Ram Charit Manas, Panchatantra and Sahridayalok-Lokan included in UNESCO’s memorial register.


1 Ram Charit Manas, Panchatantra and Sahridayalok-Lokan included in UNESCO’s memorial register.

Ram Charit ManasPanchatantra  and  Sahridayalok-Lokan  have  been included in  the ‘UNESCO World Asia-Pacific Regional Memoirs Register ‘. The Culture Ministry  has stated that this inclusion is a proud moment for India, reaffirming the country’s rich literary and cultural heritage. It marks a further step forward in global cultural preservation efforts, highlighting the importance of recognizing and protecting the diverse narratives and artistic expressions that shape our shared humanity. ‘Ramcharitmanas’, ‘Panchantra’ and ‘Sahridayalok-Lokan’ are such timeless works which have deeply influenced Indian literature and culture. These works have shaped the moral fabric and artistic expressions of the country. It is noteworthy that ‘Sahridayalok-Lokan’, ‘Panchantra’ and ‘Ramcharitmanas’   were composed by  Pt. Acharya Anandvardhan, Vishnu Sharma and Goswami Tulsidas respectively. Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts – IGNCA  played   an important role in securing this historic moment during the Tenth Remembrance Meeting of the Asia-Pacific World Committee . The meeting in Ulaanbaatar was moderated by 38 representatives of Member States in addition to forty observers and nominees. By supporting these three nominations, IGNCA ensured the placement of these literary works in UNESCO’s World Asia-Pacific Regional Memory Register.

2 Maiden India Pavilion at  World Hydrogen Summit 2024, Netherlands showcases National Green Hydrogen Mission

India   has set up its own pavilion for the first time at the World Hydrogen Summit 2024  to be held in  Rotterdam, Netherlands from May 13 to 15, 2024.  The India Pavilion,   set up by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy , Government of India, is one of the largest pavilions of the summit. It will be inaugurated on May 12, 2024 by Shri Bhupinder S., Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Bhalla did it. The World Hydrogen Summit is a prestigious event in the global green hydrogen ecosystem. Around 15,000 delegates from across the world are expected to attend the summit. The India Pavilion at the conference provides an opportunity to showcase to the world the progress made in India’s green hydrogen sector.

3 77th Cannes Film Festival begins in Cannes, France

The 77th Cannes Film Festival   started in Cannes, France . The world’s most popular film festival opens with renowned director and composer  Quentin Dupieux  ‘s French comedy “ The Second Act ”. This time   22 films will be in competition for the Palme d’Or . Famous actress  Meryl Streep  will   be awarded the Honorary Palm d’Or . India is participating in this 12-day film festival. The Indian delegation includes representatives of the Central and State Governments and members of the film industry. India will host the Bharat Parv at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. The India Pavilion at Cannes will serve as a platform for the Indian film community to engage in various activities. These include fostering production collaborations, knowledge sessions, signing distribution deals, business to business meetings and networking with major entertainment and media players from around the world. The official poster and trailer of the 55th International Film Festival of India 2024  will also be unveiled at the Bharat Parv  . This year it   will be held in Goa from 20 to  28 November  .

4 US President Joe Biden imposes heavy duties on Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, steel, solar cells and aluminum

US  President  Joe Biden  has   imposed heavy duties on Chinese electric vehicles, batteries, steel, solar cells and aluminium . He says this will ensure that American workers are not affected by unfair trade practices. These   include 100 percent duty on Chinese electric vehicles, 50 percent duty on semiconductors and 25 percent duty on electric vehicle batteries. In his address to the nation from the Rose Garden of the White House, Mr Biden said that America will continue to buy cars of any kind but it will never allow China to unfairly control the market for these cars.

5 Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited celebrates its 250th Foundation Day

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL)   is celebrating  its  250th Foundation Day on May 14, 2024 . A series of special events were organized in Mumbai to mark the occasion, which was presided over by Defense Secretary Shri Giridhar Armaane. These activities include puja of adjacent land acquired from Mumbai Port Authority (MPA);  Launch of small-sized submarine prototype, commissioning of solar electric hybrid boat and fuel-cell electric boat;  Release of  commemorative coin of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited and organization of one day technical seminar.  From a humble beginning as a small dry dock in  the year 1774 , till its incorporation in 1934  and subsequently,  its management under the Government of India since 1960  , the completion of 250 years by MDL is an extraordinary achievement. A testament to its strength, growth and long-term legacy.

6 First sea trials of China’s third aircraft carrier

China  ‘s  third aircraft carrier, Fujian, has successfully completed  its eight-day  maiden sea trials  . Fujian is an  80,000-ton supercarrier  with electromagnetic catapults  for launching aircraft  . The tests focused on propulsion, electrical systems and other equipment, achieving the expected results. After America, China is the second country to deploy supercarriers with this technology. China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning was launched in 2012 and the second carrier Shandong in 2017. It was announced by China that it is preparing its fourth aircraft carrier, which will likely be a nuclear-powered supercarrier.

7 May 25 was declared World Football Day by the United Nations.

The 193-member United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution  on 7 May 2024  to celebrate 25 May  every  year  as World Football Day . This resolution was adopted unanimously by the members of the United Nations General Assembly. The proposal to celebrate 25 May every year as World Football Day was introduced by Taher al-Soni, Libya’s ambassador to the United Nations. It was co-sponsored by more than 160 members of the United Nations. Presenting the resolution, the Libyan Ambassador said that football or soccer is played in towns, cities and villages all over the world. It is the most popular sport on earth.

8 Tamil Nadu’s P Shyamnikhil becomes India’s 85th Chess Grandmaster

Tamil Nadu  ‘s  P Shyamnikhil   became the 85th Chess Grandmaster (GM) of India  . The 31-year-old chess prodigy,  who started his career at the age of eight, finally achieved his third and final GM norm  at  the 2024 Dubai Police Masters Chess Tournament .  R Vaishali  was the 84th Indian GM . Before the start of the Dubai Police Master Chess Tournament, Shyamnikhil needed just one win and eight draws to clinch the coveted GM title. Shyamnikhil had achieved the required 2500 Elo rating points and two GM criteria in 2012 itself. But he had to wait another 12 years to achieve the third GM criteria, mandatory for attaining GM status. Ultimately he achieved his third GM norm in the Dubai Police Masters Chess Tournament. 

9 Abha Khatua became the only player to make a national record in shot put event.

Abha Khatua  has   set a national record by winning   the gold medal in the women’s shot put event  with a distance of 18.4-1 meter  in  the National Federation Cup Athletics Competition  in  Bhubaneswar .  Abha, representing  Maharashtra  , has  a joint record of 18.06 meters  with  Manpreet Kaur before this event. Abha  has become the only player to create a national record  after throwing the shot to a distance of 18.4-1 meter at  the Kalinga Stadium yesterday. His effort was just short of qualifying for the Olympics by throwing the shot put a distance of 18 point eight-zero metres. Till now no Indian female player has been able to reach here. The deadline to qualify for the Olympics is June 30. Kiran Baliyan of Uttar Pradesh stood second and Srishti Vig of Delhi stood third.

10 Table tennis player Manika Batra reaches career best singles ranking of 24 after brilliant performance in Saudi Smash

Top female table tennis player Manika Batra  reached  career-best singles ranking of 24   after a stellar performance at  the Saudi Smash and  has become the first Indian female table tennis player to break into the top 25 in the world rankings. Before the tournament she was ranked 39th. 28-year-old Khel Ratna Award winner Manika made it to the quarter-finals of the Saudi Smash tournament in Jeddah and with her performance she managed to jump 15 places. This was the first time that an Indian woman advanced so far in the tournament.

11 Senior Nationals Sailing Championship- 2024

The Yachting Association of India (YAI) Senior Nationals-2024 competition  is being organized  by  the Indian Naval Watermanship Training Center (INWTC), Mumbai  from  12 to 18 May 2024 . The event   is being organized in collaboration with Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA), Naval Headquarters . The competition is also a national ranking event for all senior Olympic categories. The competition is being held  at Mumbai Port  and the venue is suitable for the country’s sailors to compete for the top spot in the national rankings. 82 participants from 10 leading sailing clubs from across the country have registered for the event. Total 7 male participants in ILCA, 6 (female participants) in ILCA, 470 (mixed), 49 (male), 49 FX (female), IQFOIL (male), IQFOIL (female), Formula Kite (male) and Formula Kite ( Women) categories. The sailing races are being held in a single series on 13 May, followed by a medal race on 18 May 2024.