay scale from last one and a half years. Array’s payment was to be made in two equal annual installments in the financial year 2018-19 and 2019-20.


  1. China will offer soft, $ 200 billion imports on trade war with US :-

China’s position seems to soften on the status of trade war with the US. Media reports have said that China can offer to import 200 billion dollars from the US to balance the trade deficit with the US. To resolve the dispute, both the countries are holding a high-level meeting.

Meanwhile, China has decided to stop the ongoing anti-dumping investigation of the tide imported from the US. Also, the company has approved the sale of the memory chip business of Toshiba, a technology company. 


  1. Dollar price again reaches 68 rupees :-

Image result for Dollar price again reaches 68 rupeesAgainst the dollar, the price of Indian rupees has once again crossed 68 rupees. At around 3 pm, one dollar was seen trading at 68.03. On Friday, it was trading at 67.87 against the dollar at around 10 o’clock. For information, let me tell you that the rupee was trading at 67 level in the last two days (May 16 and May 17). Let us tell you that the weakening of the rupee is harmful to the common man.


  1. Shivangi Pathak, the youngest climber to climb Mt. Everest on behalf of Nepal :-

Image result for Shivangi Pathak, the youngest climber to climb Mt. Everest on behalf of NepalShivangi Pathak of India, the highest mountain peak from Nepal has become the youngest climber to climb Mt. Everest.

The 16-year-old Shivangi Pathak managed to reach the highest peak in the world on Thursday morning.


  1. Himachal Pradesh government will rebuild the Bountony Castle Estate and develop it as a major tourist destination :-

Image result for Himachal Pradesh governmentThe Himachal Pradesh government will rebuild the historic Bountony Castle Estate of British Raj and develop it as a major tourist destination. It will cost Rs 25 crore.

Chief Minister Jairam Thakur said at a function in Shimla that this palace is an excellent example of history and architecture. He said that this Anglo-Gothic architecture will be the center of attraction for tourists.


  1. Supreme Court asked all High Courts not to hear the petition related to the Reserve Bank’s notification to prohibit transactions in virtual currency :-

Image result for उच्चतम न्यायालयThe Supreme Court on Thursday asked all the higher courts that it is not going to hear any petition related to the notification of Reserve Bank of India to prohibit transactions in any currency such as Bitquine. Taking an emergency step from the Center, the court asked the BTCWine to not buy and sell the virtual currency i.e the illegal crypto currency. The court’s attorney general Asked Venugopal to help in this matter.